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If you scan the last two pics with a home-brewed 3ds with the latest version of FBI, you can download and install the JP or US versions respectively directly from Nintendo's Eshop servers.


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Part 2!BNwEULQY!t0u9QPj1YTTo8ORMQxjEEWMHtOvnHTS46qz5s4HwwNg

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Looking for archive before 404.

The last thread 404'd already I think

It has, hence my asking for an archive.

All I wanted to know was about the Jap DLC. Dont care about the 50 posts about turbo autists doscussing 200 v 220.

Oh, you mean the Cross DLC? It's all free, and anything that you missed like 7 Eleven promos will go up eventually on the net anyway, so just go ahead and download.

Nah man, installing the Jap DLC on the Gen version. An user was translating it and going to post it two threads ago.

Oh, foreign version stuff, ya got me then, I don't pay attention to that shit. Good luck.

It's fun to lame it out every now and then.

Are you going aerial and trapflashing as well for maximum cheesing? Because that's what you gotta do.


I'm gonna hit that boipucci with my HH.


Time to shit up some lobbies :^)


Is that a real thing they say in season 5?
Cause i'm looking up for it in the anime

Pucci Thread

Anyone else just kind of stop playing Cross/Gen? I'm at about 300 hours and I'm pretty much done with what I've wanted to do, and just tired of a lot of the game's issues.

The resource grind for ores and Large monster bones has got me worn out a little already, and I've only just started playing this week.
4 was WAY better.

Pucci's from Part 6, Stone Ocean, and sadly I don't think so.


Yeah, it was, even with Relic shit and wystones. I really just want the same bliss 2nd and 3rd gen provided for me again.


That's what you get for using GL in cross/gen
I'm sorry I like funlance too


Striker/Wide and Bushido/Normal are breddy gud

Have yet to into gunlance for X, but I did love wide. Why's striker so good for wide?


Eh, if MHG had some more polish and G rank it'd win. But for now big guy edition reigns supreme.

It depends. 4U and MHG both have their share of problems. Though in 4U questlines aren't locked behind 500 gathering quests.

MH4U ,because it had g rank

As someone who just started playing MHG, 4U is VASTLY better.

MHG tried to do a lot of new shit which is really good. However Capcom were too desperate to get it out immediately so all the ideas are really half-baked and just don't fit well intro the game.

4U's better all-around, MHG's additions are half-baked and it's padded the fuck out. If you want to try styles that's pretty much all it's useful for, the problems will be ironed out by MH5 if they decide to refine things from MHG.

With Capcom though they may just scrap everything and try something else like they did with swimming in 3.

Monhun is a yearly series, they'll just slap a new gimmick on MH5 and hope it sticks.

They'll scrap hunter arts, but keep styles.

So whats gonna happen to guild and striker style?

Guild is going to remain "ok here's the absolute standard way to play the game" and as for striker, what i would personally do is make ALL the weapons super babby simple mode, remove 90% of the possible combos and complexity out of each weapon, however i'd give it a native speed boost.

So basically you're mashing one button over and over but attacking really fast in a "straight line" so to speak, basically a mindless mode that has repositioning/movement limitations and no depth but speed and ease of use.

I did not appreciate that, but what a fitting close to a very mediocre entry. Anyone else think even a g rank wouldn't have saved this game? I know it isn't the main team but my god was it over-hyped with the hunter arts, which I ended up just going back to guild with none equipped anyways because they don't really feel satisfying.

I need a fucking palate cleanser.

You could always play p3rd or FU, user. I'm playing 3U again.

I'll probably go back to FU and pray gen didn't kill the series for me, though I'm thinking of waiting a bit for a recharge so I don't immediately drop it.

replaces the pound/full burst with a third poke like lance gets

Yeah I'll agree with that, the core gameplay changes just make the game feel incredibly lacking, and even with a G-rank I really doubt I could suffer through it

this party's getting CUHRAYZEE

No, and Stone Ocean is Part 6 not 5.
JJBA doesn't have any gay characters in reality, but degenerate fans make these homo jokes all the time. Canonically everyone in the series is straight.

It kind of bothers me how a lot of people think Pucci is black. But think about it. He is a literal TWIN of Weather. So they both have the same two parents. Those two white, Italian people shown in detail in the flashback.

Pucci is their biological son. He is actually white, despite not really looking like he is.

Cross is a different team from mainline, Hunting Skills and Hunting Styles probably aren't returning in Monster Hunter 5. That said, Cross did really well, so we might get Cross 2.

To be fair, Araki doesn't always help matters in terms of making people believe otherwise when seeing things out of context

Who cares what someone thinks when seeing something out of context?
We know they were stuck to each other because a Stand turned both of them into magnets.

Prior to this Joseph had already had several children, one of whom is a bastard because he needed more pussy than just his wives, so he cheated on her.

Or, look at the most fabulous and androgynous characters of them all. Johnny Joestar, has a threesome with two girls and later gets married and has lots of children. Gyro Zeppeli, banging the wives of aristocrats. Josuke 8, fabulous sailorboy who wants to give Yasuho the D.

Oh, I know full well, I'm just saying Araki doesn't shy away from shots that look pretty damn gay, both on purpose like above and less intentional.





Weather's Adoptive parents were black, i believe
which got him hung by the KKK

Actually, if I remember right he got hung because they discovered that Pucci was his brother, and they all thought that Puccy was black and not Sicilian.
Although it's been a long time since I read part 6 so it might not be it.
polite sage

I read this about four months ago and my Japanese isn't perfect but IIRC they thought Weather's adoptive mother was his real mother, and she fucked a black dude at some point, so they beat his ass for it.

Nigger Weather and Puccy were twins.

Yeah because it's hilarious. They're in Egypt of all places and a mob of Moslems is watching them stuck to each other in sexually suggestive positions because of the magnetism, they could really get into trouble for that. The part is pretty funny.

Every male character I meant, but yeah you're right, Scarlet is bi. I was only saying that there are no male homos.

Again, yes, canonically he is. Pucci and Weathers biological parents are the two white Italians shown in their backstory. Pucci and Weather are twins.

Weather was kidnapped by a race mixing white woman who is married to a negro, and raised by them.

This doesn't affect the fact that Pucci is actually indeed the biological son of two white persons. So he is also white, even though his looks deceive you.

Yeah but this guy is right. They attacked Weather because his mother was a race mixer and, even though this is pretty dumb, this made them think Weather is a mulatto. Even though he is a blue eyed blonde haired white man. Kind of a plot hole imo but whatever.

Anyway, Pucci is just a really tan white Italian dude. That is canon.

but isnt DIO confirmed for bi?

Yeah, I don't think the KKK guys knew Pucci and Weather were related, I think he hid that detail so that the incest wouldn't come to light.

Agreed, it's a scream, and I wouldn't want it removed. Again, my point is just that I can see why people would see this without context and think things.


Monster Hunter has some deep lore.


Are you saying he and Pucci were buttbuddies? Araki said Pucci is not interested in sex and is entirely celibate.

Or are you confusing it with when Araki said that women and men both are easily attracted to DIO and especially to his charisma and will generally do what he tells them to do. I don't think that means he fucks dudes, just that he uses his charisma to seduce all kinds of people and then make them fight for him.

someon who still plays cross? i need to rush through low rank guild, so anyone is free to join. Especially if you have to do the same

Still playing, though i'm in the High Ranks and just doing event quest for now.

>thread descends into whether pucci is white or a mulatto >implying italians are huwhite
Never change, Holla Forums.
So while I don't think that the new shit is bad, just unpolished, how exactly would we fix styles (and possibly hunting arts) for the next game?

Remove Hunting Arts completely.
Give Adept/Bushido less iframes but make the counter slightly stronger. The whole idea behind it is about timing evades at the right time, but it allows for sloppy and lazy playing in its current state.
Keep the focus boost on Striker and add an affinity boost. Remove the Hunter Art boost.
I don't know enough about aerial to comment on it.

Not sure about the other styles, but for adept make the dodge window drastically smaller than the 500 years it gives you now.

Adept should be at the max evade+2, but personally I think it should be evade+1 to weed out the shitters who adept hammer their way through the ranks.

Aye, decrease the iframes but make the reward better.
Also, how the fuck do we make axe mode for switchaxe not useless in future iterations?

The funny thing is, people keep on saying how bushido longsword is bae, but I'm a lot more comfortable with guild. I think it's because I'm just so used to positioning myself with the longsword and not having to depend on regular i-frames that I rarely get bushido dodges.
That, and I get both sakura slash and critical juncture. Parrying moves are love.

Yes, lets make it harder for the weapons that already nerfed.

So is Gozmagios in MHGen?
He is not is he
Just got the G3 urgent today and it was rad.

Nope. God I do miss G-rank.
Albeit I'm only G2 in MH4U. I'll finish eventually.

No, he's not we got bonesquid MHG instead.

no you get to fall asleep to what I want to call the worst fight in Monster hunter, I swear to god it's actually impossible to cart

And still some people manage to cart to him.

Is he fun at least?
Ofc he's gonna have ALL the hp, but is it overly frustrating like Dalamadur?
I'm glad that is gone.

No he's just boring

I wish they'd bring back all the ancient dragon

Do they fall asleep and just veg out and the boss eventually shoots the big laser at them?
Or do they fall asleep and just time out?
not even kidding one time I fell asleep for like 3 minutes and still managed to not cart

That's pretty much every giant elder dragon fight. They're all scripted "Hit my obvious weakpoint while avoiding super telegraphed moves" DPS checks with a gimmick.

Would've been nice to have Lao or Gaoren but nope, have fun trying to stay awake as you smack tentacles the entire fight. Its special status isn't even really an issue either.

No idea what the guy I was hunting with was doing but he got caught in the laser.

Goz was alright.
He took me offguard a couple times.
Yet he feels like a slender giant gore magala so i guess that's why

Pubies man, they always find a way to cart, most of time standing too close to the blue mist and pounding away at the thing like an idiot.

Shen Gaoren was fun, but i remember Lao Shan Lung fights to be as tedious as Nakarkos.

Can you transfer characters between the games? I have MH4U on my 3DS but I haven't played it, and it seems silly to grind that game when there's a new one out. I only just realized that the 3DS also has Monster Hunter 3, and I don't know if I should bother playing as well.


If i remember correctly you could do it in the Psp MH, not in the 3 ds though.

Should I just play Generations? Normally I would play every game in a series but each game in the MH series looks a bit samey to me.

MH4U feels better overall.
MHGen seems unfinished, but it has more bosses.
Your pick.

Just play 4U, generations is pretty lackluster.

4U is better than gen.
Gen adds a lot of unavoidable gimmick shit from the word go, where as 4 adds it at the end

Found this, thought i'd share.

I finally got Gen after homebrewing my new 3ds. do people even play this? or should I stick back to 4u. or is that dead?

I first picked up LS in 3U and sucked complete dick with it until I drank a fat cup of git gud and learned when to bail on a combo with the fade slash. Sadly I've seen too many Sephiroths and random anime character pubbies who have cringy as fuck shoutouts being HR7 somehow while completely misusing LS and exiting the game taking one or two carts with them.

Monhun to me was a learning experience years back when I started, and I can't help but pat myself on the back for overcoming the adversity that was fuckhuge hitboxes and less than optimal camera controls. Complaining about people wanting to have Adept reflect what it's name actually means seems fickle in comparison, and should be something to be mastered instead of a free dodge and counter that anyone could do with the crutch frame window it provides.

I was promised something to master, not abuse.


Thank god kirin was nerfed to hell in the 4th generation.

Man, I used LS in 4U when it was nerfed. I hated it at first, and it still isn't as great as switchaxe in my mind, but I learned about fade flashing out of combos and positioning shit was fun. Hell, I was timing out/triplecarting with switchaxe against HR guild akantor but with the rajang LS I beat him in less than 40 minutes with only 1 cart (which even then wouldn't have happened if I didn't try to pick up a shiny in the middle of the fight).
Rajang and Teostra longswords are love.

hope you had white sharpness.

LS is always godlike.
As for now the best weapons multiplayerwise seem to be para SnS, LS, Hammer & blast IG.
All those stuns, all those mounts, all those trips.

Anyone wanna help me fight 3 hyper rubber chickens? I'll help with any village requests afterwards.


Which hammer or just hammer in general?


I'm using the narga hammer since I have crit+3 and crit boost. 70% boosted crits is pretty good.

my nig, literally using the same set right now.

I can almost get razor sharp just I can get 9 into stupid charm bullshit.


I still do, but off to work soon, I'd be happy to play some other time.

Tigrex still beats it by a decent chunk.

Just looked that shit up.
Jesus fucking christ that's awful, good thing fencer exists.

Tigrex hammer has always looked like shit and still does. I've got tenderizer as well so I don't mind the affinity loss.
Sword Saint Earring is pretty dumb.

A patrician weapon for the absolute madman


Still 222.75 raw on average. Slightly higher than the tigrex hammer.

One has green and the other has white.

Ah. Not sure how much blunt force improves shit, but I imagine white is still a bit better, right?

Yeah. The biggest issue is having to take Mind's Eye/Blunt for most monsters when I'd rather just run white sharpness, AuL and more useful shit. Running a high green raw just kinda limits your available skill pool on a lot of monsters. With the lack of G rank armor sets you kinda get shafted with available skills.

Seems like fist of fury or ukanlos trampler is better for blunt force anyhow. Both about 237.5 raw, not counting trampler's ice damage.

Dinovaldo is scum to gun as he's just a pure physical assault from all ranges.

>Hitman Total Absolution.

In solo play those REALLY small windows to reload make gunning his ass hardmode even with cats.

Shut your fucking whore mouth, Ace Cadet. No one likes you.
Eat dung and fall off your mount.


But i'm Dreadking serious devilbro, he's all up in my space and i run out of potions in my baggi due to that tail of fail.

Autism boyz coming in.
Blunt edge is a replacement of razor sharp and AuS for blue sharpness weapons for the price of a lower sharpness. 250 green BE(7o) = 220 blue RS(8o)+AuS(6o), take note, that deco count is approximate and that I equal sum of an optimized armor piece skillpoints to ~8.5*1. So perfect skill count wise armor set should have 6 10*1 skills activated.
If you think that you need something like a mind's eye(13o barrage or 9o hayabusa value if using saint's piercing) to utilize the BE weapon then you are most likely not doing it properly(7o+9o>8o+6o), so generally if you want to see best output out of it you must either use something that has built-in ESP or something that doesn't need it.
The earlier you are in the game, the better the benefits, though without the proper charm you might as well not count on it at all, since there are no armor pieces that could give you the skill without the charm or a ton of open slots.
Even a slight chance of bouncing makes staying in yellow sharpness not worth it(and fyi if you attack too early or too late you are pretty much guaranteed to bounce from any hitzone). Doing some rough calculations bouncing more than once in 11-31 hits makes it not worth it with raw equal 100-250.

GS, SwAx
Great - works if you have enough skill.
LC, HMko
LS, HH, GLshell, LC
DB, SnS, HMex, IG
Trash or "why did you do this to yourself?"

Technical - impact phials take from raw, and weathered cb will have 295-300 so I don't fucking know, someone go try to minmax that shit and see how to make it work.

Also, I can't make sense of your notation (Xo)

I just realized that they didn't add any extra armour designs for high rank. It all looks the same as it did in low rank.

Fuck this game, i'm out. I'm not sticking around for Bonesquid V2.

I was just playing 4U, went to do a G rank expedition for the hell of it. Fucking 2 gravios. Fuck this bullshit.

I miss 4U but my hunting group have grown attached to the Arts and stuff. They didn't even make it past G1 in 4, so we never got to fight the Gog together.

Hammer and GS have no restrictions.
You need blast IG or SnS to trip the boss more, and deal more damage.
Having at least one Para IG or SnS also makes it very easy to rape the boss, expecially if the hammer is competent enough to stun it while it's paralized.

Despite having way more monsters, there's something about Gen that makes it feel barren in comparison. The last couple guild quests don't really feel like a climax. You can't even finish the village quests proper, it's so convoluted. Even if you didn't like the leveled 4U quests, you could do them for the challenge without hassle; fighting deviants is so unfun, the whole ticket system fucked it. It's like the team didn't quite understand what made 4U really fun. The grandeur isn't there.

What the fuck went so terribly wrong?

The bloated it with gathering quests at the beginning and fighting the same monsters over and over AND OVER again for single materials. Monster bone L I'm looking at you
Another user pointed out that the highrank versions of armor look exactly the same. The style system is unpolished with certain style being absolute GARBAGE, CB moveset. I don't care about the damage CB felt reponsive to inputs, fast, and satisfying in 4U
Monster difficulty has no curve to it, ie fighting a najarla then a volvidon, they also seem strangely fast to kill though this may just me being better than before.
Theres no reason to ever go to any of the other villages other than if you want to look at poogie instead of a alpaca. I don't even think you can start mission in other villages but I may be a complete faggot
Sometimes you talk to an NPC in a certain village, leave only to see that theres another person to talk to even though you talked to everyone available forcing you to watch more loading screens.
They fixed Palicos though so whatever.
Hunter arts are also cool.
Please keep prowler mode

Seriously, why the fuck is Seltas and Kecha high rank only? You can start missions at other villages but big whoop. Also please no more prowler crap.

The idea of prowler missions entertains me, mostly the ones where your just beating the shit out of other cats though.
Prowler needs diversity in movesets.

Does anyone have a working version of Ping's Dex for 3G? The one from Ping's site doesn't work.

I have mixed feelings about re-experiencing everything from the start: on one side i could change weapons and try something different, on the other side i spent so much to re-reach HR in mhx and i don't want to take time from other games just to reach again g rank in mh4.

Play those other games until you feel like playing MonHun again

but that's the problem user
i always feel like playing mh

its actually pretty easy user, I just ported over about 5 saves from gateway.

Follow this to get gateway to load and then follow the other guide to transfer the saves

Play another one then? I recently restarted Tri G

Went back to 4U last night and realized how shit gen is in comparison. Decide to test a hunt with one of my faves black diablos and almost instantly cart to it and understood what was wrong with gen.

It's too casual. In b4 "no shit"

The oversaturation of gathering quests not only bores the shit out of you, but softens you up way too much. However, the monster aggression seems slightly toned down in comparison, barring hypers and deviants which are probably the closest to g rank you'll get in gen. But even still they feel souless and uninspired most of the time like stonefist and silverwind.

Now, you can argue monsters in 4U high rank have the same aggressive tendencies, to which I suggest you down glass of clorox because I just tested some hunts with tetsucabra and rathalos(obviously using guild in gen with no arts) and in gen they wait quite a bit longer for you to wail on them in comparison.

As for damage and kill times? Didn't even bother because I already seen enough to cement my opinion, and that is gen is complete babby town even if you take away arts and styles. So that barren and empty feeling you get when playing is completely justified and now a bit more clear. I knew something was wrong when it was easy as fuck to break all the parts on alatreon in such a short time without even sleep bombing.

I felt asleep at the wheel for what I can only assume to be half my playtime, while my roomate who I beat a good chunk of FU, 3U, and 4U with bailing at the beginning of high rank because the game just couldn't hold his attention long enough for him to be assed to continue. How I wish I had that train of thought over 200 hours ago and joined him.

I mentioned that gen spoiled me to someone who hasn't played it yet in 4U and asked my honest opinion on it. I was thinking for a while about nice things to say other than "meh it's okay" but I just couldn't lie. Ended up telling him the truth that it was a half-baked attempt at something new in response to him asking me to compare it to 4U. He noted that it was a shame and we did a few hunts together then moved on.

For a celebration of the monhun series as a whole, the point completely flew over the devs heads and ended up a complete botch-fest of broken, worn out fuckery.

Great job Capcom.

Goddamn i miss relic weapons, i might go back just find that perfect GS….

Xo means the amount(X) of slots(o) to activate the skill or the amount of deco slots the armor piece is an equivalent of. And a default deco is assumed to give 1 skillpoint for armor and we assume the best rate for inserting(when I compare skills one to another), so 1.66(Au), 1.43(BE), 1.25(RS).
I count it like that because usually skill to deco exchange rate on armor with different skills equal 1, because they don't follow deco balancing and don't rip the benefits of ooo or oo for example.
However when we are talking about specific skills that we want in our armor set we usually tend to insert decos which forces the comparison of deco to skillpoint exchange rate.

The idea of viewing things like that is to see from a first glance how awesome the set is from just looking at numbers. Basically every armor piece has it's perfect value, on average its 8.5 in mhx and 10 in 4u. So the perfect armor set would have 6 10 point skills(8.5*7) in mhx and 7(10*7) in 4u. However implications here state that weapon should have ooo and a perfect charm that compensates for the lack of weapon skillpoints. So we move it down a notch and have a realistic picture. 5 skills(or 4 where 2 skills = +2) is a perfect set, 4.5 is great, 4 is good and anything below that means you've wasted too much potential somewhere.

Does fully charging the bow do extra damage?
Or do I just use my highest lvl arrow shot?

Why did this have to happen to the only series I care about anymore?


Are the hyper enemies more obnoxious or more difficult?



At least MH will never fall as far as FE. Goddamn I hate what it's become.

Now go back to 3U and experience all of that even more. Especially the framerate and the music, why the fuck is 4th gen so choppy and who the hell let these guys record all of their tracks with no bass?

are you implying there's a death for this kind of thing?
this is a slow, drawn out torture, destroying the limbs and pillars of a once great machine, and we're trapped inside the gut of this horrible machine and this machine is bleeding to death

When I saw the webm of the characters doing a sing and dance I thought I was being rused.
Sorry to hear one of your favorite series getting fucked.

There is no hope for the future of vidya. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel ahead, but it is the light of hellfire.

Well sorry for just asking a question.

That's what you should expect when you ask a question you could just look up the answer to.

What's a good way to kill Gozmagios?
I got my urgent done because i was in a group of 4 skilled players, and we still had 2 carts and took about 30 minutes.
Is the ammo for the giant cannon worth buying?
And does the ancient drill the guy got on the back deal damage when it falls and activate?

Bring it to the dragonator at the start, hit it.
Someone on cannons
Bring the special ballista ammo
Bring the Destroyer ammo, but it might be dead before that is usable.
When it flies, ground it.
Fire or dragon weapons work on most of its body.
Hit the dragonator lodged in its back.

Baguette Stick the shit out of Gog - he was made to be bullied by it.

I actually like Generations even though it isn't perfect

Dusted off my PSP and decided to start a new file on MHFU after playing some of the current profile I had. I seriously forgot how many monsters I haven't seen since FU: Lunastra, Yami Tsukami, Gao crab, LSL, Hypnocatrice, Shaka Laka King, Vespoid Queen, etc.

Guess i'll be playing this in the meantime because I got tired of MHG and I despise Apex and 140 GQs in 4U.

While there is some good things about generations Monster diversity, Gathering missions now boost the chance of finding the thing you need to complete the mission, FIXING EVERYTHING ABOUT PALICOS There are definite problems with it as explained by all the posts before.
I'll do every hunt and get every hammer and then I most like will never touch it again and return to 4U.

Does your dad work for Capcom?

It certainly feels that way.

You're kidding right? I timed out looking for fucking monster guts or whatever the baby zamitros drop

Had the same problem with the brains mission now that i think about it. Maybe its only for gather points?

I'm starting to notice these threads are turning into bawwfests of endless complaining and sucking each other dick with no rooms posted.
Not even 4U rooms, despite people claiming to love it over G.
We even had a general 404 due to a lack of posts recently.

Is this genreal becoming yet another 8ch circlejerk of people that love complaining but don't actually play video games anymore?
Because if that's the case we might as well kill the community here, a video game community that doesn't play video games is kinda useless.

make a room, if you're so great
plus people are either hunting or playing something else if no one is posting

I'm playing solo fuck off.
Also I used to post rooms for 4U but no one bothered to show up for it.

I can't till the end of next week.

Additionally, i've heard a lot of people here have a reputation for being huge shitters that are really mediocre at the game and use Holla Forums memes outside Holla Forums itself like a bunch of spergs.

Wait a second, i think i just figured out what's been going on now and why there's no rooms, goddamn.

What is good advice you'd give to a DB player?
I have never played the weapon and someone i know is picking it up.
Pro tips are welcome too.

A lot of the fags in here are actually good at the game, I like to think that i'm passable at the game even the worst of us in here are better than randys.

I haven't felt like playing much of Generations. Hunter arts are shit, deviant grind is shit. There are few weapons I want to make. I'm close to being done with it. I'm going to back to 3U once I feel content with MHG, which won't take long. There is a lot of shit in 3U I never did.

Well i wouldn't expect to see any french in here :^)

Wanna hear a fun story?
Every italian i have ever met in MH4U is great at the game.
Being an italian myself i check how others play, and whenever i find the rare exemplar of italian it:
Idk what's up with that, really.

I played with an Italian HH user last week that was one of the worst players I've seen. Never attacked the Tigrex once, only played songs and he almost triple carted as adept. He's the only one I've seen though.

you do realize we're hated like the frenchs right?

Well he's probably a regular here and knows that when you use HH you're never supposed to attack anything or you get insta-kicked.

At least we didn't invent Charlie Hebdo so that's a plus, right?
Also why would we be hated?

So you mean he was playing HH well?

Guess my nationality and recommend a way of ending my shit life. Hint: xDD EPIC ^^ ;D

Also stop being an idiot, we italians are just as bad at MH on average.

But yeah you can meet an italian that's good at MH occasionally simply because it's (strangely enough) a very popular series in italy so there's a wider selection compared to other games.

That's not my experience.
100% of italians i've played with can pull their weight in battle, that's why it's strange to me.
What do you main bro?

What the fuck does charlie hebdo has to do with everything? also using HH doesn't mean you're allowed to not attack.
You're making us look bad, seriously stop.

Is popular? i still haven't met someone who knew the series. It's usually only shit games like soccer, fps and mobas.

Hell I've met a frog that didnt use a baguette stick and was good at the game.

So you didn't hear the drama i take.

i did, that's why i'm asking what that has to do with MH or even video games in general.

Well yeah.
Generations was in the top 10 best game sales for 2 weeks straight.

None of the games have G Rank when they first come out though. The problem isn't that, it's that it's done by a different team rather than the main one.

Why are you playing video games in English to begin with?

I got you. Just picked them up myself.


That's it, you have all the time in the world to react to adept evades since animations are so long and you can evade out of them at any time

Doing ALL 1 star quests

My moon is still shit tier. Free classes are neato, though

Keep at it user, you CAN do it.

gee well I sure am glad I could play with you fellas!

I'd have joined if I had internet.

Just sat down to play it again this morning, missed those fights with Lagi in the deep blue sea

Because it has to be a 3DS game but they still want to make the thing look better have bigger areas etc. It is so bad with gen they actually cripple the FOV can't see shit in gen if you're against a wall.


I've found that the 4U community is actually still quite active. Just did some pub G Rajang and we broke the horns every hunt.

After gen it feels good to play with proficient pubbers again.

Alright faggo, here's a 4U room.


Really because towards the end of when I was playing 4U that shit was getting pretty dire. After custom quests people were just hacking shit to give them the best armour immediately then just forcing their way to g-rank. Enter a room with 4 hunters with HR999 and they're all completely incompetent.

The nice thing about those kinds of players is they don't stick around too long. The people who care will be playing long after they're gone.

Also my room's still open, up for anything

Naw I'm not going to get into 4 now after I finish gen I'm going to go back and play MHF and MHFU then probably replay some version of Tri. I started with Tri and never really finished it or 3U. Is MHP3 really the best version of 3 or are people just being weeb elitists?

People (myself included) love MHP3 because it was comfy, polished, and the small but dedicated community made it an especially enjoyable experience to play online.
Similiar to MHFU, you had to take a couple of extra steps to be able to play online with other people so the community was more "pure" and "tight knit" as a result.

Mechanically speaking no, it's not an outstanding MH entry or anything.

Well that's probably not the case anymore unfortunately.


The cutscenes were a big part of it. Before, you got to see your hunter out on the prowl, actually hunting stuff, and coming across the monster during it's routine. It let you see your guy move around, and it showed the monster's unique traits and personalities. Sometimes I am that guy who doesn't skip a cutscene in multi, because the awe of seeing your full party, geared up, coming across a great beast and doing their best to try not to get demolished by it before banding together to bring it down.

All Gen does is show you the thing, show it roar, and the name pops up. It's on the level of Smash Bros. Also, unlike 4, where the cutscene would, in all but the biggest monsters, seamlessly swap back to gameplay, these just play the cutscene when you enter the area, then dump you in at random. Nothing flows right, the world just doesn't work in this one.

have to complete it once for each because Monster Hunter
Note that there were 2 persons carving for 5 monster guts total

op have an eu qr too, fuck having actual pictures.

Good hunts and sorry I bailed so quickly but I had to go and take care of my uncle who refuses to die and unshackle me from my duties.

Forgive my shit CB skills.
I'm still in the middle of my git gud.

Yup, same with the white liver quest. I got lucky and was able to finish the zamite one in sub 10 but it's still bullshit that a gathering quest is treated as an urgent.

If I had milky man tits that would be pretty accurate to my suffering.

Is it true that the strider dlc is for generations only? If yes, are there other dlc that are exclusive to only one version?
I might convert my savefileif it is

this probably gets asked all the time but hi i'm a retarded american man. i have a retarded japanese friend. we would like to play monster hunter freedom unite or monster hunter tri together.
how do we accomplish this?
we have:

oops i forgot to state that we have to play online because he's 8000 miles away btw i'm retarded

as far as i know you can't play tri, can't handle online/no server

For psp it's really easy look here:
just use freedom unite instead of mh3rd

we only have one PC that can emulate PSP so i guess we're fucked

are the monster hunter servers on the 3DS region locked, or would i be able to play with my gook friend online with an american copy

sorry i misread what you meant with the pcs.
The american version of the game will connect only with the american and european servers, so yeah.
You could pirate/buy the american or japanese version of the game and just play that.

There's also mh online but the lag would be unbearable in a game like that

i thought the 3DS itself was region locked, doesn't that mean i have to buy a japanese 3DS? or would the japanese copy work on an american 3DS

Do you have a CFW on your 3DS? All the new ones have region unlocking happen automatically, by default. Give it a look whether you already did it or not, it's gotten way easier than before. Just hope your DS isn't on 11.0, otherwise you are out of options for the time being

i don't have a 3DS at this time.
i'm just importing a japanese one. i want to learn japanese anyway.

It is region locked. Your only option that doesn't require re-buying console or games is this:

I switched to luma from gateway recently. A long operation, but it was worth it. You'll find all the informations you need in the 3ds thread

Keep in mind that even if you do go CFW, some games auto switch the language to the region of the machine it's running on, like Kirby: Robobo Planet, or Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars. Monster Hunter isn't one of these though, so even if you CFW an NA machine, you can still play Cross uncensored. That said, if you're getting a new piece of hardware anyway, may as well go with the JP one so you don't need to worry about compatibility or keyboard problems, plus you can access the JP eShop if you feel like contributing to FreeShop's growth later on.

Also, for anyone so inclined, I uploaded the .cia for Monster Hunter 4G to the Volafile for an user in another thread since it's not on FreeShop yet.

what's the difference between 4u and 4g?

4G is the original game. 4U is the memeified localization.

As far as I know, Ultimate is the version of G with all the text removed and 8-4's scribblings tossed on top. If they changed anything else, I don't know, I only play the games in Japanese, but I'd assume some of the crossover DLC based around anime/manga would get cut due to licensing costs.

I know that i was asking on content level

it is? strange. I just saw that generation will have the strider dlc while cross won't. Is that true?


Also honestly people are making a huge fuss over nothing, no one even reads the quest text in MH, i can't remember the last time i gave a single fuck about the fluff text in a MH game.

I like the trainer dude and that's about it, everything else is so goddamn bland.

Damn, you niggas aren't helpful at all
Here. It tells you how much damage you get per charge
Higher level shot means more possible hits per shot. I don't know them since I don't use bow, but you can probably find the details somewhere if you google it.

Go fuck yourself you illiterate faggot, not all of us have the attention span of goldfish.

Fucking seriously who can't take 5 minutes to read the text in Monster Hunter games? What the hell is wrong with you faggots? This is why we had so many shitters who didn't understand how basic god damn mechanics worked because they just skipped literally every single line of text that appeared on their screen like idiots.

I have no sympathy for people like you. Kill yourself.

First I've heard of Strider Hiryu-themed DLC of any type, so I can't say.

For me personally, I just play games in the original language, so Japanese for Japanese games, English for American games. I don't trust anyone else's translations as a rule, especially considering the screenshots people were posting making it clear that not only were the people who handled the foreign version making shit up instead of translating, but in some cases actively going in the exact opposite direction of the intention of the original text.

fucking why.

Does someone have a list of all the content exclusive for each version? I can't belive this shit

There is little exclusive content between Cross/Gen now because they were able to bring in most of the Jap DLC

Once you've understand the game's mechanics you don't need to be reminded about Armor Spheres for the millionth time.

Stop assuming and making a fool out of yourself you gigantic sperg, i have a background in oldschool CRPGs.

Thus why the fluff in MH is incredibly boring to me, and once i memorized the mechanics there wasn't anything in the games that was even remotely engaging to me in terms of lore and dialogues.

Perhaps play some games with actual good writing and you'll understand the difference, silly neoweeb.

See, this is a much more reasonable stance i can understand.

Most of the jap DLC is in, aside some exceptions.

I read all of 4U, but Gen I just can't be bothered. It's a shitty side game, with shitty quest dialogue. I can hardly find any fun in the hunts themselves, i'm not going to purposely make it harder by forcing myself to read their memes.

I recommend taking a look at the artbooks, they actually add some cool flavour to the games.

talking about artbooks, does anyone here have the third one? i only have the first two

I don't know if it's out in the west yet. It's definitely on my list, I really enjoyed a lot of the 4th gen designs.

i don't really care to read it, i just want the concepts and images for references when i draw

Then it's out, yeah.

Are you fucking my ass right now?
Get some more difficult monsters, don't force me to fight the same monster 3 FUCKING TIMES and say it fine.

Wait till triple hyper gypceros fight where the most challenging part is time because of hyper health pools.

Had a perfect duo doing Stonefist until:

Fucking brilliant.

Any advantages or specific reasons?

mfw I have 2 brothers and a sister old enough to play mh4u together. I pity anons who can't feel this joy.

True, but a bit misleading. Rapid gets an extra arrow per level, but stops at 4 arrows so Rapid 4 and 5 aren't too different from each other. Spread and Pierce both deal 3 hits at level 1 and 5 hits on levels 3-5, though Spread 2 is still 3 hits while Pierce 2 has 4. Heavy doesn't get anymore hits because it's supposed to be a single hit.

Shot level also affects the damage of the individual arrows, though the difference is rather slight except in the case of Heavy. The exception to this is Pierce, where it gets a larger critical range instead.

Despite all this, you shouldn't worry about shot level too much. Unless you're running a Spread/Pierce Bow. In that case, you just want something at level 3 or higher, which isn't too hard to find. Still, charge level affects your damage more significantly than shot level, so get some Mega Dash Juices and charge those arrows.

Pretty much the standard DPS cat.
Absolutely useless for capping unless you got 5-4 gauge to use at the exact moment you need the trap. Which he didn't.

And the newfaggington HR6 who had the trap didn't fucking use it.

how far could someone get doing a run from the start of Gen (or any other game in the series for that matter) with only the base starting equipment? Even with traps and bombs you'd probably reach a point where you couldn't kill some stronger monsters within the time limit no matter your skill right?

Had a lot of fun m8, glad someone joined the room for fun huntan. Lets do it again

Thanks for saving my ass all those times, I'm trying to break into HH and it's pretty shiggy

Cats are only really effective when certain conditions are met, which means 99% of pubber cats are absolute garbage for dealing and taking damage. I usually expect at most 2 carts when playing with cat hunters. which is why I have auto-chat text for bullying them


Oh whoops, turns out i read "boomercat" as "bombcat", that's why i was puzzled.

Well, I completed Village and most of LR solo with the Yukumo set & Bow which aren't significantly better, so I'd imagine you can finish the entirety of LR and a good chunk of HR with it. Being able to upgrade all your weapons is something I sorta like in Gen, but your defense won't exactly save you for long so you'd have to git gud at dodging or use Adept

why live

I miss the day/night cycle and how you could have a house that could be upgraded and customized.

It's a shame it was stuck on the wii and it started the whole shift towards nintendo consoles. Good thing the wii is easy to hack so you can still go to high rank while offline.

Also it had the worst community in MH history.

I don't care what you guys say, je suis monté and random shitters on gen have NOTHING on how absolutely fucking shit the community was back then.

The entire MH community almost imploded upon itself and was dangerously close to becoming full Souls.

You might get shitters now, but for the most part the community healed since then.

I was trying to sugarcoat those time for myself and remember this game well.
Thanks for reminding me of those bad times.
oh god I dont know how bad it was for US but being stuck with EU shitters was the worst.

So, i'm pretty sure i just cut a Gozmagios tail with a Hammer.
Link to the discord for easy matchmaking and voice if anyone is interested in that mind of thing.

I remember the days of joining a server just to see wetback's spamming chat with "jajajajajajaja"

I really don't feel like fucking doing this.

Taking a break from Freedom Unite to play some MHGen online. Any HR is welcome. I mostly need to get more cash to finish some sets so feel free to post any quest.

I got so angry i drew this

how do I git gud against plesioth?

Which game, because the answer varies based on that


Boys, do I have a story for you.

It gets worse friends.

I can't even believe it was real, but it was. There are some real bad Gen pubbers, but they're nothing in comparison to this. 4U has, and always will be, the uncontested king of legendary shitters. Monster hunter is still fun, but it's also an absolute motherfucking mistake tbh

cool hidden message


just jump over him my dude

they were two separate players. those were their names.



Only two more catshit quests to go.


Trying to solo the hyper multi-monster quests but my cats keep dying immediately after they come back am I missing something?

That monkey will never stop getting even more annoying

Found the towelhead

I played with the guy before i think, he was shit.
Try playing at a different time, so you find more amerifags and less eurofags.

I used to heal my cats with lifepowders in MH4U.
Then again, they were decent supporters, and they took A LOT of damage before dying, maybe more than me.
Get better armor?

Pro tip: you can heal dead cats with lifepowder if you use it in the same zone they died.
This shortens their respawn time and usually they pop right back.

I can give them hyper armour but that only adds like 4 more points of defense.

if you're that desperate for them to survive, there is a skill that adds either 50 or 100 armor and damage to them.
I think it's called team player.

does this work with prowlers too?

Oh man that's great.

MHX/Generations. I mainly use gunlance, but I've been using Astalos GS against him.

hug his legs, it's his easiest iteration.
The hipcheck actually has an accurate hitbox, and because they upped his size his tailswipe misses if you're under him, you only need to be concerned with the hipcheck which you can superflop through

Test it out and let us know

Online play with randos was a mistake.

In the PSP games playing with friends was more novel because you would have to coordinate and meet in person where everyone would talk about sets they want to get and can show off their item boxes.

I used to meet a group of friends once every week from MHF1's release - MHFU's. It was amazing. Now I just have friends who play it occasionally but they usually give up on the game after getting to high rank. So now I'm stuck with randos.

At least playing with randoms in MH1 had better players because you had to actually buy the network adapter for the PS2 to even play online.

MH3 online had borderline ok players. In Japan MH3 had an expensive monthly subscription fee to play online but they abandoned it for the western release. I imagine those guys were better since they were willing to pay for it.


Easier than 3U's? Because back there you could just lure him underwater where he's fair game

Yeah just being able to chase him into the water removed a lot of of the frustration.

Yeah, I'd say easier than 3U, he was way more aggressive, and didn't have a massive safespot on land

What the fuck

in Gen? most of his attacks miss if you're hugging his legs

Can somebody draw an affectionate hunter hugging a plesioth leg?


How did this typo get in the game?
Every Stonefist room has "Stonefish" in the title (and quest loading screen) and muh autism keeps noticing it.

only if you help me hunt it :^)

Thick thighs save lifes.

It's either a typo due to T and H being pretty close together on the keyboard or an autocorrect error since stonefish are an actual kind of fish.

Monster Hunter wasn't designed for online play with randoms, it was designed either for local group play with a circle of friends, or playing online with said circle of friends that you still know and can work with (at least, this is the STRONG direction the series has took ever since it went on handhelds).

This is why pubs will never work in this game, it's just not the main design focus and it will always be a shitshow.

Honestly if someone here has literally no friends that play MH, they might as well play solo, they'll have a better experience.

I'd say solo is the better experience regardless, since extra hunters make things too easy.

I think we talked about this before in another thread, and i already disagreed (along with other anons).

Some of the best memories i've ever had with this series were formed for me on hunts i've done with other players.

If that's not the case for you that's fine, the game is designed to be played both ways.

Pubs is just a gamble. I've played with great randoms and had fun. I also have my own horror stories.

Same here. I hardly have any great memories from all my time soloing, other that just the satisfaction of doing it.

Top fucking kek.

I don't recall having such a conversation, so it may have been with someone else. It's fine for you to like what you like, but it's rather disingenuous to try to play the victim when you already spoke as if multiplayer with friends was inherently superior to solo play. Besides, there's no need for it, it's our nature to speak as if our opinions are solid fact here.

And I have the exact opposite experience, with all my satisfying hunts being single player ones, and multiplayer being wholly unsatisfying as a video game.

solo play >= 2 player local > 3-4 player local >= 2 player online >>> 3-4 player online

Objective means unabashedly true which that is not

I'll pass. Enjoy your arbitrary restrictions.


The wiki is just useless. I don't think I've ever found useful info on there.

Yeah really, take a look at the fucking Astalos page, it doesnt even show any of what the breaks look like which is the only reason why I use the piece of trash.


With this logic, bringing provisions on the hunt is casual. Do you even red sharpness? If not, just quit now.

I've just been using Kiranico for most shit.

Problem with kiranico is that it doesnt state if it's 1 break or 2 to actually get the break reward, and some times you arent sure if what you broke was what you think it was.

What? How on Earth do you make that jump of logic?

You're making pointless restrictions. The game is built with multiplayer in mind. I don't see how it's cancerous in any form. I'm glad you enjoy wailing on hp sponges in the gathering hall solo, but I have better use of my time.

He doesn't think you mean playing with randoms is bad because people are shitty but because you think it makes the game too easy.

Let's hunt some Kirin:


No you're not. Items have to be actively used, and require skill on the part of the player to take proper advantage of, from something as simple as knowing when it's safe to use a healing item to something a little more technical like the proper use of bombs and traps for maximum effectiveness. Other players are wholly independent of the player, and behave entirely on their own, contributing damage much more heavily and consistently than any use of items could do - and that's before considering they will like as not be bringing their own items, anywhere from doubling to quadrupling the number of uses of traps or bombs or the like. All without any requirement of input on the part of the original player. The two are not comparable in the least.

I kind of doubt that, considering every quest is perfectly soloable.

It's fine to enjoy it on your own, but please don't be retarded.

>considering every quest is perfectly soloable



If you are some no-life autist who only plays MH games, sure.

Its gonna feel heavenly