The Decline of Easter Eggs in Gaming

Whatever happened to Easter Eggs in gaming? Back in the 90's/early 2000s, developers would hide all sorts of jokes and sometimes even entire levels for the players to find, but nowadays, you do at its very best get some changed textures or oddly arranged items.

Also, favorite easter eggs in vidya?

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One reason only, devs don't want to make more content that might be missed if the player isn't lead by the nose to it. Hence they don't hide anything and all content is either put on a platter or sold for 2400 Microsoft points.

Honestly, I still consider Croteam the fucking kings of easter eggs. I mean even the Talos Principle was full of fucking easter eggs, even a developer island level. I think easter eggs are put in by good developers who can think of what people might actually do/try/look for in a game that isn't strictly the main path.

Blizzard also had some neat stuff in WC3 and SC2 - i.e. the Zerg Units you can find in the Night Elf campaign, or the hidden tower defense mission.

As soon as anyone finds anything it goes straight to the internet and then its not a secret anymore

Rockstar of David still does it, at least. There was bigfoot, NPCs from San Andreas and a ghost in GTA V. Alien stuff, too.

The fucking Internet happened

…or it they simply can't justify spending the time and money to do someting extensive, when the vost for doing so is like 5 times as much as it was 20 years ago.

Stop ruining my cynicism

I will say these are pretty much why easter eggs are less common in games. They were originally rewards for the player for creative thinking and now they're easy to see once one person finds it.

Cynicism only makes you less informed, more gullible, and less likely to do anything about your situation. You should probably stop.



what's the point of easter eggs anymore if they're going to be on reddit as soon as the first person discovers them

It takes more effort to make a silly little easter eggs nowadays than it did 10 years ago.

there's also a dinosaurus rex in there

My question is are there still games doing Dopefish easter eggs or has that stopped completely


It's no wonder Blizzard resorted to using cryptology instead of their actual fucking video game to tease Overwatch content

Nice meme

He is right. Which sucks for anyone who isn't a complete faggot and has to look up secrets and easter eggs to know where to find them.

They do. Every other AAA title puts in fucking meme references. Just look at the new Dude Sex with its fucking doge album cover.

nuDoom has dopefish.

You mean spending the time and money to do something extensive _for free_.

Different parts of a team will be busy/er at different parts of the production cycle and people would rather do something than sit around twiddling their thumbs. You could have people fucking around when they have nothing more pressing and decide to insert stupid shit for players to find, but they cant do that now if they should be working on inevitable DLC if not moving straight on to a new project.

Should I ? I remember some levels being ridiculously hard.

Achievements happened. Now instead of finding a secret room that says "Welcome to the tomb of Sir Spooker" and a skeleton pops out, you find a room with a skeleton in it and then the little box pops up saying "Spooky Skeleton" with a little portrait of a skeleton. That's my guess, anyway.

All I can think of is the Silence of the Lambs reference in Torchlight 2. It was an executioner mask named "Buffadon Bill's Hide Mask" which you got if you put lotion in a basket near a chasm. Coincidentally, If I recall correctly it pops out of a skeleton.

nowadays if someone would be caught wasting time animating something random and putting it where nobody would normally see they would be fired

if any of you consider pop culture references to be easter eggs or acceptable in any way, you need to kill yourselves

A passing reference to a meme is not an Easter egg, a hidden joke level or gun is an Easter egg.

Nioh has a number of them like bowing to any mimics will cause them to not attack you and drop their stuff or let you pass, there's also a comically huge bomb that's rather cleverly hidden

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Hammers of Fate had a hidden scenario in which you played as the devs of the game. Had their own icons and everything, and a fuckton of jokes about their dev life. Haven't really seen something like this again.
They also had some stuff from their previous games placed in hidden areas of the map .

Didn't nudoom have a lot of easter eggs?
And I don't mean that "arrow to the knee" shit

Don't worry some will still have them as ads for cash shop purchases

I remember taking a screenshot of the HD version of the giant Kamikaze, here you go

This is the probably the biggest reason.

there HAS to have been a game that had these sorts of shenanigans.

My prediction.

Normalfags will complain about this shit too, and then devs will start charging for easter eggs as DLC.

Remember Easter eggs in the old times of gaming?!
Now for for $2.00USD get this pack full of easter eggs for our game to find!


Most devs add easter eggs last, which tends to be difficult when publishers are cunts about the deadline

I liked it when it was shit like radios you find lying around and can listen to while shooting zombies, having the kind of trial-and-error bullshit easter eggs that you can only find using a guide is lame, especially considering that a lot of those are gimmick-ish like everyone buying the most powerful weapon available and then shooting it at the moon from a very specific spot at midnight after having stabbed a random door fifty times to the beat of Staying Alive.

Now you get to relive all your precious discoveries…

in HD.
The way no one has ever experienced before.

Now that's just silly which is why I'm wondering why EA hasn't tried it yet

they'll spoil them with cheevos too
achievement: found easter egg hidden under the rock in the third stage

I blame trophies/achievements

I think they already do that.

It's called DLC uniforms.

I remember there was a pedestrian on one of the islands in gta3 who walked around with a notebook or clipboard, and it had a dick drawn on it, I think there was another easter egg somewhere in that game, but it's been so long I can't remember.
GTA:vice city had some message to the player on top of an unreachable building I think

New Doom has Dopefish. It was in Deus Ex HR a few years back too.


development teams becoming less like teams and more like assembly lines is an issue here for sure

Sweatshop Development.
People are axed all the time.
No Job security.
No inter-team culture.
Everyone hates everyone because games have gotten infinitely more complex to put together and the deadlines are shorter.
No passion in the project. Think about making some licensed game about some dumb super hero you don't give a shit about.

Vice city also has a literall easter egg on a pedestal in one building. One of the windows is not solid and you can walk inside

Achievements are the new easter eggs. Has anyone seen the shitty references in vidya for the last few years?

But they already have, user. I take it you haven't seen a lot of Square Enix costume DLC recently, have you?

Thing is, Easter Eggs are now memes. Now developers don't make an effort in hiding things, they put everything at sight because "lol so randum and funny".
Also, no point in hide things now. The internet exist.

Any action that would have previously gotten you an easter egg now gets you an achievement, and anything that may have been rewarded for the action which got you the easter egg is now sold as DLC. It's also why there are no significant unlockables in games anymore.

Video games are art now

Morons started taking them seriously. I had a faggot once tell me Fallout 1 is silly because it has Tardis in it.

Act I, second half of it. It's in a small dungeon that you are forced to do for the main quest, hard to miss it but hard to understand that it is an easter egg.

eh, i still think most devs have that kind of fun attitude making a game where they go "hey what if we put this here if they do X" but it might be the higher ups or testers that put the stop to it because "we dont need this in the game, its not necessary to the game"

In Legacy of the Void in particular if you click on the planets you look at before missions theres usually a fun dancing unit gag for each

Didnt dopefish appear in the new Rise of the Traid game? Geuss he just doesn't have time to update the page anymore.

Hello Antares

The Halo series has alot of really good eastereggs, varying from finding stuff that looks silly in easy to reach but hidden spots, to long complex patterns of actions you have to do in order that unlock new game modes and effects
There are so many of them and they vary so much that it's fun to seek these out and they add to the game overall

Runescape still does it.

When they released the elf city they added a bunch of easter eggs and you'd get a title as a reward.
e.g. Use a bacon mound on Seren with a chocolate bar and bread in your inventory or Spot all 13 ravens in Prifddinas. Ravens appear every 13 days for 23 hours.

This and the suits scissoring everything to save developement time and money (especially money).

It's the little things…

Easter eggs is one of many symptoms of a game where the developers had fun, and the game was meant to be about fun. Fun is not allowed anymore. Everything on a game has to fit the design document to the letter and if you dare stray from it you are wasting valuable company resources and no one can believe you would do something for free.

Why doesn't someone make a game where EVERYTHING is an easter egg?


If a player isn't guaranteed to experience it the modern developer isn't supposed to put it in the game. Hell courses in games development tell you this explicitly. This rule is applied even to things that aren't explicitly hidden like rooms too far off the path you're 'supposed' to take.


yeah no


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