Jan 31st 2017

enter a world of dubs

I'm starting to think episodic games can be good.
I mean, yes, the low amount of content is shit, but you'll end up with a much bigger game than a regular $60 one, plus, there's less concern about the budget since you are already bringing in money.
A game like MGSV, released like this, would have been incredible.
Not all of them, of course, but overly ambitious games could benefit from this.


I think Hitman is the only one that has done it properly though. They've managed to squeeze a lot of gametime out of each map by including lots of unlockables and challenges which encourage replaying and learning pathing and timing.

Other games just take a complete game and cut it up into smaller pieces that ends up making the game feel like it has half the content it should

I seriously hope all employees of Square Enix get cancer.

At least the improved RAID mode was good.

You are not tricking anyone.


I heard this game was okay especially compared to the shitfest that was Absolution but no fucking way I'm paying for anything that has always online DRM and kicks you out of your single fucking player game during server maintenances.

As much as a I hate Denuvo, it is a lie that it is an always online DRM. It is a regularly online DRM.

well they have to try a lot harder since absolution didn't go so well and probably have a much reduced budget as a result as seen from having 47's original voice actor hired at the expense of all others

You fucking shills.


Oh my fucking god, why nobody is checking those?!



I guess you get to please more people at least

Might be worth a pirate. Also i hate the obsession with steelbooks in video games; they were a novel collectible idea for a few years in the movie industry (until they got greedy and started printing more than they could sell) but now it's just getting annoying.


Anons, you're being fucking baited. This is the 20th time this retard has checked a tor id.

where is the best place to buy my preorder?

What is that gif from?

Who is that semen demon?

Alright, can I get an unbiased review for this shit? Any anons who don't immediately shit their pants at the sight at some current year shit have any thoughts about this game?

its shit

I hasn't been cracked so the majority of anons haven't played it.

Why would you need to play a game to have an opinion on it?

please tell me people berated him for that

There were one or two >watching video games green arrows immediately below, but in general, no.

Normalfags are so fucking completely fucked with doublethink. If the game gets too much hype, they find a way to be edgy and contrarian and shit on it, but the second they find a game they like or is getting too much hate, they get completely anti-consumer and try to argue that gamers are entitled.

Screencap this. In less than ten years from now, a majority of gamers will be begging to be pozzed by company kike nonsense, don't even get me started on contrarian hipsterism.