On Gamergate

honestly, where does Holla Forums stand on Gamergate right now?

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I'm all for them seeing as they actually got results, though personally I don't care enough about the industry to ever joint them.

me too, but I'm wondering what the "big picture" is right now

check em

good at first, but unless they've kicked acidkike to the curb they're cucks. Also don't get me started on the paranoia.

There's a containment thread and everyone hates those fags outside of it. Go figure.

I just follow the salt, like in the #ZachAttack thing.

I personally am with the GGrevolt crowd, though they're pretty thin now

what do you mean by paranoia?

Are you from fucking halfchan? Or do you live in a fucking cave?

Yo kikes are running scared, the took down some shitty interview video for harassment.

why this is important to you and why didn`t you posted on the designated thread? you nigger

Everything is a fucking shill, god forbid you disagree with popular consensus a little bit.
I'm not with ggrevolt myself, I left when they unironically accused me of sealioning.

because my question would just be buried in shit

can someone actually answer the question? Jesus

by them I mean the original group, revolt came after I walked away

are you an ethics cuck?

nobody cares, besides the people on the thread

stop trying to stir up shit, fuck off

Yah no Gamergay may as well be dead, and I hope it stays that way, it was a can of worms that opened us up to be colonized by redditors and the faster that door closes the better


nah, I don't think I'll fuck off, I'll stay right here

you can fuck off though

I wouldn't say so. I cared about it sure, but I also liked triggering snowflakes a great deal.


so the faster you go back to locking yourself away in your safespace corner where, in your own mind, you're left alone with just your vidya, and the faster games go liberal/leftist and check your privilege, the better?

Just the kind of autism i'd expect from a Gamergoy

anyway, dubs thread, checkem

Sorry my man but YOU are indeed the cuck here

also if you think GG has actually done anything to improve the gaming industry, much less in the last year or so, then again, you are the cuck, and likely a redditor


Oh GamerGate, when will you learn.

You have to kill them, not make fun of them.


here's Gamergate pretty much, Jews doing what Jews do

Holla Forums thinks it can just go back to the way things were, just in the corner alone

but that's over, there's no going back, no matter how much you want to.

we should have formed a private army tbh, using second hand AK's, and gone on an all out shooting spree against leftist enclaves, like media headquarters and university departments

instead we jacked off in threads about ethics

Nope, you lost your right to nose your way into Holla Forums's buisness once the "muh PR!" fags and redditors forced them out of the digging process and set you fags back to square one, fuck off, that has nothing to do with you regardless of that fact though

you can't go back to the way things were

not only will vidya get more corporate and shit taking, but the sjw's will get more leftist and more invasive, and before you know it pretty much all games will feature all of their empowered, underrepresented bullshit, hell we're nearly there right now

Allison Rapp is exactly how it should have been from day one.

Yes and we should especially kill Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Brianna Wu. Right my fellow anons?

I don't really care or read up on gamergate except for whatever big news that pops up on Holla Forums occasionally, but I do acknowledge what they've accomplished so far.

All I can say is fight the good fight gamegays. Be the change you wanna be.

CON chat log is out, proved everything GG suspected about cronyism, collusion and corruption was correct.

Does Holla Forums still suck Total Biscuit's dick, even after this?

Shits dead in the water Jim. I stopped giving a fuck about it a few months after Jim left simply because it was nothing but feels-good patting on the back, KiA getting out of its leash, retarded infighting, and people refusing to even boycott a developer that publicly called out it will never ever hire or deal with people that supported GG in the slightest.

Atleast GamerGate isnt as retarded as Holla Forums which is saying alot

isn't he dead yet?

It makes me laugh and was finally the concrete evidence we needed that there was an indie/journalist clique, which for the longest time was merely a long standing suspicion, but not really, confirmed. Plus it helped make it really clear who is and isn't in the clique. I'm glad it's still their goto boogeyman when something bad "happens".

gas yourself

Same here, I only kept going to GGrevolt to feel the revenge against the ethics cucks, but we all knew it was fuck all once the Holla Forums clique took over

I'll celebrate when he is

And what has gamergate done to quell this at all? Oh that's right absolutely fucking nothing because again, you fags, and the GGrevolt fags seem to only be cappable about circlejerking about ethics, in-fighting, porn dumps and "don't forget, MUH PR!". I have not seen one concrete goal and accomplishment of the movement, the closest thing you got was Gawker getting Wrestlemania'd, and that wasn't even you, that was Peter Theil getting his revenge on Nick Denton

GG, GGrevolt,, I don't care what you call yourself, you've done absolutely nothing to help this doomsday scenario that you're spewing out, so I really don't see why you see that as a positive to your arguement

gamergate is full of 'muh pr' faggots

shouldve just tried to burn everything down with hate

Revolt never managed to do shit, it was a great idea plagued by shit from day one. Devdex was the only good thing to come out of it and I'm glad someone picked up the slack recently and decided to redo it.

Don't you have Muslims to apologize for since they had to rape your low quality lolis Sargon?

See this is the shit I'm talking about, GG is responsible for bringing these redditors and leftists here


And it's cool how goons still lurk the threads even though it was confirmed they are here hunting for screencaps

also GG faggots fucking love ecelebs more than anyone

go on kotaku in action and all the posts are simply 'youtube faggot on twitter said this omg'

gg is full of autists who don't know even negative attention is what gave sjws their popularity, thanks to gg making anita and zoe even more popular

Go back to cuckchan if it bothers you so much, first exodus everyone cared about gamergate or shekel shoah anyways.

hold on little man, you're all over the place

the ethics cucks are the ones going "muh Hogan we won", not revolt

Revolt of course doesn't do anything now except try to save KIA from the ethics cucks so as to regain control over the narrative.

you seem to think vidya could have been saved. It couldn't, that's the whole point. The whole fucking point was that you were supposed to stop trying to escape the trouble, of trying to close the door again and lock yourself in your vidya room away from the world, because that only emboldened the swine and vipers and encouraged them to invade more. It was time to drop the fucking controller, politicize yourself and help us get off the godamn internet, which was only recently done by Hillary's alt-right speech.

But you couldn't do that, you were too weak and pussified and wanted to cling to videogames, which are DEAD, videogames are fucking dead, there was nothing left to hang on to, you godamn idiot, its all fucking gone. Corporations and libshits are working together to undermine them. You were supposed to drop the fucking controller.

Never once did anybody claim "we" won because of Hogan


Just like Holla Forums right?
Cause fucking faggot ass Trump isnt a eceleb?
Fuck off already.

bullshit, the fucking ethics cucks here and on /gghq/ and on KIA all fucking said


Even for revolt you're a fucking retard.

Was good, got gay really fucking fast.
And right now I see them claiming every outside victory as their own, see: Hulk Hogan, Gawker

zero awareness coming from you, dumbass


kek, I'm not the one telling an obvious Holla Forumsack to care about politics.

Was good for the first three months when it was an unholy alliance between Holla Forums and Holla Forums to forcefully rip SJWs and jews out of the gaming industry, but then the reddit queers and e-celebrities ruined everything by deciding to focus on obtaining good PR and proving they weren't racist rather than achieve any actual results.

Yeah, Hulk Hogan killed it, not GG. And Kotaku, Polygon and the rest of the shit sites and mangina developers are still injecting their political faggotry into the industry as if GG never happened. Way to go, you changed literally nothing.

yeah, I know that

Dont try and argue with a pol fag or gg fag.
They scream at walls for a living.


"based jim" is an attention whoring faggot like any other jewtuber.


the only choice was to help us get off the internet, vidya could not be changed when you're facing mega million, billion dollar corporations and publicly subsidized academic sjw screech apes

you can't fucking "change" that, all you can do is DROP it and look past it at the enemy fucking your shit up

Do you think that Holla Forums needs to be told to care about politics? Are you somehow this retarded? Also its fucking hilarious that you stupid fucks actually embraced the alt-right label that anyone with a brain knows was a trap. Anyways, not going to waste anymore time on you as you can't even admit obvious mistakes.

besides being an obvious tin-foil, do you have an actual explanation for that?


No user, you don't understand, I think you and the Ethics fags are equally as autistic in that you both think you have any sort of cultural swing and will not be just immediately laughed off by any and everyone as you have always been, the movement is as dead as it is irrelevant, those that even do remember, will again, just laugh you off, and rightfully so, this whole thing was never some ethics shit, or some edgy political moment the revolt fags have tried to steer the narrative towards, so I don't see why you think you'll make it either one now

And besides, the "Alt-Right" and the Trump Campaign have already taken that place, so I don't really see what space you hope to fill, what are you gunna do try and get a "#gamergater with a seasoned posting history in /r/Kotakuinaction" into office or something? You are literally retarded if you think anything like that will ever happen

Reddit or Holla Forums? you decide anons

Fuck off.

Revolt shills are in full damage control tonight.



you're being facetious

the point is to increase the influence of the alt-right onto the videogame front, forcing their media to spill their spaghetti the same way we've accomplished the MSM going broke for censorship, and consequentially waking people up

what the hell do you propose? Videogames is fucking dead, and it is never, EVER coming back, ever, you understand? You will never play videogames again, you will play nigger-loving simulators, and you will play shekel eaters. You can't go back to your comfty little safespace, that age of innocence is dead. So what do you think? You're just going to keep circlejerking here about the "industry collapse"? How many times can you seriously replay doom?

you want to talk about what's laughable? That's laughable, that the industry will collapse. Its bigger than ever, and increasing.

Bringing liberal bullshit into the mainstream attention where it can easily subsequently be seen as laughable by blue and white collar workers was an overwhelming success. The redpilling that went on from after gamergates start was astounding. I saw people turn on each other like tigers when they were formally amicable over whether or not gaming journalism was okay.

To boot, progressives have been steadily devouring themselves with a mix of double think and turning on gays because gays don't fit into their sexist propaganda. It's become so easy to talk to friends and slowly introduce facts that dispel this bullshit and let them leave them to make their own minds up on the topics.


Just calling it that sounds as retarded as ALTRIGHT


That just off the top of my head, you're a fucking retard m8. I mean, whatever, go fuck around thinking you're accomplishing shit when the majority of fucks still refuse to support things like DevDex and KiA is left to run on its own, I'm sure yer' gonna accomplish a shitload. Not to even mention the retarded infighting between Acid, HQ, the Holla Forums general, and revolt that's only destabilizing the dead-as-shit thing.

Imma enjoy my vidya.



We lost steam back towards the end of '14. I left along with a bunch of others, and the movement's been dragging its ass ever since. By 2015 it was a joke, by 2016 it was just pathetic. Nowadays it's all but gone, with only the most autistically devoted sticking around.

It's a shame it failed so badly, but I'll never forget some of the crazy shit we got up to in those early days. We set things in motion, and proved we had the power to control the future.

I just follow the SJW/feminazi salt and laugh the entire way. GamerGate may have been a decent thing back in the day when it first got going, but it's long since been a shell of it's former self. I was never a real supporter to begin with, I just stuck around for the triggerings.

I can't think of the term GamerGate without cringing some though, so take that as you will. I can't tell you if that's from GamerGate itself or from salty SJWs slipping GG references into various forms of media like in the eng dub of Prison School, etc. It's probably both



I played some vidya not some 10 minutes ago user, it was pretty fun, maybe you should try it

You seem to think there's no light at the end of the tunnel because you've closed your eyes, calm your 'tism, play some vidya and fucking move on,you don't need some special snowflake video game themed section of the alt-right to trigger the lefties into leaving, the biggest lie Holla Forums has ever told itself is that the leftists are to blame for the shitty way the industry has gone, and while that's certainly part of the problem, the pendulem swinging and leftists losing cultural ground won't stop shitty video games and shitty practices by publishers from happening, these kinds of things have been going on for decades and will continue to do so, with or without SJWs making games


never said corporate shittaking wasn't part of the problem, just said they benefit immensely from kow-towing the leftist/liberal line set by state-ideological-apparatuses

you're a blind fool, they have *gained* ground, and now that they know they've been found out, they are doubling-down with impunity

I'm not talking literally, genius.

all the shit you're playing, the majority of it now is blatant social-programming, its not videogames.




It's almost like you're ignoring whats being said

Do your really think the gaming industry is going to be able to sustain itself off of lukewarm new IPs and increasingly less yieldful yearly releases for much longer? It's not like Hollywood where they can peddle their ideology on Uncle Shlomo's dime, sooner or later the well is going to dry up and no amount of shilling, gimmicks, dewritos or paid review scores is going to be able to save it



Yes, because they are still massively profitable for mediocrity. How much money do you think No Man's Sky made on release? How much money do you think Hitman Absolution did? How much money do you think Destiny made per expansion?

wtf is this real

did the cancer drugs cause this or did he decide to "transition"

Oh how dare he it's fucking nothing, go home revolt

The Gamergate scandal has been cold for 2 years, but its principles live on in many a battle against censorship and cultmarxism.

SJWs are here are mostly goons and CTR out of their element.

i would love to contribute to it but i both dont know what i should be doing and im very lazy. im glad it brought me to fullchan though.
the vivian is very cute

i dont have reason to believe trump will do anything to the leftists.