Is it just me or did this series hit a brick wall with the third game and has continued to crash and burn ever since?

Is it just me or did this series hit a brick wall with the third game and has continued to crash and burn ever since?

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It's because they forgot the game was about having a survival horror that is also fun to play with a nice camera mechanic that kept thing dynamic and interesting, and instead they decided that this entire series was about endless fanservice.

On the western front, Holla Forums itself ONLY complained about censoring extra costumes, and basically both in the west and in japan nobody seems to give a shit about the actual gameplay of this series.

So it died a miserable death, smothered in tits and paperthin jumpscares and no gameplay in sight.

But, user, Japanese games are only good if you can see panties.

there are people who actually believe this

Yeah that's kind of what it feels like to me, the third game felt very stock and bland and after that it just went full gonzo with the last one being full anime lesbian ecchi shit with ghosts in there somewhere.

I only played 2 and loved it, but something gives me the impression that it may be the only good game in the series.

Crimson butterfly was the only good one

See what I mean?


First two are great, after that big dip in quality
First game has the most memorable ghosts for sure

Nintendo also picked it up after the 3rd one. I really guess nintendo is where 3rd party IPs go to die.

Unless you're MH, then you flourish so much you consume everything.

third game was passable, if only for picking all the similarities it had with Silent Hill 4 for some reason. It was still playable and had a couple scary as fuck ghosts.

But 4 and the most recent one fuck around with weird controls to a point the latest game somehow managed to make your traditional horror game tank controls even worse. The game feels clunky as fuck to play, the hero keeps getting stuck in terrain while the camera controls pan way too slowly. Its annoying to play which takes out a lot from the experience and no amount of ghost boobs can save it. It had a couple of cool creepy ghost ideas, too bad they were ruined by the shitty gameplay.

I only ever saw LP's of the series because I was broke and couldn't afford the shit to play it. Going back I wish I hadn't. since I would genuinely enjoy the surprises the games held. Either way from looking at the games I felt like all 3 had their appeal. It tends to follow to rule of trilogy games where the first is rough around the edges but genuinely fun once you get around it while the second is more streamlined but more polished and well built as a result. Then the 3rd comes along and is usually when the devs become to self aware of the success of the prior 2 games and somehow fuck it up.

To give the 3rd game credit, I think they did a good of changing it up by making a dream world and the real one. Granted the real one is a glorified hub world but the optional spooks that occurred and gradually became more serious in the real world as the game progressed was genius. Mainly because they were easy to miss or skip. It makes you think if the events that occur are random or not. It's also possible that some of the events that occur are extremely hidden. Either way I've never seen a full comp of all the sightings. Amazed nobody has done it yet.

As far as I see it, it's only an added bonus. fan service is what is continuously killing anime and it's just as capable of doing it to games. I rarely see it done well enough in any regard.

I agree to an extent but like the rest of the game the scares that happen in the real world are very very stock, scary girl in closet&attic, Freddie Kruger ghost wracking claws against the shower door, the apartment clearly resembles the house from The Grudge. The whole game has a very unimaginative bland tone like they didn't even try at all.

The spooks that you're forced to see in pre-rendered cut scenes in all three games are pretty stock honestly. The spooks that you encounter through gameplay or ones you actively have to seek out are usually better.

Crimson Butterfly was the high point.

Ghost grandma in black robes strolling through the hallway and that fucking creepy crawling ghost in small spaces were the two best ones. First one because the fucking ghost just kept coming towards you no matter how much you kept critting her, latter one because the whole idea of a fast crawling corpse haunting tiny crawlspaces where you cant run away from her.

Yeah, there was a huge dip in quality after the second game. Didn't really like the fact that they brought back Miku and Mio into the third game.

When I was a kid I beaten the first Alone in the Dark in my brother's 486, I always loved Silent Hill and gore and terror films.

The first Project Zero and specially the long armed ghost first encounter was the first and only time thar I had to stop playing because I was shitscared.
Sorry for the blogpost.

I always thought Chitose was cute.
I wonder if Nioh will have a FF reference or crossover in it? I'd love to take Wiliam through All Gods Village.

In one of the games you play as Miku's daugher she had incestuously with the ghost of her brother. Not bullshitting they actually made that a plotline. I think it was the most recent one.

I think he meant that Nintendo publishes the Fatal Frame games now, not just that they're on a Nintendo system.

Yup, the games definitely went downhill after 2.

Fifth game really was the full retard fanservice game that they threw in ghost incest

That really shits on the whole premise of the first game, and cheapens Miku's efforts of finding her brother.

Apparently the Tall Woman ghost is based on some japanese urban legend, which is why shes the only actually creepy ghost in the game. The rest are pretty much what you expect, maidens in robes and monks with papers on their faces.

They never explain why shes there or even give her any tragic melodramatic backstory, shes just a malevolent spirit who stalks you and wants to kill you while smiling all the way. The game would've needed more creepy stuff like that, we've seen the ghost monks and shrine maidens 5 times already and the shit is getting tiresome.

Japan actually has many crazy and diverse kinds of ghosts that their horror industry ignores outright in favor of the ubiquitous creaky crooked bitch in white kimono with long hair over the face.

FUCK what is wrong with me…

That sounds HOT.

no, it's where they go to be killed

Nintendo constantly worked against the devs ideas for this game (both on the Wii and 3DS).

It's anons like you that's the reason why this franchise went tits up.

Why would Nintendo fund it anyways? It doesnt fit with their portfolio at all.

At this point its not a surprise from modern Tecmo. They really love to make money from the otaku weeb demographic.

Yeah at this point I dunno what I expected from Tecmo but I feel like Fatal Frame was the last place they'd pull this shit, shame on me I guess.

I wouldnt be surprised if Fatal Frame dies after this personally

I've nearly completely replayed 3 but I don't have the motivation to continue. You can only explore the same areas every chapter before it makes the game feel like a drag. I'm pretty close to the end too. The going back to the real house to trigger the next chapter is also a pain.

Have 1&2 on Xbox now but still waiting for 360 to play them. Only played first on PS2 before and Wiimake on Wii and emulator (multiple times).

The new gameplay mechanics make Wii games a chore. Think 2 will steel feel a bit slow even when I finally play the original but replaying the post Wii games is fucking unbearable.

First game seemed solid from what I previewed with PCSX2 recently, can't remember playing through years ago.


Same reason why they funded Bayo2. The ones that play these types of games are not the ones that are early adopters of Nintendo systems. At the end of the day, they are just trying to get the "hardcore" audience back while still keeping their newfag money flowing in.

Actually I think she's based on Hachishakusama

Any examples?

The only one I can think is that shitty haunted house mode in FF2 Wii version. Which was apparently only put in for the "expanded audience."

Even the instructions in game could explain what you had to do properly in that mode where you go through the area with a ghost following you trying to grab you, and your supposed to turn around to stop it. Turns out you have to turn around only when the controller rumbles but it never explains that.

Or how the haunted house measures your "fear" by Wii Remote vibrations even though you have to press buttons to stop/go when going through an area (and game thinks your "scared" when that button pressing happens).

Typo: instructions in game couldn'texplain

But they completely and utterly half assed it with Fatal Frame. They didn't even bring over the Wii games to America, and with 5 they made it digital only with absolutely no hype.

Here is my 2 cents as an user whos first FF experience was 3. The pacing, movement and environment were good to great. Hearing the enemies before they came into view was spooky. But and I mean a big But…the level design is.straight up shit. The worst type of back tracking. From what I experienced, you had to trigger a specific scene from a specific entrance/area to continue level. Not only that but areas that were open to you earlier than become locked thus forcing you to take long ass detours to the next location. Which repeats again every fucking time past night 5. Meaning that even though you explore more of the mansion new areas one night, the next night some of those areas are closed to you. Repeat this situation 7 more times later. So you never have access to the whole house in 1 night. Fucking infuriated me and knew the devs were padding the fucking game. I just used a cheat device to beat it since I knew the devs were fucking with me in a lazy way.

Wasn't Mafuyu's whole goal in the first game to keep that one ghost lady company and try to ease her pain since she was basically stuck in limbo or something along those lines.

Isn't this kind of ghost skeezy?