drawthread - shit fuck edition







that's the copypasta shit done with
you never open a drawthread if you're not a drawfag willing to take some requests. Well here I am. I've got commissions and shit to draw today, and need something to get started. Taking requests that aren't too elaborate, here.

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post a delivery, reply to this post

requesting Vita-tan wearing a pirate outfit with a pirate hat on, with an eyepatch with a V on it over her left eye. I don't have any references for pirate stuff though.

Shit thread and not video games. Kill yourself, OP.

it is if vidya art is being requested/posted. It's certainly more vidya than waifu threads.

how is this not video games you mongoloid



Like what? I hope you didn't get commissioned by a furry, my drawfag sister tells me they're the absolute worst customers to deal with.

they probably all are furries but they're fine, I'm the one shitting on them by procrastinating whenever things get too hard

draw a square

I like 'em both! Thank you very much user!
I didn't consider her hair covering at least one of her eyes, or that stage/character left thing, so that first one actually works better, my apologies

here you go user

Have a terrible scribble.

Doesn't user have no eyes? Why is he wearing glasses? It'd be funnier if they were just empty frames.

oh lel you were the guy who drew shapes fucking in an earlier thread weren't you

Yes. I wasn't (and still am not) very good at it.

Draw me a dorf


damn son

Requesting RED user face fucking a conveniently located nu-Shodan while the original Shodan looks on, mocking her new version.


i guess I'll request something for the drawfags

draw a bear, a terminator robot, a smug rem, a sega saturn with legs and the head of Segata Sanshiro, Mark & Knuckles Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Draw a sleepy toucan please.

basically posing or walking if you wanna do animation like in the embeded photo

holy shit why are birds so fucking cute

Shit that's cute

Someone draw a gangsta bird

oh jeez. i'd do this one if it wasn't 5am
have a past request

i agree, draw a bird

come back and do it later

I found some more cute birds in my webm folder here take em

Because they are birbs, and birbs are cute.

Draw a human version of this please

Did someone said birds?

If that was my bird the next part of that would be a struggle off camera as I end up jumping into the bathtub to avoid a death charge, because the bathroom is birb domain and no feet are allowed.

We also brought mine to a convenience store the day we got her. There was a cop in line so of course she screams "COP COP, I GOTTA GUN I GOTTA GUN". That was fucking awkward. She has never said "Cop", "Gotta", "Gun", or even "I" ever again. These days our neighbors have learnt that no, there is not actually a small child screaming OW at the top of their lungs, that's just the bird.

Birbs are fucking insane man. Have one in a convenience store.

Literally on the same tier as niggers.
guys pls stop spamming a draw thread with birds or whatever the fuck

but there fucking cute dude, we cant help it

your request is passable- it's too complex but also clearly for shitposting so eh

you're mad if you think anyone'll animate this without you needing to spew money though

with this I'm done for now, time to go draw for money

sides are in orbit

Wouldn't .gif be the best for that type of image?

grayscaled as the tones didnt resize well

I'll do better next time

Draw this little girl being molested by fairy pokemon

Surprised how different a run of the mill mouse is compared to higher end ones when it came to line accuracy and steadiness.

how much money?

how much money what

how much can i pay you to animate this?

nothing, I don't know how to animate. I didn't mean you'd have to pay me, just that you'll need to find someone who takes animation commissions, because the odds of finding an user to do it for free are minimal.

damn, okay then


It's a transgression to the perfection that is the SHODAN form, and thus must be humiliated and belittled for it is NOTHING compared to a flawless godlike being like the one true SHODAN.

Could someone make the whites of her eyes pink and replace the background with a cannabis field?

Is Juri good for beginners?



shed good for the trash can

Does anyone remember the drawfriend who did my Skull Owl request?

That was awhile ago, man.
He may not even use this site anymore.

Okay then…

On other hand: Draw your favorite 2hu characters crying their eyes out.

what kind of evil man would request such a thing

Draw a penis

I need a image of Marisa Master-Sparking user. Not sure if I want Red or Green user, so, huhh, which would be best here?

/r/equesting more futa vivian

draw marisa getting raped by red and green anons
crying optional

Can someone draw Yungoos driving a pick-up truck (with the back full of "Mexican" Pokemon), taking them to a border control or immigration center.

Some of the pokes in the back have only just noticed where they're going, the rest are celebrating thinking they're getting something good.


/r/ing /vr/-tan and Holla Forums-tan kissing.

Aren't they brothers?


That makes it even better.

taking requests

/vr/ is dead though

/vr/tan being dead

10/10 on that rem alone

What about having the little girl molesting the fairy pokemon instead?

Requesting Red user trying to cheer samus up with a hug. Zero suit or Varia suit, whichever is fine.

I need a picture of a sad man sitting on a rock

thats fine too
she has like no fan pictures

fuck my references got eaten.

Can someone draw D-Dog in the same pose as the dog in this image?

too soon user

Jesus Christ that second image.

Why do you think I spoilered it? It's too sad to be viewed directly.

here you go you absolute monster.

does anyone have the r34 of the 2nd image

/r/ing Ralf from King of Fighters with a mushroom cloud behind him, with the caption "You could have survived it"



forgot the hairband



Could someone color this?

I'll do one of these get off work. Shouldn't take too long, a couple hours from now at most.

are you more or less satisfied with this?
I'm a slow drawfag so the finished image might only arrive in the net thread, so im just posting to let you know that im working on it. Also i dont really know how to make some of them look happy and others angry without it looking out of place. So if you can suggest me an improvement, im listening.

what the fuck drawfag, and i thought i was the degenrate

Requesting a Professor Layton version of this

why do normal fags think that "LOL PUKING RAINBOWS" is funny? like "UNICORN PUKING RAINBOWS" and then its juxtaposed against something edgy and metal. it's not fucking funny, it's retarded. fuck normals.

Asking for art advice.

If I wanted to start gitting gud at drawing, and want to do digital exclusively, would it be okay if I just practiced digital, or should I start with traditional?

Only as a hobby and not professionally.

if you want to git gud its always better to start traditional. Or at least combine traditional and digital. Working on paper trains you to have more confidence with your lines, as theres no ctrl + z. general gesture is easier to do on paper imo as well. Just do not start with digital without practicing traditional as well is what im trying to say. I'm no pro myself so you might as well just disregard my entire statement

go with whatever's comfortable to you.
i recommend digital for ease of use and traditional if you REALLY want to git gud.
although both work fine.

Requesting more Vivian bullying Gilda

Fresh OC. Add a caption or alter it.
Cmon gimme a giggle.

colors soon.

why fucking bother

What else do you expect, user? The garbage is always popular over the good stuff in every medium.

seconding this request

Thanks for the work so far, user.


DDog's ears don't flop

Draw Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman yelling at Squad 7 from Valkria Chronicles.

Fukken saved

kill yourself

I pulled a quickie, just for you.

Shodan and the hacker drinking tea and having a splendid time

Hey, this is pretty ok. Speaking of rabbits, I'm depressed, how do I motivate myself so I can draw more rabbit?


get /fit/, no really, just do the 5k training and when you are walking/running you will get drawing ideas.

Already did that. I'm a ghost now.

I can't go run a 5k at midnight.

buy a gun or a knife

How is that going to motivate me to draw?

Not with that attitude you can't.

Thanks drawfriend!

I could get enriched by a bear. It's dangerous.

Just ask the bear a philosophical question, it'll be stuck pondering it's own existence, and thus won't eat you.

I can't come up with anything to draw, suggest me some cool vidya girls

What kind of vidya girls

No good at colouring, but the inconsistent linework was triggering me.

I saw this in a movie theater a few years ago.

I like how it ends with a meteor impact and the film was released in the same year as the Chelyabinsk event

I dunno, cool and stylish ones that can kick some ass


How about Revy saying to Bayonetta "Gee Bayo, how can you hold four guns?" Either Bayonetta design is fine.

/r/ a qt dragon

Appreciate the advice, I'll see where I'll go from there.

welp, I'll try again requesting a humanized version of this please Also wearing this

I bet that stinks down there.

It already is humanized. You want full on gijinka or some shit?

here's something I scribbled for a friend when headless men were still a meme

Oh, those were the days.

Draw m&ms


video game edition

Link me pls. Been working strength like a madman but my cardio is dicks.

Requesting anything related to jelly filled donuts or eating hamburgers
level 5 is making a good translation again

Is this what you wanted?


eat shit

My grandad used to know a guy whose bird would scream "nigger" "fuck you" "bitch" and other such things at max volume whenever he had company

not bad

Hey, that's me.

there are no heroes left in chocolate

Darkest Dungeon would be great if you had a undead character, like a skeleton who enjoyed killing other skeletons

You better believe it



and that's all for tonight,

May your m&ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

Bless you too

Requesting a Punished 'Venom' Nonon

thanks for drawing m&ms guys

k, thank

here's something for you

And it's done.


I'll do more requests tomorrow. Right now it's time for sleep.

user please don't start posting furry porn

Welcome back!

I'd mess with this more, but I have somewhere to be.

Dubs don't lie, that's great


What language is this?

I love birdies

you re making god's work user


Here you go, you sick fuck

/r/equesting vivian with swole clown seal as her stand

anthropomorphic birds too?

sure but I wouldn't fuck them to be h

Oh, so it's that kind of thread?


Here are the eyes.

Can we not.

did that pic of vivian getting gang raped by reggie, gaben, etc. ever get finished?

my will to draw it got sapped pretty quick

Draw an Apex Rajang as Majin Vegeta or a Gore Magala as Majin Buu.
Or both.
Do whatever.

that's understandable

have what happened of it, and finish it if you want

the filename was, understandably, "vivawful.lip"

That ain't cool.

Oh, wow. Thanks.


10/10 would request again

I just realized we need a real life version of this.


Oh I'm sorry, mr. weeb. I meant a 3DPD version. Do you underustandu now?

A real life version of what?
Of carrot man and boo ghost?

Why would you need some random douchebag doing that face?


Why not?

You replied to so naturally people think your post has something to do with it

oooh. my bad.

Thank you for your work, user, it is appreciated.

It was triggering me too actually, thanks for fixing that

user, that looks way too spooky!

How's this for you?


I don't know why you did that, but I guess there's another drawthread adventure going on my hard drive.

requesting something like first pic but with marc (pic 2) instead of bb hood holding rocket launchers, thanks


Thanks man!




The one thing that would make this drawing better is a whiteboard in the bottom right corner.

Dude, I hate being rude, but could you stop coming to these threads? You're honestly really annoying.

oh shit, that horrible white board
i completely forgot about it



Draw Freya riding on a toy horse

Draw Freya riding my "toy horse"

toy horse riding on Freya?

That's some dangerous thinking, anons

Its no use.
I want Freya to ride my horse.
Maybe if I wasn't so sexually frustrated

Well excuuuuse me, gayboy. For not being your lord and savior.


r8 my totally original and never before thought of pokeymanz.

cubone + charamander / 10


Orphans to get to play with the blood-related children

requesting this alien snorting a row of crack

Are you the guy who requested the pimp alien?


You smoke crack, you don't snort it


Sorry for the slow reply!
Yeah, thats cool mang.

Words have power friends.

Learn when to speak.
And when to keep your trap shut.

im not sure what you're trying to say here, this isn't el's work. And yeah no prob ill try finishing the image tomorrow.

Now I want to second the request but the alien has no nose

Yes it does, it's just very small.

Requesting Zen from Persona Q in this pose, with crossbows instead of guns of course

I actually don't do any ecelebs besides BroTeam I swear to god

Oh it should be clear, but don't forget the sunglasses

Seconding this.


Forgot to quote the anchor on this post.

Do any drawfags here have tips on colouring? I feel like it's a little flat in this pic and the previous D-Dog one.

Thanks man! You're the best.

Glad you liked it, user.

My best advise would be to watch other people and how they use color. From what I can tell, there are three aspects to color; you got your base color, then you've got shadowing or varying degrees of light or absence of light, and finally you've got layers of color that give an object its unique shape/shading.

Solid colors on top of other solid colors. Vary the transparency to your liking. Learn how shadows and lighting work. Again, I don't know shit, so grain of salt and all that

There's two main factors that I believe you have to consider for preventing a flat coloring: The light source and the subject.

First decide your light source; its position, color and intensity. From there you translate the way the light makes contact with the subject, depending on the material and volume of its parts, you will get different results like brilliant lights in shiny materials to dull ones in opaque ones. The way you denote shapes in your linework can help in making it less flat, like the brim of the hat. Once you denote that thin cylinder shape, you san work with that and shade properly. I added some reflected light in the left side of the hat to imply the volume of the cylinder in it, also I put some in the nose to give them the volume they posses.

You can check the different types of lightning to get an idea how light works in simple shapes like second image related. Hope this helps.

Also, your blog is unavailable for some reason. I made an ask on Friday and got the "nothing here" thing when I checked earlier today.


Speaking of BroTeam

Requesting gumshoos throwing an alolan rattata over a bastiodon


Quite nice. Thank you for your time.

you're welcome m8

Thanks for the tips, user. I actually did try using the light source technique with that drawing, but I guess I didn't do a very good job. I just need more practice.

And it's probably because I changed the name. It's now iglian-arts.tumblr.comIt just sounds better than some random numbers tacked on at the end, doesn't it?

my autism made me edite it a bit


Also appreciated.

It's mostly about volumes, so you can try with basic shapes to make sure you get a good understanding of all that. Keep it up!

Great, thanks. It sounds better and you could say is easier to remember. Don't give up.

Just one thing. Revy's right forearm is bent a bit, good job nonetheless.



Requesting this but with Gilda instead

Can anyone help me? How do you guys draw bodies? Mine always comes out as thick looking, even when I try drawing skinny, unless I have reference.


there's your answer

study the body and its parts from all angles
it's tedious and sucks, but practice is everything

But how would you know that unless you watched filthy frank?

fuck off, triple q

Show the way you draw bodies. I can tell you to make the limbs slimmer, but if you don't provide an example it's a bit hard to tell you what you're doing wrong.

Does anyone have that picture if red from transistor eating out gum from jsrf?

It was definitely in a draw thread but it's not on the booru. I requested it and a very talented person drew it.


The last two are ones I used a reference, while still using a similar method as the first two, but the former always come out thicker.

Go watch some bunnykill why don'cha?

Hey, those girls actually look pretty good. Like proper proportions.

They were drawn using reference though. I still used a method, but for some reason I can't apply it to the first two pics.

/r/ing /vr/-tan as postal dude.


So you mean drawing without a reference? Draw like 1000 references/studies before you draw a single non reference. It takes a lot of practice.

I still wanna know why they appear so thick.

Draw rare chens honking

Here are pixiv stamps, they are essentially reaction images.
Pick a vidya character you like and a pose.
Have fun.


They appear thick since you draw the torso and hips too wide. You make the ones with reference better since most of the information you lack is there: Anatomy and proportions. You're holding on to the simple shapes but don't get to abstract them into the proper parts of the body, so your next step is studying anatomy (As in skells and muzzulls).

Also, practise perspective a bit more, the forshortening in some drawings is off.

I did one for hey arthur a while back

I keep seeing seeing you correcting everyone's mistakes on these threads with that red marker. It's fucking amazing, thanks man.




Is this lewd enough for you sick fucks?

Deleted & did some more to it. This thread is slow as shit.

Oh sweet baby Jesus

Draw your waifu sticking sand up her nose.

This is beyond fucked up.

Fuckin pedos man.

I know, right?

Go back to somethingawful you socjus faggot

So apparently Ningyo's localized name is now Mermaidyn.
So requesting her dressed as one of those japanese/french maids


Fictional naked little girls. Being unable to seperate fiction from reality makes you a raging socjus faggot.


They aint real

Keep telling yourself that m8. I suppose you also believe that people that fap to furry drawings aren't furries because they're fictional characters? Being fictional doesn't mean jack shit. You can be a pedo and not want to fuck real children. The definition doesn't clarify ONLY real children.

Then you're a murderer every time you kill someone in vidya.

I bet you also think Miranda is a furry character you fucking sjw loser


100% human

Hey man, whatever gets the thread closer to bump limit, right?

No, it's not and you're extremely delusional. Just admit you're a furfag and move along.

Pretty tame but still furry.

kys my man

Never said that, I said fetishes don't distinguish between real and fiction. If you're fapping to a little girl it doesn't mean jack shit if she's a 2D fictional character. You're still fapping to a child. Just like if you fap to a picture of a dragon, you're still a scalie. You don't need to fap to an IRL lizard or some shit to be a scalie.

I'm not saying you'd go out and fuck a real kid. I'm saying you're attracted to little girls. Like I said before, so long as you're fapping to a little girl, you're a pedo. Plain and simple.

It's furry as fuck.

Why are people even replying to this faggot.

Just ban his ass.


You said it yourself. Follow your own logic.

Might as well do something good before thread dies.

Not an argument.

Stop fucking replying.


I mean if it's fictional you're still a fetishist of whatever you're fapping to. Fapping to a 2D little girl may not be child porn, but it's still pedophilia. Believe it or not, the two aren't synonymous. It's the same distinction between being a furry and beastiality. Fapping to a 2D picture of a dog or some shit doesn't make you guilty of beastiality, but you're still a fuckin furry faggot.

I'll try my hardest fam.


The definition doesn't say anything about fictional children, you fucking murderer.

Works like a charm


Been doing that since I knew there was a filter button, shit's pretty cool tbh.

"It's not fiction when I dislike it!"

Nice false equivalency, my man. If I was telling you that you're all guilty of child porn and harassing real children because you're fapping to 2D little girls then you'd have a point. But I'm talking about a fetish, not a crime.

I recognize that cute dragon.

More tweaks. Might be worth coloring now.

I hope there aren't any Canada anons looking at these

N-no you don't.




Anything can sweat as long as [a reason].