ITT: Characters that are LITERALLY YOU

ITT: Characters that are LITERALLY YOU

Intelligent, nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor.


Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.


Literally me

You're not allowed to post here if you're underage, OP.


ITT: reddit

I don't remember who was originally posted with this. Was it Kefka?


I won't lie, it got me the first time.

Do we really need this 4/v/ tier shit thread again? Why can't you make a thread about a good game you played?

Literally me.

You say this thread is reddit, but look who's posting in it

People friendly, love gatherings and effective at work.


Whoa op, calm down.

Do kiddies on cucked forums still go around with those banners?


The only one I can think of is my RPG character

What is wrong with this kid's kneecaps? It looks like Freeza's head is growing out of them.



To be fair, any thread about actual games gets shitposted to death.


not really. i had a dungeon crawler thread go on for about a week before it died. no shit posting at all. Holla Forums just needs to purge the halfchan and reddit cancer that is infesting it.

In a perfect world?

Anyone got the webm?