Anyone noticed how crouching literally vanished from shitty console games in this gen...

Anyone noticed how crouching literally vanished from shitty console games in this gen? Every game now has the character go into crouching automatically or dont at all. Its like when on the last gen they tried to make every game without the ability to jump so you could only jump when prompted to.

Are console gamers literally mentally impaired or something? The developers always seem to be trying to take things like this away. I know for a fact that most of these retards plays everything with hard auto aim even when the games enemy AI is already dumbed down to the max to compensate for the slower aim of the sticks.

that's only noticeable if you are a console pleb

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you are aware every console pleb game is on PC right?

They're just optimizing their games to better approach the lowest common denominator, lest they may discriminate against some common disability or another.

Yeah, it's continuing the downward spiral of simplifying every game in existence so people who would otherwise be put off from complicated features such as jumping and crouching or, like, playing the game won't be scared off.

Pretty soon games will literally be press 'X' to win, where they're driven entirely by one button that you press to watch things happen.

ITT: I play purely shit games

Go back to whatever shithole you crawled out of and don't return until you have a vocabulary.


literally reddit

this is like that time they removed leaning in every fps ever

or prone in every fps ever

or the extra inventory slots in every rpg ever

games get more streamlined (or dumbed down as the case may be) as time passes

As usual.

It's a phenomenon I call "simple by presentation".

A lot of games now are doing away with peripheral controls, including crouch and jump, in favour of context-sensitive controls and animations. Jumping up a ledge now requires a specific input at the right time, instead of just letting the user jump whenever. "Press X to enter vent" or "X to jump over wall" instead of "Press X to crouch". I was wondering why people would do this, given the actual programming approach for independent actions is way easier, and just letting people see what bugs come out of it to be way more fun instead.

Then it hit me: They're not doing this to make games explicitly simpler. They're doing it because they're mo-capping almost all the animations, and doing anything outside of that breaks the illusion of fluid movement. Thus, normalfags would cry because Nathan Drake can jump higher than most basketball stars.

Making an animation to jump over a chest high wall compared to making an animation to simply jump (regardless of context) is more complex, but due to the workflow and desired presentation, making a character just "realistically" jump over a chest high wall is impossible given most people can't jump that high anyway. I can't launch myself, at will, 2-3 feet into the air, so expecting any mocap actor to do it is just as unrealistic. They need to have that special animation to do it right so it looks good. There's probably exceptions to this, but from a programming and design perspective, it's the simplest solution that doesn't break the illusion of movement.

Says you.

Crouching, crawling, and leaning are still in CoD fam; they've even added ways to get around faster too. Maybe you should quit playing shitty console games :^)

Anyways I'll make my point with example and stop shitposting.

here are a few shitty console games that have crounching
Max Payne 3
Metal Gear Solid V
Oddworld New N Tasty(technically Abe's squatting but whatever)
Deus Ex HR, Deus Ex MD

Only PC exclusive FPSs ever had leaning and proning, if a consoles FPS has it its because its like a Crysis 2, a former PC game that got cucked.

the classic shiposter that plays vicariously through youtube!

Doesnt explain crouching. Also these games are still full of bullshit not matter how "cereal" they try to look, i dont think people would whine about jump height.

What does crouching inherently add? In first person perspective it alters your view point and it can be used to alter your hitbox, but if those are not important the what is the point?

As far as I know, GTA V does not have crouching, but "sneaking". It's fucking worthless and the ability to crouch would've been far superior.

Actually I alt-entered and took the screenshot through prntscreen because sharex wasn't working
And I don't think anyone does S+ ranks of AAC on youtube.

Come to think of it how come sneaking is no more than just pressing a button that initiates sneak mode in plenty of games now, even ones I like, like Styx. No paying attention to surrounding or what causes much more sound from your footprint, barely any focus on shadows usually is a binary you're invisible or you aren't switch, etc?

Actual gameplay and well-crafted games are on the road to being labelled sexist for being a distraction from the important messages the story is trying to get across or something.


Crouching is usually done separately, or it's rolled into a "hug the wall" cover system. Most actors can crouch and move. The only game that comes to mind as one that mixes the two (in a fluid way) is Deus Ex: HR.

Thinking about it, Thief 2014 is probably the polar opposite: Outside of crouch, every single climb and drop animation is contextual in it. No independent movement at all.

Agreed, but that said, I know too many people who like their "realistic" Call of Duty to think that people wouldn't complain.

You would think it'd actually be easier with controllers because you can just slightly tap the movement stick as opposed to a keyboard where you have to tap a key.

However, I think this guy's explanation is reasonable:

It applies here, too. Because moving slower by simply pushing the movement stick more gently would require more work put into the animation in order to make it look fluid. Easier to just have "sneak" be a different "mode" you're in by tapping a button which requires only one separate "sneak" animation.

Believe me now? I don't play on windowed mode.

That's bullshit and you know it. Games with actual gameplay and well crafted games are still there and they're still being praised.

I noticed that in GTA5. You can only crouch behind objects from what I remember.

Not the same, but jumping is also at risk sometimes.

They are so used to fixed actions (press E to X) that they would rather not have more movement options at all.

Essentially every genre in AAA games is trending increasingly to "walking simulator". Their goal is to minimize player input because that minimizes the possibility of player dissatisfaction. If every player is FORCED TO play the same way, they can't play the game "wrong", so every player will have the same experience with the game (like with movies). This allows the game companies greater ability to predict how various game factors affect the player's experience, and thus how much money they make based on what they do. Essentially, they're trying to develop a formula whereby each game "element" translates to a certain amount of profit. Arguably, they've already cracked the code and are now implementing it, hence the cookie-cutter games in the last couple gens, that nonetheless get snapped up in droves by the casual players.

But yeah, console versions are often dumbed down. Some guy posted a video on youtube about how to properly lockpick in Skyrim. He demonstrated that if you moved the pick around really, really slowly, it wouldn't make any sound until you get to the sweet spot. A few people posted back that in the PC version it makes sounds all the way around the lock no matter how slow you move the pick. Whoops.

Some games like the original Thief had mantling in place of a high jump. You pull yourself up to the top of the obstacle, not jump onto it.

Also on topic, crouching whenever you want to is an expression of player freedom, however small, which is detrimental to the AAA's "games are vessels for serious thought-provoking narrative" attitude. How will people take your emotional scenes seriously if the main character is jumping on tables and duck-walking around burrying his face in the female characters' asses? Plus it's also a feature you don't have to code and playtest if people won't complain about it, and there's not enough buttons on a controller anyway.

Helo is just so much fun, being the cursor of doom and she worked pretty well for that level

Also on topic I've noticed some games just absolutely hate the player from doing anything that isn't what the devs had intended. One thing that comes into example is Max Payne 3, a game I've played and finished just last week. Everything about it is so stiff. It has this very linear and locked down feeling to it which is a horrible thing when you compare it to the original two. Every gunfight is max trying to sneak around like a dumbass and then getting caught, getting into cover with like 6 people laying down on you and then you getting the reigns. I was playing on hard mode where everything two/three shot you so getting out of cover in any way that isn't shootdodging into another piece of cover was just asking to be locked into that piece of shit last stand mechanic and all the "cool" stuff was scripted segements where max jumped out of a window or grabbed onto a moving chain or jumped into a sliding table. Nothing I could do but sit around and take pot shots at the human shooting gallery layed out in front of me in slow motion. I didn't get to pick whatever weapons I wanted(because most weapons felt alike and anyone that wasn't those helmeted machine gun cops died in one headshot anyways) because the game decided having guns I can akimbo and a wide variety of two handed weapons was too much to handle. And in fact in every cutscene the game decided to switch to one handed mode every time I had akimbo or the two handed weapon out, just out of spite or whatever.

Which brings me back to the 2014 Thief game, in that AAA games don't want the player to be a badass. They don't want the player to suffer, be challenged or think creatively, all they want you to do is to drool endlessly at this rollcoaster ride of boring generic gameplay in between their adrenaline high scripted sequences where all the cool shit happens with little to no input from you. And as a result of that these AAA games are crafted around these adrenaline high sequences where the music is just right and every factor that would squeeze just a little more drool out of the player is taken into consideration. So when that's what really sticks into the player's mind and that's what really sells at the end of the day, why would they make a game where instead of feeling like a badass you actually BE a badass, where you're the one who decided "hey, it would be really cool if I shootdodged off this staircase putting lead into every mobster I see and then getting into cover quickly before Gognittie fucks me up with his deagle". If you were the one who with a little creativeness and exploration finally found the Mystic's soul and Heart and dodged all the deadly traps surrounding them without tapping X to dodge. If you're the one being punished for bad base building when the aliens storm your base and you're actually feeling tension and a challenge instead of just some scripted section where hunkering down in one room and spamming overwatch does all the work for you while the game wastes your time with SLOW MOTION RIFLE AIMING SO COOL animations. If you're the one telling cover to go fuck itself while speeding around dodging the argus core's fuckton of missiles.

What I'm getting at here is that fuck AAA games

I legit can't play console games anymore because I feel like I'm watching a barely interactive film.

I'm not kidding. This is not a meme, this is really, seriously the way I feel when I play them.

Previously I could enjoy them when I'm too depressed to play competitive games like Quake or CS, but this mark is passed. They are officially not entertaining even to clinically depressed deadbeats like me.

I still wonder when the industry is going to kill off the LP cancer polluting Youtube by simply offering official movie "versions" of their "games".

people that are willing to watch entire LP are not willing to buy the games, nevermind the fact many do it as a kind of social interaction, like in the chat along whatever motives make them enjoy it , so LP aren't going to go away anytime soon

I mean as a separate product from the game, like they'd just go to Netflix or Hulu or whatever, and Last of Us or Bioshock or whatever would be there alongside all the cuck porn where it belongs.


The worst part is when you see all those cutscene compilations of games like KILLZONE THE MOVIE in one long video. You know companies will capitalize on that if there are high numbers of people watching those.

You say this as if motion capture means that the animation cannot vary at all from exactly how the actor does it.
You can mocap and then edit the animations by hand

Also in the case of jumping, it's a bad example.
There is the animation. And there is the actual jump.
The jump animation doesn't make the player jump. The change of velocity on the player in the game makes him jump. You just change the value and play the same animation. Tadah.

user, a person doing a 6 inch jump is going to look different from a person doing a 6 foot jump.

Because it is a barely interactive film.
See, the thing is way too many of the creative types in the AAA industry actually want to work in film, or tried to work in film and failed and are now stuck working for vidya even though they despise the medium. This is especially true for anybody who's title has the word Director or Producer in it, doubly so if it's prefixed by Creative.

What's stopping the actor from exaggerating the jump and the animator from touching it up?

The director.

Actually that's how it's done in say Devil May Cry 3 and 4. Those games actually use exaggerated mocap that's then edited(both movement and speed).

Problem is most games that opt to use mocap for animation do so for muh realism, because of being a retard, when in fact what actually looks best in an interactive medium IS over-exaggeration even if it's just a little since it provides better feedback to the player's input.

It's like you know me.

and so are the console plebs themselves sadly