Start Bioshock before the remaster slathers the game in ugly textures on the 13th

Does the game ever open up or does it remain a linear corridor shooter with backtracking? I just started the Medical Pavilion and was forced to turn the vita chambers on because the game takes several minutes to load on Wine for some inexplicable reason.

Bioshock is less open then SS2 which is less open than SS1. If you want a bioshock game that is just a straight line, I would recommend Bioshock infinite.

Bioshock has always been shit.

What are you talking about? Prestigious game journos called it muh Citizen Kane of gaming!

No thanks, I've heard too much about it.

If I recall correctly, the hubs in the game were somewhat open and as you travel from one hub to another the previous one becomes inaccessible.

I'm actually looking forward to the update. The new ride down to Rapture looked better.

What do you mean fellow ,: anonymous_Holla Forums;"? You should be playing Nuka World instead of this game.

Can you find all the hidden cappies in Nuka World for a surprise? huh? CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL?

tfw when having a DRM free copy of Bioshock.

but mommy, the game is too hard when you fall

FEAR is such a fun fucking game. That AI and those effects never stopped tickling my brain.

It does open up a little later on but nothing too drastic, I loved the atmosphere and it was good for one playthrough but if you dont like what you are seeing now you wont like the game overall.

You could backtrack to some extent in Bioshock, I think areas only started being more restricted late game. If I remember right up until about Hephaestus is where you can freely backtrack to previous hubs, albeit you can only do so at bathysphere stations.

You can backtrack to any location you want but there is only a single case in the whole game where backtracking will give you any benefit. Bioshock 2 is even more linear but its better for it. If you expected something like System Shock 1 then you'll remain disappointed.


I can see how it would feel open-ended to normalfags and the atmosphere is pretty comfy, it's just more linear than I expected even though I wasn't expecting much in the first place.

I feel like they should try to make em like system shock 2. Not too big, but not too small either, with multiple floors.

I haven't played any of the Bioshock games. Should I pirate 1,2 or both just to see what the fuss is all about?


I lost


Was Bioshock 2 any better?

No. Bioshock is awfully mediocre in every aspect

Why do I even bother looking through the comments of actual games anymore? This cancer is killing me daily.

No. It's the same shit as the first Biocuck all over again, without any input from (((Levine))).

I played Bioshock 1 and it was shit. And I don't mean in comparison to System Shock. I never played SS and I still hated this.


It has the best gameplay of the series.

Well it's got a qt daughterfu


Where did Lithtech go so wrong?

There are multiple endings, but not much variation; you can kill and absorb little sisters, or you can save them, but it ends up being the same shit either way.

It's a disappointing sequel.

I remember holding out hope they'd do another Blood on that engine but all I got were worse and worse sequels. No thanks, I guess.

Give Satan some credit. Having the best gameplay in the Bioshock series isn't a big accomplishment and it was most likely the game Levine didn't fuck up.

I played it and went for the good ending, having to protect the little sister while she's harvesting was tedious. Some people seem to like the Minerva's Den DLC but I just thought it was the same thing.

It's true. I'm not saying the game is great or its the best fps of all timepersonally I like the first two. Just out of all the BioShock games, 2 has objectively the best gameplay.

Bioshock looks like shit and plays like a console only trash FPS, the story also thinks its super smart because of one fucking twist its like Shiamalanganaga wrote that shit.

Yet gay boys swallowed that shit like it was the best shit ever. I still rememeber the kind of turbo faggot that praised this garbage, must all be sjws now.

boils down to good level design. The original is maze-like on purpose and would boil the brains of the halo generation even though it's not that bad once you get used to it and is nearly entire designed around player exploration with attempts at developing theme based on the floors with varying results.

SS2 is the perfect balance of non-linear exploration areas and rooms that are interesting to explore from the player perspective BUT also (mostly) make sense from a story/lore point.

BS starts to drop the ball because it's just a bunch of mostly pretty but empty rooms and one or two paths forward which means that interesting level design and choice were sacrificed in order to try and shoehorn in story and theme-appropriate locations (but at least there was some minor element of choice unlike infinite)

Either get a life, or abandon it.

Honestly Holla Forums you are like the tumblr of vidya. I will never understand your self fart smelling attitude about system shock. Yes they are open, but vanillas are terrible. At the end of the day you end up killing generic 90s bad guys with a wrench, a fucking wrench, and your "muh openness" is as shallow as any piece of crap sandbox game. If we're to say that the shock games are shit, then all shock games are shit. They are popular amongst you because they were "muh unknown gaems".
Not defending the bioshock games, i think they are ok at best. Big flashy corridors, but i dont call everything shit while i dig into a piece of doo.

As always you are just being a dick loving faggot who is full of shit. The series is bad, no matter how much you have a hard on for that bitch shoe dan. Fuck your taste fags

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I could have told you that, most people on Holla Forums believe good games like Undertale are bad.


What's wrong drones, can't take a spoon of your own medicine? Your shitty game is arse and you are no worse than the nostalgia fags who say nintendo dinduwrong.

Sorry, user. Bioshock was always just to System Shock what Bioshock: Infinite was to Bioshock.

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the earlier levels are simpler than the later levels

if you want a more complex game just play some old CRPGs without a walkthrough

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Whats the matter famerino, ran ot of arguments to defend your piece of turd game? Why dont you talk to me about the fantastic soundtrack? Ooooooh thats right, its just midi 90s techno.. Well the fantastic puzzles and the hacking are… Just barely an effort piece of shit minigames uh?
But that plot twist that was totally coming because the computer doesnt sound like a freaking psychopath right? The "totally unique baddies" that are not just "crawling in my skin" rehashes of shit games of even shitier games like nightmare creatures.

This is the state of Holla Forums, they will tel you everything is shit while glorifying a turd. Dig in faggots, your series was never good.

Not to defend bioshit infinite, but isn't that image misleading?
I mean entire map of SS2 is shown, there's one entire floor for SS1, a small area for Bioshock and even a smaller area for Infinite?
I bet that if someone fixed the image infinite would still look bad, but not as bad.

Do pic related, reduce the number of audio channel in the option, don't force AA and softshadows at the same time.

Should cover most of the shit that breaks the performance.

Why do so few games actually let you see your body when you look around?

I guess that would imply them making a model to begin with? For the most part you really are just a pair of eyes and arms in shooters.

Bioshock is halfway tolerable on the hard difficulty if you turn off the respawn chamber but the entire game screams lost potential. Very much the definition of consolised/casualised sadly. Also since the game was designed with easier difficulties and infinite respawning in mind there are no checkpoints or autosaves (other than the start of the level) and enemies can get rather bullet-spongey.

I wouldn't say it ever opens up but the combat becomes mildly less shitty with the later weapons and plasmids. Still poor though.

Controllers make vertical movement a dick for anything too far up or down. This is also why console shooters generally don't have much verticality.

Which is to say that console players won't be looking down at their body anyway so why bother putting it in? Modern vidya development is all focussed on the player seeing everything on the first playthrough. Hell they teach in games development courses that adding something that won't be experienced by every player is a mistake that must be fixed.

Sometimes games have the first-person camera positioned higher or lower than a regular person's head would be, which makes creating a first-person body viewmodel more difficult.

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Do you play some sort of mutant who has no chest or midsection?

Those are both entire levels from Bioshock and Infinite.
The levels are going to be shorter to complete but there will be more of them as an inherent quality of them being more linear.

I really don't like any of the Shock games, they are way too slow and the "story" told through tapes is fucking retarded.

SS2 was better but it had way too much fucking around in the inventory every 5 seconds when you find shit on the ground. Bioshock was basically a dumbed-down MORDURN version of that so it was even worse for me.

I can confirm this to be true. All of the friends that played Biosuck and said they loved it have at some point turned into progressive hellspawn who do nothing but spout about how horrible white people, men, straight people, Americans, Westerners in general, capitalism, and basically everything in the world that made video games possible are the most horrible things to ever exist on Earth. They also think cannibalistic pedophile warlords in Africa and the Middle East have so much "rich" culture.

Fucking 2007…the year that Bioshock debuted…the year where Berenstain took over this reality.

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