What is it with indie games and pastel colors? Why do they almost always choose this color scheme for their games?

What is it with indie games and pastel colors? Why do they almost always choose this color scheme for their games?

Its easy for them to make something visually appealing. That or it was what they were taught at school

Would be nice if they tried to also make something mechanically appealing.

I blame dumblr

I can't stand pastel it is like primary school

It's easier to make a more minimalistic design than a more detailed one.

That and the fact that it's a indie fad at the moment, just like horrible done pixel art.

(thanks tumblrtale for kickstarting that one back up! your absurdly terrible pixel art truly helped the industry)

That would be a lot of hard work.

That or they don't really teach or reward anyone for making fun games now, instead you seem to be rewarded by making walking sim "art" games and you are shat on if you don't.


It's probably an attempt to get away from BROWN.
Of course color composition that's used only because it's chic is just as bad.

The grass has purples, reds, oranges, you have the spikey yellows/oranges on that rock on the right side of the image, and you have a bluish-green sky, maybe turquoise, turquoise and scarlet are complentary colors. It's relatively easy to make this look good because you basically have two sets of analogous colors (e.g. 1 orange, 1 orange-red, 1 red), analogous colors look good, complementary colors look good, it's visually pleasing.

Just analogous colors.

Beats me.

because they're uncreative hipster babies, next question

Soy un perdedor, I'm a hipster baby, so why don't you kill me

This. Pretty much what they were all taught in whatever brainwash school they went too.

It's really noticeable too. Not really experimenting, but just follow everything by the book it feels like.

Not to mention that ship is a fucking rip off of Star Wars tbh

does this guy get paid to shitpost in real life, it's incredible

adult swim is really on point lately

Makes me think of Easter.

Unless if you're the next Pablo Picasso, following art principles is how you make good art. Modern art is a joke.

Because it's been scientificly proven that people prefer those colors. Can't give you any references but I remember my professor saying it.

Its also peachy/skin orange and light blue being these "pleasing" colors which are in every game and movie ever now

Because they're natural colors, this is why so many fucking movie posters involve orange and blue. Sky, sun.

That's Sam isn't it?

It's a decently know fact that colours influence people passively (for fun try to think of a Fast Food logo without Yellow, which is the colour associated with hunger).

As for OP it could just be them stealing the colour pallet preferred in the 50's like they've done with the Cats-eye glasses (Problem glasses) and Fedoras (Even though it's typically Trilbies that get called Fedoras).

Or it could be the fact they're mentally children and are drawn to the warm and secure colours and shy away from darker colours.

I don't prefer these colors.

Holy shit that's brown

Psycology is not physics, the corelation is never 1

Hunger? Yellow is the colour of cowardice and bile, but I've never thought of it as hunger.

Art education is dead.

I wish more people would try to ape the 80's color palette like Blood Dragon and Hotline Miami. Not these devs actual good ones, I mean.

I misremembered and it's actually red AND yellow, not just yellow by itself. I caped an explanation since I'm too tired to copypasta it.

It's Eric Andre.

Fun is old, outdated.
Noiboidy wants that anymore.
What erverybody is striving towards is to have an "experiance".
Or so they claim.
That's why moviegames are made en masse instead of actual games.

They seem to think blue+purple is good. But they end up doing pruple+pink mostly.
Dunno who teaches them that crap.

You'd just get sick of that too with every game looking that way.

Well yeah if it was EVERY game. But that goes for anything.

That's actually pretty informative.

I've done what I could but I'm at a loss about how to change the text at this late hour.

Check out book covers and movie posters in the last few years. A ridiculously high number of them combine Orange with Teal, like some kind of insane psychological trick.

How can you be sure you are people?

I think therefore I am.

Devs cant be creative so they just drop acid to compensate for being shit.


Prove it.

That's called "Being a shitty artist"

I do this sometimes. No time for color? Just rev up that bucket and put on some random colors, these losers at coding will like it anyways

In the USA mostly, most artists I've met in Europe still have their shit together.

Also doing Art for Art and Applied Arts is not the same.

Artfags are pretending they know what they're doing after going to (((college))) and they're trying to covering up the fact that they're too lazy to use more than a handful of colors in their graphics.

Art education was always shit.
It's better to ask an artist you admire to be your mentor than to go to an art school.
Back in the Dutch golden age there weren't any art schools either, just artist guilds (St Lucas guilds), and artists learned to paint from other masterpainters.

Now when you go to art school you're thrown in front of some blowhards who became teachers because they couldn't make it in the art world. Most great artists, both in the past and present, never finished art school. Art schools are and always were a disease.

I think it's another "retro" thing¨
alot of dos games used teal and purple for some reason

They didn't want to be brown and bloom.


That's the CGA palette, you faggot.

I didn't know that, thanks for enlightening me, you faggot


It's a lot of the same nuances that they dye their hair with. If aposematism is the reason why they do that, then something corresponding must be true for why they color their videogames that way too.

It's good for us because then we can disregard a game quickly and move on, just like with the people who dye their hair in those colors. They go out of their way to signal, so you can only blame yourself if you get involved with any such person or buy their soulless products.

Colorful exterior compensates for colorless interior. They are overcompensating. Just look at NMS. A whole lot of NOTHING dressed up in glossy colors. Just like the people themselves.

Why not copy Rembrandt if they really wanna be artistic?

I think all the indie-games look really childish. Something only for children and autists.

I know all of this, yet I'm still disgusted.

On occasion I would feel bad for not having any 'formal education' in creative writing. Guess I felt I wouldn't get anywhere if I didn't have a course under my belt.

But seeing this reminds me that it really doesn't matter.

nigga that image looks like if Volt or Exalibur from Warframe had a retarded brother

I took a creative writing course once
it was shit

burn it all to the ground

This post is pretty childish, ironically.


I don't see anything wrong here.

I want Jet Set Radio and Spyro
I want an actual range of colors used everywhere

It's the new trendy thing to do. Pastel kinda neon colors, especially the blue/pink tone from that NMS screen is all the rage. I think it has to do with how vaporwave (along with retrowave and all that shit) caught with the redditors, which brought back these color schemes from the depths of time and made them cool again.

Indie devs went from pseudo 90s pixel art to 80s art.

I am a racer and we've been submerged in Outrun styled games (some that play like ass). Shit like Drift Stage, Powerdrive 2000 or that bad russian ripoff already on Steam. It's everywhere.

Slap 80s style electronic music on top of pixelated graphics neon colors, optionally add a CRT/noise filter, make it fast and boom people will eat it.

Still, could be worse. There have been games on Steam that actively tried to emulate the shit polygon drawing of early 3D consoles. BallisticNG and Back in 1995 namely, probably more.

But that's fucking wrong. Game uses a broad palette of colors, not just neutral shit. Also it's fucking beautiful, visual presentation is probably the single consistently good thing about that game.

Nintendo makes some of the most colorful games and they're far from indie.

Ive also noticed this, seemingly the largest brands utilize Red as a way to reinforce urgency like replacing that bottle of cola with another one.
It wont work on people who are aware that companies do this, but unfortunetly for those less aware of corporate process they eat that shit up.

So it is not concindence that I despise yellow.

Because they will never find peace in their lives and seek escape to an inoffensive wasteland of non-triggering subject and color.

Your ID is yellow, you disgusting hypocrite.

Pastel colors are pretty.

In your first two photos, I that's because they were limited to 16 colors so they had to make due with what they had. I miss those days when you had tight restrictions, it was more fun back then to try and work within those limits.

As for the last two photos, that's the CGA palette as someone else stated.

Yeah, they rather walk around looking like they have skin cancer.

Perhaps in still images, but the animations are sloppy and the system requirements higher than necessary probably because it's a Unity game.

It's really just an utter lack of optimization rather than Unity itself, which has had some pretty toaster friendly games on it. The truly amusing thing about stuff like Firewatch is that they expect their audience to have enthusiast level hardware despite not being a game the enthusiast market would go for normally.

But apparently it did well, so what do I know?

Tim Schafer has been known to prop of shit-tier projects that flounder, so for all we know he could have bought 50000 copies of the game, just to inflate the numbers or something…

…but more likely everyone who bought it, did so on PS4.


Because A. Easiest way for a game to be labeled "colorful" and "good to look at" and B. Because even normalfags are so sick of grey and brown corridors that any other colors apparently makes their dicks hard.


There are actually multiple CGA palettes, but the pink/cyan one is the one most used by video games, because it offers white as a palette color. The others (like red/green/brown plus brighter version of it) are harder to use and gamedevs were lazy even back in the days. You could also exchange black with any of the 16 colors. But most were lazy and decided to treat CGA as monochrome with some cyan here and there.

POP on PC of course was already down converted to CGA. Originally it's a gorgeous looking 256 palette color VGA/MCGA game.

Remember those were these days, were you actually didn't have to buy a new GPU to play a new PC game.

It's hiding bad visuals behind a colour pallette so it looks otherworldly and intentional, like how 99% of weeaboo trash artists just draw detailed hair and eyes and then faggots don't care that everything is out of proportion and the hands are always hidden.

Reading a blog about someone who meticulously (some would say: autistically) picked apart the manifold flaws in continuity, logic, common sense, and basic fucking grammar in the physical published Twilight novels taught me that the art of writing is just as dead.

Undertale doesn't even have pixel art, you autist

You're a fucking retard for actually believing that post.


Well shit, looks like it will take imports from nations that didn't kill art or a couple of hundred years for this to be unfucked.

user, both you and I know you only believe the bullshit posted in that memetic screencap because of your confirmation bias.

Kill all faggots. Problem solved.


So we'll start with cdef95?

I find it funny, we just want to play good games while various media outlets claim we are training for school shootings or embracing faggotry.

No, All it would take is a few geniuses. Art isn't something that you have to really learn. I doubt art itself will completely die out in a single country anyway, even if some art schools that actually good artists have never went to were pozzed.

>>>Holla Forums


I agree but you get more quality art if that genius has a forum to teach others that like his work.
Classical art will never truly die but I has become extremely rare in the west.

Please say more buzzwords. It makes my penis hard. *nuzzles you* X3

You are committed to trying to start an inter-board war aren't you?
Problem is you don't belong here so you really stand out.

Maybe you are just supporting the wrong type of indie developers.

come on man… If you're going to shitpost about styles you've gotta try a little harder than that.
If the things you posted had any more saturation, they'd start to go way over the top and look very harsh on the eyes. Nothing about these looks faded, or light, they have very deep and saturated colors.

You keep forgetting the all-caps but I like the overuse of emoticons and general shitty writing. 8.5/10 is the best I can give you.

Where's Dark1?

As you know a few years ago the 80s were experiencing a revival. More and more people were requesting games to have more color, and a lot of people were requesting a throwback to the vhs days.
Indie devs are the closest to social media, since they're usually no more than 10 people, and they promptly satisfied this demand. This resulted in indie saturation of pastel and vivid colors. Then AAA devs saw the market in this, and are just now trying to satisfy this demand, but they're too late. Everyone's had enough of it already, everything looks the same now. It's pure pandering, and even then they can't do it right.

Same reason why nintendo does. It attracts the most normal of normalfags.

It's all fault of this piece of shit, it started it all

This would be cool and all if Undertale was still frequently talked about outside of the average general circlejerk.

b-but user, adventure time isn't using pastel colors (stop bullying adventure time, I like it)

b-but user, pastel colors are allright, but adventure time is irredeemable shit

You deserve more than just bullying.

It's not like something like this had a chance against the sjw influence but shitting on this would be like shitting Halo. We all know it's hot garbage but we remember a time when that wasn't the fucking case.


I actually haven't gotten around seeing the latest series. What happened? Is it that bad?

Mixed race unicorn-dog babies and the unrelenting onslaught of the gay agenda.

you stupid fucking retard. Anyone with half a brain could've figured out this was SJW-bait from the very start man you make me sick.

That gook art is aping a Western artist.

shit taste

Red is hunger. Look at mcdonalds, chickfila, moes, hardees, etc.

You go to places that teach production art and this shit doesn't apply. Hell, where I went the very first book we were told to buy was The Animator's Survival Kit

This brought a tear to my eye. Apparently I'm a faggot.

His political "comedy" is satire, Eric just pulls Tom Green tier stunts for internet points.
He trolls republicans more though since they're triggered easy.

Haven't heard a decent criticism of Adventure Time yet. Most complaints seem to be "they don't just keep doing the same episode over and over again"

picasso is shit

And I'm just pretending to be retarded
You can't defend that fucking lousy nigger-jew performance in the video I posted. The interviewers were funnier than him. It's just a cop out to say that everything you do is satire.
Did you even watch the video?


wut? libshits are where the phrase triggering comes from.


I've seen this video, its way good

Pastel colors are quite pleasing to the eye, but they normally do that to make a statement about how they're different and special snowflakes even though like all other nu males they're all the same

op the fag strikes again

Hyperlight looks neat but why in fuck's name did they hardcap it at 30 fps?

wtf i hate republicans now

Because all the animations are in 30 fps

because the usage of less colors and a 'bright' aesthetic allows developers to create a 'unique' atmosphere (via being different from the mainstream norm (see: media with oversaturated visuals that 'pop out')) while cutting costs (via artists not having 2 mimic rocks) 4 lower budgets

Adventure time?

no, not really.

Now Steven Universe? It was made by a tumblrina

To total plebs, maybe.