Shantae Delayed to November 1st, DLC plans

Oy vey!~ It seems like Wayforward decided to charge people for character and costume DLC.

Backers get all DLC for free, but it's still disappointing for those who didn't back the game.

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Imagine that, Shitae and Shitbackward is garbage

Well, this is how people should treat who give them money on kikestarter. They were there earlier, of course they deserve more.


Shantae is good for faps and music, that's about it.

Seems like we have two opposite teams in terms of opinions.
Shitpost each other to death and whoever survives becomes the new consensus.

Oh no, the game is ruined forever, thanks for ending my life waybackward.

This is good, it means more time is being spent on the game.

Maybe this means that there's still hope that we get a functional game at launch without needing a massive day one patch? Maybe? I still wanna believe.


It's not surprising.

Selling it is the only acceptable business solution for exclusive crowdfunding. It's jewy at first glance but it's the optimal solution.

Frankly, the option to make it available to everyone is by far the best option, and I've seem kikestarters doing it, a very good example was Skullgirls, with all the DLC free for, I think fifteen days or one month after release and then it was priced. So pretty much everyone who wanted it DLC got it for free, but they had a chance to sell it later.
I still think that if you put your money on kikestarter, you should make sure the company is doing something to earn your shekels, but the solution LabZero used is just the best one.

You're right, that's better.
Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure Crapcom did the same thing with the alternate costumes in Ace Attorney 5.

It made me raise my hackles at first glance but overall I think you're right. I dislike paid DLC in principle, but I trust WayForward enough to do it well and make the price match the content. Additionally, if they sell the costumes (and the gameplay that comes with them) as kind of expansion pack that would also be a smart move. I hate getting nickel and dimed over cosmetics and costumes, but I don't mind paying $10-20 for Risky Boots & co. as a complete expansion pack-type deal a month down the line, given that each character/costume will have different gameplay.

This may just be me, releasing the DLC a few weeks or a month down the line would optimize their course of action further. That would be slightly better in the long run since backers get a short period of exclusive stuff they backed, and any Tom, Dick, or Harry who's playing the game in a year still has full access to the DLC.

Except for the backer-exclusive stuff, of course, but we were never going to see that anyway.

Skullgirls launched on PC, I believe, so that solution worked for them, but I am not a fan of the situation you're describing since you can easily end up with people who aren't part of the install base (say, PC owners for a game releasing on PS4) who may not have the opportunity to get the content in the first place because they don't have the right platform.

Although, reflecting upon it, that's more of an issue with the logistics or details of a game's launch and update cycle, and not the system itself.

Who fucking cares?

wew. If there's a way to unpack DLC content I'll do so and toss it up so people can acquire it free. I gave them 100$ and people will get any extras for free damn it!

Fuck you, Pirate's Curse was golden.

They had a free period for the dlc in every platform. Every single one the same period. So, at the time, it was available for PCs, X360 and PS3, and you could get it for free in all of them.

Right. I'm more thinking of situations like the current King of Fighters launch where Classic Kyo is a free DLC skin to everyone in the first week or so. Currently the game is a PS4 exclusive, but it's pretty obvious there will be a PC port at some point since SNK seems to be making an honest effort to get back into making video games instead of pachinko machines. I'm unsure as to whether they'll give PC buyers the same opportunity to get Classic Kyo for free.

Of course, it's just a cosmetic, so it's not like it matters, but the principle is what I'm mostly talking about.



Please no, Shantae on the GBC was such a great fucking game, so was Pirate's Curse.

Well, as long as it's only cosmetic.

Still, I seriously doubt Half-Genie hero will deliver the same as Pirate's Curse for all the changes it got. I'd still pirate it, but after finishing it I'll probably play Pirate's curse again.

Ah, the age old struggle between people defending paid DLC and human beings. Sadly, it feels like the humans never win.

This may honestly be a case of a cigar just being a cigar. We're all hardwired to get bile in our throats when thinking of DLC but I think WayForward would have a tough time gouging people given the nature of the game. There's only so much you can ask for a new character in a 2D platformer, you know?

I want to like it more than I do, but that title hasn't aged well. The lack of a map and the slightly awkward jumping controls hampered my enjoyment when I played it, and the punishing save system discouraged me from wanting to explore at night. Charming OST, though, and great animations.

I've been meaning to get through Risky's Revenge and Pirate Curse before Half-Genie Hero comes out; I can tell they're great games.

I'll take "I didn't read the full text of the archive" for $200, Alex.

No, I didn't.
Well, I'm sure that the game will flop. Which is a shame, I really liked pirate's curse. I planned to pirate it anyway.

The same could be said for a lot of game series these days.

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Why did they make Shantae look like a goblin for the nu game? she looked really good in the previous titles.

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I gave 60 bucks because Im retarded and I wouldn't mind it.

I don't think we should worry about that. Pretty sure PC's will get both Geese and Kyo's skin at launch, mostly because they will get the game later on. Hell, the three DLC versions from KOF XIII were free on PC, so, this is even less of an issue.

The goblin is the in-game sprite. They have key art for cut-scenes, promotional shit, etc.

Do you even follow the development? They got the key art up months ago.

Another fucking delay. I hope it'll be worth the wait.

What's the status on the physical rewards? Nothing in the new update from what I saw.

I regained a little hope for Inti creates with this news


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reminder that the man who ruined Silent Hill now works at Wayforward

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