Tfw no post-Dreamcast Sega console

So what's your favorite Sega IP, Holla Forums?

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Nice, any other gun games in your arcade?

so how's wincest coming along? don't tell me you didn't even try like a fag

Don't make me choose.

Panzer Dragoon, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, and any of their arcade shooters.


I really like panzer dragoon.

sadly, no. There's Tekken 3 and Crazy Taxi, though.

virtua anything
streets of rage
2d sanic

good shit. ps4 is probably the best 16-bit jrpg and the first game was pretty impressive for its time

why the hell did sega put the latest panzer dragoon game on kinect?

Crimson Dragon wasn't Sega.

Phantasy star.

Phantasy Star classic. Though PSP2i was really fucking good too, at least from a gameplay standpoint.

Beyond that… Skies of Arcadia, but that feels like just saying "Phantasy Star" again because Rieko and Tohru made that one too.

I'll go with Outrun. The SMS version was good when I was a kid and didn't know much better, the arcade cabinet was fucking awesome, and OutRun 2006/C2C was a perfect evolution of the series. So much fucking fun to weave in and out of traffic while drifting around corners, and Heart Attack mode changes things up and provides challenges to complete while racing.


Sega has a lot of good IPs but I think the most consisent in quality for me is the Yakuza franchise. It's repetitive and even a little grindy but the story and shit that happens in it is fucking amazing.

Virtua Fighter. I'm hoping Tekken 7 on consoles will finally give them an incentive to make a new one or at the very least port 5 to Steam.

Sonic and Streets of Rage for me, oh, and Vectorman's a sega ip too, i think., so that. Shame they're just ignoring all the good games for weeaboo shit like miku, or whatever in the fuck the valkyria games past 1 are suppose to be.

Panzer Dragoon.

Valkyria was dead until PC re-released which revived it to the point that they're making new Valkyria game, although it's not Valkyria Chronicles, sounds more like a reboot with more moe shit in it. Otherwise, next two games are for PSP which is actually nothing, probably because PS3 sales were shit. It's quite ironic if you seriously think that Valkyria Chronicles is milked trash because it just proved to SEGA that niche franchises can bring a very good profit. You know, franchises that SEGA forgot about and which you miss so much.

Too bad SEGA is too retarded to understand that it works the same for the rest of their IPs, even when fans themselves are screaming about them SEGA still doesn't care. At least their good series don't belong to Nintendo or someone else who produce absolute garbage with leftists propaganda, think what would these people do with SoR, third game has actual transsexual, for example.

Anyway, aside from arcade hardware production, right now SEGA is mostly milking Miku and Sonic which was heavily damaged by Boom until Aaron took over Sonic account on Twitter.

Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, Shinobi… basically, any Sega IP where you can kick ass.

Sonic, though I'm very fond of Sega IPs in general. They're one of my favorites.

I'd probably put Phantasy Star in second place

my nigga

VF2 and then VF3 quickly replaced all the Street Fighter games as my favorite fighting games. I still think VF3.tb for Dreamcast was the best arcade "port" of any arcade game I've ever played.

The only SEGA IP that matters



Phantasy Star

Is your sister's name Britney, by any chance?

The cartoon was breddy good, though.

Panzer Dragoon Orta.





PC port of Legends NEVER EVER

You fucked up, familia.

Don't make me choose user
Virtua Fighter, Space Harrier Shenmue, Phantasy Star and Golden Axe are among my favorites. Outrun is quite good as well.

Virtual On was and still is the best giant robot fighting game series. Even Gundam Extreme VS isn't as good.

I never understood why so many people love that game. I remember enjoying it when I played it as a kid, but playing it again recently really made me realize how low my standards were back then.

I dunno about that…




Sakura Wars.

I really hope they localize the PC ports or something, since there's a decent market for VNs now.

Theres too many to choose from.

I wish SEGA stopped acting retarded and actually release more of their non-Sonic games on PC.

Learn Russian and play the PC ports.

What do you mean by SEGA IP? What do you mean by Atlus IP?



Mew a qt.

Daily reminder that the money Gearbox took from Sega was used to give a paycheck to Anthony Burch

I'm glad I never bought a Gearbox game.


Streets of Rage 2 was and still is my shit. I have trouble getting into 1 and 3, though

SOR2 OST is best OST

it still shocks me. everyone had a dreamcast and everyone loved it.


What a shame.

I can play all of those games on a PC thanks to emulation. Proprietary closed platforms like consoles are the cancer killing gaming and any console apologists on this board need to fuck off to Neogaf.

"No DRM" is a pipe dream. PC gaming was on the verge of death before Steam saved it, and consoles have always been bigger than computers. It's the reason Rareware jumped ship to Nintendo, because everyone would fucking pirate their computer games. You just want shit for free because you're a libcuck who doesn't want to get a job and just leech off society. Fucking kill yourself, kiddo.

I get your point but I wasn't talking about DRM or $team, I was talking about a platform that inherently rejects the users freedom in their closed garden. I can't mod console games, I can't run them on a better machine to make the framerate tolerable, developers limit their games to what is possible on shitty outdated console hardware, and there's rarely any backwards compatibility. Being able to pirate is all good and nice so you can be assured that a game is good before giving developers money for it, but if I could have denuvo on every PC game in exchange for eliminating console gaming I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Also I'm not a libcuck, I have a job, and have bought almost every game that I've played mostly because I don't intentionally play shit games. I've even bought some of them multiple times to support the devs.

Vote for THE BEST Sega studio ever.

Plebs go home. Those guys literally took the dog shit that was Phantasy Star Universe and made it good.

Why Sega? WHY?!

Ristar was a better platformer than any Sonic. It had better music too.

You would think the massive success of Valkyria Chronicles would have told them something.

Agreed, although Sonic Mania will probably be GOTY of 2017

I still like Sonic a lot. I just wish Ristar had more than one game. I don't know why he was never given another chance to shine.

because SEGA is a lot like god, they do good things but someone you just look at what they do and ask "Why?"

So if I pray to Sega enough I might get a new Ristar?


but make sure to pray to them via email and social media. Like praying to god, if you're not praying from the book then you ain't praying.


Forgot to post GX

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Why did they change the art style?

A man of good taste.

Also, don't forget Yakuza.

AM2 > Overworks > Smilebit > Amusement Vision > AM1 > Hitmaker > Sanic Team > Rosso