Why is the alt right getting so strong? Why are there so many rightstuff...

Why is the alt right getting so strong? Why are there so many rightstuff.biz posters on college campuses throughout the US?

I'm kinda racist myself but I don't want the US to break down into an ethno war.

Are racial tensions really that bad? What does Holla Forums think?

t. centrist cuck

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Race division is profitable

Come on, keep beliving its the mexicans or negroes, now keep working, good worker, good


T. Holla Forums

White niggers are also getting into the identity politics game and getting spooked out on We Wuz viKANGZ shit and superficial understanding of the mid-20th century past which is often based on air-brushed history books and TV shows, not actual conversation with relatives who lived in that time or real scholarly work on it.

It's almost as if cultural/ethnic diversity makes it more difficult for workers to organise around common interests, and that "porky" may actually just be benefiting from an inevitable process instead of causing it

Actually no, the racists are wrong


all the popular ones are pure objectivist authoritarian slop that never portrays leftist concepts without massive strawmanning

the irony is that bioshock is a complete and utterly devastating criticism of objectivism, capitalism, meritocracy, etc

but 19 year olds didn't understand this too good

t. Anita Sarkeesian


Bc it was so devastating I think they were obliged to "critique" collectivism and leftism so they weren't accused of being "one-sided". The "critique" of leftism and collectivism in Bio 2 was pretty wooden, I don't think they tried very hard. And I think the fact that they immediately turned to a critique of American "democratic" capitalism in the next game is proof.

It really is fascinating how the Left can recognise how "porky" would pragmatically exploit such differences to further his own ends, yet not take or advocate actions that would prevent "porky" from doing so

Racists don't want to accept any culpability for their part in perpetuating racism.

Such racists are
It's in porky's best self interest to seek out and support such racists, if the racists are poor
==IT IS NOT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST== to help porky keep proles divided.

Such racists proles do this because they want a competitive advantage earning wage labor capital.

Porky offers them the opportunity to preserve said advantage, and they take it.

Go back to >>>/reddit/ rn.

What's wrong with saying that. Stay in your basement

It's merely a matter of exposure. Stop hanging around nazis and you'll see the difference.

Why should the left promote multiculturalism? And for what? Ethnic foods and voters? All it does is create racism and hurt the native prole at the end of the day, you're helping the creation of class traitors and feeding porky. If it were massive amounts of whites migrating to a non-white country, you'd called it colonialism and rightly so.

If you want class consciousness you have to heal conflicts, not create them by importing serfs, sometimes that means separation sadly. You have consider that you can't convince every human to disregard their tribe.

After a few generations of world wide immigration, the proletarian will be mixed enough not get spooked by race. It's win in the long term.

Just listen to yourself, capital is what a capitalist earns from exploiting wage labor. To say someone earns "wage labor capital" is literally a contradiction. Even if what you mean is that a person earns a salary far in excess of the surplus-value they produce (such as the case of a CEO), the correct term would be profit not capital. Capital is what's invested in capitalist enterprises or cash made available for investment, not revenue for consumption.

As the porky economist Keynes said in the long-term we're all dead. New ethnicities and new spooks will emerge even if that were the case. For instance, American blacks and English blacks aren't really the same in culture and outlook, and the same can be said with other ethnic groups hat are broken into various national groups and in diaspora.

Because multiculturalism is literally just letting cultures coexist without forcing them apart. To not support this is to support arbitrary lines drawn on the map where which cultures are legal.

The migrations just needs to ramped up so it doesn't take that long until there really is no clear ethnicies left.

Holy fuck, this is cringy. The cosmic race theist and breeding program is pseudoscience to the highest degree. And the funny thing is, you believe if everyone is the same race conflict is reduced; exactly like a nazi.

Given enough time multiculturalism devolves into a caste or serf system, not la-la land where everyone is equal. Go read the history of ethnic groups, specifically in Russia, India and the Americas.

Its going to be as shitty as retarded americans who claim "I'm 1/64 Irish "

Kindly fuck off Holla Forums

tfw Europe has 743.1 million people living in it and somehow 13.5 million refugees is a relevant amount to nazis.

it's not

Read this then kill yourself

The number clearly isn't enough. Instead of taking "refugees" and playing populist politics with the ammount of humanitarian aid given, any kind of immigration quotas need to be abolished to reach this goal.

It's a reaction to SJWs, the louder SJWs are and the more voice that power structures in academia, government, and politics gives them - the alt right will simply get stronger and stronger. If you were a normie who wasn't educated on class oppression it would be a very natural and, somewhat, rational reaction based on the incomplete view of the world you would have.

George Soros pls go

That's not what multiculturalism is, that's some obtuse fluffy school teacher tier stuff right there.

Multiculturalism demands all cultures be viewed as equally valuable to society and the peoples of such cultures ought to be physically imported.

You know for a fact that not all cultures deserve to exist or should be mixed, most of them should be thrown in the gulag to further the progress of humanity. See India and Pakistan.

They're literally in the White House.

I feel like Holla Forums is trying to fuck with our threat recognition.

This is the big answer. As long as you're shouting about the mexicans stealing your jobs and the blacks stealing your money through taxes, (or chuck stealing your 23¢) you're not thinking about how Porky's fucking you over six times as hard.

Guess what, they have always been in the white house

a con man cucked a bunch of useful idiots to get into the captain's chair

that's hardly "power" considering the other 99.99999999999% of the government is establishment

lel fuck off Holla Forums, multiculturalism is exactly what I said it is, not some wackjob conspiracy theory to victimize muh poor whites.

Please, continue edgy liberal. I'd love hear what you exactly disagree with. Post more of those hilarious smug memes too, I need them for my funny folder.

Do you believe multiculturalism doesn't involve people immigrating? If so, the internet exists and we've reached maximum multiculturalism since the whole world is connected!

Doesn't multiculturalism require treating all cultures spreading as a positive? That's what coexist means, you have to tolerate all cultures expansion.

Okay retard, here's how it is.
There are people who have certain cultures, they move around, to deny them this is to either force people to behave in arbitrary ways based on where they're standing, or some sort of ultranationalism.

I always scoffed at white picket fence racists who criticised political correctness in the 90s, but in the internet age its exploded . The other thing is how capitalism has become more efficient at exploiting markets, the amount of millenials spouting these views is a large source to pander to. But why pander to liberals instead of conservatives? While capitalists can find creative ways to make the best out of things like segregation, in reality it is far more efficient to break down barriers so you increase the size of the market. Capitalists love non-economic equality.
As for why liberals spout their shit - as an ex liberal (but never one of these carl the cuck/trigglypuff levels of liberal) it comes from being educated on inequality. First year students struggle to really imagine a totally different world like communism, so they don't have the scope to challenge anything more than words - hence "micro aggressions" and "safe spaces".
Conservatives complain that universities teach marxism - but the real problem is that they don't.
So the altright comes from the fact that the majority of the population is marginalised by a minority and they've had enough of being lectured and called names. It helps that right wing nut jobs have had a stronger presence online than any real leftists.

Wonderful, progress!

Would you deny capitalist refugees to live into your imagery anarcho commune? I'm sure you wouldn't impose your values or laws on them, and you'd allow them to exist peacefully with their culture of property.

corruption lovers don't deserve to be alive. wtf are you talking about?Since when is capitalism a culture?
Right wingers will for ever be retarded. Fucking hell.

Back then being anti-racist was trendy. Now that the majority is anti-racist or at least neutral being racist is the new edgy.

Because of retards like you. It's you turds that are to blame. The "centrists", the ambiguous retards.
Fuck centrists. They ought all to be killed.

Not all cultures are equal you absolute deluded cuck. Multiculti is a fucking scam, hierarchies must always exist and all cultures in western society exist as long as they don't conflict with the overarching western culture as enforced through law. Now should a certain demographic grow enough to effectively change that hierarchy through democracy then fucking gg you have lebanon and turkey. Im not about to watch western countries become another fucking Lebanon.

You're not very worldly it appears. But nonetheless, more progress is always good. I see you don't tolerate evil doers and those incompatible with your own virtues to enter your society.
Cultures do very much reflect in how one deals in trade and class, such as slavery, caste, payment methods, servitude and usury.

Now, what constitutes a culture? Is it really just strawberry picking skills, skin color and ethnic food?

What did you mean by this? The EU is fucking shite m8. Or is this something like "everyone eats hamburgers" yea?

i want to fug that bidch

Also, to make a long story short, the "alt-right", as you call it, is gaining influence because people are reexamining previously comfortably-held assumptions they had regarding racial egalitariansm. The more you continue to deny the existence of race, the more your movement will falter, and the more the "alt-right" will continue to dunk on you.

Always remember to follow your dreams

So the "alt"right grows with liberal numbers? Great, hopefully you glorious uprising against another kill each other off.

you are haunted

Lebanon was perefectly fine for decades you dumb turd. It was only after the illegal 1982 occupation from Israel that the problems sparked.
Beirut was once called the Paris of the middle east.

'Multiculturalism' is a meme perpetuated by naive sheltered college students who like ethnic food and studying abroad.
Said students also have little contact with actual materialist leftist thought or pro-worker organization, so their idealism is channeled into volunteering, limp reformism or weak nonsense activities like muh spooky SJW politics.

Other naive sheltered college students see this and freak out, pushing them to the right. This is helped along by edgy internet memes which now people are taking seriously for some reason. This is allowed and even encouraged by mainstream society because being racist is okay, as long as you don't challenge traditional structures of hierarchy and power in society.

t. Holla Forums

Not really, you can lose everything if you're a racist white even charged with a hate crime. It's incredibly oppressive thought policing that targets a single demographic.

You'd think the porkies would thought police class consciousnesses, but they don't and openly teach it in many universities.

but you're ignoring the fact that under the current system you have massive waves of refugees and immigrants fleeing their homeland not because they want to, but for financial reasons. Multiculturalism in the context of a neoliberal society looks very different from multiculturalism in the context of a communist society. Neolib multiculturalism erodes culture and fosters animosity. In the absence of capitalism, distinct cultures will be preserved

this. they are "emboldened" by trump's win, but remember that he was elected by a small minority when you take the entire US population into account, then remember that most non-voters are the disenfranchised young (of all races) who already know the government doesn't care about them. i'm already seeing this shit IRL, people saying just random racist shit that they normally would've kept to themselves, everyone around them looking pained and awkward but not doing anything.

Nearly every modern refugee crises exist because of global capitalist practices. If people don't want refugees they should attack the problem at the root, stop fucking with their countries.


Liberals are doing it to themselves. By putting such an emphasis on identity politics they are making that the standard method of political discourse. They are making it so that all of politics is done through the lens of identity, and if you want your interests represented it has to be done through identity. Well somehow liberals didn't consider the possibility that white people might want their interests represented, and are somehow shocked that they are beginning to see themselves through the same idpol lens every other group does. It's especially worse when liberals just deny all the obvious double standards (whites exclude blacks it's segregation, blacks exclude whites is a safe space, etc.)

When your politics are characterized by identity, but you pick and choose which identity it's okay to express, then no shit you are going to alienate that group and drive them to something like the alt-right.

Decay of capitalism.


Even if capitalism itself is not a culture different cultures will have digferent views on capitalism and some can be considered more pro than others.

I don't see why this is a hard concept ro grasp, but maybe you're retarded.

It's mostly because of how the "progressive" governments have been handling situations that have been put on the plate.

You cannot displace a man in his own homeland, and expect him not the be slightly peeved about it. Also, while its all happening, accuse said man of racism for questioning even the most basic of things such as, "How the fuck are we going to feed and house them?"

You should hate the class system and capitalism instead.

Because when racists band together they can immediately identify if a member belongs or not. When communists band together, it becomes a psychological mind game to see who's not on the party program.

A homogeneous society of people that save their money responsibly is more profitable than a multiculturalist state in which capital is redistributed from those who earn it to those who immediately spend their welfare checks on iphones, scratch cards, and potato chips?

That's a pretty unfair generalization of poor white people.

Without a cohesive class-based movement and without widely disseminated materialist analyses of societal developments and world events, identitarian mythologies are all that is left for increasingly dissatisfied populations.

These mythologies are irreconcilable and are therefore locked in a competitive struggle which will eventually transform from hostile debate to street violence and civil conflict.

This violence will lack the revolutionary character of 20th century civil conflict for the same reason sectarian religious conflict lacks a revolutionary character: no faction will attempt a fundamental social reorganization upon victory.

We're talking about the US, which has not taken any refugees, and even if it did, it would have been a thousand times better equipped to handle it.

American racial and cultural tensions are largely manufactured by the media to stir controversy. The rioting everyone was obsessed with in 2015 was objectively tiny.

Literally no one is saying race doesn't exist, it's just that the destructive belief that the aut-right and its predecessors have of it is detrimental to humanity

Why do you retards reply? They aren't here to talk, they're here to shitpost.

Most of Holla Forums retains a naive belief in rational discourse.

We should make fun of them instead of arguing like most people here do

The internet allows people in rural areas in the U.S. and other whites who have never met a non-white to blame non-whites for their own shortcomings.

Somehow the hick in oklahoma believes it's the Jews fault that a latino man is married to a white female in New York and the white race is dying because of it. Posting cherry picked images about how blacks and asians are inferior to whites in every way and reposting images of hitler quotes about how the white race is the strongest. More single white men begin to see across this rhetoric, parrot it and eventually white men in relationships start believing that it is a really bad social issue that 14% of Silicon Valley executives are asian.

the point isn't to convince them, but the lurkers reading


Race was completely invented bro. There's no such thing as a white race, black race, hispanic race, asian, etc. Its literally the sonic oc of the 17-18th century.

I like the cut of your gib, user.

You all should pay more attention to this post.

Why do you cry about idpol so much. Who cares if some said something racists about whites. If all it takes for a white personal to stay a lumpenprole is offending his race he was never going to be a comrade

Yes, us humans, evolved to recognize patterns which brought us above the understanding of mere animals, are hindered by our ability to recognize patterns!

I can recognize the pattern that indicates you area faggot

lefties are so quick to devolve their arguments as soon as they are confronted with information that goes against their naive subjective understanding of the world around them.

Sometimes the patterns we recognize are false and it does hinder us

The patterns of skin colors and facial features are false? Man, I've had the wool pulled over my eyes for the longest.

It seems as though modern idpol leftists will hold back technological advances in not only genetic engineering (eugenics is waycist) but machine learning as well (learning from data and recognizing patterns is waycist), making them a kind of anarchoprimitivist, though not of the Ted Kaczysnki sort.

Its not an adhom, as I dont care about having an argument with a retard like you, Im straight up calling you a faggot

Oh wow so black people are darker in skin type? This is revolutionary news. You people are really on to something here.

Well, they meme'd a reality TV star into presidency…


yo libfriend ya got any more of those pics of women in bodysuits and tall socks? I need a lot moar.

Also the alt-right is becoming popular because most liberals don't know their own position. They're born into it like most people are born into religion and so they can't explain why they believe what they do. Most nazis (this is true of all radicals generally) are converts and so they at least have a basic understanding of not only their position but why they don't subscribe to the dominant worldview. As a result, a large portion of the content of the nazi position will be arguments against liberalism while most liberals will hardly even be politically involved, much less concerned with refuting nazi arguments

As a result nazis will almost always be able to beat libs in arguments. Some of the liberals won't be able to deal with the cognitive dissonance of not being able to answer nazi arguments and so they will themselves convert and become somewhat more politically aware if also probably misinformed.

This is the general story of how recruitment into radical politics works on a micro level. Why people might choose nationalism over leftism may have to do with the material conditions as well as what their worldview originally was (most Holla Forumsyps don't know the difference between "left"-liberalism and leftism so they think we represent the establishment).

Generally holding radical views is easier to defend because people will be less familiar with the weaknesses of your position (I think that's in part an issue even much of leftypol has yet to overcome)

The concept of "race" arose as an expression of innate tribal identification. Porky only manipulated what was already there, and you have to be a fucking mong to believe that the rise of race as a concept is completely coincidental to the rise of Europe moving from an economic backwater to interacting with the rest of the world at an unprecedented level.

Bacon's Rebellion is unique in its position as an outlier, not as some sort of historical turning point where America "could" have become an earlier Brazil

right. That's what I'm saying. Communism attacks this so-called "globalism" at its root. It is the only viable path toward preserving culture. Rightcucks are deeply mislead.

More like the Democrats meme'd themselves into the grave.

You're confusing "rural areas" with Holla Forums.

If a group feels like you're actually contemptuous of them, then, yeah, they're not going to be interested in socialism. Just calling them nasty things solves absolutely nothing, even when true, as has been shown with smug liberal contempt for the South and non-urban white population in the last election. People like you remember everything and learn nothing.

because the pendulum is swinging back, lefty pussies

And what are you going to do this time? aside from posting frogs on twitter thats it

Nothing, because you an an obese neckbeard uncapable of doing anything of worth

We're always watching.

t. Neutral lurker

literally meme magic

well, if you call making the uk leave england and winning one of the most crucial elections in the history of the us nothing then yes, i guess it's fucking nothing

leave eu*, whatever

now, please, illustrate me how brexist destroyed the jewish menace attacking the white race

doesn't matter
freedom is not supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be worth it
not that i'd expect a brainwashed communist to understand that, but still

Hey retard, money makes you "free". Enjoy watching your country get bullied by the big boys.


I guess being a monarchy-cuck really changes your concept of freedom

I was going to say Fallout 4 is communistic, but actually now that I think about it, outside Sanctuary the game, as well as the whole series, is Ancom as fuck.

Remember Me was kind of very loosely based on the Paris Commune, but everyone called that a bad game.

Could Minecraft be considered pro-communism?

I have a sizable game collection myself, but that's like the only game that comes to mind.

I meant Ancap

I don't doubt the satisfaction of giving everyone the finger, but afterwards you think about it and inevitably you get a bit embarrassed that so many people saw.

I find this is true in Brexit, the future diplomatic relations with the EU say 2057 is Britain more or less begging to be allowed referendum to be let into the EU

So it's all rather pointless because you have the same state and you're surrounded by the EU.

Are you aware that the EU can and does force unwanted immigration on it's member states?

Whites identifiy themselves as whites because of SJW's racial harassment BUT that's not why the right is rising

Morons like you can't only think in racial issues when the problems are diferent. And yes i'm talking about corruption and unemployment.
While you keep calling them racists as autistic retards, the right names the real issues


kek, the reason migrants are being sent to europe is that the natality index has declined drastically, in order to keep capitalism going, they need tot sustain the damdn for goods and services

the UK is not exempt of this, the UK must now get's it migrants from other parts of the world, and they will get them from the commonwealth


the EU will not be there anymore by then, retard

It is the EU, your "logic" can't substitute reallity


lmao, ok

enjoy those indiand, pakis and south african migrants that are necessary to keep capitalism goign

Never doubt the longevity of the states we currently have. As long as porkies in defense have plans to have a war in the Middle East upwards of 2080 there is no current reason to doubt anything otherwise. Because they will always do whatever they need to, no matter how barbaric and single minded and cruel, in order to sustain themselves and their wealth; as they carry the market on their back.

I doubt the EU will balkanize, if only that the military can't let it. And the military is invested enough to last a lifetime over.


you fucking commies will never learn

You're giving this more relevance than it otherwise needs. There is no quantifier for "look difference" in negative or positive, it is just that. But the necessity you have, and everyone like you has, to classify everything societally as if it were taxonomy is why the alt right attracts and has attracted so many fucking unbelievably annoying retards.

You find hobby in driving yourself mad by identity politics

just wait and see

I find the lack of autism makes them impossible to integrate with.

lmao, monarchcuks are literally retarded

Is this a new filter? or are you actually arguing in favour of autism?

aren't you guys the ones who go around saying you put ideals over money?

being a redatrded populist doesn't work on this board

It really isn't. You're still beholden to the market.

There will never be war in the first world, and the EU will last long enough for the specified reason for x region or nation wanting to go back to mommy EU for the exact same reason: Defense Bucks.

They sure are sweet. the UK is better off then most because their army is large enough to sustain itself, not other member states.

Capitalism thrives off human sacrifice, in this way, it is of necessity there's a pool of money on a pool of blood. And that is why the EU will survive, you are too naive to see it.

the only ones who are getting icreasingly nervous are the bureucrats in bruxelles
just look at junker

is that what your feelings tell you?

thats because you are fucking stupid

the left's concept of freedom and democracy, everybody

now that's what i expect from a leftist

They're only nervous to use force against their citizens any harder and watch as social unrest grows as states reliant on the EU demand they stay, and associating politiking and marketing to make staying looking preferable for this reason. I doubt many will have a vote.

The EU will survive, even if it has to do so kicking and screaming for a decade or longer.

It's the truth no matter how you look at it.

I was just shitposting

The idea that a single measure of intelligence, such as Autism Level, is enough to capture all of the differences in cognitive ability that we see between people is absurd and a product of only the most puerile reductionism.


your kind will be sent to the gulag, no freedom for you

look, don't blame me, you are fucking stupid, if you stopped being stupid I wouldn't have to call you one

What your feelings regarding history tells you, you mean

Does anything your saying, in this comment in particular, amount to anything more than "lol your stupid"

Britain doesn't want to be in the club at all. That's the whole point.



tldr lol

But you ARE STILL in the club. That's the point.

Enjoy your poverty anyway, in 20 years time Poland will be richer than the UK lmao.

european nationalists are savages, the far-right parties show this, we should let them start a massive war again, we shouldn't even bother until they learn how to behave

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been saying this in the positive. I'm not saying "T-they're going to survive I swear"

I'm saying they're going to survive, I swear.

You act like the citizens have a choice in porky fucking them over like a thanksgiving turkey.

The EU collectively has its defense, and if it were to balkanize defense would be scattered and not nearly as profitable. Because the market relies so heavily on defense, the balkanization of the EU will never happen without forcing it to happen through violence.

That's just the long and short of it. Nobody is going to cede that power away because of a vote.

Look at how voting has worked so far.


yep, no arguments

r-rule b-brittania!
r-right lads?

Alternative Hypothesis definitely has arguments but you just keep banning me because you can't refute them.

they already had a choice in britain
i'm sorry, but however you want to spin this it's quite evident that the eu is in deep crisis and is unlikely to recover

lol not gonna happen anyway.

europe has managed to make crisis its regular behaviour

Your movement is dead in the water. I could go on about why it is, but I'll just explain to you why no one is buying into this in droves since you asked.

People ultimately care about family, belonging, their social life, things that make them happy. They do not care about living in a socialist utopia.

The people who are disenfranchised (losing their jobs, losing their communities, become a minority, losing their family structure) do not want to give the last liberties they have in hopes it might someday bring about some utopian communist future that isn't even a guarantee.
What the alt-right does is appeal to these desires. Do you want freedom, do you want to live in a high-trust community? Well that is only possible if you have a white supremacist society. You may live under a fascist dictator, but, at least that dictator is someone who represents you. To these disenfranchised people, a figure like Hitler represents their interest and their people way more than any democracy could. It is better to rally behind one great man than to submit to the will of the mob, the lowest common denominator.

The alt-right tap into these desires. You are more likely to convert people into your movement by appealing to their basic instincts and desires, rather than craft new desires for a new idealistic world, and even then, a communist society is not everyone's idea of utopia. I'd say it takes a lot of mental exercise to convince yourself to adopt these ideas. And so, your movement only consists of people with medium-high Autism Levels who have nothing better to do than imagine a "better world". 99% of people don't have the time or the inclination to do this, if they are even capable.

Plus, your memes are laughing anime girls, furries, and walls of text that no one cares to read, and if they did, they'd be greeted by abstract concepts and asspulls only a select few emotionally connect to. The alt-right's memes are funny, visceral, and do not take an "academic mind" to digest. People are tribal, and these primitive crude memes and jokes rely on instinct. Plus, there's a whole community forming, and people have a strong desire to "belong".

banning you? I am not a mod.
anycase, even your response is fundamentally flawed
for example, in the article you posted:
If this is what you were to say to me I would tell you that you've misunderstood me for 1) I have not either claimed intelligence was a single thing and 2) I have also identified the factor as intelligence

Ergo, you haven't made an argument.

so did every communist government ever tried

And I say again, Britain is powerful enough to have a Royal Navy, a Royal Air Force, blah blah blah etc etc

The rest of the EU relies collectively on itself for its power to the defense market which is heavily invested in for the purpose it has in the market.

Why they would just say "Oh, woops, I guess we're giving up all this money entirely away because the people voted hyuck hyuck", is preposterous.

The EU will maintain even if the United States' collective porkie population has to scream in its ear they will

good thing I am not a communist I guess


reported for ban evasion :>)

Three things the alt right will never have so why bother caring

once another one or two of the most influential members leaves the eu will unavoidably collapse, army or no army
you're in denial


There is not a parallel militarily speaking to Britain in the EU currently that isn't its collective defensive strength.

For a number of reasons, thinking the EU will just fall over on some vote you have or if you yell loud enough is just going to end in less freedom over an overbearing EU or just rebranding it.

You've had something for similar reasons since the League of Nations, a century later it won't be any different.


That is exactly why they are becoming so strong. Because these things are being stripped from society systematically.
They want these things and they believe that in order to make it happen, we have to kick out the people who are making it impossible. ie. blacks, jews, browns.

Ultimately they want a high-trust society, and in order to do that they need homogeneity.
Same thing applies to communism.

Tribalism and in-group preference are basic human functions. Communism is not. When these young people feel like they need answers, most will gravitate to what is natural. Only high-IQ people can really do the mental gymnastics required to desire communism.

according to your feels

dude, you are stupid, you don't even understand the terms you are trying to use

lol somebody call an exorcist famrade

Everyone posting here should probably look at this.

Ladies and gentlemen, ancom's

that would only make the social unrest grow and worsen the crisis

Had me until there. They're not the ones keeping the EU in power, you can kick every single brown person out and they'd feign outrage and you'd still have to pull the EU apart kicking and screaming in some kind of bizarre war for it to reform back into some other form as the League of Nations turned into the EU.

Do you know why? Because

For I think the sixth time now I've said it

Porkie wants what porkie gets, porkie invested a lot in defense


Are you implying that the shit this board says is at all what the average person wants and isn't the intellectual posturing of a few medium-high Autism Level whiteboi neets?


it's charlatanism, plain and simple, fascism has always been an immune response for whenever capitalism is threatened. people are still being exploited and will be lined up against the wall as soon as they are no longer useful

and i think you know this, you are just massive fucking pussies that would rather live in slowly degrading mediocrity as long as you don't ever have to feel unsafe or threatened in any way. faggot.

le frogs xd

I honestly never understood why some retards believe that. One just needs a glance at Japan to see heterogenity is not a reason why can't you get a gf in first world

It's not hard to understand, If you gave "reading" a tried you might be able to realize your mistake

but as for now, you are stupid

I told you Holla Forums is stupid

There are no IDs on this board. I originally posted the link in response to somebody who said that I_Q was not deconstructable into such a simplistic notion, and did so to highlight how a single number was not necessarily at odds with a faculty as complex as intelligence.

You might not be banning me but I've had to switch 4 (lol now 5) VPN nodes so far. You can write it off as "pol shitposting" but the truth doesn't fear discussion.

This board is filled with intellectual cowards.

reported for ban evasion :>)


If the EU was fighting for white homogeneity and supported some form of nationalism and sovereignty between the nations it wouldn't be a problem.
If the EU was a properly functioning institution, people wouldn't hate it. The west is ruled by a class who is not working for the people's benefit.

People absolutely do not care if they are ruled by dictators or elites so long as they feel like their interests are being met and those leaders have their well-being in mind.


Can't do shit honey, this board was getting filled with Holla Forums shitposting, so BO hired some imcoonpfy-tier turboautist.

now please, don't take this in the wrong sense, stay here I like when you get triggered

so close yet so far

when you say people you should be mindful that you're only speaking for a small minority

God you really are stupid.

They aren't doing it because they need defense from a strong foreign power

They're doing it because defense makes a lot of money for everyone in power. Get it through your fucking skull they don't give a shit and wouldn't give a shit if you kissed their puckered asshole for kicking the browns out.

When I'm i the groove I like to keep the bantz flowing but I have no long term concern for this community.

figured out you were an autist

Jesus fuck, somebody call Rebel and those two tards shitflinging about race to make this shitfest complete

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Which was me and yet the flaw is still shining through.

And I don't give a shit if they give a shit. If they kick all the browns out and society is full of high-functioning high trust whiteys, what the fuck should I care?

You're obsessed with the upper class fucking you over. As long as it's quid pro quo, who gives a fuck?

the lat-right being autists is ood, as they wont be able to reproduce and pass their genes, and if they do, it would be with a landwahle or something

"It's okay to get cucked as long as the bull isn't black" - Holla Forums

Because it wastes resources that otherwise could go to the people in the nation and the advancement and progression of society, into killing a bunch of people in a designated destabilized region

Because it wastes resources that otherwise could go to the people in the nation and the advancement and progression of society, into killing a bunch of people in a designated destabilized region

Because they waste resources that otherwise could go to the people in the nation and the advancement and progression of society, into killing a bunch of people in a designated destabilized region '

Because it wastes resources that otherwise could go to the people in the nation and the advancement and progression of society, into killing a bunch of people in a designated destabilized region

pretty much

Getting banned isn't censorship, but getting mad at being banned is very underage.

You can tell them to stop. Censorship is wrong.
Shitposting is a Something Awful meme to excuse it.

It will certainly work, no doubt. After all the moderation on imageboards is known for listening to its users, isn't it?

the rights has no rights here

Just go to lainchan for srs posting 2bh.

Meant to

Because sooner or later the natives won't feel like unclogging the toilets, which will result in importing immigrants again, thus bringing us roughly to the same spot as we're in right now.

Cucked? Why would you think that way? If someone was doing me a favor but they're actually really mean on the inside, who cares? As long as there is no conceivable way for them to fuck me over then it's fine. Let them feel whatever they want.

Waste resources? What resources would those be? What could be worse than being systematically replaced?

I have literally never seen somebody on Holla Forums silenced for shitposting contradictory opinions to general consensus.

Here, it's a regular occurrence. because it's the only way to maintain your narrative without resorting to doublethink.

You people are deluded.

A ban isn't censorship. The right isn't going to think twice when they do it, and this is readily apparent even when you look at the examples they give for deportation: someone comes into your house, babbling nonsense, propagating lies, insulting you, then whatever, I don't even care, let them remove you from the premises, let them tear your person of the occupying space.

Newfag detected, or just a regular liar.


And that is why you install a form of government that makes sure that doesn't happen. Make a fucking constitutional amendment. Do something preventing it from happening again.
We need to learn from our history and make sure we don't repeat it.

Plus, it's better to push back and fight when you have the chance. It's like not going to the hospital for a gunshot wound when you're going to die of cancer eventually. You keep fighting until you can't anymore, stop being a cuck.


Money the middle class needs in order sustain itself and survive

Money that the impovershed need to sustain itself in order to survive

Money people in higher up positions in Lockheed Martin do not need in order to sustain themselves or survive but do so at tremendous cost to the population both national and abroad

God you are clueless


lol what a megacuck

and? we aren't Holla Forums your kind is trash, your rethoric is trahs and you are only useful to get a good laugh at your stupidity, once it gets boring you are banned

Damn I didn't know you were a white nationalist.

That's because the moderation on Holla Forums is even more autistic than the one here. Just check the global ban list.

go remind Holla Forums about the joos trump has surrounded himself with and we'll see about that :)


but nations are a spook user

anfem just went full Holla Forums damn

that is right, yours are worthless

That's all the more reason you shouldn't accept it. Instead you are going "muh property", like some kind of libertarian.

Subtle NazBolism, I say…

What nigga? Scarcity is a quantifier, not a qualifier. Fucking retard.

Yes, the culture war is: Rich people telling middle class people to blame poor people for their problems.

Then so are yours, given that you accept that your ideas are equal in value to mine.


So is porky like your version of the jews?

It's actually quantifiable that ten people have more wealth than six billion people.

why ?

Your shitty amendments will get repealed sooner or later because capitalists like cheap workforce more than non-melanin society and will lobby for overwriting it. And they will succeed, even if takes them a century
Fighting against the effect is fruitless imo. Only getting to the cause of the problem will stop this.

anfems should be banned on sight

but user, both islamo fascists and white nationalists must be purged

just because Holla Forums agrees with one of these notions doesn't mean the whole premise is Holla Forums-tier

no, your property is trash if it weren't I would make them my property, but I don't because again, they are trash

no, because we denounce exploitation for the sake of exploitation being sociologically bad, not because it was done by a single ethnicity

but you are a cuck, Holla Forumsyp you wouldn't understand

now keep working, remember its for the """white""" nation

I disagree. I think it's all the more reason we can show that we're better at even censorship than them (only the spear that smote can rejuvenate).

No, I must shitpost…

and how many of those 6 billion are

You're just as bad as Holla Forums

I'm offended.

I am no defeatist, I'm just thinking how to get rid of the problem permanently rather than trying to roll the boulder up a hill like Sisyphus.

are you a liberal?

fascism of all kinds should be destroyed

Same way we did it back in the day. There's no sense in bureaucracy for everyone when you can dis-empower those in power.

Make these people fear for their well-being. They will always try to subvert. Make sure they never have enough power to make a difference.

I'll tell you why.

I used to be liberal, then I talked with all the modern angry extremist lefties and now I just want Donald Trump to blow up the earth.

Just because your fascist dictator has the same skin-color as you, doesn't mean he will represent your interests. Just because you live in a state where everyone has the same skin-colour as you, doesn't mean that everyone has the same interests as you.

How do I reach you faggots? When will you learn that a torture chamber is only to your own detriment? Just look at what it did to Holla Forums. Learn from history. Activism is no excuse, this is just how you become a useful idiot.

The very problem of trying to restrain those in power is that you let them exist in first place. The bourgeoisie, especially those working globally, are those who benefit from immigration and thus they push for it, and so the only way to restrain the economic immigration is to destroy them and what creates them in first place. Otherwise, you will always ultimately lose.

It's almost like you're choosing to accept an idea by investing your time and energy into it, while at the same time excluding others you deem to be of lower quality, as if you were shopping for goods in a marketplace.

But that can't possibly be, because ideas are unlimted and therefore not prone to a marketplace analogy.

And I'm the autistic one…

It's not about skin color but it is a necessity. Killary doesn't represent me.

A nationalistic, (insert your country)-first, non-cucked, non-pozzed leader who actually wants to improve the nation and cares about the people, and as a result makes the country better.
Even if that person is not genuine, if he makes the country a better place or moves towards these goals, I would support them.

is to destroy them and what creates them in first place.
What do you think I've been saying?

you're a fucking retard for too many reasons to list

I wasn't reading this entire shit thread, what was your solution to get rid of this problem?

Because the aut-right isn't growing so much as the definition is expanding. Now, they're essentially defined as American White Nationalists. Hasn't that essentially been the republican party for ages? Adding in some sprinkles of european nationalism with memes from the youth isn't so much growing a new ideology as it is redefining the old.

just put them in the helicopters.


how thoughtful


The people voting for Trump are overwhelmingly the same people who supported Bush. They have consistently been xenophobic, anti-immigrant, etc. How do you not remember the rampant anti-muslim bigotry after 9/11 and with our wars? "Towel-head" was pretty much a totally cool term to use.

The ideological supermarket, like any other supermarket, is only fit for looting

But the people that won Trump the white house were voters in Wisconsin and Michigan who used to vote Obama into the white house.

Here's a radical idea - what if we stop bombing and otherwise dicking around in the Middle East and we also don't import the inevitable surge of migrants that such destructive policies creates?

Holy shit this is cancerous as fuck, radioactive teenager-tier shit.
t. Basque with a front-row sit to that shitfest you defend. The death of the people.

if your "culture" can't compete or needs a safe space, maybe it's just shit tbh

People like you are the reason multiculturalism happened in the first place.

culture is a spook
"the people" is a spook
"basque" is a spook

are you posting from a haunted house?

The problem is greed, power and delusion. Well, actually everything can be traced back to delusion. A multi-billionaire isn't really more happy than someone with a middle class income , is he? He's still not satisfied, still wants more. So really greed for money is an addiction which will become cured under communism, where everyone has approximately what they need and their happiness will be achieved not by amassing more stuff and power, but rather through self-improvement and spiritual training or playing games for fun. Competition for social approval will still exist, but people won't be able anymore to get social approval by becoming rich, but rather by being the best person they can, by being creative and innovative. Capitalism has fucked up the whole rules of the game by tying the ability to acquire private property to social approval, so that people identify their self-worth with the amount of property they possess. Communism will set the rules of the game right again, because capitalism has basically hijacked a neurosis of the human mind. It is a mental virus,similar to religion. Once we have freed ourselves from this virus we will be happier, more cultivated, more knowledgable and more wise.

Maybe this is why the alt-right is getting stronger. People don't like being censored.

How do you "compete" against an immigration 2x the size of your own people coming from imperialist states you retard?. We tried to bomb them but turns out it's not easy.
This shit is what makes most "wow I'm so radical feminism not so important xdxd" leftists laughable. Thinking you are so rational and unspooked, and yet you buy internationalist bullshit.
Nations (le spook xd) are people who have a right (le spook) to exist and defend their interests.This is not about ethnic purity or racism. I shouldn't be explaining this shit, if you talk about porky you should know what's up.
Internationalist retards

Really, and how's that my friend?


Talking about spain and france, responding to the comments about basque culture spooks.


The pendulum swung back.
Multiculturalism is just over-correction.
This will happen again.


Every action has a consequence.
Censorship is a form of violence.

You know what really isn't helping? You acting like an autist in every single thread.

we don't care about alt-rightings feelings here

Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? I think capitalism is shit. Just because I criticize the moderation of this board doesn't make me a porky loyalist for fuck's sake.

But they were over-all a demographically small group of people who were responding to economic woes and disenfranchisement. These people aren't part of the "alt-right" just because they voted for Trump.

Here's a radical idea – what if right-wing support for wars in the middle east have changed in response to how they played out?

Go fuck yourself, dude. You obviously don't have the slightest goddamn clue what it's like to actually be censored. If I want to throw a goddamn fit I fucking well will, because this situation warrants it.

Don't like it? Stop censoring opinions that trigger you.


too bad

now deal with it

the alt-right garbage is to be censored, don't like it, leave

Oh, OK, I see now what you mean. Please excuse my ignorance.

Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. You've got like five pedo boards already, don't you? Plus we've had plenty of those threads before and they always go to the exact same place.

Don't know who you thought I was defending, but I am talking about the basque people being erased by spain and france.
Nothing that happened here has anything to do with the pendulum swinging back from nationalist fascism. We were eradicated by that same ideology.


how can you breath and type at the same time

you are fag lmao

No, they're getting "stronger" because people are tired of PC culture and because the Left has done nothing to destroy the persecution-complex some whites feel.


Nice special pleading fallacy.

AoC discussion doesn't have anything to do with the alt-right.


It's politically non-partisan. It's not inherently left or right. As it's not a topic limited to the right's interests it should not be deleted.

Was this supposed to make some kind of point or something?

It is a form of violence. It's barbaric.
If you can't defend your position the answer is not to shut your opposition up by force. If you could "ban" people IRL you would be escorting them away by force.

Just because you don't see someone be pulled out of the room doesn't change the principle of the thing.

Yeah ok, and you run into problems when someone refuses to leave the room when their idea has been debunked to fucking death. Do you whine about flat-earth posters being banned on geology boards too?

Peak Liberalism.

Pick one.

That's the thing, though. Your side, the side that supports oppressively high AoC, is the side that's been debunked to death, not the other way around. If we were doing a geology analogy, your side would be the flat-earth posters.

Yeah, you know, that sort of shit tends to fall apart pretty damn quickly.

someone gulag this man

the faggot deleted his own thread you massive retard

Can't handle the truth, I see. If you want a science analogy that's actually valid, we're like the evolutionists in the era of the Scopes trial.

Evidence of this? Any evidence at all?

you pathetic cocksucker

you are stupid

Underrated post.

I wasn't even talking about the AoC thread, I was speaking in general about "censorship" of ideas.

AoC is bullshit anyway, unrelated.

If this is the caliber of "debunking" that your side has supposedly done to us it's no wonder you have to censor your opposition.

Fine, conceded. I had a knee-jerk overreaction because I'm used to being censored and rather sick of it, so when the thread vanished I immediately assumed the worst. Although I have to say, the reaction by some of you to the idea of censoring the thread is not encouraging for anyone who favors honest discourse.

try not being a massive faggot next time

So about that nazi book burning, then…

wow, so after being proved to be stupid, you continue being stupid?

it takes guts man

I'm posting on an Alpha Centaurian pottery imageboard. I hardly think that's possible.

Dude, you don't really have a right to talk down to people considering that you've outed yourself as being part of the reason for the existence of this thread. People hate overbearing, haughty cunts like you and the modern left is chock full of them.

Then don't support censorship.
If something needs to be debunked again, then debunk it again.
You're still giving your opponents credibility at the cost of your own.

I was just agreeing that censorship has contributed to the rise of the alt-right. I didn't know the context of the conversation.

Just because I disagreed with censorship does not mean I am a Nazi. All censorship is wrong.

Most people who come in here and start shit are usually from Holla Forums. However, violence is a perfectly legitimate tool for revolution. Not, however, for society post revolution, for revolution is war, and war is violent.

Additionally, age of consent threads get posted every month or so, and most tend to last a hundred posts or more. Thread was probably full of shitposting.

There's shitposting in just about every damn thread on this board. There were actual points being made in there.

someone gulag him already


Nice place ya got here guys. I brought you some memes from the meme war.

The right is getting stronger because they have the most powerful meme magic due to being virgins.



Your memes are literally empty and do little more than give people a fragment of an idea to cling to. When people start looking for real answers and not just memes your shit is going to fall to pieces.

looks like a hoax

Or you could ban the retard and prevent the discussion from being derailed yet again.

Nah better debunk what they said for the bazillionth time with 300+ replies because frozen peaches.

isn't me. You just called to gulag someone who by his own admission didn't know the context of this conversation. Do you really think the left will grow with that attitude?

And what's the point of the first photo?


I don't agree with imageboard activism to begin with, but even then.
You trust a guy censoring information for you and he's just going to corrupt your revolution. You're just going to become someones useful idiot.

Not only that, but you want to win support don't you? You're not going to do that by effectively losing arguments through censoring your opposition. No one is being disadvantaged by this more than you and your cause.

To be fair I wouldn't want to come into contact with anyone from the South.

The graph is still extremely over-simplifying what is a complex issue with multiple variables, but I don't expect any sort of nuance from the right.


People don't look for real answers. If you try and use reason you'll never get anywhere with the majority of people.

The reason the alt right keeps winning is because they will go into enemy territory and cause cognitive dissonance with very little energy expended.

I'm not a right-winger, though. Capitalism is trash and the Jewish conspiracy (and the rest of Holla Forums's beliefs) are bullshit. But what you're doing right now is exactly what Holla Forums does. Anybody who disagrees with you has to fit into this neat little caricature you've developed, just like anybody who disagrees with them is supposedly a paid Jewish shill.

yes, cognitive dissonace indeed

please, gulag this man already

This is a ridiculously frequent thing. What are you asking for? Centrism to be BTFO? Your own, specific ideology to be debunked? Capitalism? You're just saying "You've never debunked us" without laying out what what even means.

If you don't use reason you'll never get anywhere with reality itself. So while you can deceive the majority of people with some stupid memes to follow you into a fascist dictatorship it will in the end all come crumbling down, because you have cheated reality itself.

as there were in the other monthly age of consent threads that remain open for days on end.
Most shitposting should be deleted tbh. Repeat shitposters should, frankly, be banned.

Don't really give a shit, m8. I couldn't in all consciousness call Holla Forums's handling of board management a revolutionary act (that would be laughable, actually) but in the spirit of revolution, I don't oppose all censorship, though I wish it could be handled more democratically, as I often find myself wondering what the deleted posts were.

And the thing is, Holla Forums has allowed free q&a with liberals and nazis from the beginning. But we have a serious problem with latching on to bait, and far, FAR, too many alt-right fags clogging the board asking questions in bad faith.

not to mention, 95% of said nazi and liberal bullshit goes uncensored.

When I say "you've never debunked us" I'm referring to the many AoC threads here, where the ephebophobes constantly insist that they won despite having had everything they say logically dismantled in exacting detail.

The delusion is strong on this fella.


Meh. Most of the anti-arguments are spooks

If you're so sure about that, why don't you make another AoC thread and we can have this out in there?

Or are you so insecure in your ideas that you're afraid to have them challenged? From the censorship support in here, it certainly looks that way.

No need brah.
I just re-read your post and saw that you were talking about the ephebophobes faggots, at first I thought you were talking about the ephebophile friends. Nevermind.
The AoC is a fucking spook.

Back to tumblr.

Are you being dense on purpose? Their propaganda helped put a president into office last week. Using persuasion on normies doesn't break reality. It gives you power over the real world.

tumblr has a lot of idpol, you'd fit right in

If anyone else wants to, the offer is still open, because there are clearly some people in here who think they've had a much higher success rate in debate than they actually did…and they're not us.

Otherwise, the rest of you who aren't involved in this should consider exactly what kind of left movement you're building.

Thanks, fam.

See you later.

Shit-tier reasoning, fam.

Have you ever heard the phrase "You can lie to some people all the time, and all people some of the time, but not all people all the time?"

Trump was "all people, some of the time".

I understand the thing about the alt-right acting in bad faith, I hate them for this myself. Censorship is only doing them favors though.

People have to call them out on that stuff when it happens. Like when that one faggot deleted his own thread. Each time they get caught their credibility is shot.

Because Op you're a faggot & can't meme & you're oxymoron "lefty" "politically correct" shit gives peaple cancer.

No justification should be made for the alt-right. They're cowardly young men (and some women, trans, etc. but not many) who have literally nothing to lose. They're the ruling class playing games with itself.

They don't want to admit that the system that they live in is built on blood, theft, and rape. They're too cowardly to do so.


kind of outdated dude

So what? We want to get rid of the whole system, not put a specific president into power. The alt-right has merely achieved a pyrrus victory with little effort by using propaganda. It won't last for long, when it is realized that Trump won't change anything fundamentally. If you want to win in the long term, then you need to build structures, which last, because they are based in reality instead of meme magic. The alt right is just a fad that will be gone in 4 years or less.

we do tho. You can't argue with an idiot, and some times genuine discussion, unfortunately, gets filtered out.

The alt-right or the LARPing Not Socialists? (It's like calling the Caliphate Daesh/ISIL/ISIS/IS, Voldermort doesn't exist, call them out by their name, just as they do with jews).

Aside from that side of my bitching, this division has been nurtured with George Soros (and MSM spoon feeding it) pouring funds into BLM during the Ferguson protests. After the riots it exploded the racial divide we see today. However it just wasn't that single event, the politically correct/social justice had been brewing since the bitch from the Something Awful site discovered twitter and indoctrinated (trolled) teenagers. (That's my understanding from where this bullshit began). You should look into who is funding who to promote rightstuff.biz on campuses, if you can see their angle then you'll know why they're promoting it. The alt right is simply the push back against the rightstuff.biz. If you remember physics, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

An ethnic genocide probably won't happen but we'll probably see what happens in South Africa come here. Where if you're walking down the street you're see as a target because your skin is white/different shade of brown.

wew i typed a paragraph

I think in the midst of this "stalinist purge" of the Republicans this picture is more than a little false.

National Policy Institute will go away some day, but wrong-think radicalization doesn't go away easily nor it's members. It's kinda like getting a tattoo or herpes, it's a lifelong commitment. I really hope the TRS goes away though, they're cringe as fuck.

Reactionaries are gonna react, and there's a big one coming soon that will end modern liberalism for a century and the screams for nuclear war to avenge the fallen will be sung by even the most timid. They're in a extremely advantageous position right now if a nuclear terrorist type of event occurs under a Trump presidency, we'll be probably looking at decades of their leadership and they'll transform into something akin to neofeudalists or imperialists chanting, ironically: "Never again!" .

The best option for the Left right now is to inject the best power grabbing reactionaries with leftist economic policies while they can, so when they explode into a crisis zeitgeist our agenda is advanced, since really don't have any other than what Lew Rockwell neoliberals have been whispering in their ear for decades. I did at one of their secret meetings(it really was like a super villain meeting), you just gotta dress it up as anti-usury, self determination and helping the White worker. I think genetic engineering and other advancements in bioengineering will force them to reconsider their "scientific" racist views, for better or for worse.

What did he mean by this?

Apologies, LARPing Na†ional Socialists*

t. you