Best games of all time thread

Post Best Games ever below


im actually not sure if thats supposed to be bait or ironic


This thread is 100% serious business.

didn't you notice all the other shitty "bait" threads being posted?


Every time I played this my brain refused to pay attention.I'd just do a mission and I could slowly feel my focus slip

I honestly can't decide between these two.

i agree with OP.


fuck off

There are certainly some le epic troll threads up.

Undertale is an excellent game, even Holla Forums loved the demo before they started the "le tumblrtale" bandwagon.

kill yourself shill

Back to >>>/reddit/

Am I being out-trolled?


Undertale is still shit, but really user…



Wait a minute, that card

Hatchet's ending was a bit of a cop-out. I like how there was an expansion pack that retconned it only to have another ending that was just as weak as the first one.

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