Trump caught on camera promising wealthy patrons at fancy restaurant that he'll lower their taxes while they applaud

Trump caught on camera promising wealthy patrons at fancy restaurant that he'll lower their taxes while they applaud.


Good to see Trump fighting against the establishment.

I-i-it's just 7 dimensional c-chess guys!

Gee, it's almost like he's saying exactly what he always said about tax cuts.

For those that don't know, 21 Club is right next to Rockefeller Plaza and it's where a lot of celebrities, newscasters and politicians in NYC go to eat and hobknob with eachother. Prices on the menu range from 50 to over 200 dollars.

Also, apparently Trump likes his steak well-done. Fucking monster.

has Holla Forums reacted to this yet?


Isn't that what he said he was going to do though? Publicly, as part of his campaign?

he was always covert about who his cuts disproportionately favored, and throughout the election many trump supporters sincerely believed that muh establishment opposed trump because he was going to dismantle it.

it's always been public knowledge, but the video just accentuates how self-contradictory his message his.

Implying Holla Forums wont just brush it off and keep the meme going


Aren't most Holla Forums posters pro-capitalism except when its being done by le globalists?


Bourgeoisie have no taste

They used to be libertarian but when they realized competition between them and paco/chang was unfair they embraced socialism

Holla Forums thinks huge parts of the government are controlled by jews, any cut is a good cut in their eyes, the more the better. In there minds the dollars will just be spent on secret programs designed to get niggers addicted to crack.


you're talking about a board that regards Kushner, a "jew" replacing Chrisitie's people in the transition team with his own people a good thing
They've gone off the deep end, they're gonna end up being full neocon before 2017 is over, talking about based Israel, their favorite interventions, and replace Hitler with Reagan and the Bush family

Goerge Soros helped the Nazis with property acquisition.

Trumps grandkids are the next generation of crypto-kikes, and sure Holla Forums hates that. He's really just a hand grenade to try to break neocon control and maybe get some money directed inward instead of over seas in endless liberation exercises.

Holla Forums has adopted him as their patron saint, they don't give a fuck. Trump could kick down the door of a Holla Forumsacks house and proceed to rape the guys gf, the Holla Forumsack would still find a way to spin it as something good.


They embraced turn-of-the-century protectionism in spite of the fact that it makes zero sense in an import economy.

I'm a bit agnostic on this tbh for most of the 20th century foreign trade made up between 5-6% of trade; by the end of the century it was about 23-25% which is high by US standards, but about the rate European economies were at turn of the century.

Imports could be reduced but at the price of making the cost of living higher in the short-term, as American (or European) manufacturers would take some time before they could realistically supply the market, much less offer the same products as cheaply. It could increase jobs in the metropole but at the same time the workers would get squeezed and its not conducive to the high-speed growth of the oligarchy's fortunes afaik.


This is what he said during the campaign as well. No one should be surprised at this.

Now this just can't stand.

It's their money why do you want to steal it from them?

Expropriation of stolen profits isn't theft.


I don't often agree with Stalinposters, but pretty much this.

he already said he was going to cut the taxes on the rich user

It's not, it's the surplus value of the workers they exploit.


The rich truly are monsters.

Because the wealth of the bourgeoisie depends on the protection of their property rights through the bourgeois state.

You appear lost, son

What's wrong with well done? ;-;

Nothing, my friend. I like my meat well done as well, you are safe :3


You have a good sense of humor

A few things. When you ask for a well done steak, the establishment that you are eating in will give you the oldest and lowest quality steak they have in the back. It also takes a long time to cook a steak all the way through, so you're inconveniencing the cooks. But most of all, it destroys the flavor profile of the meat and tastes like shit. Why not just order a burger at that point?

o-of course the Holla Forums anons have gfs u-um

Girls with Holla Forums views don't become gfs, they become youtube idols.

Supply and Demand in action!


gas the rich

you cant give yourself what you already own you nitwit


They get to pay less taxes while still enjoying the same benefits from the government such as protection of their private property, infrastructure, government contracts, bailouts etc.

Is 50 dollars supposed to be a lot? Are americans that poor?

lmao, from the responses

A..Are you retarded?

I… think so? I always run into this weird conception when Americans rant about how "fucking europoor and their crushing taxes", and then I get an idea of what they consider "expensive" and I'm left not knowing what to think about their entire sense of money.

God I hate liberals

Yes & yes.

We know that is what Holla Forums and many of Trump's supporters wanted. We are just enjoying the scadenfreude resulting from Holla Forums's struggles to keep the dream alive while Trump repeatedly sells them out and behaves just like the bourgeois corporate parasite that we had been telling them he was. But hey, maybe by his sheer incompetence he will manage to crash neoliberalism with no survivors. That would be the best possible result of his election, which would indeed be pretty awesome.

It's their money. But in a way, it belongs to everybody. And by "everybody" I mean black people. Rich people don't need that money. Blacks do need it.

is he going for the benis there? wtf


It just seems like a "presidential platitude", he plans to make sweeping tax cuts, I fail to see the issue.