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#YouTubeIsOverParty seems to be the hashtag to talk about the new Youtube policies on the twatter


That's what I get for being lazy and not baking the bread myself. I would have titled it "We've gone well into 2016 Edition". Perhaps next time.

But aren't they being effected by it too? Videos about masking pimples and depression are being demonetized, so why would videos about rape be safe?

Because no one watches their videos in the first place, so in their minds, it's "evening the playing field."

Don't forget to take breaks, eat well, drink lots of water, go to sleep early and go out once in a while, even just for a walk.
Play games, fap and lurk too.

So the only reasonable choice is to disable monetization and adverts to begin with.

Now is the time to create alternatives to Patreon, money transfer platforms where YouTube personalities can go to maintain some sort of income from their fans and circumventing any advert restrictions YouTube may impose.

This is definitely a much better solution. Actually, an alternative source of revenue for youtubers that adapts your money gain by how many views/hits/whatever you get would be a very useful thing, now that I think about it.

And where do you think this money would be coming from?

Unless the viewers put the money towards the channels they watch, there is no money coming from anywhere.

Can't just magically create a revenue stream. Unless you're a bank or a country.

More reason for a shift to come.

Call me crazy, but microtransactions are the best way to support independent content creators.
If you relly on "free" content, paid for by advertisers, then you'll get "free" shit aimed to appease whoever is distributing money.

Embed related

And where would that money come from genius?

I'm not fucking paying to watch any video.

Kill yourself faggot

I want to bully her.

Ok. Someone will be paying. Someone who doesn't like to be cricticized. you won't hear anything bad about them either

If you do not support the creation of content you desire, you may end up having only content you don't desire.

The namefrog leaderfags for another retarded idea.

Then I don't. I'll download all the videos I've ever liked and just stick with those for all eternity every time I'm bored.


You're a fucking retard.

Youtube videos aren't worth paying money for. There's a reasons why TV and the radio used to be free. This ideas is retarded. If YouTube goes full retard, the answer is creating competition.

I agree with that statement on the face of it but not when applied to the sort of kikery that's going down right now.

The only thing retarded about me is how easy I think it's going to be to bust out of the afterlife.

You have no argument for me wanting to pay for anything that isn't a game.



My conspiracy theory is that this is a teething problem, and that SJW videos will have monetization restored once the kinks have been worked out.

And snowfall is art in motion.

How do I connect this statement to the pozzing of videogames, which have long been paid for by the end user?

Yeah, I pay money for games, Blu-rays, CDs and occasionally manga, but there's no way you're going to get me to pay money for people to create YouTube poop videos or videos making fun of SJWs. The answer is to shove people's anger up YouTube's ass until they back peddle or to organize under a competitor.

Can anyone explain to me why why srhbutts being a pedo is bad, but Val being a pedo is okay?

No one likes Val to begin with nigger

Big and small (not ggrevolt size small) Youtubers affected by this should begin to start talking and planning for alternatives and bunkers for rejected videos

Butts is a predator.

Val is very ironically tolerated in the first place.

People hate him.

Advertisers and corporations are NOT paying for content you want, dimwit. Thinking that you can force them to pay for your shit is delusional.


Did you think they would just keep on paying for your shit, ad infinitum? It was bound to happen. Now that youtube has amassed the entirety of internet video-views, it became the mother of all propaganda machines. Of course they would eventually push out content that doesn't speak well of corporations and governments that can rank google some profits.

You obviously represent everybody's opinion on everyone and everything.

val a shit

>When someone hates a namefag Holla Forums ISN'T ONE PERSON YOU SHILL

Listen up

Is there any evidence that feminism, democratic politics, BLM, cultural appropriation or any other SJW opinion has been stripped of ad revenue?

If Youtube is allowing / disallowing monetization due to political opinions, specifically their subjective political opinions, youtube's payment system could be illegal.

Also, I'm probably about to get slammed for double standards, but I wouldn't mind it at all if Val was a cute girl wanting to /ss/.

I lived and breathed them long before socjus e-cultism was a thing.

Why are we talking about namefags?


And who fuels the competition?

Also, how disingenuous do you have to be to use open tv as an example of good content ceator? Product placements everywhere is what it was. But if you think that was fine, then you have nothing to fear. Youtube is going through the same way.

How is anyone even supposed to check that?


We won't need to.

If the SJW's lose their revenue stream, we'll hear all about in the media / press.

Given 2-3 days, if we haven't heard anything, we can assume nothing has happened to the SJW's and we can react accordingly.

I think you overestimate just how many people even watch TV still.

Aparently the young turks got hit on a few videos. Needs confirmation.

To avoid that problem they're also targeting pleb SJW channels that already lost credibility like the young turks.

I made the horrible mistake of clicking on this faggot's video.

>"when companies are so important to our society, like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, something's gotta give

This silly faggot really believes social media is so important to our society, uh? Fucking hell m8. What's with this millenial nu-male cucks and their fixation with social media?

Too bad, he's a creepy male French shitskin. I don't have a problem with loli btw, but admitting you're a pedo like Val does and srhbutts did is pretty fucked up.

Because a bunch of twats want to shit post this thread to 300 so it doesn't gain attention when we should be looking at the current youtube situation, find double standards, and point them out to those who are mad about the whole deal.

You can look at the page for videos and see what has been demonetized. Yes, I think a lawsuit is certainly doable.

I'm looking at a few channels right now, but do we have any way of knowing which videos are / are not monetized?

You can't virtue signal without social medias.

But and I were both talking about TV back then. I know people don't watch TV now. My point is that free tv was paid for by companies, which lead to product placement everywhere.
Now, youtube's FREE content is paid for by companies, so it's no surprise that content that doesn't cater to those companies is being de-monetised.

Ergo, youtube is going through the same road as TV

Fuck, I misread. Disregard.

He means that when a platform becomes as ubiquitous as those three, any selective banning for political/ideological reasons becomes a free speech concern.

At that point it's not just "a private company doing private things" anymore.

You haven't done anything substantial with the CON leaks either. Stop thinking people shitting on your pet namefags is a conspiracy theory.

Creating monopolies is supposed to be illegal in the US. Why is Google getting away with this shit?

We got a briatbrat article and got twitter all over them. We did lots with con.

They are. Look how many normalfags and huge names all use the same service for things like information or interaction.



Imagine if Google secretly built their own fucking private army and turned out to be rusing any liberal shitheads they use to gain influence.


Apparently Twitter is considering selling.

Who in that Skype chat has been held accountable for their words so far? The success of these efforts should be measured in that. You're setting the bar super low. This is not the GG that did operation disnod.

Then you stop using these platforms. Hell, my experience with Twitter and Facebook is only "creating fake accounts to troll people and end up banned after a week or so", never used them for anything productive or serious, and if they disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't mind an iota.

Assange is right. Google is turning into a super power. Honestly, someone like Thiel should start bank rolling lawsuits.

Selling what?

Stop, nobody cares, just filter him if it triggers you so badly cause right now you're being as bad as revolt, namefags are cancer but people who can't shut the fuck up about them are even worse.

That's gonna take time, we all know how these people operate, hell Randi's already fired up her victim machine to deflect from the rest a little and people have been sending complaints to their employees, hell that hoffstein guy deleted his twitter.

What more do you want us to do?


There are rumours of hostile takeover and the co-founder said they should consider selling the company. Caused a jump in the stock.

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this.

Revolt isn't on Holla Forums anymore. If you maybe stopped talking about them so much and actually supported /gamergatehq/, they would probably disappear for good. I don't understand all the shit talking about revolt when you don't even support your own fucking GG board. I go in there and it's like a ghost town.

In an age where everbody lives in the basement, social media is the public square.

Imagine nearly all the space between residences is owned by the same private company, when someone is being silenced there and you just tell them to find another company, you're basically telling them to go cry in a dark corner where nobody can hear them.

We were supposed to move on to emailing the top editors at sites that hosted articles in favor of CON or of events that were secretly exacerbated by members of CON, but then the Youtube thing happened and took everyone's attention

What do these fucking cunts know about Google? What could be so damning that in recent years large corporations would even waste 5 seconds on what are obviously retards that only give them a shitty excuse to censor?

For one, Izzy has a job combating "harassment" on Amazon, and you have evidence of him supporting doxing and all this other crazy shit, and yet nothing is being done about it.

This is getting to parody levels.


apparently Neofag was one of the top sites of traffic going to Clinton's site.

The ad to that site has been up non stop for almost a year, and for large stretches of time it was the only ad we had. I don't know who's funding it but God bless them, they're keeping us up.

Just for shits and giggles, I'm going to repost the CON pasta from





allthink.com/1607896 (Crash Override Network Really Is a CON)







youtu.be/qC52wYNTYrU (stream with honey badgers, Ian and margaret)

youtube.com/watch?v=xGOueq31ZkY (BroTeamPill Stream 1)

youtube.com/watch?v=_I-l2IC13UA (BroTeamPill Stream 2) I have this saved on my hard drive in case anyone wants it.

archive.is/giV5I (Jesse Singal dismissing leaks)


youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ0MkYEWHOg (Crash Override Network Exposed)








https:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */helpline-may-have-enabled-sexual-1436a36c7cc8

allthink.com/1561533 (Social Justice Twitter Attempts to Dox #gamergate Supporter)



allthink.com/1620684 (Brianna Wu: Zoe Quinn's Biggest Mistake)

https:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */founder-has-helped-create-9c524abe011e#.ikjws3cin



https:[email protected]/* *//gamergate-august-2014-revisited-3b41832c061b#.yijmt27ss

Oh hey, I thought both of brote's vids had been taken down, but only the second one was.

>there are people defending the right to monetize Youtube shit on this thread

And now I remember why I dropped out of Gamergate after the initial chaos it was.


I just think the whole thing is funny. Fuck whoever wins and fuck whoever loses in all of this

That's quite a hefty package you got there

Do yourself a favor and throw all of that shit in a patebin and give it a snappy name


Context ? Source ? Use ?
Can't you write a few fucking words instead of asking us to click on some potentially retarded e-celeb like moviebob you cunt ?

What are you doing

It's a 15 second animation of a Youtube logo shooting itself with money pouring out of the exit wound.

And you need to cut this shit out, you sound like a retarded child when you post like this.

Don't forget to crosspollinate information across our hubs.

You see good info? It's not on another community? Repost it.



I can't wait to see everyone celebrating it and releasing so many new art!!

I hope she likes my present!

Eat a dick nigger.

They're not going to demonetize Anita or Buzzfeed, if they demonetized absolutely everyone without playing political favorites it wouldn't be so much of a problem.

yes it would
it's still an effort to curate and censor content

if you put it on pastebin nobody will click it. With this wall of text people can't say they missed the post

Back then I used to grab shit from here and put on tumblr and reddit and vice versa.

that's like letting adopted children get Christmas presents

Knowing chuck I actually have to ask if this is real

God fucking dammit why do you exist

you double nigger

Can't you just get raped by pakis please?

People should provide context when they link shit though. I don't understand why some people link to things without explaining what they are in their post

Thanks huns.

Just noticed that under the heatst article, the link includes "email protected" twice, what's it about ?

Yeah, but I like bullying Val.

Fuck off you kiddy diddling piece of shit.

Eat shit.

What's the context and use of you namefagging like an insufferable semen addicted prostitute ?
Can't you be of some fucking use instead of acting like a retarded e-celeb you cunt ?

No, youtube will eventually crack down on content period, not just monetization. Youtube needs to die and the sooner the better.

BoneGolem added more shit specifically about LW



FemFreq channel isn't monetized

no because Chuck is a goon and LW will be making a "game" about him

cloudflare has an email protection thing, just refresh the page



nobody gives a shit about val not even himself so let's not waste our bump limit with retardation

What about Danny O'Dwyer?
I used to like that guy, in the before time.

Agreed, Val gets off on the attention.
This part's bullshit though if Val wasn't such a self-centered fuckhead he would have stopped namefagging two years ago when people tried to get him to.

That mick doofus has left the building


Also, weird, the link the way it's written in your post has that "email redacted" thing, but clicking on it takes me to the right place.

I've been namefagging for around five, if not six years, user.


>I've been namefagging for around five, if not six years, user.
That is absolutely irrelevant to the fact that we've only been having to deal with you in this general for two years and tried to get you to stop right then.



Next Sunday the Sunday coming up or the one after that?
Also what's the story behind that? I thought she was a kiseki abomination we sent in to TFYC after reddit couldn't be bothered to put together their own girl. Ironically they wanted someone super smart and caring and popular (and Vivian's brother).

no they wanted a loli with a scarf tied around her mouth to represent censorship



The Sunday coming up.



Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone

If Salty Sanchez only had $7 before, how much less now?

☑ Resurrected Gilda
☑ Turn people into Gildafags

And you wonder why people hate you

Daniellefag to Ragnarok.

Literally kill yourself.

these threads seem to be split pretty nicely between Daniellefags and vanilla Vivianfags

The one with no arms from the k-on sex posing game.

Nintendo are jumping the gun a little, TPP hasn't been implemented yet.

Looks like I missed something… What's happening about Youtube ?

It's gone full Orwell

More precisions ?

They are officially enforcing rules about non-advertisable content they've been silently pushing for months. Now people are pissed because they're finally aware of that crap when they merely used to ignore or dismiss it before.
Numerous big names are complaining about it, and as usual, in two weeks all of them will have bent over and will keep doing their stuff as if nothing had ever happened.

Is there a list of those news ?



Here you go

Val just wants everyone to surrender because its in his French blood.

So raise hell during this two week period.

Appeal to the "Youtube is taking your money" angle to some, and the "Youtube is using it as an excuse to screw with things they don't like" for others.
Maybe even shill this: adngin.com/blog/website-monetization/top-10-video-monetization-platforms-its-not-only-youtube/

Whatever you do, push #YoutubeIsOverParty, see if it can trend. Include $GOOG and $GOOGL to get Google shareholders to know.

More info here:

Shut the fuck up

I'm just a bit disheartened. It's the fiftieth time youtube's been pulling this shit and normalfags will never leave the place unless huge ecelebs explain they will quit as well… which is never gonna happen either.

Is he the faggot who always posts Nami?

Son of a fucking bitch

Well, normalfags need their Cyprien, JDG and other Bob Lennons after all.

Which artist should I give money for a new Gilda pic?


Just keep reporting everything, if we can show a clear case of bias in how TOS are being applied then we have a FTC case.

of fucking course

ShindoL. He'll do some amazing art of her I'm sure.


Either him or Asanagi, but one of them will be busy with the horse idol animu something about breeding and turning into glue

I made a list for /baphomet/ a while ago because I knew they were up to something, but now they've given an even bigger fulcrum to leverage reporting most videos by these users:

Drama Alert
Harmful Opinions

All the prank channels too, but I don't know their names from top of my head.

A lot of these youtubers are linked together through various bits of drama, and hitting them all hard will cause them to whip up an absolute shitstorm. Google are trying to do the classic boiling frog technique.


ShindoL. If I thought Butcha-U did commissions or I had a way to contact him, I'd say him instead.

here's your (you) now kill yourself


How much does it co- Wait, aren't you the Gilda pedophile?

oh yeah, there was this show about horse grills doing races and shit

forgot the name of it, or if it came out yet

I'm not the gildafag, no. She's cute but she's meant to be bullied.
I'm also not a child rapist, I'm only a lolicon

I like the idea. I would like to see it.

Here's yours, suicide pact?

i recommend you convert to islam
then get beheaded

Most people here are opposed to the accelerationist method, I'm just hitting everything I can without discriminating. Holla Forums doesn't seem against it but thread is sort of slow.
Holla Forums thread
>>>Holla Forums7322023

I remembered

Uma Musume

But this it the first time such a shit-storm has been caused.

Keep at it. When a few big voices say everyone will be under fire because of the policy, google will get it's shit stuffed or a competitor will remind people it exists.


Is anything more than just the trailer available anywhere (in english)?

The biggest problem is Google invests billions to ensure they have no stiff competition. Dailymotion or fucking Vimeo or whatever couldn't handle what YouTube can. I don't think there's a easy solution. The absolute best thing they could do would be to have some sort of strike. Maybe all the big name YouTubers delete all their video or something and stop making any more until Google caves? Dunno if it would work though. Basically all of them would have to go through with it, and YouTube might just think it's not worth it.

Sadly no multi-billionaires are lining up to push a YouTube competitor.

Might as well, Google is already the Patriots.

They could scale up. While it would be much more bandwidth intensive it would also give them far more revenue. I'm sure they'd jump over the chance.

I still don't understand how the Patriots were conceived.

how? Video sites tend to bleed money unless they require money for accounts or they get dedicated ads a-la Niconico.

Is there a way to find out if you are getting quality filtered on twitter?

They have ads though.

Who do you think you are fooling? I still remember you telling everyone you wanted to do poor Gilda

Sweet, Holla Forums seems to be missing the mark and thinking it's some kind of conspiracy against their little brotherhood more than corporate enforcement of the cult of positivity, but I'll join in regardless.

I like that OP alludes to the same metaphor as I was doing, at least someone else sees through their tactics.

Has anyone ever seen the fuck you/apology letters Google gives to people it tells to fuck off? I hate that passive aggressive shit, cut the niceties and tell me what has happened.

would it be possible to dis nod youtube?


If anyone has an Imgur account, there are some posts talking about Youtube's TOS. (Look at the newest when searching for Youtube)

Spread awareness, "upvote" then take a nice hot shower after to cleanse yourself of normalfag tactics.

Kek, no problem.

Were you trying to pique Holla Forums's interest with the way you framed it or do you think there's an agenda to push out right wing viewpoints?

We'd need a hell of a lot more people than what's in GG. Gawker is one thing. Google is something else entirely.

big youtubers are pissed, if we hop on it now and gather the contact info of the advertisers on youtube then they could get their millions of subscribers to help, we need to act know because their rage won't last long.

The original patriots where a group of people dedicated to fulfilling the dream of The Boss. A world without borders and no conflict.

The original members were Snake's team from the Virtuouse Mission in MGS 3. Zero, Big Boss, Sigint, Para-Medic and later additions were Ocelot and Eva. They used the funds of The Philosophers to build up some armies and infiltrate governments.

Basically they got in some fights over how the vision of The Boss should be interpreted and implemented, so Big Boss and Ocelot decided to do their own thing and fight the remaining patriots, now under supreme leadership of Zero.

When Zero got fucked up by some parasites and got dementia, he decided to build some AIs who could continue his work towards the fulfillment of The Boss' vision. The AI went a bit crazy over time though, especially when the internet got invented and they gained access to massive amounts of data. They started to do some crazy shit on their own volition that Zero would have probably disagreed with if he wouldn't be a vegetable at this point.

I think there's an agenda to push out right-wing view points as well as people against SJWs. Google definitely has an ideological leaning which can be observed by the things they promote. For instance their promotion of refugees and that interracial softcore porn video was a video promoted by youtube and had full frontal nudity. Also they've been caught manipulating searches to try to help Clinton and Schmidt, their chairman, setup a company to help Clinton's digital campaign according to Assange. The final nail in the coffin is that in Clinton's email leaks Google executives appeared a large number of times, particularly Jared Cohen who's the head of Google Ideas.

They'd ALL need to do something. It would take everything. You remember how many people bitched about content ID. And what happened? Nothing. YouTube said nothing and everyone went back, grumbling and accepting totalitarian control. Moving normalfags to action is sadly very difficult.


Shill for people who don't want this
Help them now, get more to speak out against other censorship later.

Thanks. The way Big Boss explained it made absolutely no sense.

That is why I suggested we start the fire, if big youtubers are aware that a group of people did the leg work and are emailing they will most likely jump on it and the normalfags would most likely follow their heroes.

I refuse to accept that the corporations have a decent bone in their body and have any ideology but the maximization of profit, it's something that's touted quite a lot by both the corporations and Holla Forums itself but there is definitely something more going on under the surface of these 'leftist' megacorporations and politicians colluding. It looks like the typical sort of divide and conquer they pull in the UK. Unfortunately it's proven to work and people will quickly turn on each other and those weaker than them than strike upwards at someone with power. I wouldn't be surprised if the UK was their testing ground.

Fuck Hillary, demented fucking android she-bot. I swear if there's a person that makes me think all the NWO schizophrenics on YouTube may have a point, it's her.



A populace which has little to nothing in common with one another is far easier to exploit and profit from as they're unlikely to band together. Its why "diversity" is championed by them.

Nanomachines when? The war economy might quite literally fucking be a thing in the future.

Flag all their videos, shit is happening to our stuff anyways.

Goal is everyone to be pissed.

It's a thing now you idiot

Ocelot was one of the original members

Yeah didn't help that Kojima made up new shit with every game and retconned old stuff regularly with epic twists.



Lockheed, Haliburton, Blackwater, etc.

well duh, the Trudeau givernment is stuck in 2015

I kind of see it in monopolization terms.

Corporations that are too big to do without.

Best thing to do is while we could try to ask youtube to change their policies, we can't force them, so make alternatives. Prop up their competitors.

It's time for Danielle, Vivian and Gilda to have some lewd time together!



pay attention to the youtube shit but our focus should be this

What have you done

So GoymerGate is actually about monetizing (((YouTube))).

Ignoring Cultural Marxism was sure worth it for something as important as this, we must help (((Sarcuck))) protect his shekels!

You faggots better post shit about how Reddit is a shitty parent.


I'm tempted to registr with the nickname "Gildafag" and rant as a sperg about Gilda being abandoned by them


The fire rises!

It's the trufax. If automation doesn't gain traction fast enough they can keep wages low, they can creep a police state with increased terrorism from refugees and they can pit the population against each other by saying it's a 'moral argument' - which would make it the first time morality has come into politics as far as I can remember. Everyone gets caught up in their pet causes when really politicians and the elite need a firm and swift kicking before they get even more out of control.

I know Lockheed are, I can pretty much guess she has dealings with Halliburton just from her past, the only one I would question is Blackwater, with those involved probably donating through some other pie they've got their fingers stuck in.

This is what I'm talking about. "Hey don't worry buddy, you're not in trouble!" - Thanks for the cushioned boot on my neck, Hitler. Or the thanking you for understanding their apology when banning you. Just be the cutthroat shitheads you are you schmoozing sonuvabitch!

The mafia takes care of its own.

Reposting idea to give youtube capable competitors.

No, I mean I'd gladly embrace a future where absolutely everyone spends hard earned cash on mechs and enhancing their bodies to fuck each other up.

It's not a question of traffic necessarily. Part of the reason YouTube has a monopoly is because Google are the only ones with enough money to handle all the legal shit

Oh fuck off

I've been using the clinton leaks to buttfuck liberals in 2nd world countries like I'm fucking Kissinger



People ain't getting involved in all that.

Not getting the same shit-talking bants they go to youtube for? That will get people angry.

You do understand that winning this battle helps win your war, right?



No shocker here, you guys always were retards.

Sounds like a good plan
Where should we start ? Because Pewdiepie got one of his videos de-moneytized and got suspended, we could start there

why are the shills so stupid? what year will they git gud?

Fighting is fun. Breaking things is also fun.

Why don't I enlist in the army? Nothing to fight for and I can't imagine shooting a moving target being fun.

Haha bamboozled!

Fuck off


Honestly, you deserve it for replying to him in the first place

All true points he made, but as for who I think is best suited to possibly give competition, is those two companies.

Youtube is attempting to be like Hulu and Netflix. Actual profitable platforms.

I'd say if either of those companies got into the user created video market, they can pull it off. Treat any big youtuber like they do with any of their series. Show off their older videos, and require subscription to see their newer ones, but at least subscription lets you see a lot of good licensed, and original content from either company.

Stop projecting. When I hear the term war economy I think "war as a business".

This is exactly what you did
War is a fucking business, you moron. It's always been a fucking business

The problem with YouTube is that it's quantity over quality, whereas Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are sort of the opposite. Trying to set-up big Youtubers like one of the Netflix exclusives won't go over very well, nobody's going to pay premium prices for fucking Pewdiepie videos.

War is for political gain. The only money is making shit for governments or rebels to use.

Seems like he just doesn't know and is about to have is mind blown.

That's all the money. Also there are the resources and building contracts. Halliburton made a fortune off the construction contracts alone for the Iraq war.

Lockheed Martin regularly bankroll both candidates in a presidential election. Look up the Carlyle Group, starting with them can be an eye opener.

They wouldn't, but it does give open access to everything else Hulu or Netflix offers.

It's kind of a whole package deal thing.

Yes, because I'm sure the Russo-Japanese war, for example, was all about political gain and had absolutely nothing to do with Russia wanting some ports that didn't freeze over in the winter

Yeah, someday someone will beat the everloving shit out of you and you'll realize violence isn't all that fun. Sometimes necessary, but never fun.

There's all that needs to be said about the MIC.
It's not money. It's all the fucking money.


Heh heh heh,

Shit, meant F-35

The board Revolt is on endchan after getting btfo on fullchan, stupid. Stop being paranoid.

I actually used to have my friend beat me up all the time to toughen me up. I didn't just feel pain, I felt a rush. It was exciting and I even laughed at it.


What about something like Blip or Dailymotion?

It just needs to imitate most of Youtube's features, and say "Only illegal content is banned."
Of course the server would need to be outside the US because feelings are laws now.
And if you focused on the "free" aspect, a bunch of double-agent stormfront-esque accounts would pop up overnight to drive away normalfags.

And no one is going to offer a better deal right now (sure youtube fucks them over, but what advertiser is gonna go with a video streaming start-up?)

This really needs to be spearheaded by users. Then they can reveal "Hey, these guys with over 1 billion combined subscribers made their own youtube." (while of course it's closer to "here's our launch line-up")

Revolt came back here since Endchan was tracking IPs. Stop spreading misinfo.

Hi goobers, internet sensation Peter Coffin here.

Ask me anything, please be peaceful and don't doxx an innocent girl while I'm here.

Then fuck off and start and Invision Forum, you insufferable faggot.

Who's your favorite tan

Forget it, I'm out, too much sexism here for me to handle.

Well you could at least stop talking about them constantly. They are effectively used as a boogeyman in this thread to deflect criticism or squash dissent.

gather the advertisers and their contact info put it in a medium article or a pastbin then contact the youtubers/let's players meanwhile we can gather more info on google/youtubers bias like that promoted interracial softcover porn that user mentioned or sjws getting away with pushing their politics.

The reason nobody does is it simply isn't profitable. Everyone knows Youtube has never made any profit, under Google or independently. Google would have shut down Youtube years ago, but the mass outrage doing so would cause keeps them in check.

Specialty sites like PornTube and Full 30 (never thought I'd mention those together) are better ideas.

How does it feel to know you make nothing now?

Also it would mean that a content creator under Netflix/Hulu would be allowed to use clips from their shows without worrying about copyright, so memes, parody, commentary, reactions etc would go unpunished. The same could be beneficial for any labels associated with them.

Also the prison industrial complex, which along with big alcohol and tobacco further presses for the war on drugs in order to secure a market on narcotics and to criminalise people for taking autonomy over their own bodies, not to mention the bribery of judges to hand out harsher sentences. That's not even some of the worst stuff the government are regularly involved in, there's the CIA's involvement with the crack epidemic of the 80's, their gun running to Mexico for cocaine to sell, backing Manuel Noriega and sending the DEA to go get him when it went to shit. What a fucking shitshow the world is.

Do you plan on upgrading that doll of yours?

Speaking of that did you hear the bullshit about how now they're making it illegal for people who get medical marijuana to own guns in some states?

How come your "wife" doesn't use your last name?

Dailymotion is basically porn/weird youtube

Plus, Youtube hasn't been profitable, probably ever. That's why no one has been trying to do what it does, because only Google has that much money to just throw in a bonfire

I said be peaceful.

Remember to thank the traitorous NRA for endorsing the GCA and getting it passed.

When are more CON leaks coming?

I wish there would be something really juicy that Google could be hiding.

shiggy diggy

Where's your proof it's real and not something you goobers made up?

I doubt it has anything to do with outrage. None of these social networks actually make any money, but so many people use them that their owners think that, if they make the right moves, there's an untapped gold mine there ready to be exploited. There really isn't

Did they betray their entire mentality or just stab blazeits in the back to make themselves look more favorable?

I honestly wouldn't be surprised with the latter. It's low, but effective.



Here, have some peaceful.

It's based on a mobile gambling game.

Cygames needs to set their priorities straight, FFS.

To make this related to the OP, wouldn't it be funny if channels of popular weaboo youtubers get their shit videos flagged? It's not like it's hard to find violations in their degenerate cartoons…

u wot m8?

What is up with you guys and smug anime girls? Don't you realize you come across as unlikable every time you post that?

Every time you do that, 5 people mock you for doing that, so stop.

The NRA's mentality has never been about protecting the second amendment. They were founded as a marksmanship group, and their first real political act was endorsing the National Firearms Act in 1934. They've been absent from several lawsuits against the many laws they supported and, in the case of the LEOPA, wrote. This includes the NFA, the GCA, the LEOPA (which they actually wrote), the Undectable Firearms Act, the Hugues Amendment, and duty to inform clauses in state carry law.

Join one of the many alternative organizations instead. I'm a member of the Gun Owners of America, but there are plenty of others.

what the fuck are you doing. you bring shame to those dubs, you wretch

This shit never gets old.

Radiation does wonders for creativity.






I'm glad people here are not giving attention to derailers and revoltards otherwise we would be wasting the bump limit. Good job people

I didn't, not much surprises me at this point though.


I want a decent anime of Dungeon Meshi. Marcille a cute.
>inb4 knife-ears

No one's falling for it, it's just for fun

Oh god, wasn't Sessler in some amateur comedy movie where he actually looked like that?

How's this for peaceful?

Heh looks like you just fell for my bait 8))


They use the sensation to cope with pain. They're not doing it recreationally, but they're still doing it.

What else do I call medical marijuana users for short?

Peter Coffin has been posting in /cow/ for a year and a half trying to astroturf theories about how his "current wife" was actually Kimi Kobayashi. It's not like he doesn't on Holla Forums.


I know, and it's fooling no one.

Its far better than something like percocet or oxy.

This thread is for Christ-loving bringers of peace

I'm afraid I'll have to ask your filthy, Mongol, war-loving ass to leave

Call them faggots like the rest of us

Hey anons, while YT changed its policy regarding "problematic" video, Anita Sarkeesian released her new video on her TV Tropes vs. Women in video games under our noses. I hope someone can make a webm of it.


h8chan is picture forum of peace

Goddamn, they look stupid.

I don't really see a reason to do that now that she's just kind of faded away into obscurity. You say that like her releasing a video while everyone is away caring about something better is a bad thing

Like, really, what was the last thing any of us have heard from her?

Will attempt to make a webm, though probably it'll be too big to upload all at once.

Question: Does anyone know if she usually put ads on her videos? Because I made a gamble by disabling adblock and seeing if she had ads enabled in this video - she doesn't, which shocks me knowing her.

Is it wrong if I want to choke on it?

What shit is it this time?

I'm waiting for the filthy liar to really drop the ball and become a meme disgrace.

She doesn't have a need for ads, stupid faggots throw her money when she cries soggy knees.

I'd suck Vivian's dick

More ammo against socjus?

No, she doesn't. None of her videos have been monetized, otherwise she wouldn't be able to call herself non-profit

Well fuck, thought she got struck by the same YouTube bullshit. Nevermind then.

I'd join your attemps

Is it gay if it's your daughter?

It would be extremely homosexual


control yourself user



Never EVER try to romance your daughter if she's a trap. It's super gay.

hail satan trips checked.
What a yuuuge surprise. If I was less than charitable I'd suspect YT is doing an automated mass purge, and manual selective whitelisting of who is goodthink adfriendly people. It is quite puzzling though how the ones who are speedily re-monetized happens to be socjus sympathethic, or adherents, or actively shills for socjus. Very puzzling. :^)



Vivi a cute

People with huge cocks can't be cute

She looks good in CIA's outfit.

Shame there's no fanart of her having to take a leak really bad but there's no nearby toilet so she has to hold it in desperately. That's my fetish.

Are you sure about that?



So I just read in the past thread that Trudeau actually did say "it is $CURRENTYEAR" and whined about there not being enough women at the negotiation table during talks with the Chinese.

It's fucking incredible, this bastard does absolutely nothing but virtue-signal. Every damn thing he does in public is geared towards it. He hasn't been in charge for a single year and already reached self-parody levels.

Mark my words: he has a very dark secret. Not just usual politician corruption, but something downright disturbing.

Trudeau let a whole province burn down so he could brag about how non-racist he was lol

Comeon, It's not that bad of a fetish.

I also imagine peeing as a girl feels better than pissing as a guy.

And the funniest part is that at the end of the day, he insulted the South Africans he brought in and they basically told him to go fuck himself.

Kinda feels uncanny valley, a kid shouldn't have an elephant gun there.

Re election when?



did anybody rehosted broteam's streams? got any links?


Futa and scat freaks need to hang from trees.

Good thing I'm not into scat then, but piss.

And Gildafags

An attempt was made.


And Asuka fags will be fed to lions

SAO fans will be burned at the stake

SHAFT will be forced to finish up Kizumonogatari and then be lined up against walls and shot

Monstergirl fags will be put into concentration camps, and then gas chambers when they're no longer useful

All traces of Boku no Pico's existence shall be erased

Long and prosperous shall be the reign of cute, white, blonde anime girls. Long and prosperous shall be the lives of lolis, aras, and foxgirls that live under them

Enslave Shounenfags. Deport Yaoi fangirls to Antarctica

Make Anime Great Again

Brote rehosted via Mega.
I'd exercise caution when DLing from Mega.
Ctrl+F "Mega Technique"

>Dotcom: I'm not involved in Mega anymore. Neither in a managing nor in a shareholder capacity. The company has suffered from a hostile takeover by a Chinese investor who is wanted in China for fraud. He used a number of straw-men and businesses to accumulate more and more Mega shares. Recently his shares have been seized by the NZ government. Which means the NZ government is in control. In addition Hollywood has seized all the Megashares in the family trust that was setup for my children. As a result of this and a number of other confidential issues I don't trust Mega anymore. I don't think your data is safe on Mega anymore. But my non-compete clause is running out at the end of the year and I will create a Mega competitor that is completely open source and non-profit, similar to the Wikipedia model. I want to give everyone free, unlimited and encrypted cloud storage with the help of donations from the community to keep things going.

I also have the copy of the video that I DLed from YT, but I have no idea how to re-host it.

And Rea Seiyuu will die


There are some who would say zombies count as monstergirls, Reanon.

Not before Kaori's seiyuu :^)

Can she finally fuck off already?

Nice morale booster:

I really need to turn off spell check

Not again…

let's just ignore tristana and lulu and anivia and annie and cassiopeia and jinx and poppy and reksai


You know, it hasn't even been a year since Miyu passed

Kinda funny Miyu's character in Shimoneta was named Anna, and Annabel performed Sankarea's ED. It's like pottery

She missed Hannah the Hammer.

Speaking of Narcos, S2 actually premiers tomorrow



Why didn't you protect her?


This desperately needs a Daikatana edit


I can't remember what this is an edit of.

And is VH compatible with Android?

Holy fuck stop talking about anime and start spreading the CON Leaks.


Japanese people let their work ethic get in the way of their well being.
They refuse to get proper medical treatment for anything, continue to work just as much (and it's hard enough on somebody in good health), the only difference being the facemask they wear to and from work, and yet they wonder why they're dropping like flies.
The Japanese need to accept that it's okay for people to take some time off of work for personal matters before you've got one foot in the grave.

The salaryman lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term. There's a reason why both suicides and stress-related death are on the rise in Japan. People can't fucking handle it, and Japan is already looking at some serious demographic problems. There's no need to make it worse.




I don't know, it looks kind of familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Also, I've heard about VH on Android but I have seen anything concrete.


Fuck off, nobody likes a focus fag.

Sailor Moon.

Also aren't they in like a permanent recession? You'd figure there would be a huge morale drop from the fact that their culture has people literally working themselves to death just to maintain the sub par status quo.

Ah that's right, I just couldn't picture it,.thanks


user, the jimmies. The jimmies are are being affected.

She ignored Illaoi. I knew she was dishonest, but man, I would love to see Riot pissed by this.
But they will probably just bend over and say they are sorry for being bad goys.

Are you angry at something user? Maybe you need a hug? A Tio's hug per day makes all the problems go away.




What a relief.

I wonder how could they finally…
I mean, the cave paintings they sell to the world clearly shows that they are desperate for a different life, but they never get there.
It's really sad, they live so long, they are really great at art in general, terrible at sports and war, but they are cool. Of course they hate everyone else, but that's not a bad thing really.

this one?

I still don't get this one, not that I'm complaining.

Yeah, that one.

Not being a slave to love like most of man and all of 2D is a very comforting feeling.


Blm will kill the jews, at least in canada

Hes a puppet who has takken to many punches to the head/was born retarded. And he has do many strings he could be a piano factory.


Guys, PAX West is coming soon, anyone got that list of "totally not our ideology and politics shoved down your throats" panels there?

profile pics can't have porn. The timeline feed is different because it can be spoilered

Buff Oni are the best monster girl.


Looks shooped as fuck, but would twitter be more accepting if it it was claimed to be a pic (shoop, real, implied or not don't matter) of a culturally rich kebab that pewdiepie was sucking? But whatever mang, this past month has been warp speed happenings. And 2016 is not even over yet.

Fuck, wont archive right. Maybe someone else can theglobeandm ail.com/sports/football/saskatchewan-roughrider-khalif-mitchell-to-be-dismissed-after-anti-semitic-retweets/article31675870/

Psychfag is going to it.

Surprised there haven't been any Boss of This Swamp memes

How would be tenderly, but firmly, carried away to a love nest by a towering love beast that will probably bare you bones giving you, and only you, all of her body to explore, be considered "slavery"?

Big Buff is better.
But about the mail, frankly, here in my country we also need to do something about the post office, it's bleeding money.

Yeah, now that you mention it I'm absolutely certain it was banned because it was a white dick. You're really onto something there.

This guy is on a roll!

Their economy is more or less doing okay, but it does fall into (short-lived) recessions often. Doesn't really help that the yen is bouncing all over the place, either.
One of the biggest issues is how many able-bodied (and able-minded, they're well educated) Japanese people are under/unemployed, because when the economy is in recession and you want to find work, you take what you can get. Unfortunately, you are expected to take a job for life, even if you're only taking a job out of necessity.
When the recession is over, and you start looking for better jobs, you'll find that nobody will want to hire you, because it's not normal to be looking for new work.
And of course, they're not technically wrong - if you're looking for a loyal employee who will serve you for life, why would you hire some bastard that just quit his last job?

If your job is too much for you, you're not expected to quit your job, you're supposed to go to your boss, apologize profusely, and ask to be demoted to a position where you will have fewer responsibilities.

And you've figured it out.
Japanese art, but anime especially, puts an extreme amount of focus on youth, because that's the only time you actually have to live the life you want to, dick around, and hang out with friends.
It's unreal, but it's supposed to be. It's not about accurately portraying youth, but portraying the freedom and spontaneity youth provides. That's what people want. They look back on their carefree days and say "I wish I had that."
A salaryman (or woman) doesn't have time for friends, and they don't have time for hobbies, so they watch cute girls do the things they want to do, instead.

And you're right, it's all conditioning, but It's hard to get past it. The country is home to the oldest of businesses and the deepest of tradition. You can't just change that shit overnight. It's slow, but it will eventually sort itself out.

I think it's a black hand and thumb

I've seen how love makes people and characters act, user. I just don't want that.

Someone already did.

Dammit, figures my rearchive would have worked, egg on my face.

Hmm, seems to work on my machine.jpg

Black supremacist sblurting out anti semitic things is nothing new to anyone not drinking the 'only whitey can be racist' koolaid. Sheeeeit, it's funny how long the MSM can keep up with the diametrically opposed factions though.
BLM starts to blurting out ungoodthink about The Tribe

user, nothing is perfect. But, while it's hard to believe, things might workout.
The risks are high, even more for males with good intentions, I will give you that. But, I've seen relationships go disastrous, but I've seem some that work really well for both.
Maybe you already tried and got burn, but, who knows.
I never had a relationship. I'm a broken human in that regard, but sometimes I wonder how it could be.

polite sage

user pls, don't post Tio here, shes too good for these threads, have frogs instead


No, it's literally something to do with warm and fuzzy feelings being overwhelming. I have to listen to boss music to suppress them after reading or watching something romantically enjoyable.

Yeah guy, because twitter is color blind just like they claim to be. They're certainly not pushing anything like BLM or turn a blind eye towards actual ISIS sympathizer groups or anything.

You have a goth emo shirt on while you typed that didn't you. Fake ear gauge to practice for the real thing?

Any chance of Phil Shit getting triggered into a rage again?

Being emotionally defective also applies.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Some good news

He probably still have his twitter set to private. Unless he have a new game for his pals to shill he will stay low profile for a little longer

Is he still drinking the socjus koolaid though? Even after all the shit he went through?

Does that faggot block nearly as often as Kamiya? I'd love to see who could do it to the other faster.

If he is, he's the dumbest motherfucker in existence.

Maybe. He's probably using the autoblocker too

>not giving adopted children a nicely-wrapped box with a rock inside

Also, this is a reminder that you sealed the basement off when you tried to fill it with cement for some unknown reason.

I actually forgot about the game myself until now.

who did he stole the game from this time?

He stole the Idea of 3D tetris. That's all it is, tetris from a top down angle.


Steam was a mistake

Gaben can do no wrong. Shush.


red the HS shit

not relly

What's this about pouring fucking cement?

A little from Blockout, a handful from 3D tetris, Thruspace, a pinch of Ketzals Corridor.

Just attentionwhoring faggot dev, besides, when it's gonna come out? after or before the elections?

but did he actually made it this time? Last time stole most of the actual game not just the idea and the kicked out the dev

I think my keyboard is eating letters


its what happens when you dont have a $700 keyboard like me

Anything is possible. Maybe he learned the rewards of doing honest work during his DJ'ing sabbatical. :^)





stop what

At least let them make something that can fix the meguca clusterfuck.

You're late.

Don't let a few corpses get to your head Reaanon, Ammit will smite you if you keep that up.

Reanon was once so pleasant. What's happened to that faggot?

Power corrupting is just a meme.

Still working on the CON chat leaks video:

Collected a lot of footage and chat snippets, and I'm about to start writing, but there's something else I'm looking for. According to @mombot (twitter.com/mombot/status/770991819245035521), Broteampill is supposed to have access to the Trello docs they used. Anyone know where I can find it?

it's leopirate btw

I've just been so damn smug because of these damn corpse flowers and my life going right in all the right ways.

Never quite thought of myself as pleasant anyway. I was almost certain I was a bit of an annoyance in these threads

Also, I emailed Colin Campbell concerning the Polygon article about the Polaris Game Jam. The answer was…wait for it…

Complete fucking silence

If I don't see a reply or something tomorrow, I'll just move up the ladder.

Oh shit nigger

You're here

Get my message on tumblr?

Which one? Was it the one telling me to focus on CON's fight against anonymity?

If so, then yeh

She should be in a good mood, though. This past year has given her a host of people realizing that all their plans are being denied. Especially since a lot of their logic and world view are against the natural order of the world.

I find it very amusing she was never picked up the way Kek was, despite some current events fitting under her sphere, so to speak. History truly seems to repeat itself if her followers remain small, and largely unknown.

holy shit really?

Im the guy who knows the argentine political types

I replied there.

Hi Leo

did you make another twitter account yet?

Why would you ever think an avatarfag is pleasant?

too bad I must soft billy you for the mac.

They're a waifufag, not an avatarfag. There's a difference.

I'm sure this will be good.


I don't see much of a difference, but alright

Lot of fucking use you are. You should've done that from the very start.Make sure you give them one of the articles contextualizing the logs and not the logs themselves.

Eh, out of the people around here that's recognizable you're one of the few that I actually like. You try to refocus by actually pointing to solid info instead of screaming shill and also send emails.


i'll make a gentoo partition

I hope I have time to fit it in. Peter deserves an entire video of his own, honestly.

it's not as bad you think

Good boy.

I remember peter
How does he fight the urge to commit suicide.

Today September 1st, I ended my book, 272 pages, It was a hell of a ride, now to revise it, correct mistakes and do the illustrations, a long road ahead of me awaits, and I'll enjoy it.


Unrelated but is Brote even on 8ch?


why doesnt he just get a fucking wife already

toilet nigga lives again

Will revolt ever just fuck off?

They're like the SJWs. It's the entire identity. Without it they have nothing. They might as well put the gun in their mouths. What do you think? Of course they'll never leave. Then they'd have to face the crippling horror that is the reality of their lives.

Should I even bother with touching that thread? I'm cynically expecting full retardation.

He's MiG-tow in denial.

just sage it until it hits bump limit

They seem really ass ravaged since the CON chat log happened.

I've always thought it was Holla Forums doing that shit, those low effort b8 threads are just pathetic.


But how retarded is it? Are there at least dubs?

June 23, 2016:
- Anti-GG Jed Whitaker goes on the record stating he dislikes puzzles games

August 31, 2016:
- Anti-GG Jed Whitaker reviews a fucking puzzle game
- gives it a fucking 20/100


Didn't GGR claim the CONleaks were their win?

What is it with these chucklefucks and insulting Cyan every chance they get?

I've never understood why sites give people who obviously dislike a genre to write reviews about said genre. I get that in some situations, there may not be a choice, but if they've got someone else to do it, why shove the job on someone who will most likely do a shit job?


They claimed that it proved them right about TB being part of a conspiracy to subvert gamergate. Which made no damned sense since the leaks showed them being bitches to him. Also they act like they're the only ones who had problems with TB's weak statements when there were plenty of people here who were irritated by them. Plus the faggot in that thread doesn't even know how to crossboard link.


Ah ok, that's why the revoltfags in that thread was trying to bring up TB and trying to imply Holla Forums and GG sucks TB's dick unconditionally along with other bullshit lies.

He must really want those two extra dollars:^)


Don't you remember? If you want real opinions on gaming you should ask people with no experience with games. Their opinions are much more interesting :^)

Jed exists purely to clickbait and he's even gotten D-toid blacklisted from a number of companies.

The sole redeeming factor in all this: he wasn't even reviewing the game for Destructoid, but for GameRevolution.

Guess what Destructoid gave Obduction? 9/10

You can really tell he's reaching for those rage-clicks, given that the first statement compares it to the Pyst parody game.

My dad's 386 had a top down tetris game.


It is not v who thinks val is ok, it his socjus anons pretending as anons who think he is ok

shills got tired of the other thread and came back here

There's also his legion of homosexuals, like me

Oh vey


Hell, Zarya might as well have been made FOR them. These fucks sure want an arm when they ask for a finger.

So it was shit? Can you give me a summary?

the old shit flinging of always, revoltards crying about ethicscuck, "regular anons" saying GG was good in the beggining but it died (and variations but always dead in the end). You didn't missed anything

Talk about grasping.

Do it

Is Neeta back on the vidya shaming and scaremongering scam again, I thought she was doing that female in history grift job. Anyhow Femfreq charity status really needs to be scrutinized by the authorities. Femfreq gives money to CON and appears to be the money processing dept of the scamjob.

Have any of the usual outlets whined about KoF 14 yet?

Hasn't every bit of official artwork shown she's really not that fat?

haven't seen anything yet other than polygon's 25 minute gameplay video where they show off how casual they were.

If there is gonna be bitching about a KoF game, it will be from small time bloggers like what happened with KoF XIII.

for example;

Of course they won't. They're going to be eaten alive by the BRs and azns if they try anything.

I want them to respond with a straight up "Fuck you".

mei is chinese with a short figure
she isnt fat she is just got a tiny chinese figure with a round chinese face not a skinny japanese korean kpop body like Dva

Oh wow, I never thought anyone would remember "it".

It's forever etched into my mind. I will never forget

That's why I really feel the need to kick these feminists out of video games.


What was the moment you started liking dogs more despite being a catfag?

Around the time when the dozens of strays and ferals around my building collectively decided the area around my doorstep was the designated shitting street

1) Good to see you're still alive. I miss seeing you on twitter.

2) I'm looking forward to the video.

3) I hope I'm important enough to have made the Trello docs. I'd hate to think they never even noticed me.

I've always liked dogs more. I am allergic to cats. I don't hate cats or anything, but my allergies meant I was always closer to dogs.

The moment they made jumping on my back while serving them food a daily routine. My back is covered in about 3 years worth of lacerations and shallow puncture wounds. Gave up ownership to a work friend who wanted cats. Now I'm saving up money to get a shelter dog.

Is this Val person the leader of Gamergate?

Not even close, just a namefag.

Is he actually a sassy french milf, because that's what "he" sounds to me.

He's a sassy french faggot who likes benis.


fuck off


They have been surprisingly quiet about it and the game got 8 and 8.5 everywhere.

so what's up with this

anything new from it? Did anons send emails?


I did, yes.

I do try my best to not be a complete faggot

Glad to know, user

My final draft. Thoughts?

I just corrected a minor mistake.

Is it right now for distribution? What would happen if it was tweeted to Pewdiepie?

Why do you even have the crash override logo take that much useless space ? It's not even needed. And I've told you already, the quote you picked isn't incriminating in the slightest. Hell, it makes those people sound playful more than anything.

Absolutely nothing. He wouldn't know what you're talking about, he wouldn't care, and more than anything, he wouldn't notice.

By the way, just in case : it's great you're making an infographic about it, but you need to make it more streamlined, clear and obvious. It needs to be accessible to people outside GG too, nd for that you need to make it immediate and completely simply.
What that implies is, making it too wordy will make it boring; keeping useless parts in will make it unclear; putting info that isn't going to make people react with an obvious annoyance or distaste makes it empty; and making it visually unappealing makes people less willing to look at it in the first place.
Choose another quote, this one is useless. Take the logo off; it doesn't bring anythng. If you really want it in, then just make it a small addition on the side, so it doesn't actually make your picture longer. Add an archive to the quote you use to, to prove you didn't make it up. And the final "TWITTER PLACES ITS TRUST IN TROLLS" is lame, do not comment, merely describe and end with a brief conclusion.


To give the viewer a pictorial trigger that will instantly link (in the mind of the the crash override symbol with trolling.

Bullshit. She even straight out states that she was going to troll them.

Val you are such a defeatist ass sometimes. Pewdiepie has a score to settle. He will notice the twitter icon which will grab his attention. He will notice the redtext at the bottom which will pique his curiosity to read the rest. Do you even know about human psychology other than your own?

Again, I call bullshit. Show me another quote that Quinn uses that points out that she trolled Polaris Game Jam.

(in the mind of the viewer linking the Crash Override Network symbol with trolling.)

Why don't you write down what YOU think should be said.

He browsed a bread once when it was linked


I thought it was only $400,000?

I believe that was the prize money but the production of the whole thing cost more.

The background is a bit of an eyesore in my opinion.

I'd keep it blue but use the bird silhouette at the bottom where the punchline is. If you think it looks boring, could add some quickly drawn clouds for the top border and something red down the bottom to match your text.

That's what I'm saying, user. All she says in that quote is "lol let's be dummies in front of the camera". That's not incriminating, that makes her, at worst, sound like she was a dick. That's all.
No one who doesn't already know the context is gonna read this and think "woah, what a terrible person" or "my god, she ruined it all !"
It doesn't in the slightest indicate she was entirely at fault, it doesn't begin to present her as even "mean", it just shows that she acted dumb. That's all.
And keeping the CON logo only makes the picture huger for absolutely no reason user. Again, the point is to allow people to look at it and immediately get the point. Adding elements that are just there to look cute is useless and harms the core of your argument.

Include quotes from articles that explain the shit they did; headlines and specific parts, with the article's link right next to it, give this shit huge weight to what you're saying. And choose parts that actually portray them as happy that the project failed, shit like that.
The simple point of "they're MEANIES and they're working with twitter !" isn't going to make anyone on earth side with this.

make it better, concern troll.

The simple point that it looks as if twitter doesn't know what it is doing.

When all the articles were written by her friends that said that it is the fault if the production not Quinn?

Nigger what the fuck are you even talking about?

fault of the

user, I'm talking about the numerous articles written against quinn after the logs got leaked. Are you being obtuse on purpose ?
Heck, you have anons like who bothered to collect tons of them together. You have OGG, bonegolem, breitbart, gamertics, asche schow, heatst… you have videos, you have tons of that garbage you can just copypaste in your pic instead of using a "lol we put cans in every shot aren't we so quirky ?" pseudo-incrimination.
The quote you used is useless if you want anyone to think CON and twitter are guilty of anything, user.

Show me what YOU would write. Perhaps I will put it in instead of what I wrote.

Huh. I know Usher's article reports a budget of $400,000, and they got this information from Eurogamer archive.is/JBSzF

Where is the million coming from? Another article?

I remember $millions being mentioned. for the life of me, I cannot recall where (looking for it now)

Well first off, you have a fuckton more elements you can push against CON. You can mention that unseenperfidy guy who coerced women into sending nude pics; you can mention sarah butts who confessed of being a pedophile; you can talk about Kluwe who refused to incriminate people he knows raped women when he was on the team; shit like this.
But if you want to keep the theme of polaris being fucked by them, you can include parts from oneangrygamer.net/2016/08/chat-logs-reveal-zoe-quinn-admitting-to-sabotaging-polaris-game-jam/10429/ :
Hell, in that same article you can even use Totalbiscuit's words on it, he's e-famous and his opinion will have some weight to normalfags too :
Use shit that ACTIVELY and IMMEDIATELY tells the reader that they're in for a treat, they can't start doubting, they can't start wondering. Give them, however, the ways to double, triple check that shit, by adding right next to each quote a link to the article/conversation in question.
The point is that you gain the reader's trust immediately and clearly. Adding CON's logo to take up a sixth of the entire picture is useless and completely demolishes this shit, convincing most normalfags to not even click on your picture if they browse through it on social media. Again : at the very least, add it on the side, or in the background



Fucking rich coming from you Val.

fuck sarcuck

when have we ever not wasted the bump limit

here you go

and furfags

goddamn that is some shitty art

when is he gonna spill the beans

once a cuck, always a cuck

where did my other webm go

You can only post 8mb per post user.

fuck off revolt



fug 2 webm over 8mb

Well, it will be nice to find to confirm, since if false it will make the entire infographic meaningless and easy to ridicule.

But if the file size went over the limit it wouldn't have posted instead of posting only one. Or at least I thought.

But everyone who comes to this conclusion is right no matter where they come from, so I don't see how this is a point against him unlike the other 2 bulletins.

I don't know why Anita, it's fucking misogymnastic.


good job you fell for a revolt tactic tryint to get people to leave the gamergays because muh ethics cuck veee click


And then Vice hires him.


We should indeed keep an eye on him.

I think he will go to Giant Bomb, he is already in the same building and nothing will really change.




Have you given your smug Vivian a headpat yet today?

just replace the word slave with sjw

Just stop giving me grannies


Gawker 2.0 ?

I know it won't happen, but an user can dream

The importance of that shit is the notion of precedence : journalists aren't supreme beings who can do and say anything they want just for shits and giggles. If you want to report on something with no proof, no research and no respect of the law, you get fucked in the ass, simple as that.
Now, all journalists are supposed to be aware that the moment they click "publish", they have to be goddamn sure that there's not a court case coming for their ass.

Also, in YouTube news: The bots that demonetizes your videos functions on a list of "trigger words".

Guess which term is one the list



Why are they everywhere

Gee, why am I not surprised.


Visually it looks good overall. Small suggestion, ignore the cancerous baguette namefag at this point. There's valid constructive criticism, and then there's endless nitpicking by defeatist cheese eating surrender monkeys who wants to leaderfag.

I thought you have another infographic that mentions femfreq and CON, if that one is still being worked on that might look good using this similar style.

Somebody please help me to revive all of the braincells that died during her video.

Read Dungeon Meshi, it'll bring back dead braincells through the power of food.


Uh oh, better send Joss Whedon a memo on the updated current year approved goodspeak. Would not want him to use a hateful term that can trigger someone. :^)

Best nickname so far

You can thank the nuclear negro for that.

Let KoF XIV become bigger and you will see.

Scary shit.

KoF won't get much bigger anytime soon, It's not casual like SF or MK and SNK doesn't have capcom tier advertising budgets.

Sure it may grow slowly, but it will always be safely niche.

Only in america. Thing's basically a national sport in Mexico


The whole point is that it's niche in the areas where shitty journos are

Remember: You escaped.


And if you're reading this, Jeb: It's a mistake to assume everyone is as low on the chain of analytical intelligence as you are.

holy shit holy shit holy shit. This is an edit. It has to be. It HAS to be. No way this is real. No fucking way.

Real or not, it's much too old to use as an example of the way things may by over there now.
Although it's probably not far off.



The meme magic is too strong

Please tell me this is shopped

I want to sneaky cum in that llis hair while she sleeps at night

i sent

I'm surprised no one posted Ex-Aid sooner. I won't get my hopes up since it could be as badly done as Wizard. But yes, Green and Purple, with video games as his powers.

Page 13. Anyone baking?


Does that mean it's over? Will the gate finally close?

I'll bake while I'm available, which is three hours. Tentative title is "Well Into 2016 Edition". Anything to change/add besides the newest DF update?

Well, guess I'll have to bake it myself then.

Only after the gays are closed.

No that I could say.

Meanwhile, at Mizzou University



Very well. I'll wait for your bread and have mine at the ready in case you don't follow through.

Bready ready. Posting once we hit page 14.

The program, which was founded in response to last school year’s protests, intentionally avoids the word “diversity,” its founder explained.

What is a mizzou citizen and why does it sound orwellian.

By the by, you better not criticize Denuvo on Steam:


Aaaand we're still the #1 Boogeyman. Mind you, it's all our fault that games journalism is a joke now, this would never have happened if we had kept quiet.

Welp, forgot link.


Got it, never buying God Eater


Post your whole miranda folder faggot.

It's so "Current Year" that Playboy of all the fucking places is praising the censorship of Eroge VNs as their "second chance" on Steam.


Wonder how they'll react regarding the CON chatlog release. Silence, doubling down on damage control?

what an idiot

The former, presumably. At least none of the big publications have even remotely mentioned it by now.

Ghazi, as far as I know, basically pulled the "They're just being edgy" card they also used to defend Sarah "Diddle the Kiddle" Butts.


It must have been oppresively hard for the writer to not say 'it's current year'.

As expected of liars and the mentally disturbed to try and use the edgefag excuse.

Use them to make funny OC and share with Sargon on his livestream tonight.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I remember this faggot.
He said that GTA:V makes things "too real" and you actually start to feel remorse.

If anything, wouldn't that mean that games featuring sexual assault and/or anime tiddy mean you wouldn't actually feel okay with doing the real thing?
You can't have it both ways.

These games never had an official shot at the American market until now. If you wanted to play the game, you either had to pirate and find and unofficial translation, or learn moon.

Muv-Luv was still very popular in weeb circles, so it's clear that censorship wasn't needed. All Muv-Luv needed to succeed was an official retail offering, so you can't claim this to be a second chance. If anything, it likely would have sold just as much, if not moreso, without censorship. If people don't like the game, they don't have to play it. Just give them an option to skip certain aspects of the game, but absolutely, do not take things away from people that want it.

I agree with some of his comments (it does have long loading times and some puzzles are shit), but a 20/100? Fuck me.

Why not?

Whi isnt polygon shilling for McIntosh?

he'll just go to another website. Or become 'freelance' or join a publisher.

Because he's a CIS white male, silly.

Josh might have a penis.

someone dump a deepfreeze link in the comments

Because that parasite is finally fully done.

Look at those eyes. He is dead inside.

So, our favorite BULLY Sam Biddle decided to do something good for society for a change.


I'm honestly bothered by how much he's getting.

reminder to replace the df update in the OP with this


Already done.

Please dont put chicken nuggets in the dish washer

All this money spent on technology defeated by not carrying a phone

It was ~$300 a video a few weeks ago iirc. He's bleeding out.

The narrative people only pay attention if you're a guy is laid bare as the bullshit it is. The guy is mentally ill and needs help.

The great thing/bad thing about gamergate is that people like Mcintosh and Liftshitz are now completely unemployable. If they somehow reformed and became self aware, like IMC, it wouldn't matter. They have now gotten such an immensely negative online footprint that no-one will touch them.

He plays a ton of tabletop, drinks expensive coffee, has expensive equipment, but his macbook is held together by tape.


blizzard quality meming

Have they hired fucking Treehouse writers?

I just now noticed that under Current Tasks item #5 has Kotamu rather than Kotaku. I'd change it myself from
>5. Gawker dot com is down, but it's cancerous outgrowths remain alive. Keep a keen eye on Kotamu et. al. and use Univision's Ethics Policy against them.
>5. Gawker dot com is down, but its cancerous outgrowths remain alive. Keep a keen eye on Kotaku et. al. and use Univision's Ethics Policy against them.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if carrying a phone, or whatever device comes to replace a phone, becomes mandatory.

Now that's good to hear. Josh's narrative is BTFO by Josh's hipster welfare.

On the other hand, they're not fully unemployable. Remember, they still have the clique. Anyone even vaguely aware of GG knows that they're toxic garbage, but their buttbuddies may still provide for them.


I do not actually think this is much of a help to them. Leigh Alexander, too, has the clique, but outside from occasional Guardian op-eds it does jackshit for her. Hells, she complained about being invited to giving speeches but no-one being willing to pay her.


Is it wrong if I bought a Mars Gaming mouse because I like Gilda?

Yes and yes.

Yes, but you can atone for your sins by posting screencaps faggot

Screencap about what?

There's a lot I would criticize them for, but that was just one stupid quest in the entire zone that took 20~ seconds to complete.

Bingo. Despite that smug idiot Kluwe insisting that it was Gamergate vs 'everyone else', the clique is actually an extremely small, extremely vocal, extremely mentally disturbed individuals.

Victimbux don't spread very far, and we passed peak e-begging a while ago now that the zeitgeist has shifted negatively for SJWs.

5 years from now, in a society that will have hopefully wised up significantly to this kind of perpetual offence taking culture, these people will be absolute pariahs.

History is written by the victors. Were it not for gamergate's resilience, we would have been looked back on in disgust. Now, the future looks far brighter for us. For them? Not so much, but having the internet littered with enormous quantities of dirty laundry will do that.

Your mouse, user, preferably with hotglue.


Do it. Fucking do it.

Do what?

Cover it with your hot glue.

I can't


How long till Playboy dies now that they're shitting on male sexuality?



Internet porn already killed it.

Wait a minute. Isn't that the same wall that once had Hillary wearing only a bikini, then the dude covered it up with a burka after people complained, and then painted the whole wall black after people complained again?

He'll never get rid of that joke, will he?


Playboy print, north america no more nudes edition is near death. No one wants Maxim lite, if someone wants to read maxim they will get maxim. If they want playboy they want playboy. Not sure how their video and online division is doing, iirc they may have more explicit subsidiary, similar to how hustler owns different brands and titles.

The days of playboy hosting good articles by actual writers and sexy nudes though are pretty much dead and gone.

It is. It fucking is. And apparently, because that's Australia, some shitposter decided to have some fun at the faggot's expense.

I remember the coordinated and rushed DoA hitpieces. I'd rather that the OP accurately detail the outlet's name due to autism.

Have you tried reaching Broteam on tumblr?

At least you still have an account there.



Fun Fact: Shadow Warrior Classic currently is free on Steam and GoG, probably to build hype for Shadow Warrior 2 that's coming out in October

I made her shorter and tried to make her look chubbier. Also you can't see them in the pic, but she has blue boots on. I also got a new scarf that doesn't have the big logo on it.

So yoiu made Gilda more thick?

I really want her to look like the cute little drawings of her, but that's impossible. So I tried to make her look more like a child. She's not as curvy, basically.

CSULA Leftists Lose it Over Christina Hoff Sommers YAF Lecture: 'Shut this sh*t down'

Listen to me, all right? Jubbal is a hardcore motherfucker, I've told you that before. He did time in Gitmo Bay because he turned some White bitch into a Pez dispenser back in his ISIS days. I mean, the guy will slay you where you fucking stand just as soon as buy a round or clap you on the back.

Now, when I asked Jubbal to give me his opinion of the Donald, he said, "Tommy, I've turned out a lot of punks, but I've never seen a white fuck boy as soft as this punk. I mean I'd drive a shank into his asshole just to make a point or if I wanted his corn muffins and he wouldn't give 'em to me off his tray." I realized then that if we didn't start Jihad, Jubbal would fucking kill me. I saw it in his eyes.

He even told me as much onetime. My wife, she invited him over for dinner, and he shows up in a ISIS mask stained with blood, shit, God knows what else. She screams and he sticks his hand up her skirt, kisses her, then pulls out a straight razor and says, "If your old man doesn't win this Jihad, I'm going to cut your fucking tits off before I even think about wasting the whites."

is that nail polish?

Also, breads ready. Feel free to shitpost to 700

Here's an updated pic. I tried to make her as short as I can, but you can't tell very well in this view.




Come on you faggots, only a few more delicious shitposts




Friendly reminder that pizza is the new rape.



I have no ideas for shitposts.

Yeah, but it's from my mom!

And pineapple pizza is the codeword for BENIS


Quick, some dump Dungeon Meshi scans









when is the next season starting?