Mods deleted the thread before I finished Edition

In memory of the user who loved Skyrim and user's cock
it's terrible but I tried my best in 5 minutes. I knew they'd fucking delete it after it become fun

Great drawthread, just like the "Skyrim is the best game ever" thread.

I'm glad.
Looks like we were able to record it after all.

Their loved needed to be immortalized

It did, its a shame the thread ended so soon.

i wish user would draw me as a trap

Do you? Do you really?

He clearly does. Maybe he wanted to be a part of dda503 and 53d0d3's sexy time.


yes i do
preferably with an ahegao

Too late for ahegao, but I did this.


Nice trips and traps, drawfag.


he talked to me

what the fuck even is this drawthread

what the fuck even happened last drawthread to justify this

honestly it was just an excuse to post my OC because the mods nuked the corresponding thread.
I figured "It'd post it in the drawthread!" and realized there wasn't one.
I don't think there has been one for a long time. Or at least I haven't noticed it.

nice video games, faggots

delete this thread and try again later

Drawthreads still happen, just not everyday.

Maybe one im moved into my new place I'll draw some shit for fun


i was actually pretty motivated to fulfill a request or two, but seeing this drawthread almost made me puke. Ill get back home in about 4 hours and i hope it wont look as retarded as it does now
bump because i believe drawthreads still can be great

requesting drawing of them video games I keep hearin about

Nice but but it looks like he's still smiling through that punch

Sorry user, like I said I just wanted somewhere to post a thing. I'll just delete this one before I go to bed and someone can make a proper one. How come drawthreads aren't around as often as they used to be?