Visual Novels that are also actual games

What are some good examples of Visual Novels with added gameplay?

Even if it's "Pick an Option"

Fallout 4

Zero Escape games are pretty fun

So are the Ace Attorney games

Some anons mentioned the Rance games in the past.

Steins Gate has pick a choice gameplay

Funny thing is, I wanted the gameplay sections to end as quickly as possible so I could go back to the bar and hear facts about whiskey and talk to people.


Strikes me as more a borderline case, but Ghost Trick is an adventure game that has puzzle oriented gameplay, as well as sometimes lengthy dialogues between Sissel and the other characters (or him at the very least eavesdropping). Some chapters even have special bad ends to them if you fuck around, but given Sissel's time manipulation ability, it's not too big a deal. It's also made by the same guy that did Ace Attorney 1-3. Just my take on it.

Heartache 101 has a board game attached. (roll dice, go steps)

Fucking loved Ghost Trick.

Indeed. Really fucking great game.

Forgot my mp4.

almost any 2D game with long ass dialogs?

If you allow "pick an option" just about every VN has gameplay.

Do you need a special kind of flashcart to run a Ghost Trick ROM? I always get stuck in a white screen when I try to start it.


I wouldn't know, I've got an actual copy of it. Not an expensive game last I looked, just not one that's seen around at local places often.

Do you have issues with other DS roms you've put on it as well, and are you sure it's a flash cart compatible with your model of DS?

Most traditional CRPGs.

I also don't know, played it on my 3DS.

Other games work fine, it's only Ghost Trick. So the cart is definitely compatible with the DSi I'm using.

Missle is so cool.

Indeed. One of the best vidya canines I've personally known, alongside the likes of Repede and Blanca the white wolf.

Wish we had Ghost Trick threads here more, the way halfchan used to a few years back. Unfortunately, maybe what someone said in regards to it is right, that even though it's a Holla Forums favorite, it doesn't warrant its own threads much at this point.

Huh, maybe try asking next time there's a DS thread?

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fucking gooks, cancer epicenter as always

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