Twin stick shootan thread

Let's talk about twin stick shooters and why pic related and Crimsonlands are THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Assault Android is just great. I'm just working on S+ ranking the last two stages of zone 4 before checking out the final zone Because I'm an autist who can't move on from a level until I've S+ ranked it but pic related's Helo is easily my favorite primary, with Peanut's giga drill being my favorite secondary but I still gotta see who that last assault android is first.

What are your opinions on Leap of Fate? I've played and I really like it, but I feel like it's very biased towards some heavy luck, especially if you manage to get Vandalism early on in the game and get showered in health orbs and shit. I also feel the green cyborg dude is unbelievably OP. His decoy gets you mad amount of mana and if you can level it to explode you're pretty much guaranteed to win.

Are there any TSS's on the level of Assault Android Cactus and Crismonland? I have played Neon Chrome but I feel like the perks and the weapons aren't as good as Crimsonland's weaponry and perks, especially since I ended up with a ballistic shotgun as the best weapon nearly 70% of the time.
also does anyone have a download for Assault Android's OST, or at least the main menu music, zone 5 levels and Venom's music? It's pretty damn good

Alternative body: wich android wud u assault

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please respond

Also can I get some opinions on Helldivers? I'm kind of interested but I don't have friends to play co-op with and Magicka's SP and the game as a whole was really bad.

How is Pineapple Smash Crew?
also any tips on how to gitgud on twin stick space shooters?

I haven't played it, sorry.
My tip is just try and focus on not getting hit too much and prioritizing targets. It depends on the game but my rule of thumb is prioritize anything that can kill you easily while chipping away at enemies with loads of health and dodging weaker enemies that wouldn't give you much trouble. Then the tanks, then finally the weak enemies.

Thanks. The only other twin stick shooter I've been playing was ring runner flight of the sages.

Robotron 2084.
I'd have said UBERMOSH/LACK/Vol.3 but it looks really bad and the game isn't exactly finely crafted, it just throws tons of shit at you without really caring about fairness or doability but that's exactly why I like it

>also does anyone have a download for Assault Android's OST
I'm gonna upload that since I have it but it's gonna take some time

Work on your target prioritization and DPS optimization.

I bought Running with Rifles the other day and Assault Android Cactus with the left over money today.
Pretty satisfied with the purchase, glad good indie devs got the moneys instead of the likes of AAA publishers. Or Sean.

Here you go!71dWGQoZ!YewZBJG6u6hr0Kf7g2jkPw

How's Running with Rifles? Any good in solo?

kinda boring and frustrating, only played one solo match and left a coop match midgame. matches are really long, the solo round too me over an hour to finish and I still don't know what to do to progress after that
Kinda fun in multiplayer, people are a lot more active than the dumbfuck AI, feels really good when you're doing something as a team / for the team.
If you are going to get it, be prepared to die A LOT. It's war after all. It's actually in one of the loading tips. Devs seem to have a nice sense of humor, so I had fun poking around the menu. Just with it didn't have to load the training area every time I wanted to get to the main menu.

Is my graphics card melting?


well shit
Guess I'll try to reapply thermal paste, if that doesn't work, I'm pretty much fugged


Overheating can cause that kind of corruption and artefacts, graphics card are known to have shit thermal paste that loses effectiveness within 2 years, so replacing it makes sense as a last ditch effort.


Why is this so bizarre to you?
Your GPU has a heatsink on it, his needs to have it's thermal grease replaced.

this is Holla Forums
he's going to do a really shit job

There's a twin-stick shooter that was supposed to release this year, but I can't remember the name. It's the one where the PC and all enemies are mechs that look like they were make out of construction cranes and metal scraps. One of the weapons was a cluster missile launcher, and I think there was a leveling and skill system also.

Anyone know the name?

Well it's either that and maybe saving the card or letting it die a certain death within the next week


I'm out of mayo and chocolate.

Either Neurovoider or Livelock. Probably Neurovoider, it came out of Early Access yesterday. Just in time for twinstick shootan' sale.

right, I've reapplied the thermal paste, time for a test

they do use some sort of small pads in between the heatsink and the chips IIRC, and i think the only one i ever disassembled actually had thermal paste or something like that over the gpu die

Doesn't look like it ever got too hot, but there were constant slowdowns and gameplay as a whole felt very rubberband-y. I remember playing a demo of this and it ran just fine on a laptop (nvidia 600M)

If the big heads in Assault Android check out the collectables option EX options. There's also rubber music, visual filters, co-op enemy numbers, swapping out your secondary for an overpowered version of your primary and a first person camera/isometric camera option.

also s+ or bust, fgt

it's a gt220 tho, i mean can you even play games on it? did the game used to run well before the problems began?

Get rid of the AO if you haven't already, it's a performance sink and doesn't really look that much better.
Antialiasing is just FXAA so get rid of it too if you can.

The demo uses the old engine afaik which had smoother framerate for low end system but fucked higher end in the ass.

Invest in another GPU if you can too, pretty sure you can get something that's vastly more powerful for less than a hundred.

>also s+ or bust, fgt
That's too easy user, purple S+ is where the fun starts.

Purple S+?

S+ with all 9 androids on a single level

There's a ninth android? I'm guessing it's the blade chick? Still stuck on the third to last level.

For a couple of months it worked fine enough and with a faster processor than on my old machine with a GT 9500 I could run some games a lot better on this one, like Grim Dawn and Ghost in the Shell. Then after a few weeks these started showing up.

And fuck you nigga, this is the first time I've played it. Demo was like a year ago.
I found this pc in a junkyard
I'm the trashmanon

Speaking of which you're in for the hard part of the game.

You should have kept that, it's actually faster than the 220.

I've looked up Nvidia 750 Ti a week ago and it's still stuck at the 130€ mark all across the country.

I can tell. I haven't finished any levels with Coral or Shittake and I cheesed Venom with Holly's cannonballs because that secondary is just way too good.
This is going to be very fun.

The old rig is now a family computer and that card kept fucking up lately (solid color over the screen, most of the time either grey, white or orange, computer completely unresponsive), so I've replaced it with another, fanless model GT 9500, which I also found in the treeeeesh.

Helldivers without people to play with is shit, seriously just pirate it and try it. Its an absolute piece of shit


I still have no idea how to use her propeller mines.

You use them as a melee weapon.

Did anybody get anything out of the steam sale?

How do I s rank bosses as Aubergine? I always keep falling short on damage no matter how many times or ways I try comboing helo and singularity

The only one so far.
I just got to Liquorice in one sitting and actually ragequit because of her teleporting all over the place.

I actually know Witchbeam. Great guys. They're putting out a post-mortem series on the game really worth a watch its on their youtube channel. They've also been doing some lectures on it but sadly no footage that I can find online. By far though this was one of the most successful games to come out of Australia in recent years.

Fuck waifus, that's my attraction.

I've never understood why we call it that. It sounds like necrophilia. kek.

I'm not 100% sure if Tim designed Cactus as a Waifu or what. I think it was more a pleasant accident.

Is Hatred any good for a stick shooter?


Really? Do you happen to know Jeff Van Dyck? I've been a big fan of his ever since I've heard his work on Rome TW.
Also are they going to be working on a new game any time soon?

Well, it is like an autopsy. Most people are dead inside after a project is completed. Quite fitting.

If I can only afford one game and I'll only be playing solo, which should I get?

Also how good does your computer have to be to run Cactus?

This thing runs it without any slow downs ever. I've even been having some issues where my PC BSODs for whatever reason and the game still runs like a dream regardless.

what the hell doesn twi stick shooter even means?

you dont fucking aim with both sticks

you jujst move with one and aim with other like in every fucking isometic game

fucking meme genre

user, I could dissect you and put you back together again.

same here, just the graphics card tends to melt on occasions

exactly, like in every twin stick shooter

gb2 cucktale generals

Absolutely not, a Core i5 is still decent.

The sale is pretty good. I have 10 steambux on my account but can't choose from pic related cause they all look great and are at a decent discount.

I've played The Gungeon and I didn't really like any bit of it besides holding a button on game startup to quickload a new run with your last used character.

Enter the Gungeon failed to pull me in. It's got a lot of little pleasantries like room portals, plenty of unlocks, dodge-roll and the quick play option like the user above me mentioned. But the game still felt sluggish (no pun intended), boring and frustrating. In fact, it felt a lot like Rogue Legacy, only slower. I didn't like that game.
Don't know anything about Starport Gemini 2, so go for AAC.

Soooo how fun are twinstick shooters on keyboard? I wanna get assault android or geometry wars or gungeon from sale but I don't have any pad and don't feel like buying one just for this.

Playing Assault with a keyboard and mouse. Works extremely well.

You want her teleporting all the tume since she's at her most vulnerable at that point, just forget about trying to dodge the slash and shoot her.
The trick if you're no willing to learn it on your own is first you down her when she becomes vulnerable then try to kill some enemies near you to spawn a battery
Then you grab it then count to 10 while dodging shit as best you can (stacking two accelerate before the fight is a good idea since it negate 33% of all damage on top of letting you dodge everything she does)
Then once you've counted to ten the new battery is about to spawn so down her and and try to kill some enemies near you
For S+ it's about the same, just keep in mind that downing her gives you an extended combo vs killing enemies so don't just kill everything in sight it just makes things harder
If she starts upgrading her weapon too much or grabbing a powerup down her regardless, you're gonna get pretty fucked otherwise
Some android have neat specific tricks against her but I'll let you figure those out since they're pretty obvious.

You lose analog movement which is rarely a big deal to get way better aiming which is often a big deal.

I've never played a twin stick shooter with actual twin sticks and I love the genre. Kb+m works just fine.
Gopher id, duud.


Is it as insane as it looks on jewtube?

no, it's actually boring as shit

Yes. It's fun as shit.

robot lolis

This is why you don't play vidya like this hungover in the morning.
Ruins your day.

There are still so many things to git gud at…

Is this any better?

Smash TV best

But does it have awesome glitches?

Looks like rainbow puke. Not that Smash TV is really good or anything. It was designed to be nothing but an unabashed quarter-eater until news got out that it was impossible to get the true ending.

Now do it all again in first person


But I had gotten to the pleasure dome.
It's nothing but just shittons of women

Talk about vomit and rage inducing.
No, this choppy framerate is not a result of shitty recording and conversion, that's in-game.
And why is there no mouse sensitivity option? Hey!
Hey you, you the guy with the face!
Yes you, tell those weaboo faggots very talented people at Witchbeam to add this feature, my suggestion would just get drowned in the steam forums under a million OC Donut Steel character requests.

and here's part 1, fuck me

I've played Helldivers with friends and it was a lot of fun since you're actually required to communicate in order to not get fucked in the ass by your friends, however just like says the singleplayer is pretty shit and not worth it if you don't have anyone to play it with.

Worth a pirate at least, you can play multiplayer on it with SmartSteam.

Sounds like somebody hasn't played Giana Sisters, Magika or Trine.


I've just discovered Furi and i didn't expect to like it since I'm not much of a twin stick guy. Besides Isaac I've never played any games like this and now this became one of my favorite games ever. The problem is that soon I'm moving away for uni with only my shitty laptop that can't handle Furi at reasonable frame rate. Could you recommend some games for me that are as similar as possible to Furi and can run on a weaker pc? (preferably with linux support)

This game seemed kind of cool until I realized I can just spam secondary with Starch and win without any effort. Am I missing something?

Nobody cares about your private life except google and zuckerberg.
From what I've heard it's not the best game out there and certainly not a good twinstick shooter. I duuno, Ubersmosh? Titan Souls is a shitty indie game, sounds like it would be right up your asshole alley.

it's pretty useful, but it's ineffective against wasps or if you have a specific target you want to get rid of.

Is there a reward for S-Ranking every level in Assault Android Cactus as every character?

The credits list a voice actor for "Witch Beam" but the logo is silent and there's no such character I've seen in the game.

The title does have a female voice actor say "Witch beam" is a half wispery voice, check your file integrity/sound settings.

Not really optimal for points or against some mobs, easier to drop the chain in some situations, you'll get buttfucked in the later parts of the infinity drive for trying that.
But yeah other androids are more interesting to play.

Self satisfaction and a purple logo on your levels.

Bump because I like top down shooters and AAC is making me mad.

Titan Souls would have been good if you could immediately respawn after getting killed instead of having to walk to the boss area every time.
Also the art designer was a fag who chimped out because Total Biscuit mentioned the game on Twitter. I don't like Bain but it was satisfying seeing him refuse to review the game and give it exposure because of the dude's shenanigans.

This is gonna hurt bad.

Op here, I made another thread for boss rush vidya.

Can you go straight to the boss fights or there is something wrong with my versison?

Have you beaten the game yet?

Just started and walked straight to the boss fights. Game is alright but the only dificulty is because of the energy thing being a random spawn, which is rng difficulty imo.

It ain't random, I think it spawns after a certain time period. in the the case of bosses it's after every phase.

im on a boss where it only spawns when im almost out no matter what, and the boss steals it, rng bullshit at its finest

Battery spawn is tied to an algorithm, which pretty much means it'll spawn after you defeat a certain number of enemy waves or when you're low on energy.

Knock her down, dumbo.

sure thing buddy, when the things spawns right besides her and you are on the other side of the map. No bullshit at alll

Why are you on the other side of the map? It spawns from enemies, as well as energy that powers up your weapon and powerups like shutdown/accelerate/firepower, both things that Liquorice can also collect and use. Have something(even an enemy) between you and her, get a battery and then knock her down, or just knock her down if she tries to use the sword on you.

wait, its this the final boss already?

No Liquorice isn't the final boss. There's someone else after.

I was stuck trying to beat her for a long time too, the entire fight is some grade A bullshit, but it was fun gitting gud and finally slapping their shit.
I still don't quite understand the story though. Is there some Event Horizon shit going on that they are trying to protect humanity from?

just play the game

What the user beneath you said. The tutorial pretty much sums up the story well.

I did play the game. all I remember is that Licorice, the core, and that insane robot know of some alternate dimension thing and the first two are trying to protect humanity from it or something, while retarded robot went retarded because of it.

Yeah you can, it's made on purpose although I don't really know why.

It's not, the basics is every enemies has a fixed point value (independent of the actual score) and you need a certain amount of those point to spawn a battery (and those always spawn from where the enemy died), there's also a minimum time between batteries and after a certain time you get batteries regardless as long as you kill something, and if you're in a bad spot batteries are worth more, to give you an idea of how generous it is, you can die 20+ times and have a clear time of over 3 minutes in 1-1 and still finish it.
Additionally bosses spawn one every phase, and right before their first phase in infinity drive / daily drive.
You have audios and visual cues to a battery spawning so it's hard to miss even if it's t the opposite end of the level.
If you miss one you have a second battery spawning much sooner than usual if you continue killing.

tl;dr if the battery is your main source of difficulty you're just not good enough at the game yet that includes 5-4.

The only place where the battery IS the main difficulty is infinity drive post layer 35-39


I don't get what you are trying to tell me. I am not the person having trouble with the boss if that is what you thought.

Sorry about that misread your post.

Was shiitake just made as a cruel joke for anyone trying to S+ anything or what

Shiitake is the android that require the most skill and attention while playing, you're gonna take a a while mastering her, maybe 50-100h for S+ and several hundred for score.

Impressive. I can't be patient when I play these, I HAVE to keep moving and never let go of LMB.

So what do you have to do get a higher score?

Kill things faster and more efficiently while trying as much as possible to group kills (you basically get a 1.5x bonus for every kills that are in a 100-200ms windows of each other).
With Holly specifically that means you need to get a good grasp on the speed cannonballs travel (for distant simultaneous kills) and their hitbox (for groups of enemies close together), the seeker + firepower + shutdown has decent results on mixed groups of enemies too.

Concentrate on getting as much grouped kills as possible before trying to go fast, the max base score on this level is about 1.09 mil, you should be able to get over 0.9 mil easily
Going fast mostly relies on maximizing your DPS (that's the straightforward part) and powerup usage, take firepower until you're level two on your weapon then mix while still prioritizing firepower and keep shutdown for emergencies (low health or start of waves), remember you can only stack two firepower / accelerate and that on this level you can't really farm specific powerups because of the level shifting (although you can stick to the same hexagon as the powerup to prevent that)

*for a total of 30seconds of use (15sec per powerup)

"All Smash TV players should quit now and flee this machine."

Smash TV is cool. I wish we'd had a modern version of it complete with a more "involved" pleasure dome.


I might just be a good old fashioned cowboy, but I still get a kick out of Smash TV



This seems really nice. Did Forced become a better game after the "slightly better edition"?

I've never played any other forced game (i know there's at least one), but i've been having fun with showdown. It starts to throw a bunch of shit at you pretty fast.

From the thumbnail I thought this said Twin stick shotacon thread, am disappoint.

Try some other board, they might have something to your liking.

shootan games generally feature lolis instead

Yeah I don't know why FPS mode tanks the game's framerate so hard, game runs perfectly 99% of the time otherwise. Thankfully it's just a gimmick feature and not a core gameplay issue.

To this day I'm still not sure how you're supposed to play FPS mode with Aubergine