New pikmin

Kind of looks like mass attack. Might be alright.

I would have posted a pikmin-related reaction image, but I just realized that I have none.

Do Nintendo devs not know what antialiasing is?

Whats the point of anti aliasing a 240p image?

I would have preferred an actual sequel



What on a dead console? They will probably make a sequel for the nx.

No corpse they won't defile

Everything has to move to the 3DS, their only money-maker, so everything is going to be 240p with aliasing everywhere and 40fps


I thought we were getting Pikmin 4, what is this?

Looks more like Yoshi's New Island or the Chibi Robo platformer.

pikmin spinoff. They look the same because they're probably all made with the same engine.

I don't get it.
If I weren't already hurt from FE I'd be asking why did this need to happen, but I must already know on some level.

I don't care about the resolution or framerate if it's stable. It's just you see so many jaggy edges, it's kind of an eyesore.

Speaking of pikmin, what did you all think of pikmin 3 and that ending by the way I mean their was a lot left to interpretation.

The final boss honestly gave me a lot of eldritch horror vibes considering the thing was immortal and pretty powerful.



This isn't even a platformer, I don't think you jump here.

it looks ok
but probably gonna be really easy even more so than wooly world was

still makes me question why didnt they fucking spend time making a proper metroid game instead of this though

It was shorter than the second but think its the best of the trilogy. You could tell fruit and enemy placement was painstakingly decided upon. I cant even remember the ending. you find olimar right?

I'm honestly convinced that Nintendo doesnt care about anything that either isn't a money maker or one of the higher ups pet series

Why the fuck isn't a 3ds Pikmin game a normal pikmin game?
The stylus would work well with it so what the fuck gives?

Yeah, he basically becomes the final bosses treasure, a while back I listen to a theory that the boss is actually a existent of olimar fears and greed, the water wraith description was like it wasn't even meant to exist like it came to life imagination, meaning the water wraith basically became the plasm wraith after olimar came back took his ship and then olimar basically it was feeding of his mind and grew stronger because of it and I imagine it plan to take his life as well since it was something olimar treasured.

This is one of those instances where the screen resolution actually effects the game.

The 3DS bottom screen is 320x240. With 100 pikmin on screen, assuming they took up the whole screen and were evenly placed, that's about a 3x2 image for each pikmin.

Words can't accurately describe how I hate
the shitty resolutions on the 3DS

I'm still surprised how its worse than on the PSP, which was like 6 or 7 years old by the the 3DS came out.

eh you wouldn't want an actual pikmin 4 on the 3ds anyway. With the 3ds you'd probably get like 10 fps with more than 50 pikmin on screen.

Why dont they just save it for the NX though? It's like porting Mario Maker to the 3DS, its a waste of time.

I'm pretty sure miyamoto said that they are making a pikmin 4 for the nx. This is just a spinoff.

You do realize that with the 3DS' pixel density it would benefit very little from a higher resolution right?

Or are you brainwashed by Apples Retina display propaganda?

Actually I can see this game working if the levels are large instead of linear.

Are you blind or stupid, because the pixel density is horrid for the size of screen. I'm not going to drag this out because it's "you can't see 60fps" level of retarded. Well, even more retarded than that because I can at least understand how someone might not notice it.

Who the fuck is asking for 1440p and such on the 3ds?
Even just 540p fort the top screen would be better, 720p or 900p like the Vita would be perfect.

Pixel density is a function of resolution and physical screen size. Stop while you are ahead.

Actually, my math here sucks. 3 pixels horizontally would only be if they were all standing in a single row, and 2 pixels vertically would only be if they were all in a single column. Still, the resolution would it make it horribly difficult to pick out individual pikmin with so many on screen.

That still doesnt mean I'm happy with the 3DS' shitty 240 resolution and what that means for the games, especially with PSP games didnt even have as much problems as 3DS games visually.

If it's not mario, Zelda, or pokemon, it gets fuck all attention put into it.

Looks fun, but it better not be pikmin 4.

Those are my only thoughts on it.

Pikmin's Wooly World oh boy.
Soon every Nintendo IP will be in 2D.

except Metroid



Pikmin is the only Nintendo franchise to have consistently good games.

Good to see they're thinking outside the box and releasing a shit one for a change.

Punch-Out!! consistently has good games.