Name one good game made in RPGMaker

Name one good game made in RPGMaker.


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Witch's House

If Undertale was made in RPG Maker, I'd list it


Violated Heroine


I actually agree with you. I just wanted to shitpost.

I mean OFF and Lisa were alright games, but I can't think of something with extra polish that really stands out from other RPGs made on RPGMaker.

This is going to bug me. I recognize this song, but can't remember where its from. I want to say BoF, but I don't think that's correct.

Witch's House
Mad Father
Corpse Party

Wasn't that "To the Moon" game or whatever the fuck it was called supposed to be really good?


I will never understand it tbh

To the Moon wasn't much of a game, in fact it would be fair to call it a walking simulator. But as an overall experience, yeah, it was really good.

Madotsuki's Vomitorium

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Fair enough, I never played it so I wouldn't know.
Just heard never really heard anything negative about it, even on here.

Tilemaster, is that you?
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Unfortunately no, its not quite kitchen tile, Ohio, or backpack tier.

Then what is it?

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It's an interactive non-game that pulls on your heartstrings. In other words, it doesn't do shit for me.

I don't know DEADBOLT, but I'm having a hard time believing Gunpoint was made in RPGMaker.

Name one game not made with RPGMaker.




Nice try that game was made by the MSDos version RPG Maker 95


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Violated Heroine
Monster Girl Quest Paradox
hotline miami

off, lisa, mittens. Top of my head.

It's a pac-man game.

it was

Wasn't Jojo the 7th user made in RPG Maker?


Game Maker Pac-Man Tutorial Example

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Did anyone else get RPG Maker when it was on sale on HumbleBundle? I grabbed VX Ace Deluxe just in case I felt like using it in the future.


The best RPG Maker games are those that don't easily show that they are made in RPG Maker. Video related.

Yume Nikki

this is good

That's not complete yet, user.

Why don't we make an ebin meme game with nazis and shitposting lolbergs?

You seem to be confused son


Isn't Barkley game maker?

It is

First game is complete. The translation isn't, though. Its not bad if you like JRPGs, still very grindy, especially when you want to upgrade your job and race, or even play the game "properly" and take advantage of weaknesses and the like, since you will need to keep a fairly large group of monsters leveled and equipped.

Surprising amount of detail for some shit, though, like how frequently there is some kind of interaction relating to party members that you have. Some weird stuff that makes it feel like the kitchen sink was thrown in; though, some JRPGs and MGQ definitely went in that direction such as robot battle pope.

It's Gamemaker, not RPG maker, but it's fun.

Embric Wulfhammer Castle
The gray garden

you just want some recomendations dont you?

I dunno if that pic is supposed to be creepy, but I find it hot.
Post more please.

If DOOM was made in RPGMaker, I'd link it.

Just play Super Mario Sunshine.

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I, uh… I like OFF, LISA, Yume Nikki, Middens, Hylics, Magical Camp, Violated Heroine, Last Dream, and Helen's Mysterious Castle. And I'm working on my own RPGMaker game that should come out some time in the next couple of years.

So… there you go.

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Its just that its a narrow sub-type of watersports, so there really aren't that many porn games of them. There are other specifics to my preference that I've neglected to mention, that make the category even narrower.