What an awful piece of trash. Never mind that I get 19 fps on a GTX 1070 Haswell i7-4771 & 3.5ghz 16gb w/ 1866 ddr3...

What an awful piece of trash. Never mind that I get 19 fps on a GTX 1070 Haswell i7-4771 & 3.5ghz 16gb w/ 1866 ddr3, and a Samsung Pro SSD at 1080p.

This game has gone to total crap. Fuck early access.

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Welcome to Early Access development. There's a reason you don't prioritise playability over fundamental shit when developing vidya. Also these fuckers already fucked up on EA game. Why would you expect them to do better the second time?


your'e so clever. So insightful.

they ARE refinging the game, but it's far from complete


If you don't know what game this is, you leave questions of whether you actually play video games.

Space Niggers

You have to be 18 to post here.

I play video games just not early access trash

Fair enough. It's Space Engineers. If you want to play it, get it on a large discount or pirate it.

Space Engineers, it's alright, it's a game you'll love to hate in that it's a solid game, but there are so many bugs

The good news to this is they've already created all the features they promised and are working on refining the engine more and more, and to further the good news they keep updates separate between (DEV) and (STABLE) so new updates no longer break the game badly

Game still has it's issues,but it's fun stealing a military transport vessel with nothing but a blowtorch and a circular saw

When Space Engineers came I fiddles a bit with it.
Haven't touched it in a while.

I wonder if my Cruiser still works in the newer version:

Jesus christ, OP, I don't know what the fuck you're doing, but you're doing something horribly wrong.

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theres your problem

I also sure as fuck hope that anyone who plays this installs and custom-tweaks a darkness mod that takes advantage of the latest renderer patch.
Space isn't space if everything is ambiently backlit. You shouldn't be able to see shit without ample floods unless there's a sun shining directly on what you're looking at.

In my current game, I've built a refinery/space station over the (currently) dark side of a moon. I make mining runs down there in my tanker, and it's always a really spooky feeling accelerating downwards into blackness until my floodlights finally get close enough to light up the ground below me.
Looking back up at my station in orbit is also pretty comfy.

Fuck, that design is pretty nice. All I can do is make basic geometric shapes and space trucks.

link to mod? If no mod, can you give the settings to the file you tweaked?

Poor fags ladies and gentlemen!!!

Sure, here's what you need to do:
1. Create a new folder in your AppData/Roaming/SpaceEngineers/Mods folder named MyDarknessMod or whatever you want
2. Create a folder named Data in there
3. In MyDarknessMod/Data create a new text file
4. Paste this into it (and edit as you please): pastebin.com/r3Gpqj0t
5. Save as and change the file type to .sbc

Brand new fully functioning mod. You don't have to package it or anything.

Whoops, got ahead of myself there.
You have to name that text file Environment.sbc

>realize that the tip of my base's moon-facing antenna array was one meter below the gravity line
Fucking terrifying, especially considering I was doing my repairs in pitch blackness with just a flashlight.
proper deep space psychological horror / deep sea psychological horror game when?

Really? I tried it when it on a free weekend, my pc is shit (gtx 650) and it ran smoothly

I suspect he's using mods that haven't been updated in years, or trying to load saved worlds/constructions from outdated game versions.

I agree with you whole heartedly. It went from mediocre but promising to trash that makes you wonder how they tie the devs tie their shoes in the morning.

I haven't followed it much, and have only extensively played it very recently.
What's gone downhill with it?


This patch was fantastic to me, because it finally brought darkness to the game. Space shouldn't be always bright and backlit like it was before the patch, and now it can be easily tweaked to be properly dark like I posted here

Is there something specific there that I'm missing?

Terrible optimization, awful netcode making multiplayer unplayable (multiplayer makes the game worthwhile), piston issues, blocks being bugged after updates, planets crash your game and even your computer if you look at them from orbit for too long, memory leaks everywhere, etc

and multiplayer only makes the game worthwhile because they've refused to do fucking anything to make SSP an actual video game and not creative-mode-but-shittier

First of all, you should only be playing on the DEV branch, let's get that out of the way first.
Secondly, expecting mods to not break with every single patch is a bit silly for a game that's still in beta.
The planet crashes are caused by people trying to load old saves into new versions of the game (seriously, erase that shit whenever there's a patch and start from scratch), specifically the cyberhound→wolves refactor causing huge errors with modded and old version planets.

I'll agree completely about pistons and rotors being horseshit, though.
The memory leak is there still, but not as bad as it used to be. I've done play sessions on planets, in orbit of planets, and on a space station with the moon and planet in clear view at all times for many straight hours without a problem. The game runs at 9gigs of committed RAM sometimes, but I have 16gigs, so that's nothing. Cities Skylines uses more, and that game does far less.
All that said, the memory leaks should be taken care of eventually if this ever becomes a finished product. Expecting optimization before a game is feature complete is kind of foolish, because a dev then has to re-optimize every time a new feature is introduced. Best to save all optimizations for the very end of the dev process as is standard practice.

I don't bother with multiplayer, so I can't comment on that. I imagine if you're a social person, then you'd be legitimately bummed about multiplayer being shit, so I'm not even going to argue this point. I've not tried it myself, but I'll assume you're 100% correct and justified regarding that - except the part about multiplayer making the game worthwhile. The game is fantastic in single player survival mode with refineries and assemblers set to "realistic" efficiency.
With more than one player, the game must get too easy. How would you ever run out of power or oxygen if you have a whole team of people working together?

I can see being salty about this stuff if you paid for the game, but if you paid for it you also kind of deserve the asspain so whatever.

More like Early Ass Development.

Now you know.

Look at that fourth picture. See how the lights on the landing gear don't throw off any light and the headlights don't illuminate anything beyond their stencil? That's exactly why removing the ambient lighting in ANY game that doesn't have very new, very expensive lighting techniques is a shit idea.

You're actually right, but Space Engineers always had bad lighting

It's shitty, yeah, but it's miles better than having it backlit from magical light sources. I don't just prefer it aesthetically; it's also superior from a gameplay perspective. Having to build illumination infrastructure in order to get shit done, or set up a beacon network so you don't get lost adds a new survival dimension to the game as well as a spooky ambiance. In a word, it's fun.
I'm still waiting for the faggot dev to put hydroponics, water extraction and waste reclamation into the game. I don't think he will, though, he seems like a lazy casual fuck.

It's a fun free game for what it is, though.

Just end it all.

Mine works mostly fine except rare crushes. May be you need to install some bullshit like .net and c++redistr?

Just play from the depths :3

It's vacuum, though, the light doesn't scatter. Granted, the planet itself should give off large amounts of light, but the vehicle headlights work exactly like they are supposed to in space.

I get 30+ on my gtx 960/i7 4790k @ 4.4ghz 8gb ddr3 2tb 7200rpm 16mb cache harddrive.
I think the game is a lot more cpu intesive than gpu intensive.

Yes, but his cpu is good. I think it related to his software.

Never expect the final game to be good, just hope you get your moneys worth out of it before it goes to shit.
If you got more than 10 hours per $1 you did ok.

Never trust these people to deliver a full product.

Current version is basically final product.

Never Ever

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The pastebin has been removed. I followed your instructions while it was still up, and it didn't work. Is there a fixed version?



Play Pulsar instead.

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