Thoughts on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Thoughts on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

che seemed genuine but he had issues and his economic policies were an abject failure. castro seems like a conman and his policies have been authoritarian garbage.

neither are good representatives of the left, especially not castro.

I certainly believe this is not what they fought for.

the left, and the world, needs che more than ever


Che was a great man.

Castro lived enough to become the villain, he probably even survives to see Cuba's Doi Moi.

Standard, run of the mill strongmen who dressed themselves in a cloak of 20th century Soviet styled "communism" so as to be aligned against American imperialism.

Fidel a good marxist that did nothing wrong

What is this meme? Is it based on Jafar from Alladin?

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I'll do what I want m8

its Hercules BTW

mm, yes, just another of all those revolutionaries famous for freeing an entire country from the grip of the most powerful state on earth, attempting further insurrections in others, and being deemed such a threat to u.s. power that they funded, trained, organised and mobilised entire military units to hunt down and murder one man in order to stop his influence. dime a dozen they are

Che was pretty cool and castro is an immortal.

Che was based but its hard to agree with his adventurism. Castro was a revisionist tbh and literally likes to make speeches that are 5 hours long

Please, explain to me how to make things better for Cuba which is small island that has been boycotted by its most vital trading partner for over half a century now.

Shitty answer.

people only like Guevara because he was good looking

Castro was just a Soviet puppet

this guy gets it

This, Castro didn't start calling himself a ML until USSR money started rolling in.

We often forget that Cuba today has exactly the same "special economic zones" as the former East Bloc states in Asia.

Fidel Castro triggers americans. So for that alone, i like him.
Fuck USA

Che would have used the Soviet Nukes against BurgerEmpire if Castro wasn't a normie.


Che was lit

Castro is a self-absorbed opportunist who had dreams of becoming famous through revolution. He's somewhat well-intentioned but not a great person.

Che motorbiking > Che revolutioning

Their hatred of blacks intensified after leaving law school.