4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite old flash game?

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Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)

Adventure Quest

Winter soon lads.

Probably Sonny/Sonny 2. Decent RPGs.

Morning everyone

I'm so tired of wheezing and coughing and sneezing. Worst feeling.

Tomorrow I finally start my 4 day home alone weekend though! Not even sure what I'm gonna do for fun at this point.

PLs no

Blare music.

Hope everyone is having a good one

Great Prefecture War or something like that.

AQ was pretty great too

At least I got to enjoy having a proper erection for a while, right? Also, holy shit losing weight made my dick look bigger.

Anyway, I'd have to say Madness Interactive is up there for old flash games. Not "old" old, but I have a lot of good memories of fucking around in that game.

Fuck this gay thread. Let's roll a game.

0 Monster Girl Quest
1 Skyrim Modded
2 Custom Maid 3D 2
3 Kamidori Alchely Meister
4 Galaxy Angel
5 Artificial Academy 2
6 Sengoku Rance
7 Liru
8 Teaching Feeling
9 First reply
Dubs I'll watch Boku no Pico.

Missed the last few threads because I'm back at work now. Therapist suggested I get a new hobby, so I installed a jigsaw puzzle game. There are a lot of questionable design choices but it's okay. Playing it now. I think my headphones are dying, which is a shame.
Madness Interactive, probably.

I really hate winter. Global warming wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I blast k-on music the entire time I get the house to myself usually.

Wew, have fun with that
pico x coco x chico was better

I've got to call someone tomorrow, I don't know why I'm still up.


I don't even remember what it was called or I'd have actually gotten around to finishing it.
It was a puzzle game and after every one you finished you'd get a snippet of some newspaper article or philosophical thing that's supposed to be hinting at a mysterious otherworldly force or entity manipulating the world. Some of the stuff I still quote and apply in my day to day thinking.
The flash version of Portal was really cool too

Masturbate in new and interesting places

It's another one of those nights.

have fun with your gay porn.

My VHS & Vinyl Record education is slow but stead. Found this today.

One Expensive VHS today


Also found a 1969 vinyl record Of King Crimson: Court of the Crimson King recently. I want to restore it so it doesn't sound scratchy, but it's around $200 for a record cleaning machine that works.

Been building up a sizable record collection so maybe I should get one soon.

Gee wonder what caused that.

Where you working user?

Seems pretty gross. That only leaves like the garage and the cat room.

wew lad

autumn best season

Sounds fun. Being left alone always made my day when I lived at home. Just for the peace and quiet.

do I wanna draw tonight?

Yes you do

Symptoms of kidney failure… …may cause weakness, shortness of breath, lethargy, and confusion… …abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death. Initially kidney failure may cause no symptoms.

What does everyone think of all the Trumo Happenings today? My brother's convinced we're all going back to wearing 1950s suits & hats soon.

Whats up user?

I used to get 90% of my time alone at the house. Then my dad who works from home moved back in early this year. He spends all day long in the fucking kitchen on his laptop. I haven't been alone for more than a couple of hours once a week in months.

You're doing it wrong.

Too busy watching my pm let my country fall apart. What happened?

Since for whatever reason thank you dear god. the torrent won't go I'm rerolling.

For a couple years I was usually alone because I had high school and my dad worked a shift that meant he was leaving for work as I was getting out of school. Then I finished school and my little brother moved in and my dad switched to the late night shift.

just find a stream fgt

Good Job.

Yeah. Said rabbit rabbit rabbit when I woke up so maybe I'll get control?
Can't think of any favorites so I'll just post a few old ones in my collection.

this is a bad feeling


Don't have that one in my collection unfortunately. Damn good one. I remember my brother downloading and editing it so the minigun didn't shake. Also urinal best weapon.


But will he make anime real?

user, I don't hate your or anything, you seem like a nice person but why are you tripfagging?

May as well keep rerolling until you get what you want if you're going to pussy out

Well it was nice knowing you lads.

Watching the left try and fail to spin this has been great.

I'm still broke! And if I had money I'd buy cigarettes anyway.


Investments in VR, Robotics, and AI technology will likely be increased with a good economy and less regulation. Yes.

Jesus helps those who help themselves, but even he thinks you should stop smoking.

If you have to ask, you must be pretty new here.

I was trying to quit until I got hit with a kidney stone and a cold back to back. I'll try again post party weekend.

I designed a singleplayer level, I call it first contact. You spawn on the left behind the hills and need to hold your ground for 15 turns, using only mortars, mg's and infantry against an enemy onslaught. It's pretty good, and i look forward to testing it


Don't be a bitch. You know that shit's available almost anywhere.

I'm up this early again, that's what. Also the tropical depression/borderline hurricane has shut down just about every county but mine here in FL, so lucky me still gets to go to work. Thankfully, my mom works in the same location so we can carpool.

I started learning Symphony of Destruction on my guitar, so that's also been fun. Still have to figure out what to do about getting a certificate or diploma.

my doggo died two days ago and i still don't know how to feel about it

winter is top tier comfy

Oh boy, it's ritsufag and his faggot friends blogging and circlejerking, just like every day of the week.

Thanks for stopping by to join in, friend

You're gonna die user. Why do you keep doing that to yourself?

I rarely come into the 4am threads. Can you tell me why you do it?

Glad to see you are still working on it!

Whats it like working with ur mum? What kinda job?

And old megadeth was pretty comfy.

Sorry about the dog user, what do you mean by don't know how to feel? Was it the dogs time or something?

I still have time to drop my uni courses before I have to pay, and I'm seriously considering it. My parents aren't stupid, but they still think higher education is this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity. Thing is we have no money.

Monster's Den is a neat dungeon crawler with lots of customization. The first sequel added tons of content and had a bigger postgame, but the second sequel, I think it was called chronicles, added premium shit.
Honorable mention to the Sonny series. First game is mediocre, second is pretty good, third never ever, and the composer also did the music for castle crashers.

I do tech stuff for a local company. It's boring.

Get that boring shit out of here.

Do it. Make your dreams come true

I got it downloading. In the mean time I'll be playing Kamidori. What route shall we aim for lads?

We work in two different departments in the same building, but she's only right down the hall from where I work, in the warehouse. I usually visit her for my breaks and lunch and we vent. Pretty comfy.

My friend insisted we learn Symphony even though I was in more of a Broken, Beat & Scarred kind of mood.

Played the new Project Diva before coming to work today.

You better go and fuck you're waifu in all her holes until she passes out from mind breaking ecstasy.
Do it you shit kidneys faggot

The route that nets you the most bitches.

Checking Trump news now, even The Young Turks videos are called "Mexico was victory for Trump" and "Trump Supporter Explains He's Not Racist". The narrative is crumbling.


>tfw you can't play your waifu's game

I would spurn all of those vile wenches.

Kitchen Nightmares was the one I was thinking of. Thanks for the correction.

We're kind of slow tonight, aren't we?

If anybody needs a good laugh, go check out cuckchan Holla Forums right now.


Super VHS machine shipped today. Can't wait for it to come in.

What else do I need in a room for max comfy?

already have

* 3 CRTs
* Vinyl Record Player + Amp
* PC
* All game consoles worth owning aside from NEO-GEO & PC Engine
* S-VHS coming in soon

Do I got a minifridge? Laserdisc? Any suggestions would be great.

Pressing buttons on a controller gives you carpel tunnel? Damn that sucks user- is there really anything you can do about it?

Onii-trap if you're here, we have no way of adding you back into the discord without your discord id number.
Funny thing is, if we actually banned you like you asked we might have been able to undo it.


Going back 9 years to read a thread on a forum is a hell of a thing.

Ay at least the mods unbanned me fast for once instead of making me miss the whole thread.

Feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all.

To make a point.

So you sit on your butt all day doing nothing but browsing the web?

she was 16 and her kidneys failed, it's just weird when someone you've known for most of your life isn't there anymore i guess.

Mind screen capping what's going on?

Nothing wrong with a slow thread

P-PC san

It better be Luka or I'll bully you

It's a repetitive stress injury. You'll probably get it at some point if you don't take precautions like properly supporting your wrists while typing and stuff

I just checked it out with a proxy. Why are they getting raided?


It's getting shitposted into oblivion, mods ain't doing shit. It's delicious.

Sometimes I bring a handheld console or my e-reader in and pretend I'm working. But it's mostly sitting around until somebody presses F11 in their browser or can't figure out how to turn the printer on.


Sorry user. At least you and your family gave her a loving home for a long life.

Can your mom hook you up with any of the young qts working there?

We've been getting about 15 or so less average UIDs all week.

Whichever route doesn't matter. I'll be getting every bitch other than the main three regardless.
We can choose between a hippy knife ear, a mage loli or a some normal bitch. The download's close to finishing anyway.

because I have it.

Mods for Holla Forums never do shit.

Mods will fix it

Blueglass had a hard life.

Just a bad speedrun? Some context would be nice.

Have they shrunk cuckchan thumbnails or have I gone crazy?

I don't know the context.

At least it'll get easier for him at some point.

Maybe because summer's almost over. School starting back up and stuff.

I'd kill for a job like that. Sounds comfy.

I think theres were always smaller. 8ch just had bigger ones from the start

They definitely look smaller

i had bad depression for a few months, i can enjoy and do everything now - meet friends, play vidya, read etc but i still have no enthusiasm for work. Therapist trying to get me back interested into working, question her why, why it's such a big deal that i work and contribute to our shit, corrupt, fucked up society and all she says is for long term satisfaction and for more money to buy things. point out one is pure BS and two is even bigger BS, don't need money and buying garbage to make me happy. She's still trying to get me to work, pretty fucked

The gif is in reverse to make it seem like everyone ditched him. In reality everyone came over to watch him because blueglass is pure.

He had a hard life.

Why do you think (((psychologists))) are always pushing happy pills on the goyim? To keep them working!

Could be.


You're a fucking madman.


Isn't he literally autistic? It's kinda weird when he's the only one laughing, and at times has the most distinct laugh as well.

My Mikasa > Your Mikasa

The runner, Blueglass was a really supportive guy in the communitybefore GDQ was cucked. When would be there to spectate on the couch even if no one else was there.
Then gif related happens.
Also, he's banned from the event for a reason I forget


Could be that I'm just so used to ours but I definitely don't remember them being so tiny.

This is fucking gold.

I hated all of them.

Just let that shitvirus fight it out with an entire bottle of cough syrup, fam.

But winter is dessert.

I am rock hard.

He's literally
now, fam.

-region-free DVD player from chyyna that lets you skip "unskippable" previews
-library card
-as many comfy detective show DVDs as you can check out at once

Oh god sorry about my formatting, I'm posting on mobile.


they tried so hard to get me on some antidepressants but i said no and i came out of depression just fine

Didn't shit go down over a maga hat once?

Would rather just populate my bookshelf with books I own.

Is there a DVD player with a hard drive that lets me just rip all my DVDs to menu? Also, are there any DVD players that do RGB? MY PS2 does it, but you can't play DVDs in RGB mode on a PS2 to my knowledge (I've tried)

hello faggots.
how have you all been doing?



Cough syrup only treats the symptoms.

And I'm pretty sure Trump has been Triple Hitler for a long while now.

Good for you user! Pills are 9 times out of a 10 a mistake.

You accepted this fate.

It's fairly comfy. Better than my old job, packing fish.

Winter sucks ass. Fuck winter.

Well I had a good day, went to town, bought some Plaugebearers, then got a bit russled that when I had the radio on to pass the time they had this White guy who converted to Islam and was going all about "Muh Religion of Peace" and "Not All Muslims"

I do remember when a runner made a joke about how doing [bad technique] gives you cancer and twitch chat blew up

you made a choice.


Whats up konata?

Thats fucking vile.

I hate fish. Stinky ugly shit tasting animals. Dunno why anyone eats them.

I don't think I can make it.

Doing the same.
Thinking how fucking retarded people who call me are and wishing they'd grow a brain to stop asking stupid shit when they call in to me.
Fun stuff.

The Jak & Daxter run at SGDQ was pretty great. It was basically shitposting in verbal form. Lots of Owen Wilson impressions.

I like eating fish, but packing them isn't fun. And everyone else there was a grumpy old woman.



full pleb.

Would Megumin's pits smell like gunpowder or gasoline?

they'd smell like brimstone and sulphur.

The youngest person there is the janitor lady at 24, and while she could be qt, she still has a good 100 lbs to go.

If I really wanted to go the "swallow my pride" route I could do what Brote Ampill did and make a shitty fucking OkCupid account. except there was a murder where a guy tried to hook up a girl with the city I worked in and after their initial meet-up she and two niggers broke into his apartment and killed him while taking his shit.

Never cared for speed running so I've never paid attention to it. Just recall hearing it happen

They'd smell pretty magical

Its unbelivable.

So I might quit my job tuesday. Money will be tight. Probably will work on on writing or shooting.

Endchan and Freech are saying the same thing about us.

Oh god I hate those jobs. I don't know why they hire some young guy when you just know they aren't going to fit in at all.

Only good seafood is shrimp, thats the truth.

You own a gun right? If you own a gun that won't happen to you.

Also okcupid is shit anyway.

Endchan would be viable if the admin wasn't a nodev that fucking abandoned the place just like he abandoned >>>/vr/

more or less the same
i thought I'd have a go at learning how to draw

hope you get better soon

Good asumptions.

I hope they would.

What would Dusty's pits smell like?

Oy vey, perish the thought. The DMCA makes such CSS-breaking devices illegal to import. You could always buy a $50 Core 2 Duo desktop and use it as an HTPC. DVDShrink works well for your purposes. Not that I'd recommend anything illegal.

Is there a good place to watch those? Don't want to torrent.
Also, is primewire.ag one of those "Popcorn Time"-tier sites that just runs a javascript torrent client in your browser? I really don't want to torrent, too scurred

==HNNNNNGHHGHN==>Is there a DVD player with a hard drive that lets me just rip all my DVDs to menu?

breddy gud.
annoying roommate is about to leave to live somewhere else, and Trump unleashed 6,000,000 tons of butthurt with his immigration speech, not to mention looking presidential af already meeting with Mexico's president earlier.


Ritsu puts me to shame with his incessant shitposting.

Well Freech is basically the Shills stronghold

Because they need somebody who can do it efficiently to make up for all the 70 year old women there.

Is that official lucky star art? That just looks wrong.

Fake bel

Ha that makes perfect sense.

Not that I know of, someone usually posts the newest one to Youtube before it inevitably gets taken down. The only way I know of to watch without pirating is to buy the episodes.
I don't know what that is

are you even trying?

you don't even know why I call you that

/vr/ could have been good. But no, we can't have good things.

Endchan is made up of people who bailed from Holla Forums because they didn't like how moderation was handled, while Freech is made up of /int*/ and those who are sympathetic to them. Endchan exists for the same reason 7chan was made over a decade ago.

yes it is.
you don't like it?
it looked pretty comfy to me

then again i had the manga before i even knew the anime existed

rate these tits pls

saggy tits/10

CP? I only ever used it for loli, so I don't know.

Not into dudes sorry.


How old are you.

Are you having fun


I'm legal


Spiderman slinging his web like a pro

Boku no Pico is a masterpiece, sorry to hear your tiny gaijin brain cannot handle it

I don't know why I never thought of looking for a boob wiki, but I never did until today

I'm learning so much

A bunch of people were upset about how moot was handling things, so they decided to make their own imageboard. Masterchan is called a honeypot because the pizza hub.

Accept your fate.

I will once I start playing some Duke.

No, I don't.

Still, I consider whether or not turning to online dating would be worth it or not, considering I can't seem to find a way to interact with anyone still within my age group outside of shit like Facebook. All the girls I knew back in highschool are all in relationships now. Kind of ridiculous.

It's just gay sex, dude. There's plenty of more degenerate OVAs out there

would have been nicer if they were attached to her chest a bit better.


this proves that "flat" chested women actually have enormous breasts if you measure at the root

Any shape at rest has at least three points touching the ground.

No really

Thats the joke.exe

You like college age? You could go to events near a college nearby. Bars/off campus clubs etc

When was the last time anyone here used a dial-up internet connection?


Won't be able to be here for the next session.

Just saying.

Only club nearby is a fucking country dance club. Not my scene, to say the least.

Damn, it's been at least 10 years.

Not dance club, hobby club.

I can't remember.

i think my cousin still uses dial up

Is it furry to fap to Amy Rose?


No, that's a girl user. She has a skirt on- only girls wear skirts.


but not rouge

Only other bars I can think of are more often than not occupied by a much older crowd. I'm not aware of any other clubs otherwise.

It's time for you to leave.

Post the fucking pics, you cunt

not that old

i found out about the manga first sense my old library used to have a lot them

i didn't have internet back then

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as "furry" is actually "kemono"
the answer is yes


Nigga, even /shota/ says that's vanilla.

Hey guys. Anyone still here?

I last used it in 2002
What was the first thing you did when you got broadband?
I watched the Halo 2 trailer
5 years and one lazy vista-exclusive pc port later, I was done with the franchise

I wonder how usable the modern internet is with dial up. I mean, maybe if you used a text-only browser, you could read stuff. Or maybe javascript would fuck your shit up somehow, idk.
I miss the sound of my modem calling my ISP, it was comfyAlso nobody could spy on you while you were offline


Yes, since her body is mostly covered in hair.
Also am I the only one to think the heads of the sonic cast are fucking weird? It gives me a bad feeling for some reason, especially noticeable in any erotic art involving them.

Your library had sol manga?

Ay plank hows life?

Everyone is dead

How is Amy kemono?

does anybody else really love this show or is it just me?

No it's not.

Sanic has an autistic community behind it, and kemono is all about not having autistic communities behind the characters.

I'd like to take a moment and remind you that Eva is supposed to happen over the course of last year and this year. What if Anno knew something?

Oh man. Remember the time Sheldon goes "bazinga"? It's fucking great!


I don't know what the fuck to do with myself really. I was thinking of doing security, but my parent are still under the fucking impression i'm 8 years old. I mean holy shit, they get mad at the thought of me consuming alcohol.

All I want to do is to live my life with no financial issues while playing vidya when i'm not working. I don't need to be fucking rich. I'm not mentally ill, so I can't use neetbux.

Also, I was thinking of doing security, how is it? Might be an issue to get into because annoyingly overprotective parents, but I need money and I hear it's easy.

I think that user just recently discovered this "kemono" shit and is trying to use the term as much as possible, even if it doesn't apply.

I'm still here plank

Eh I'm forced to watch it an Sheldon can be ok at times, but everyone else is shit, especially Pajeet and Wollosteinberg

I am done.
What the fuck should I do next? I'm not watching another episode. That's for next dubs.

You could say that. Though being NEET again has its perks.

Those Last Stand games were pretty fun from what I remember.

It's because Sheldon is supposed to be autistic and you can relate to him the most.

Watch the next episode

make a tumblr account and post about this

If singles watch the sequel

Everyone I know thinks this shit is funny.

it doesn't count if you had your eyes closed the whole time


Whats got you back in the NEET life user?

Rural life is 1000000x better than being in a city. Unless you actually like niggers or something.

Hey mang. Went to a theme park earlier today. Applied for transfer to another college, thank fuck I did that. Overall had a good day. How are you? Feeling sick?

Hey Konata. What's going on?

I just figured it was a blanket term for jap furry. No bully


Well he is unaware of social norms so it's a bit funny seeing him say something that everyone else thinks is Racist and him not giving a fuck
Wolowitz is definantly Jew propaganda at it's most concentrated though


I'm gonna start posting images I have saved in this folder but have never found occasion to post

Yeah still feeling shitty. Also running out of cigarettes so its going to be that much worse.

Whats with you and theme parks lately?




What should my username be?

Fuck you.

Kek hates you too.

I think you're supposed to jerk off after.


I haven't seen enough of the show to know because the idea behind it is fucking shit.

BnP 5eva

ADSL is technically dial up so right fucking now

seriously though just throw "fujoshi" somewhere in your username

I got a season pass to universal studios so I try to take advantage of it. I need my damn butterbeer fix damn it. California is full of theme parks also.

I thought you quit smoking for Ritsu?

As usual



Is that just Cream Soda If so I understand fully
Also are you going to go to the Jewtendo rides

My username is bnp5evafujo
What are we interested in?

I wasn't feeling up for continuing the job that I took to get me out of my parents house. Though that was because my employer was shit and tried to deny me proper paychecks, etc. Now that I'm back I realize why I left and my depression is worse than it's ever been


actors and politics

Students. Specifically male ones.


Cultural appropriation and pokephilia

why bother

Wow what a fucking cunt.

Soil, wwi germany, 1980s anime, dixieland jazz, and libertarianism.

I did but the kidney stone and cold back to back has me smoking more again.

And still jealous of that

Whats wrong with your parents house that its that bad?

i'll take the political correct with all the propaganda

you forgot to point out the rainbow homo flags for politics

Genetics, Memes, Nazism, US Politics, Autism, Videogames
Is this a quiz, if so what site

We are online. What's our next step?

Show off those trips.

probably to verify our shit with the email so that way the government can track our shitposting.

Change the avatar to Pico.

I know but I'd say probably the only bit that actually gave me a laugh Sheldon was saying this Black HR rep is a Slave to her urges, and she's like "AYO HOL UP WAT U SAY" and he says "you're a slave"
That is the sole redeeming part in 10 seasons of shit

Subscribe to FUCKING Gamestop. Got to get those sweet gaming deals.

Follow my blog

create a cancerous ask anything page


wew lad

Yeah basically cream soda with butterscotch froth on top. It's fucking good. And yeah I'll go on those rides. There's actually rumors that they are going to take away harry potter to replace it with nintendo stuff. I don't believe that though, they put too much money in harry potter.

Still getting kidney stones? I thought those would have passed already.

You've got to get an avatar for your blog so people can easily recognize you.

follow this infograph

Think it passed but it stressed me out enough to go buy a bunch of packs of smokes last week.

Why are you tripping

I dunno what it is with Harry Potter but the books and films are shit while the videogames are pretty good and then they sell what seems to be the perfect drink

To "prove a point"

I'm on to you schlomo

Ayy the first 2 movie are comfy at least. And it only had about the same amount of good games. The gameboy rpg, and that broom soccor game.

Is that the fucking guy from Tales of Symphonia

k-kidney stone? You have my sympathies man.

The easiest of the reasons to explain would be that I don't really have a relationship with my parents (somewhat with my mom) and if it weren't for my mom I'd have been kicked out years ago. I just don't like living in a house where the majority of the other people living here don't like me

it's ALL the guys

I am now an official tumblrite. What's the next step in our conquest?

It's registered to a cock.li email although I haven't gotten the verification yet.


To clarify, that reaction image was for you kidney stone. I can only imagine…

Subscribe to as many yaoi pages as possible.

Find a Steven Universe blog to follow.

Spam yuri blogs with "girls can't love girls"

The funny thing is that the RPG is the equivalent of Ryu in Smash Brothers as where in something that's Dull and Formulaic is transplanted in something else and so becoming a bit unique in that something else

Generally if you enter a thread you should read the posts in it before making one yourself, newfag.
Also lurk moar, it's never enough.

Sometimes I just enter and say Hello

Fuck off man, you seem to be the one that's new here

Spammed "Girls can't love girls" on yuri posts and followed a SU blog. What's next?

No "yaoi" pages.

You'd have your answer if you did read and wouldn't need to post is the point. Your attitude is what lead to the porn boards being 70% posts saying "source".


I read the other post that asked it, and he just said "you must be here if you don't know"

have you disabled to the adult content filter?



post dolphin porn

They may have used boys love or some shit like that.

Watch Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun. Or at least pretend you did.

Which is why you lurk before posting. It'll either come up or you'll figure it out on your own through context.

You have the adult content filter off right?

Thanks user.

And that sucks. Maybe moving back in will let you be able to build those relationships though?

Yeah thats true. Damn I kinda want to play it now.

Didn't that get fucked by the German government? I remember seeing a happening thread about it a few months ago.

Followed 17 boy's love blogs. What's the next step?

It was under boy's love. Pretty fucking stupid since yuri still falls under it's nip term.

I tried looking for it but I can't find a way. I might need to verify the account but since cock.li doesn't seem to be receiving it I doubt I'll be able to activate it.

They did but the owner got back the hard drives and domains. It's running as normal now.

Post some Hatefacts


Write a short Bernie/Trump yaoi fanfic?

They took the hard drives so people couldn't make accounts, but he decided to open up a bunch of new ones and then eventually opened the older ones back up. Here's the most updated email about the whole ordeal.

Subscribe to more. It's fucking dumb.

I got better, Bernie/Jeb, half of it would be them being too low energy to start

But then who will say "I'm going to Make Anal Great Again"?

fucking do it

How about we write this together. Here's the start.

in his office which was the best office because Donald J. Trump makes the best offices.

I'm just at a complete loss.

No. What you need to do is have it start out as Bernie/Jeb, and have Trump show up out of nowhere making fun of them for being too low energy and makes anal great again.

This or alternatively Have Hillary come along and rape them with her dick

Pence sheepishly opens the door and says in a hushed and humble tone, "Mr President, you have a visitor." Pence knew his place, Trump had been so gracious as to make him his closest and most trusted mate - his left hand man.

I'm onto you.

I'm a lazy fuck to redo this shit.

"Yeah, who is it, I swear if it's Adelsen again tell him to go back to the Synagog, I'm sick of him always trying to get up in my campaign" Trump said to which Pence replied "It's Bernie Sanders, he says he's willing to give up"


We can just make a sequel.

Pence was gracious in accepting Trump's advances in both the public polls and behind closed doors and grew attached to Trump's charisma. He knew, as all lovers do, that Trump had others on the side. He would deliberately seek out political opponents he had crushed during his campaigns to sodomize and humiliate once more.
Pence opened the door for the frail old man to come through, letting a smirk dance at the corner of his mouth knowing full well what was in store for Bernie.

You can always make another


"M-mister Trump can t-this b-be q-quick I h-have to s-see m-my w-wifes s-son a-after th-this?" Bernie whimpered in which Trump replied "Well I'm quite high energy so this won't take long as long as you can keep up, are you ok by that" to which Bernie answered"S-sure"

If you fags have anything else you want me to do while the writefags do their thing I'm listening.

Maybe I will.


Also I'm officially homeless tomorrow. Wish me luck, guys.

Do you have a car at least

Ha, nope. It'd be fucking nice if I did.

rip in pieces

Perhaps. Couldn't hurt to try. Thanks for asking user, I appreciate it

Fuck man I hope you get it together

i got nothing

It'll only be a couple months at most, less if things pan out perfectly. I've been out there longer than that before, and I'm still alive today.

Start up a patreon and tell them to pay you to keep writing.


Late response, but I love how what might be one of the most important speeches lately happened right here in my state.

I seem to have shown up at just the right time.

I am now on patreon.

Now we just need to find someone to harass you for those victimbucks.



improved version

Why the fuck has no one continued where I left off

people are shit at writing

Improved improved version.

The Pateron supporters need to do that.

Do you think someone will do it?

I hope.

I would bully you but I forget which email I used to make the one I spammed Fire Emblem spoilers on, and it won't let me log in with my username.

I just posted the link to a new site I found that's full of great boy's love content.

Keep going.

I tried to bully you but I don't know how tumblr works so I don't know if it will show up. Enjoy the patreon money

I have no idea where to go from here. I think I'm done for tonight. I'll probably be in tomorrow's thread so if you want to try completely derail what I roll again you're pleased to do so.

These things happen.

see you next thread then

Jumped into the cytube tonight while bored at work and had a blast. Gonna be back tomorrow night for sure, boys

That image is really sad user. STOP BULLYING AMINALS!