Project Diva X

I've heard many people's complaints in regard to this game and i wish to address all of them with this thread.

I've seen people argue that the changes made to this franchise are half-assed and even uncalled-for, overall ruining the game experience but i think that's not the case. If anything it's all improvements over the other games as far as i can see.

Let's start off with what people most hate about this new game: the story-based gameplay

If you've played project diva games before, you know at this point that it's just songs with nothing much in the way. This time, SEGA have decided to take a story-driven approach and went ahead to add a storyline.

Many have argued that it's not required but i think it helps keep the gamer intrigued by a great deal, providing a new reward-based system as well as a theme-driven gameplay.

Not just that, the addition of action-triggering modules is something i did not expect and that nonetheless pleased me. Up until now we had modules being nothing more than a way of dolling up already-cute characters. Now we are required to make the right choice of clothes and other items to get the highest score possible out of songs.

Basically, everyone saying this game is shit is a complete idiot and doesn't even know a good game when presented with one.

Do they censor upskirts? Fuck these kikes.

Ive been playing since the original and i like the changes because it causes more interactions with the waifus and husbandu

What is the story even like?

There really is none…its just a funner way to unlock songs and modules


Well there's a difference between censoring them and preventing it from happening in the first place. In this instance, it's the latter. The former would imply it was possible to do so in the original release and that they went back and changed it. They started doing this after they realized it was possible to see Miku's pantsu in Project Diva F, I do wish they hadn't removed that feature. They do still have panties though, you can usually catch a slight glimpse in the portrait mode before it makes the model turn into a shadow and says "the model can't be posed like this."

On another note, unlocking modules in the middle of songs gets me giddy as fuck. It's really great and always happens during the climax of the song, so it's fitting. I miss each vocaloid having their own room though, and customizing each of their rooms.

Ikr, it's so cool, it looks like a transformation scene out of sailor moon and gets me really hyped

for real, too bad no nude silhouette, but still, it's pretty fucking rad

The only thing I'm really disappointed about in this one is
>modules are only unlocked by clearing the chance time and even then its random so there is still a chance of you getting a module you already own also feels like padding

One thing that turns me off is the way they did the videos for this game. They turned them into concerts which seems pretty lazy.

Compared to this which captures what the song is about and it's an EDIT

Sage for double post

God fucking god, this just means the meat of what people play rhythm games for will be crippled for the sake of their new pet idea: story mode.
Nigga, if rhythm games aren't fun the way they are, then they aren't the game type for you. This is like gamers demanding progress bars out the wazoo because the core gameplay won't be enough to keep them playing, like with overwatch.

My first miku game was project mirai dx on the 3ds. Someone said that they frontloaded all that waifu stuff on that game, instead of leaving it somewhere in the back for players to find on their own. I think it should be the latter. Normally, I'd rail against any of this crap, but it's vocaloids; visuals and costumes are a good chunk of the fun on those things.
i'm still a little put off that about half of the game was pimp my crib and dress up
playing puyo puyo and othello is a dumb, tacked on feature in a rhythm game. "but you get to play it with a vocaloid of your choice, baka!" That shit's for little kids and NEETs
I would have liked a bigger song list

As it should be. I want that buffet of song, so that I can enjoy what I want in the way I want.
I can just imagine apologists rationalizing this: "but I like not not having access to more dishes until I eat 3 different bowls of soup and 2 plates of rice. No, really. Not being able to wash it down with your favorite soft drink untill you've drank 500ml of water is the better way to do things, it just is!"

What's worse is that you can't really mix story and rhythm game. That shit only works with musicals and operas. No, I bet that the "story" is just some barebones premise to give some causal excuse to "get on with the show", and causing about a third of the game time to be cutscenes, or longer if it's exposition.

TL;DR: shiggy diggy

I'm kinda glad anons turned me onto Future Tone instead of this. I could name a few things that kept me from picking it up and they include a rather small song selection, a half assed story, future DLC setup, and obvious padding. The whole module thing affecting the songs seems just as dumb too. I don't play these games for the story and I don't care about what these vocaloids are supposed to be other than cute and fun to look at.

After Future Tone I couldn't justify the purchase. As a continuation of the standard Diva experience 30 songs should feel okay but having to go through story twice just to unlock every song worries me too much, I'll likely get it a few months down the road.

Sooo… Unpopular opinion thread? Contrarian views thread?

Because your views are shit. The VN portion of the game is half-assed and unecessary. The lack of PVs guts half the fun of the game. Stats based modules are retarded. Module collecting is now is now a mix between RNG and easymode, and you are either a total faggot or SEGA's PR. The ONLY thing this game improved on are the models. I would not recommend anyone buy this gutted game. Not to mention the song list is lackluster. Play any of the other ones. This one isn't worth it.

That was another thing I found disappointing about the game was that the PVs were just lazily made

Thats because they weren't PVs in X. They were "concerts."

And yeah, they feel lazy in comparison.

I like it because it has my favorite Vocaloid song.

So what are the best Project Diva games? My friend is getting into the series and I would like to point them in the right direction.

F and F2
You really cant go wrong
Just X is kind of a disappointment compared to the rest

Real talk, I enjoyed the Project Diva f. While I'm in no way a fan of Vocaloid music, shit was fun. Now, why would anyone pay money for Project Diva X (or subsequently any other Hatsune Miku game going forward) when Future Tone exists?

I haven't played Diva X yet, but I don't see the point in a story mode. I don't even care about the modules besides the default set for each song, do you at least start with those or do you have to grind for them?

Eh, Future Tone also made some changes I don't like. I don't like the hold notes compared to the long notes in earlier games.

The ghastly models.

Modules unlock from playing songs, specifically when you clear chance time and fill up the bar. In F/F2 swiping the gold star at the end made the video change, but now it makes the singer change into a new, random module.

Well I could understand if it comes down to game mechanics, I was purely going by content.

They do look a little off, but they have a retarded looking Sonic costume. That has to count for something.

I like the tracklist for X at least.

That's stupid. I want my module to match the song.

But most of the time it doesn't give you a module that matches the song
at least in the previous ones when you cleared the song it gave you the outfit for that song

The one thats been around for a while now?

Yeah I dont understand it either. Especially when you play a dark song and get given a module thats all pink and fluffy.

The mechanic itself would work if used in the medleys since you could have them change costume mid-performance to match the current song, but they didnt do that.

You actually get a bonus if you get given the correct module for the matching song. Its really weird.

It isn't new? Well fuck me then.

That sounds really fucking shitty. Good thing I pirated.

You sound lie a fucking faggot desperately trying to defend their shit purchase. I started playing Diva in the PSP days. Shit looked like a casual as fuck rhythm game but the more I played and the harder I went the more it solidified its place in the genre. I bought Diva F for PS3 and F2nd on Vita. They were great games but the song selection was ALWAYS lacking. I would get songs I liked but I'd always be left wanting more.
Come Future Tone I could never justify purchasing any other Miku game after it. The visuals are a vast improvement on what they offer in any of the other games. It actually looks like a PS4 game. This itself puts it ahead of any other Miku game because when you arent playing the rhythm game you are enjoying the Modules and BGs and choreography.

Diva X looks like an upscaled PSP game. The frames on the buttons as they pass through the screen look off as well, they are not as smooth flowing as they are in Future Tone. I played the Demo for Diva X and I couldnt get over how shit it looked. I'd drop some pics for comparison but im on mobile at the moment. There just really is no comparison, this game is ass. NOT because its a rhythm game or because its Miku. Its ass because compared to Future Tone this is a kick in the balls to anyone that enjoys Miku. It truly feels like they are throwing you filthy gaijin scraps while they enjoy the full course meal in Future Tone. It has updated visuals, 200+ songs, higher difficulties in Extra Extreme and Courses and basically every module ever including her look from Persona Dancing All Night.

My ONLY gripe with FT is the lack of sweet artwork the Diva games had for loading screens and such. It is replaced by camera pics you take of her performances. The updated visuals make this nice, but I would prefer the artwork from the previous game.

Honestly OP your a retard for not at least suggesting to others that there is another option for Miku fans. Diva X is by far the worst game in the series solely because it adds nothing of worth. It is simply there. It cant hold itself up next to Future Tone.

Wow fuck this game. As if RNG module drops weren't bad enough they turned it into that fucking Sonico game.

Literally the least important aspect of these games, since you can't even enjoy them while playing.

That is why theres an option to view the visuals without playing you moron.


That image triggered me fam.

Theres no way you can justify 30 songs just because theres a tacked on childrens book tier narrative in between songs. Holy shit. I mean i know its shitaku but fuck.

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Prettymuch this.

Stop the presses.

I will literally skip this game just because of that

Game is shit

How I'd improve this game:

If you've got a PS4, get future tone. I still can't quite justify getting one though.


PC version fucking when SEGA


Valkyria Chronicles took 5 years to come out on PC, so probably 2021.

Fucking Sega man.

Cant really recommend PDX only if you like Miku though, Good thing i love Miku more then my own life.

Basically Theatrhythm.