What is the "citizen kane" of vidya?

What is the "citizen kane" of vidya?

pic related for those who read the post

My input:
the original nes super mario bros
le dorf lmao

So, a game where the reviews are mostly inflated but generally good that a lot of people seem to love to death as the greatest thing ever?
Obviously this.

I meant the in the figurative sense of being "the game anyone who is into games must play", not what citizen kane actually is.

Good but windwaker and majora's mask are better

Deus Ex


Citizen Kane is a movie that not only holds up visually despite its age, but manages to tell a timeless story about a man falling from grace that will be true no matter when it's watched.

And there's no games that does that.
Games with good stories can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and pretty much everything before the ps2 has aged orribly in controls, gameplay and visuals

For your definition, but it is what Citizen Kane actually is more than either. Though I could see a strong case one could make with Wind Waker, as it fits along side what OOT is.
MM would be more of the Melancholica of video games, because you have to be a massive fucking contrarian to actually like it above everything else.


99% of people don't understand why citizen kane actually matters to cinematography or that it isn't actually that good of a movie.
I'd argue something like the first game to utilize significant elements that would be used in many games afterwards, or a tech demo.

Undertale wouldn't really qualify as it doesn't really do anything in particular striking mechanics wise, and is fairly decent.

But user, Deus Ex's visual style and graphics tied with game play and narrative have held up ever since it was released.

What is the Money Store of vidya?


Except the engine is absolute shit that can't even detect one stun blows right, the graphics are terribly muddy, the animations are laughable.

There will never be one.

Because film and Vidya should be fucking different and stay that way.

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So you're saying it's half life?






What is the In the Aeroplane Over the Sea of vidya?

Give me citations for that quote.

Damn nigga, I love that game


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like clockwork

who doesn't

Hotline Miami?

Underspergs are here

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You do realize I was directly referencing that post with the image in the op, right?

There's gameplay and failure states, so it's a game.

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you're still creating discussion for this sjw propaganda "game"

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I don't really know. The way I see citizen kane is, it wrote so many rules on how film should be done, that it now looks like any other fucking movie. What's more is that I think Metropolis did a lot more for film regardless, so

Metropolis - Deus Ex 1
Citizen Kane - MGS2

I think that's fair. Metropolis did so much more, and it's still fucking mindblowing to watch. Citizen Kane and MGS2 on the other hand also completely changed shit up, as well as pretty much changed art forever. Citizen Kane in terms of cinematography, and MGS2 in terms of postmodernism and an original philosophical narrative that is as deep as you want it to be. Idk, maybe I'm talking out of my ass on this one. I love MGS2 but I really don't enjoy Citizen Kane personally, although I have heavy respect for all it did and some of the craziest shots I've ever seen in a movie, right up there with 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's a hard call to make analogies with movies because there are far more better movies than there are games, and a lot of them can fit with each other.

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Maybe, seems reasonable to me.

Better yet, what is the Synecdoche new york of vidya?

No, you are. You're the one that started explicitly mentioning it.

You wouldn't have happened to seen this, have you? Seems like it'd be right up your alley.
tl;dw it's basically a video essay about the philosophical nature of MGS2 read over the footage of the guy doing a Big Boss rank playthrough. Pretty neat stuff if you've got two hours to kill.

Undermeme may be overrated but please go back to Tumblr and stay go.

either this or Skyrim

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Not even film has a comparison, except Charlie Kaufman's other works.

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Yeah and I'm Toby fox himself

Here's the thing, I'm gonna definitely watch it, despite being aware of every perspective, detail, theory, and even made myself aware of how plenty of parts of the game actually shit. I've easily spent dozens of hours simply analyzing it, and there's no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Oh that's fucking easy, it'd be Pathologic. Definitely.

Who is the Phil Collins of video games?

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>he actually thinks undertale was anything other than a 6-year long plot to ruin andrew hussie's life

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Who is Citizen Kane? Is it some SJW movie or something? I can't figure it out.

But Phill Collins is a videogame.
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Any type of comfy point n click or VN game. It's fun to experience despite the amount of hipster masturbation over it.

Id' say Overwatch except TMS is actually good. TMS would definitely be something like Revengeance. Amazing, albeit a few glaring issues.


I'm taking it -
Citizen Kane is a 1940's movie directed by orson welles, which is considered by most critics to be the "greatest movie of all time".

It was really an attempt by Tony Banks to get into the video game industry. In order to not draw any negative attention to himself, he requested the help of his friend Toby Fox, to make the game. Tony actually did the soundtrack.

Tony Banks then filled a olympic-sized swimming pool full of shekels mined from autistic furfags with Undertale and swam around in it.

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Didn't think about TMS like that before, or MGR:R

I thought Toby Fox was Tony Banks

There has been DNA evidence showing that they're related.

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where's bill bolin fall under this and how was he good enough friends with toby/tony to sabotage hussie?

this was his 3th attempt actually, he had already tried a The Lamb game made by sega themselves in the early 90s for the sega genesis, which got shitcanned, an ATOTT game made by Peter Gabriel's own game studio, Real World Media, which had made two weird puzzle/exploration games before to promote Peter's material, and a 2003-4 Original Xbox game by the same studio, which was also based on ATOTT and ended up being the basis for Undertale.
How do i know all of this?
I am both a genesis/undertale shill AND an old beta tester for the xbox game
There will be a surprise release related to Undertale and Genesis on this September 15th
Trust me im posting in spoilers

Phil Collins, along with the rest of the band worked closely on the making of both the cancelled 2003 game and the final game, although he and the band weren't credited for the final release.
Hussie is actually Peter Gabriel's wife's son

I used to have a screen cap of some tweet Toby Fox made ages ago.

Something about a transnigger with nine ass and seven dicks.

Look, I'm an extreme fan of the Grips, even fagged out and bought two of their albums on vinyl for the hell of it. It's just that in the second half of TMS, a few songs like Double Helix and Blackjack are just…I don't know. Some of the songs just feel like they're filler or just wholly indifferent. Parts that I just think are a low point. Same for Revengeance. A lot of the levels are just fucking ugly, the gameplay is tedious on the first playthrough on Hard. Then once you get the Gay Fox sword and armor, you can just blow through the whole game. Fully upgraded can kill non-boss enemies in one hit.

He was talking about Peter Gabriel's bull, Chester Thompson.

It's a quote for his Earthbound Halloween hack, which Toby himself has repeatedly self-admitted for the past three years that it's stupid and he wish he never made it.

We haven't got one yet, and I'm not sure if we ever will. I can't really think of any game that has taken advantage of gaming as a medium in the way that Citizen Kane and The Holy Mountain took advantage of film as a medium, or the way that Slaughterhouse 5 and Ulysses took advantage of books as a medium, or the way Watchmen took advantage of comics as a medium.

A lot of the games that people say are the "greatest games of all time" are more like interactive movies. It's because we have been making movies for a really long time and know how to use them to make people feel something. Problem is, it's not really the game aspects that make it good, it's the cinema that makes it good. It's like filming a stage play from various angles and calling that a movie which is what early cinema was like for a couple of years. Yeah, it may be good, it may elicit an emotional response, but it doesn't taking advantage of the medium in the way that David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, and Harold Lloyd do. They do things with film that can't be done on stage.

On top of this video games cost even more to make than movies, take longer to make, and frequently have even more people making them, so any game that has the budget to be truly amazing isn't going to do so, and getting these companies to fund a singly visionary is going to be even harder. If we do ever get the Citizen Kane of video games it's not going to be for a while.

Well, Yoko Taro and IPL come close at times.

The answer is simple, fellow user


If we're talking about vidya with good cinematography, SotC is the one that stands out to me.

Grim Fandango i guess.

What is the "Брат" of vidya? I know that Hitman exists but it doesn't have the sort of "I fight for my friends" type of vibe