Elder Scrolls Online

Been playing this with my mate the last month or so, playing Daggerfall Covenant. Personally I enjoy it, for an MMO it's actually pretty good, and for an Elder Scrolls game, eh, it's not any worse then Skyrim. It doesn't break lore quite as much as you may think Though how Soul Gems work piss me off and the setting is alright. The combat is fun, and it probably has one of my favorite crafting systems in an MMO. My biggest problem is the group mechanics are absolute shit. For some reason it'll sometimes randomly advance a quest for you if one of your teammates completes a step before you get there, and in the dream sequence instances it keeps cutting out the conversations for other players once one of them completes it.

Also MMO thread I suppose.

Behead those who mention ESO even in a slightly positive light.

As far as MMOs go its pretty alright, mostly for its PvP.

People just hate it on principle because they wanted more Todd Howard quality elder scrolls games.

Fuck off shills.

Generally speaking people who play single-player RPGs tend to hate MMOs, so the idea of making an Elder Scrolls Online was pretty bizarre in the first place, so most of its players came from other MMOs looking for something new. I tend to notice fans of the TES series tend to hate it, while general MMO players are favorable to it. Me, I'm a contrarian faggot, so I enjoy ESO, and I liked Morrowind.

I tried it out and I think it was bland and full of walking and grinding but that can be said about all MMOs. It didn't really feel like an Elder Scrolls game. The writing was really bland and uninspired. It gave the Impression that the people making it could'nt give a shit about Elder Scrolls. Pretty sure all of the above has been said before.

My experience exactly, didn't really interest me. It was fun for all 30 minutes or so, then I lost interest.

But I can't say that around here, I'm a shill :^)

Its garbage, and Bethesda should give me some of whatever they were smoking when they thought it was a good idea.

is it F2P yet?

Wait. It's already out?

Fucking terrible attempt OP, have fun with your sausagefest and spriggan worshippers while I enjoy my Altmer supremacy and Orc defectors from your shitty covenant all while running around with my royal slutfu

AD is the only good thing in ESO but Razum Dar being involved at all manages to ruin even that

I installed this a while ago purely because I wanted to walk around a different official version of Morrowind. I played it once for maybe 30 minutes and stopped playing without finishing the opening tutorial. It's just so fucking boring and laggy, I'd rather they'd made it first person tab combat or just a straight up EQ clone than this.

TES:O was not a creation of Bethesda Game Studios. I read somewhere that Todd Howard actually dislikes it. No sources, though.

Yes. So is Evolve. Lmao

It wouldn't surprise me, and I know, its not Bethesda its Zenimax Online, a different subsidiary of Bethesda's parent company, but still, shame on them for letting their grip on their IP get so loose.

Not really, Evolve is literally free. ESO makes you pay up front and pay for updates, its not F2P at all, it just doesn't have monthly payments.

It was off to a good, start even back then.







I literally fell out of my chair laughing at that second pic. Thank you, user, I needed that.

Are those supposed to be Argonians? They look worse than the ones in unmodded Oblivion. FFS.


You better believe it. This pic is from the beta, but they look terrible in game anyway.

Second pic;



And lastly, we all know TES fans don't care much about the lore.

By the way, this is the fanbase.

Depends where that's supposed to be. You could probably get away with it in parts of Black Marsh… oh wait it isn't in the game.

Here my friend, I'll help you out

Thank you user.


Here's more stuff.

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Where does ESO stand now anyways?

I know it went pay-once-play awhile ago, is it f2p yet?

The only good Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind and everything afterwards was shit.

Its obvious that nobody cares about it but only the most fanatic of bethdrones

No, you still have to buy it


Geee, how strange.


Lol all in thanks to the in-game store no doubt

>pay $30 to look like something from the glory days, I.E. morrowind ordinator or imperial soldiers

But user, you are the bait.

Say it ain't so!

It doesn't really have micro transactions on top of everything else, does it?

It does. They went all the way. They wanted to squeeze every penny they could.

Oh fuck those jews.

I was actually going to give it a chance once it went F2P, but knowing that, no fucking way.

Mortal Online is better

That last one isn't a bug, they literally meant confined to the dock.
as in the dock was built around them, like some sort of enigma.
10/10 writing Todd would be proud (tm)

Pretty much every fucking MMO does this, I actually can't think of a single MMO that doesn't have micro transactions. Maybe old shit like GW1.

No user, you see
If you were to walk from the farthest edge of skyrim directly in a straight line to the farthest edge of morrowind, you would pass through a few small bits of other regions and a fairly large chunk of cyrodiil, which matches up perfectly to the shitty amount of content that's actually in the game

It's very lackluster and boring. Bland overall and it had a terrible launch, the PvP is it's only selling point.

This shit is hilarious. Fucking zenimax pricks