another SJW infested shit game?


Modern pokemon designs are really edgy

>>>Holla Forums

How long you been here, two, three hours?

Not long enough for an actual wage.


Best roar in vidya belongs to that beast right there.

2:18 has the best example of the roar

Good god i didnt notice how shit the thumbnail was

Holla Forums is filthy commies, not faggot sjws



Reminder that >>>/sth/ exists and could really use activity.


that's not the skeletons in daggerfall

You're all fuckin' newfags.

The fuck does sanic adventure have to do with SJWs?

Any lewd Rogue?

This better be bait, user.

Probably referring to the handbook that described Robotnik as a Feminist despite it being a translation error and he was meant to be a womanizer but feminist makes him seem like a fedora tipper so ehhh

Even with the mistranslation Robotnik being a feminist comes off sarcastically

Robotnik is the bad guy. And with his pompous and pretentious attitude, it makes perfect sense that he would be a feminist.

He's an egomaniac, so it's very unlikely he would be a feminists. It's like saying he is an altruist, it's just ironic or sarcastic.

He's an egomaniac, so he thinks he is simply making the world a better place, and thinks of himself as a hero. You're gonna tell me a bunch of those white knights we complain about aren't egomaniacs?