Couch Multiplayer

My roommate and I are looking for some good local co-op options for PC games. What is out that is good for some couch multiplayer? We've got controllers and the PC is attached to a big TV, so that's all accounted for. Steam or no steam doesn't matter. Non-co-op is acceptable too, but we prefer a long co-op session if possible.

Emulated games are also fine (up to and including GameCube), but we've probably already played them all.

Also, local multiplayer general. I've heard local multiplayer is making a comeback, because people do actually like playing games together in the same room, despite what devs apparently thought for the past 4 years or so.

Fighting games.


I don't have friends. I have a roommate, and that's only so I can afford rent and also afford not to starve to death as well.

Back when I had friends we'd play left 4 dead, CoD blops zombies, and red dead redemption everyday.
I think Gradius V would be fun for coop.

Worms W.M.D. just came out and it's great.

If you're looking for a long winded coop adventure game, Goemon's Great Adventure is great.


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Goof Troop for the SNES

That was a damn fun one, but we've played pretty much every SNES multiplayer game to death already.

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There exist GBA emulators that hook up with virtual link cables.
You can most likely play games like Kibry and the amazing mirror, four swords, MMBN, advance wars, ect. via these on a lan connection.

this too

Timesplitters 2 and 3 have given me the most couch co-op fun. Still play them to this day.

Serious Sam
Road Rash

It's still not as good as armageddon. It controls pretty shit. Some new weapons are alright, but overall it doesn't add much.
Everything that gets added and doesn't outright suck is better off being modded into armageddon.

Enter the Gungeon is fun with co-op. There is need for both parties to rely on each other's skills to get through each dungeon. Try to get to the end. It's a challenge but keeps you coming back for more.

Also, game controllers are supported.

Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is a fucking trainwreck that has 2 player co-op on one screen free flying. If you like bad games, it's worth a look.



What's a better game to play with friends, Reach Firefight or BLOPS Zombies?



I liked BLOPS

lethal league

BattleBlock Theatre
Castle Crashers
Double Dragon Neon
Iron Fisticle
The Lara Croft games
RAyman Origins
Renegade Ops
Rise of Warduke
Sacred Citadel
Devil's Dare
Ememy Mind
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

At least one of these should be entertaining.

EDF split screen is surprisingly good, maybe check that out.

Don't know how the fuck this slipped my mind, yeah. EDF split screen is great, aside from the loss of visual real estate. It tests your spacial awareness with local multiplayer.

oh god what the fuck did they do

Gang Beasts is a fun and goofy game to play with people. It's in Early Access though, pretty unfinished…

For gamecube emulation I'd recommend Four Swords Adventures. If you can figure out how to get the gba link cable thing set up with a pc it's definitely worth your time.

Miner Warfare.


Crawl on Steam is alright if you can get past the pixelshit graphics. They're pretty messy.