Vidya Dragons

What are the best dragons in videogames?

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Angelus best waifu dragon.
Prove me wrong.
you can't

He was a dumb idiot, but he was a very nice and cute dumb idiot

Post Grigori being surprised from behind.jpg

now why would someone want to do that


one of the best things in drakengard 3 by far


I heard he had excellent Mitama features, but I wouldn't know 'cause I ended up benching him in favor of other demons.

Whoever voiced the dragon in Dragon's Dogma deserves an award. He did probably the best voice acting I've ever heard in an English game.

David Lodge, probably why they listed him first in the credits.

Did you know that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker also acted in DDDA?

May as well.
Everyone else can keep their she-goat and their jewtits, Grigori is the best Beloved.

But seriously, even ignoring sexual interest, Grigori is one of the best vidya dragons.


Nice bum

>you will never be a dragon holding hands with another dragon


Which dragon is best for anal vore?

Well, I would have to say none of them, you sick fuck.

Please don't devolve the thread into degenerate shit. Feel free to post good dragon porn though if you must

What about comfy dragon pics?


Is it healthy for a dragon to be shitting out molten rock like that?

zero's a lewd slut and I want to fuck her mouth

It is for Angelus

feels bad

Comfy dragon pics are the best, please continue


Me too, user. Me too

In an attempt to be vidya related, The DS Eragon game is pretty fun, wish the controls didn't cramp up my hands though.

I remember playing the PS2 version all the way through too but I don't remember how good it was.

I tend to keep away from movie tie-in games. Unless it's based off the book.

i want to


grigori in his big dragon ass

n o m ! ~


There was a section where you flew Sepheria, as far as I remember, it was the best part of the entire game.
The rest was just a generic beatemup as far as I remember.

Pretty sure it was a movie tie in.

Dragons are not for the sexual you deviant

if they're not for sexual then why do they have such thick voluptuous asses and tails? check mate

They're for the killing of your enemies, gotta have a strong tail and ass muscles to use said tail.


and hot dragon sex, nerd

Fuck. Those are usually always shovelware, especially on the PS2 and DS

I suppose I can't really argue with those dubs

Would drinking dragon semen make you healthier or unhealthier?

good for you
I'm out though

probably unhealthier, the amount of concentrated protein in dragon jizz would give you some sort of protein toxicity. You'd be ok in small doses but if you're drinking straight from the tap you're getting a stomach full

if you can get them to emulate, the levels where you fly the dragon are pretty worth, even if the rest of the game is sort of bland


>you will never tenderly embrace Angelus in the cold of night, feeling the warmth of her fire caressing your skin

>He read your mind the entire time

That's some next level feels right there.

The usual "white man meets foreign woman" stories are a test to the heart, unlike the usual "poz me neghole daddy" lewds you see above.

Someone explain the dragon fetish to me

At least furshit is anthropomorphic and vaguely human, and at least straight up beastiality is about things that exist in reality. But dragons? How has your brain decided that dragons are for sexual?

I think the fact that such a thing exists is proof that you aren't necessarily born gay because you obviously can't be born as someone attracted to a thing that doesn't exist in nature, and if you did the odds of you being attracted to the same arbitrary nonexistent thing as even one other person on the planet are astronomical. Yet as you can see whenever dragons are brought up on Holla Forums there are MULTIPLE dragonfuckers per thread which is insane given how small this site is.

because they're hot, you fuckin nerd

You know you're human. Right?

Yes? I don't understand what you're trying to say here.

If the porn is good then I don't mind, but I'm not inherently sexually attracted to them. Dragon girls are a different story though

Damn straight.

Dragons have been in humanities stories for ages, it's something that a lot of people latch onto. They represent something unattainable, it's the same as how people want to fuck ayyliens, except dragons are not for the sexual, and these degenerates are so fucked they think they are.
In all actually, if you're a psychiatrist, and some of the shit in these threads were something the patient was saying, you could learn a lot more about them than a lot of other things. That is if you're not a pozed one that supports zim/zods pronouns, and gives free hormonal therapy.

The terms anthropomorphism and pareidolia come to mind. Stuff goes back to the beginnings of man, himself.

Anyone have that pasta about this kind of stuff? Fucking the sun, so to speak?

Because typically they're sapient? There's also the visual appeal. There's also the size difference, and just straight up scalies who just like it because reptilian appearance.

dragons are definitely for sexual tho


Truly, these homos must die, but it's a good thing we have med resistant aids.

Both we're movie tie ins but the ds game was surprisingly well done.

Not sure how to describe it, a 3rd person metroidvania? It was linear mostly but with some exploration and quite large areas for a ds game.

They'll either die off or they'll kill the west.
Either way, you will never remove degenerates with your dragon companion.

I only ever played the PS2 game, guess I'll have to check the DS game out then, that actually sounds fun.




what is that first one, it looks like he's trying to fuck a black charizard

That's exactly what it is. Furry OCs, never once

As I expected.

oh you silly goose, you know why

Every thread until we rike it?


mmm dragons

user please, I'm too worn down to properly shitpost tonight

Thank you.

you're welcome______

Tbh i never saw a dragon as epic, while not edgy or japanese at all, as Grigori.
Everytime i see it i can't help but thinking how badass does it look.

It's mental illness, that's it

ur a mental illness

Well shit nigga, at last I truly see!

not even joking, you could be on to something

The Japanese air force did nothing wrong.

Oh shit, yeah, user cracked the code
a code that has been cracked for a while as being gay has been shown to be stunted developmental growth before the studies were thrown out for not being progressive enough



Woah, I didn't realize NieR was set in the same universe as Godzilla.

Shit really? Must've been thrown out a while ago because I never heard/read them.
I know you said they were thrown out, but you got any links?

Honestly just thought being a fag was just down to the environment the kid was raised in.
Daddy didn't love them or loved them a little too much, etc.
Or them just being attention whores, which I assume most of them actually are nowadays looking at Tumblr.

I'd say that it's a kind of Xenophilia, but I'm also into antro scalies and xeno shit, so what do I know.

Just look at the previous editions of the DSM before it was removed.
Also, you just described what causes stunted developmental growth.
Hell, it's even in the basis of developmental psychology but is ignored because it's problematic.
The best link right now I have is a book on developmental psychology describing in adolescence how sexual maturity is reached. psychology ages&ots=Xtxb-wuOvL&sig=bgRnROi_E20eut-DlTVMSM6XYnQ#v=onepage&q=sexual&f=false

Thanks man I'll have a read.

found an article on springer link if you have access
Reflections on the nature of homosexuality by Harry Gershman Article DOI: 10.1007/BF01873563 Gershman, H. Am J Psychoanal (1966) 26: 46. doi:10.1007/BF01873563
"Compulsive homosexuality is a perversion that has its origin very early in the life of the individual. Its beginnings stem from the period when the child's sexual identity is being formed. Serious distortions, which may become irreversible, can occur if during those critical periods the parents fail the child through faulty presentation of polarized mature masculine and feminine identity."
from The American Journal of Psychoanalysis
March 1966, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 46–62

costs 40 bucks for the full article though, is only a quote from the conclusion

Ghidorah counts

More comfy dragon pics because why not.

best kaiju

you know whats really comfy? a dragons anus

hotwheels ate my image

Know what else is?
camping out with a dragon by your side after a grand battle. Staying close to her to keep warm from her fire.

and then stuffing your dick in her dragon cunt, ye




but human dragon bonding is not for the sexual

its only for sexual

but user


butt dragons

post narse

I don't like Narse

Caim pls



Every one of those is absolutely hilarious.

Caim-kun should you be murdering children and fuggin your dragon waifu?

I really do enjoy his work


I suppose you are right, you can't fugg someone who is dead.

Yeah but not in the same way that I enjoy them, don't you have some monster dildo's to review or something?

rest in peace best dragon

Caim, she became the seal, she is sufering forever. FOREVER and she did it for you.

Not if this happens.

I recommend everyone try to get into some very, very light gay scalie porn. no butt stuff or anything like that, just hand and moth stuff. It really is very good when you get a taste for it and I swear it makes you hornier for women. That might just be me but I don't think so.


yes, good goyim


got any more dragon pussy? Too much ass and dick in this thread.

How about some dragon game recommendations? I've recommended Eragon on DS what else is there.

Well, there's always all three Drakengard games.
But that much was obvious.
There's the Drakan series, I hear they're good games, never played them though.

…user… user, please just go home.

I just like mewtwo, I know Jasonafex is shit generally

*tips menorah*

close enough?

But user the Jews are reptilian.

In order to be shit at something you have to do something; Jasonafex doesn't really do anything but alter existing art and get his girlfriend to cuckold him.

tfw you're getting better dragon porn here than from dedicated dragon porn boards


I assume specialty boards have already seen what's popular and move towards niche stuff


I like the dragons in monster hunter; that is if you consider leviathans and wyverns in it to be dragons.


Also I'd love for a few Argonians to hold me down and gangbang me. No homo.

Their cum would probably just be hist sap, and incredibly toxic.

Actually they mostly just went full autist and degenerated into bullshit and dick-waving (not sure how; I wasn't around to see it) with the only real alternative being a bunch of faggots who "don't like porn and just want to talk." >>>/rrerr/ seems to still be going but people only post in it like once a year.

Matter of opinion, but yeah they generally count. Especially now that Skyrim decided that all dragons are wyverns apparently.

This is why we can't have nice things
Tfw dragons will never be real
Tfw you will never fall asleep in a dragon's loving arms


I think its more like specialty boards are those gay sex clubs where they have public lube dispensers, while Holla Forums is that friend you caught checking you out in the locker room. Holla Forums has a personality element that makes it kind of like courting. It involves talking and encouraging each other to draw out more and more. It doesn't get old because you have more than just the sexual stuff in common.

Meanwhile, everyone on the specialty boards hates each other and has AIDS.

pls post more huge nuts

I love this picture, and not in a sexual way. It makes me feel weird.

well considering hist sap would just turn you into another buff lizardman it doesn't seem quite the same as bugchasing

You sure that's how that shit works?
I don't quite remembering it working that way.



As a dude who actually went into porn boards to look for the porn beyond, can confirm.

Also the comments on porn sites usually range from "oh wow I want to get sat on/whatever fetish is in the picture" and low tier /d/ humor on drawn porn sites and "oh yeh boi show me dat pussy ebonics" on 3d porn sites and low tier /d/ humor.

Why do people even comment on those sites? It comes off as creepy. Shit, the furry community literally has a thriving board on e621 and they pretend it's not ALL about the sex. I mean COME ON.

You get in, get the lotion, and get out. Anyone who stays to actually chat comes off as a freak. As a dude who gets off to way too much shit, even THEY disgust me. never scroll down.

Also i'm pretty sure mods are asleep.

How's that otter working out for you?


ELO and romantic lizards makes me forget all the degenerate shit I was doing and remember never to take it into real life, or to anyone in a chat or anything. I'd rather be thought of as the guy who lives by those kinds of feelings than another weird fetish guy.

It is statistically likely.

Well, that sort of describes 99% of the population.
No matter how much you tell yourself you don't care about how you don't care about how others think about you, it still affects you. Only the 1% of the population that legitimately doesn't care or gets off on the humiliation are people to look out for.
and no these aren't actual statistics

That's not fair. e621 may have been generic furry freak "I wish I was that fox" "oh murr" autism in the past, but there are some god tier commenters in there now. I think here and halfchan have brought some better brains over.

I think the furry community is the only one that's actually gotten consistently better with exposure, from artwork quality to comment sections.

Most of them are still FA shitters though.

that's some serious degeneracy

I still want to post but I don't have anything to contribute

Excuse me? did you walk into the wrong thread

Yes, even reptiles have nicer hair than you.

Someone mentioned Monster Hunter earlier, I just realized I have one from that game and forgot about it

>you will never brush a dragons hair while cuddling with her

I really, really like huge balls.
I have a theory that guys who are into borderline hyper are bigger themselves in general. There have been several instances of anecdotal evidence I've seen



I thought you were someone else. Carry on

There are no otters here. only trash

I want that to suffocate me

I'm kind of curious.
Are there people here right now who have done anything gay IRL?
Why are lizard boys so perfect?

But trash in a fun way, riiight?

… more multidick please

Look dad, I just didn't want to be outed

here you go


For shame!

I'm just saying hi, gosh geez

Yeah but imagine being in my shoes and called out out of the blue when you thought you were posting with no indicators/anonymously

but seriously how did you know wtf

"dragon eggs", i took a guess :3

Here Here

i see i see, i know who this is now. sup dadjen

What else is there to discuss about dragons?

Why are you calling me daddy, though?

look at your id tho

I am equal parts tired and retarded

That smug raptor cracks me up every time I see it

Also 5-D is an overrated macro artist

You dont see a lot of quality pencil work though, i think thats why i dont mind him

i just got done working 4 10s, I woke up 20 hours ago and I'm still only up because im waiting on carrot to start on my commission right now. I really really want to go to sleep with a dragon

By the way I was looking for my eggs folder when you mentioned them and I just found them

Videogame dragons

Did you pick up any fun new kinks or are you still pretty much the same?

I'm honestly amazed this thread hasn't been wiped clean yet. Lime must be online right now.

i have discovered somnophilia but aside from that it's still all about size play, ferals, and lots and lots of cum. i'm still tame compared to most furfags

They usually share plenty of anthropomorphic traits, even when they are drawn in "feral" style.

Also, we are also attracted to personalities and social standings. Dragons are by default ultimate alphas, and I think the non-human elements allow us to circumvent any potential rivalry triggers that a regular dominant human might cause.

So in a way, if you think a spectrum where extreme A is masculinity and extreme B is femininity, you are an X somewhere there and Y is your target of sexual arousal, fictional characters are often a way to shift the Y to a position in relation to you that you fancy. So you might have the fetish acting as the Y but you don't want to shift yourself towards B, so you create something that is relatively far into A. Do you understand?

Hypnotism just might have enough overlap with somnophilia to interest you. Unless it's the degenerate kind of cuddling / hand holding with an unconscious person

lel, you're right
If it was Mark he'd be wiping post histories left and right.

no its all about molestation and fugging or cumming in/on them while they're asleep

Yeah I can see it


Why in the fuck is this still here.

Admit it, you want it too.

Go to 4chan if you want purist cuckery.

Though I agree, lots of this is just shitposting. Lot of these dragons ain't or ain't even being applied to vidya.

I was hoping to talk about them as well. I told them not to devolve the thread into degenerate shit

well maybe if the vidya industry would MAKE MORE VIDEO GAME DRAGONS

That's an oxymoron you fuck.
You don't have to be a "purist" to not like furshit that clearly belongs in another board.

I don't mind porn in threads when it's relevant from the game, but this isn't a game thread. What the OP asked for and what's actually in the thread are two different things. This is literally just a /furry/ thread on dragons transplanted to Holla Forums, and I'm old enough to remember 4chan before the furries were kicked out and they were kicked out for doing exactly this; inserting their fetish into every discussion.

It says "vidya dragon". It's not OP's or subject's fault that some dumbass comes spamming irrelevant porn. Also, I wouldn't be too surprised if it were some purist cuck spamming shit to have the thread removed because it violated his strong sense of social justice.

It's not, you retarded fuck.

Cuckery is the demasculation of yourself in favour of another. When you start ignoring your own will in favour of the hotpockets' you are basically a cuck. You have to be purist to come and complain to thread instead of just hiding or ignoring it. You are a purist, like an internet-equivalent of a neighborhood-watch. Therefore, you are arguably a purist cuck.

Why don't you make a dragon-vidya then? Do you have any idea how to make a dragon-game that wouldn't collapse under its own weight. Think about it, flying is fucking hard to get right, burning mechanics are hard, and on top of that you'd have to do melee as well, and smooth integration of those all. It's fucking impossible to do right. If you have any good ideas how a flying and burning would work, I'm willing to hear it.

I created a feral dragon F-List profile for cyberfucking just yesterday and this gay shit shows up.

You guys are fags


Why not just write your own smut?

I tried once, and its very awkward to read your own stuff like that - simply doesn't end up working out.
Cyberfucking is rather enjoyable once you reach a certain level either way.

Goddamn faggots.

It's board culture 😂👌
someone end this suffering

Just passing by to post best dragon boss fight ever.


Kill yourself.

Seriously talking about dragon-vidya, how do you figure doing aerial battle? First of all, all the enemies would have to be indistinguishable dots in the sky, and there's not much cover or other geometry to exploit for deeper mechanics.

Neither do flightsims. Atmospheric combat is a game of energy management, fighting the winds and air pressures at differing altitude, taking the craft to the limit of it's capabilities but never over them.

Literally just take a WW1-WW2 flight sim and exchange the guns for a flamethrower.

Any recommended WW1-2 flight sims, original IL-2?

I actually went full faggot and listened to Temeraire in case it might give some insipiration on how to design combat like that. It's obviously a book for youngsters but I was pleasantly surprised how credible the depiction of the era feels like. Technically, such game would be really fucking heavy to run. You'd go on ground, set shit on fire, and took off to fight in air, and the game would still have to calculate the fire potentially spreading on the ground. In a way, I don't think that doing just a flight sim with aoe spray-gun would be adequate to give a proper feeling.



All this talk about flight mechanics has me thinking of Lair, which I saw some reviewer calling a "cult classic," which is really funny because it was reviewers that killed the game. It was actually pretty good; people are just pussies who didn't want to learn how to use the flying controls.

People tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to everything that isn't copy-paste standard. Xbox had similar case, Too Human, left stick controlled character movement, right-stick controlled the attacks and direction of attack, good solution for hack n slash, right? Everyone fucking complained why they can't control camera with the right stick and just spam X for melee like in God of War. People are generally fucking retarded.

That reminds me, are people still playing Steel Battalion? I've always wanted to futz around with that humongous-ass controller but it was too expensive when I was a kid and it first came out.

Best dragon.

what game

Dragon: A Game About a Dragon by Games With Dragons In

It's a pretty simple action platformer.

If you need any more proof that furfags have dug themselves into Holla Forums, this is it.
At least you autists pay well.

We've been here the entire time. You can't have any random sample of Holla Forums anons and not have a handful. Believe it or not we typically keep it to ourselves until there's either an obvious thinly-veiled thread or the thread is already compromised.



Take a look at the autist one post above you, though.

You better watch out. hiss



Is it me, or did Drakengard 3 have the best dragon combat in any game when you got to it?

You ever see a design from a game, and then wondered whether the designer knew exactly what they were doing or not?

DnD dragons are much more anthropomorphic than I remembered.

How was it better than anything else?


I said nobody plays ps3, I've played first one quite a lot.

But that's not all three though.
The first one was the best overall though
3 kind of sucked in comparison
especially coming off of NieR


that's strange

Is it worth 20 bucks?

Daily reminder that you will never have a loving dragon wife that loves you deep as the Mariana trench, and you will never raise a family of half dragon children to be better people than yourself.

That's fine, I just want to be a qt grill and go around being a dragon cumdump



Why not be a cuntboy?

user that's dumb, shame on you

How does that even work?

get that filth out of here you piece of trash


It's the male equivalent of dickgirl

It doesn't.



yep, but also

i see this thread has become very active again


this is them now, they're looking a little more feral

extremely active

The loneliest dragons left, and one of them is you

Dragons are for bweeh

Divinity 2 was a fun game.

But that's zonkpunch. He jiggles his own pictures, and isn't a cunt as far as I know.


That's Sinh right? DS2 is honestly seriously underrated. For all the shit it gets for being a "gank fest" it has basically the best one on one fights in the whole series.

furries will always be shit, do not deny this.

Art skills with that sort of autistic detail should be making the next Mona Lisa instead of sticking to furry porn.

it's really sad that all the good artists are making all the porn and all the scam artists are laundering money using the art tax and bank loans.

The DLC is generally thought of as the best part of the game.

Well with actual artistic skill you're either working for big business doing shit for advertising, doing commission pieces for very rich people or making furry porn. You don't need any dick sucking or prior connections for one of these. There's also the slim to fucking none chance of getting popular enough that people request your work.

Furries are incredibly easily catered to, this is true. Plus some of the fuckers make a surprising amount of money (positive correlation between autism and intelligence equals more income) so you're likely to get a lot of work from a relatively small group of them.

The ones with big meaty dicks and maybe puffy vulvae :3

He's a shitty and disappointing boss though.

I like the approach it takes but the it needs better development. Honestly platinum should just cancel Scalebound and make Drakengard 4 while Yoko's still hanging around the office.

Thanks to cloacas, it isn't gay until the dick comes out.

cuntboys are the gayest of all~

Your daily reminder that cuntboys are basically flat-chested girls and you aren't as gay as you think you are.

Dragons are pretty much every major factor humans find attractive, with all the desires we hold concentrated.
If they're not for the sexual, nothing is.

Nothing wrong with a flat-chested girl, but she better have the hips to match.

And dickgirls are basically full-chested boys, and boys are basically flat-chested dickgirls, and… fudge, what are (male)herms? And (female)nulls?

Actually dragons originally symbolized lust. That's why in the old old stories they only kidnapped virgins. So, in a way, it makes sense that over time at least some sect of humanity has focused like a laser on their sexuality while the rest forgot about it.

What is there to attraction, outside of appearance?
Power, wealth, and ambition.
Dragon has all in boatloads.

They're also pretty much all the 'deadly sins' personified. Lust, greed, envy, all that jazz. Only odd man out, really, is 'sloth', but that's debatable as they do tend to sleep for ages.

But you're forgetting something.
Every culture has it's own dragon mythology
All fiction comes from truth, so, what about that shit?







I paid twenty bucks for it, so I'd say so. It's a game that requires a great deal of patience, though, because the maps tend to be huge and by its very nature your targets are often rendered tiny by distance. Also it's a PS3 exclusive (if only because the PS3 was the only console with a sixaxis controller), so if you don't have a PS3 and don't intend to buy one you're kinda fucked.

Actually come to think of it I might have paid only ten bucks; I'm not sure now because it was a used copy from GameStop a few years after the game's release. I would pay twenty bucks for it, though.


I SUPPORT THIS user 200%

>tfw current moral inflexibility

Guess I'll give it a try, thanks user.

It means humans fucked them a bit too much, and so they were bred out.

As far as I'm aware Native Americans didn't have dragon mythology as we understand it. They had giant birds and serpents, but afaik they were only ever associated with gods, not monsters. It's reasonable to assume that they formed their monster myths before the myths of other cultures started to collide. There are a number of old animals that may have influenced fairy tales about large monsters that eat children which got combined over time. Their general frequency among different cultures only suggests that the myth formed early in mankind's development.

This message brought to you by The Society of Ruining Other Peoples' Fun.

I would expect nothing less from humanity's finest.

but you didn't ruin anyone's fun

This message brought to you by The Society of Enforcing Societies Missions and shit

Huh. Suddenly science fiction makes a lot more sense.

Well I know what I'm using for a monologue at my next audition


Transhumanist augmentations when?
I wanna take the form of a dragon why is that so hard to do?

That's fucking gay, bro
Conquer the dragon as a human. That's what a real man would do.

"By physical form" is a pretty shallow definition of humanity~

I could go for some shapeshifting powers that defy the laws of mass.

Default form would be me so I could actually function socially.

I would be able to fly to work, shit would save so much fuckin' gas.

Not really. Our physical form is defined by our DNA. DNA needs to be compatible to consider two individuals to be of the same species. Change physical form, change species. Then, when you change the physical form, the brain must change to adapt to that, and you as a personality, even separate from the body, are defined by the unique physical combination of parts that make up your brain. By every definition disregarding the existence of a soul changing the body as radically as that inherently changes your humanity. That's why it's such a trope in cyberpunk vidya and board games.

But user, augmentations never ever.
We're already living in a cyberpunk dystopia, just we'll never have augs because shit's fucked and it'll all end before it comes to that.

There goes information existence as a concept o3o

Obviously there's more to it than just the form you wear. But, even so, I can't bring myself to consider those who would throw away their form "human".
We don't abandon our problems on the side of the road. We overcome them. The limits of the forms we wear are an important part of that, I feel. To cast off your form for something stronger, prettier, more capable, that isn't overcoming. That's just giving up. The struggle is where it is at.

Shapeshifting without limits of mass would be awesome, if only for that you could effectively make endless guns for everyone.

Because I have a strange mind that sees vague semblance to humanity as also sexy.

Stuff like aliens too. I'm just a huge Xenophile and Teratophile. Because dragons are supposed to be sapient that means they're more of the "alien" side of paraphilia rather than "beast" but a healthy mix of both as they have familiar terran physiology.

Now I want the reader to think of the most amazing pet they ever had. Their one and only. All the good times shared. Now imagine if that pet was large enough and was also as sapient as any human and showed positive affection for you.

That's dragon fetishism in a nutshell.

Well-said, user.

It's hard to do because it is physically impossible to turn you 100% dragon.

Your feelings, your memories, you are a collection of impulses in a human brain. You can put that brain into a dragon body, but without that human piece still inside you, you will cease to exist. So we can either turn "you" into a dragon, or turn you into a "dragon".

I don't know if it's even possible to transfer those impulses int oa form other than the one they were created in. How to actually keep "you" alive without just killing you and replacing you with a replica. We would need to study consciousness more to even begin to figure this shit out.

There are some secrets not meant to be known, user.

What makes things sexy? Aside from appearance, because appearance can be very subjective.
Wealth is a big factor, and dragons have it in surplus. Power is another large one. Again, dragons have tons.
They've also got the intelligence for jazz, and the self confidence, and of course the ambition.

Basically, most everything people find attractive other than the physical look, dragons have.

Also, the size of this site is not a good representative on how rare something is. Most of us here are "strange". If you look for something strange in a strange place, it'll show up more than it does somewhere normal.

too bad most of the shit you would need to do is "immoral" and "can't be studied"

Conversely, one could consider the adoption of a new form as the next step in technology use, and while not strictly limited to humans, the development and use of technology does make up a large part of what it means to be human. While you say that overcoming difficulties is a part of being human, I’d wager that all of challenges have been conquered through the use of technology.

Hey, if I could enhance my muscles in an instant, i'd do it, but the real work that changes you for the better mentally is done in the gym.

Fuck that, i'd rather be the all knowing sage who's super knowledge pilled as fuck then some dumb fuck who (while he may be happy) can be molded into some other man's walking ideology zombie.

If there's some unknowable abomination that's out to destory all life, we'll not only kill it, but if that isn't possible, we'll fuck it, make it our bitch, and use it for fuel so that we too can become all powerful abominations that aren't as bad looking.

What about the fun in developing said systems and forcing it onto the public making fuckloads of money in the process?


Didn't the government kind of do that in the sixties?

Panzer Dragoon.

but let's do it again
for shit's and giggles

Well the thread's nearing bump limit, so I'd just like to take this opportunity to say for, my fellow degenerates, if you strive for what you want, if you fight and achieve, if you take pride in what you do and follow your code, you are best dragon. Play to win, anons.

what a fun ride it's been

Maybe one day they'll be real, but for now all we can do is dream.
Dream on, you crazy diamonds.
Gonna this thread now.
It was fun anons.


Well, I for one am already a walking corpse it feels like most of the time.
So where would the detriment come in there?

Anyone remember Drakan: Order of the Flame?
Old game with a pointless downer ending, but the dragons were cool.

Anyone know any good but superficial overall-looks into aviation or air-currents?

The universal standard is that they are untameable. In west they tend to be more earthly while in east they are associated with heavens.

In medieval christianity they became all that uncontrollable evil natural stuff that went against the church's divine rule. Everybody who was outside that order and light was to be a devil-worshipping pagan, unlike all the good goys staying inside the walls and doing work for the king by divine right.

Dr Ernest Drake unambiguously classified wyverns in the genus Draco, and in fact treats it as beyond doubt that they are indeed dragons. I trust his expertise more than yours.

Wyverns literally dragon niggers.

loved it to bits.

Aww man, I had that book, it was so fucking cool.