Games where you can kill everyone

What are some games you can play anons where everyone must die?

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except you can't kill the one person you actually want to
also the ending to the genocide run sucked ass
still, I love the idea of a video game giving you special bosses for killing certain people, especially if they're normally important to the plot.


Geneforge 2 is great for it, it's actually how you get the best ending.

Uh, any game?


don't know what game that is

Well, I wish I was as lucky as you are.


Any "rpg" where i can kill everyone even the main story charcater and thge story just changes if i do?

No Morrowind hur dur yu dun fuked up now ur game is fucked but yiou can keep playing. thats just calssic bethesda lazy shit

New Vegas, ignoring Yes Man.

When I first played it and got to Toriel I decided to go no health items since it seemed like Toriel was supposed to be a tough boss and mopped the floor with her. Found out later she is really hard to lose against . Genocide run was a fun run. specially with Undyne.

Killing hundreds of millions of people never felt so right.

surely you jest
unless you've lived under a rock there is no way you could not know what that is.



More games need an Old King option.


Same goes for the first.


Kill yourself.



I will never understand why people hate video games over an autistic fanbase. Sonic is easily worse than Undertale fans but I still see people here being hopeful for games.

Does reddit like undertale? I thought it was mostly a tumblr thing.

Everyone loves Undertale. I just finished another pacifist run a few minutes ago. I've never done a genocide run because I can't bring myself to kill all these lovable characters. T_T



because muh tumblr sjw boogeyman.

I certainly didn't fall for it but I can imagine some of the people here doing so, solid bait 4/5

Sure maybe Sonic 06 but Sonic 3 & Knuckles is a masterpeice while Undertale is a 6/10

They have a floaty movement system, mediocre enemy design, and generally poor level design. I'm referring to the 2D ones and yes that includes Knuckles 3 & Knuckles Featuring Knuckles from Knuckles May Cry. Even the worst 2D Mario games are better than any of the Sonic games.

Some nice sprite art and catchy music though.


I am glad 8cucks is basically a reskinned 4chan.

Dwarf fortress
Not only can you kill everyone you can talk to NPCs and learn about their family then go kill them too. It is the only game where you can kill an entire family lineage.

What the fuck are you on, it's great as there is usually 3 or 4 different paths for each and every level

Good level design is not measured solely on the number of alternate routes through a level. It's mostly making each part of the level feel completely distinct gameplay-wise from other parts, which is something the Mario games are particularly good at. Sonic levels certainly look cool but the gameplay changes little between different areas in each level or even different levels, at least in comparison to the best 2D platformers.


So Caim walks into a bar.
Everyone in the bar dies.
Everyone in the city where that bar is located dies.
Everyone in the region where that city is located dies.
Everyone in the nation where that region is located dies.
Everyone on the planet that nation is located dies.


Doing a pacifist run is much more satisfying honestly.

Also the same doesn't go for the first, have you finished the first game? Do you remember its last level?



nice try tho

I don't keep up with the times.

What if i'm a huge casual?

Any good old CRPG. Fallout and Arcanum come to mind.

make one yourself



Old King was a Champion of Khorne.

More games need to let you play like that.

simply terrifying


New Vegas
Baldurs Gate
Oblivion/Skyrim with mods
Neverwinter Nights

Nicely done.



are you older than 15?

you sound like you're skipping your special ed school

Undertale confirmed for a game of manlets


What are you doing here?

To bad I could never kill those faggots who lure me unto that trap with old king

Finished it some days ago, its actually fun

Despite some bad stuff due to its source it a really fun thing
why did the genocide ending suck?

Never got a copy in my hands, Do the choices really change the game that much?
or just like a disgaea ending?

I do remember the ending. But to be fair, its TECHNICALLY a mental breakdown. As for the pacifist thing, I find Postal 2 fun on both ends. Challenging to play pacifist, but relaxing to go nuts.


git gud

Finishing that mission on hard is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in a vidya.

Scribblenauts Unlimited, well almost everyone. Muslims and mosques are unvincible and not even a nuke or cthulu will kill them. You can even kill babies and rabbis but not muslims.

Millenials with shitty opinions are not welcome here. Get bent.

If you use Kojima weaponary it can be a surprising cakewalk if you hit the 5 NEXT's before they reach the battlefield. You can usually take out or cripple 2-3 before they enter the fray.


I'm curious, since this probably isn't going to be a thing that goes away in modern games. What do you guys find more immersion-breaking:

Games where there are kids but you can't kill them because they're invulnerable or run away or whatever? (Like in Bethesda games.)

Games where a perfectly normal and functioning society pretends that kids simply don't exist, and you never see hide-o'-hair of them anywhere? (Like in DaH.)

Well yes but then I wouldn't be using blades and that wouldn't be honraburu.

Kids being invulnerable is always worse


wait, I thought scribblenauts doesn't have religious objects for this very reason
correction, but you're a fag anyway

Fuck, how is Project Nimbus anyway?

Also didn't Verdict Day make ACFA Destruction Ending Canon?

It might be a canonical ending considering V and Verdict Day share the same universe with 4 and For Answer.

This shit. This shit is probably my favorite stage ever. Ambush, i mean.

Agreed, it's just plain stupid in a game where normal characters can die. In simple games where there's a firm distinction between NPCs and enemies and only the latter are ever involved in combat, OK fine, it's not realistic but I don't really care. But when they go out of the way to put children in a special category it's actually kind of insulting. If they can't die they're not really alive, they're just props.


I preferred Destroy Cradle 03

I liked the genocide ending, I'll even go as far as to say that I liked it more than the pacifist one. The whole theme of it is "Okay you've done all you can here now uninstall the game and go play something else"

i bet dying is inevitable as you re-activate the reactor

i bet the terrorist are actually blue collar workers who have gone mad from years of working in menial jobs

choosing not to re-activate the reactor starts the age of anarchy

git gud

Is it ok to skip the PS1 games and go straight to AC2?

is this rating ever used in anything?

I think I've gone too far. I just got aroused by an ESRB rating.


Casuals, all of you

no, he's right
no sonic game is good
Sonic is such a shit platformer its not even funny, I get that nostalgia is a key factor, but looking at it objectively they are designed and play like shit

sonic adventure 2 played well


Also Pandemic flash games, if you don't screw up.

Man that was a fun game.


You just came here not too long ago, didn't you?

fuck off newfig

fuck me


Yeah, killing most of humanity was really the best way to stick it to the man.

isozone, negro.

im looking foward to playing that, im going through the first one at the moment. sometimes it feels a bit rng heavy, im considering toning down the difficulty since i just save between every battle anyways.
if theres some nuances to combat maybe im just not getting them.


Rampage was the shit.

you would think more games would feature giant monsters/robots and widespread destruction. theyre some of those things that are about as vidya as you can get. its why people love edf