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Just going to play through Titan quest for the first time now, what is everyones favorite build?

couldn't enjoy this shit because the animations were so bad, it's the last thing I expected to throw me off a game

Was that for titan quest or the upgraded anniversary one out now?

The original, I'll be surprised if they changed that

The list of changes are here, titanquestgame.com/pcchangelog/TQ_AnniversaryEdition_FullChangelog.txt
The animations are not too terrible for me so far unless it was skills or spells that put you off, which I haven't seen yet

It really bothers me there is no randomization to the dungeons in that game or grim dawn. I mean it really bothers me.

Do you mean randomizing the monsters that spawn in dungeons?
Or randomized dungeon creation?

Actual dungeon randomization.
It is the main reason I can't ever play those games more than once and the reason I will only ever pick them up when they are on sale for 5 bucks or something.

The hunter build I've been using has been doing well.

Most randomized dungeons are pretty dull though, the good thing about Grim dawn is the more mobs you kill in one area the stronger types will spawn from it.

Get any pets from that build?

oh sweet, now I can finally play it in English

the original games were region locked DE versions if bought in Germany for some dumb reason

I chose the warfare mastery instead of nature as my secondary mastery. That was my mistake.

You can even buy/pirate it on GoG if you hate Steam.

Pretty big mistake, just means you have to kill everything yourself instead of getting an army of pets to do it for you.

Is this game actually fun to play?
At all?
The biggest problem i had with it is that it looked like the most boring shit ever made visually.
I like Diablo 2, there's various classes and they all play differently and are also pretty different visually, where this game always seemed like one uniform smear of yellow to me.

Any interesting builds you can make?

Neato, I had been putting off buying the expansion for years, now I don't have to.


You can actually make a Nature/Warfare pure petmancer build work out. Warfare has that banner to buff your minions and it even has a minion skill on it's own (though the minions are only temporary) to use in heated situations.
You also have a stun skill in form of the War Horn to help if your minions are being torn up.

Diablo is just a smear of red/black for edgyness.
This game allows you to dual class so it increases the amount of skills and combos you can do.

Thats cool, aoe buffs are always nice

Vanilla is alright, Soulvizier is where it's at. I hope you like slogging through mobs and mobs of enemies.

That does sound like it has good synergy, but the character I'm using is Hunter/Warfare. The pets would have been great with my net that stuns an enemy and deals damage for a good 7-8 seconds.

sweet, I didn't have the expansion and the stuff I got from some anons share thread didn't quite work so this will be perfect.

hopefully I wont have to fuck around with gamefiles just to play in english.

Is there any class that gives out transformations?
Like the druid in diablo 2?

Well, it also reminded me of that Loki game. was it good? I remember you had four different mythologies in that.


jesus christ all these "spoonfeed me pls" babbies. just fucking pirate it to see what it's all about. titan quest is great for one really big reason: it's not about "overcoming the tough odds" and the other shit that diablo etc is all about, it's about making a character that is flat-out ridiculous. almost all of your abilities stack with other abilities in weird ways (see user above mentioning how two classes that you would think wouldn't work too well together create pets that are agents of total ass destruction). you can come up with hilariously overpowered skill combos. Shit, if you just dump all your skill points every time you level into one skill it will become unbelievably powerful (if a little boring) and you'll just explode shit by shield bashing it or whatever.

tl;dr just fucking pirate it you dicksniffers

come on! its 2016 you need to make them pay for patches!

Game moves like molasses. Would enjoy it if it was paced more like Nox or D2.

It gets better later but yeah, the start is the worst part of the game, but honestly just the sheer sillyness of builds makes it better than Grim Dawn

Speak for yourself, I got about halfway through China and I just missed my devotions too much, but that's one of the few things GD has over TQ.

The start of all arpg's are pretty dull from what I've played.
Any good mods I should get for this too?

GD has more eq slots so more bullshit spells and bonus from those items too

Man, THQ Nordic is going real heavy with the goodwill. If their treatment of The Guild 2 is anything to go by, this means we're getting a Titan Quest sequel, doesn't it?

Is it safe to trust again, Holla Forums?


That has nothing on Soiled trousers

Don't get any mods, holy fuck they're awful

Same here.

Not exactly. But there is Colossus Form in the Defense skill tree. It's temporary with cooldown though.

Nah. I did finish it, but it was slow all the way to the end.

Movement wise sure, but you should be wiping out bosses with single attacks and all other crazy nonsense by endgame

What's the closest to a ray spell?
High DPS, high range, high cost

Hmmm, not sure about this, especially since a lot of them seem to be buffing your character. Who knows, though, I do seem to remember the attributes being kind of wonky in regards to how they work with certain weapons, so maybe the changes will be beneficial.

the only one that negatively effects the game is the 100% resist, CDR, and Dodge change, where it now caps at 80% as opposed to 100%

I don't see a problem here.

these games are shit and you should feel bad for liking them


Go into game settings are turn the speed to very fast, makes you not want to kill yourself.

What's the best mage build?

Can you respec?

yes, but you have to get to a city with some guy that helps you with that shit.

How far in the game is this?

like halfway through act 1?


What's a good mage build?

Turnion shot and shotgun everyone into the earth

I own the other games but don't seem to have it for free

hope i count, i have physical from before it was ever on steam.

i dont remember the animations being bad but the sound effects were pretty weak.
can anyone say if they have more impact to them this time around?

I wish PoE was more fun. I can get to endgame maps and just slowly do worse and worse. Its missing something

fuck mages , go Champion Nature + Warfare

That's because PoE is a flat gear check, Level won't help you that late.

nature is mages

It was just sitting there in my inventory for me. Just searched Titan Quest and it was there. Store didn't show I already had it which is odd.

Oh, nevermind. Store shows I have it now that I started installing it.

Well i guess i just dont know how to itemize properly

5/6 L you have to have the exact right mods on each piece, Tri-resist and all normal resist, +mitigation (ES/EV/AR) and HP (unless CI in which case you need flat ES) is the TLDR.
TLDR: Hope you like rolling chaos, jewelers, and fusings, because that's all endgame is

and warfare isn't , that makes champion not a mage

it means hes a babby mage

That's nice of them but Grim Dawn is better anyway.

What have they done?

Holy shit, the ammount of shit builds in this thread.


Why? Because Hunting lets you use spear like a fucking God, and Defense let's you bash shit with a shield and cover your ass.
Do you want to be a Spartan or not?

I want to be a Roman, Greeks were faggots.

Well I guess I'll download it and play it later when I get bored from the new PoE league

i hope they don't mean what i think they mean

those cheeky bastards

yeah I too got it on steam, bretty gud

triggered m'lady?

just a tad worried they somehow fucked up my favorite mythological game

some of us have to be worried since "they" bought it - THQ Nordic

Long ass list, thanks my nigga

Meaning FPS drop / crashes heavy areas, that's all, don't be triggered by a single word.

Yeah, they're certainly cheeky.
THQ Nordic has been hitting the ground running with good move after good move. Is this real life? Do the good guys still exist?

Reminder that Warfare is the best specialization, and that Battle Standard is the best skill. Flag is love, Flag is life. All hail the glorious leader, Flag.

You're shitposting, right? Problematic is a real word that has a proper meaning, just because SJWs have tainted it doesn't make it less of a word

Does TQ have slutwear? I was disappointed in GD's lack of.
Also what classes are good for drowning the screen in colors?


odd, haven't encountered any "crash areas", some FPS drops yeah, but even on a hot potato it would run smoothly

i'm not in the loop about THQ Nordic, so i thought Sweden, but if it's not then shitposting i guess

on a related note - best build HUNTER + FIRE = walking turret of death

I got this game from a charity shop. I think its LAUGHABLY bad.

i'll punch you in the gonads

Would SJWs shitpost like this on a steam store page? The answer is no, THQ Noric seems pretty alright so far. This remaster is great and I can finally uninstall the original TQ

For those of you who can't launch a game (unknown error), pic related.


dont know why but got really quickly bored by this game

That's titan quest for ya.
Like Final Fantasy, it gets really good 20 hours in.

My graphics tend to flicker different colors and studder at times. Alt-tabbing fixes it.
I don't recall the day/night cycle, was that in the original?



Maybe someday someone will update the lewd mods for this game. I tried Allskins_0.8c but I think it conflicts with some of the new animations.

Great game, it's a shame the first parts of act 1 are so slow. This alone will have a lot of people quit

almost passed me by

Yeah, the first few hours of TQ are sure one hell of a slog. I forgot about it until I started to play the Anniversary Edition just now.


latest Gays Of Gaia edition

I don't remember Titan Quest being so much fun. I remember playing it when it came out, but I guess I just sucked balls at it. I remember clearly I couldn't get past the first centaur 'boss' and I kept dying and dying.
Truth be told, I died this time around as well. But only once.

That centaur 'boss' was a cunt to beat, had to kite him just to try hit him once.
But clearly you are not shit at it now so you can enjoy it

I'm pretty sure last time I played I just went with the standard run up and hit it tactic. Now I kinda lured it and it goons away while I got some sick fire damage boosts.

I thought it was easy, sure I had to use like 10 health potions while fighting, but if you take the other goons away you can 1v1 him no problem

I have a spare TQ key from a humble bundle. If I give it to a friend will it become Anniversary Edition?

yeah, nah

it's on gog too

okay then

As long as they have the game they will be able to get the Anniversary Edi for free.

The key I had did, so it should for your friend.

Running up and smashing everything till they die is best tactic.

It wasn't that it was a challenging boss, he was just a hard hitter while my build is glass cannon

As long as it didn't expire, yeah.

It's like you don't minmax health and damage above all else to easily kill boss monsters 9 levels higher.


PC ARPG's in a nutshell. Either move too fast and kite, or sit and never die. That's the endgame.

Is that ever not the case with this sort of game?

If it wasn't a high-damage AoE focused tank, then that was your first mistake.
"Tanks" are only fun when you make them fast and high damage, the added health is just backup for when you fuck up and don't KILL HARD ENOUGH. Fuck defensive builds.

Well there go 30 hours of my life.

Druid Werewolf was shit.. being fast was useless when you don't have a moving attack ala whirlwind or charge.
Druid Werebear with Shockwave meant stunlock while your minions or sorc mop up.

There's your first mistake

inb4 since they couldn't DRM-lock the modding they cut it out entirely

Is buying this game worth it? It's 4.99 right now on Steam and I love RPG games.

>dev makes update for free!

Yeah, its a fun arpg
looks like it cost $2.89 in gog.

I can forego a couple cans of fizzy drinks


I was really surprised to see that in my steam library. was half expecting to have to pay for it.

They tried to ride the D2 train and failed miserably. How can a game be so… uninteresting? It has no variety whatsoever, the enemies are dull as fuck, it's slow as in MMO slow, not even the loot is interesting, all filled with stackable collectible bullshit just like in MMOs, the setting is boring, the game is linear without any random component, and to top it all most skills are crap. The game pretty much feels and plays like a single player MMO.
The only thing I liked more or less were the bosses, but that's all there is to it, don't expect to be making builds in this game because like I said, itemization is crap.

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the "crash" at startup - more like it wont startup at all

DAIL just throws a pile of random shit on top of the game though.

Personally I hate Egypt the most. Especially the way along the Nile. IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME SHITTY MUDHUTS AND FIELDS.


But user,


Slow, boring game in the worst genre there is.

I really disagree about itemization and skills being crap. The itemization is pretty functional with several distinct builds coming from it (it is actually possible to stack enough health regen to tank through just about everything, for instance).

Skills can be a little hit and miss but they do seem to try to keep a majority of them viable throughout the later difficulties (summons get a large direct boost at higher difficulties for instance). With Int and elemental damage modifiers to keep magic skills viable along side the more weapon based archetypes I think TQ actually does a better job with skills than D2.

Of course, character builds don't mean shit if there's nothing to really challenge them. The game definitely builds up slow and I'm not convinced it ever really gets tough at all. I only ever completed it once near the original release because the difficulty pacing is just too slow for me.

I might try this one out, i remember defense being a really good skill so it should work fine.

It does get more difficult later on, higher difficulties also have new optional bosses

I play an Assassin (Warfare+Rogue) and the damage and attack speed you get from it is very high.
Some noteworthy skills include…

I'm fairly sure you can mod the GoG version just fine, the old-fashioned way. You just can't use the Steam Workshop malarkey. (I still hope people will make non-Steam Workshop installers for their mods and if the mods are lewd they might have to.
Check titanquest.net/tq-forum/forum.php which has apparently come back from the dead for any happenings.

The necrotechnomancer doesn't need that, though.
You just spawn a ton of sentries all around and watch as the hordes of bosses die.

Anyone tried Path of Exile after the new patch

For some reason the only diablo style ARPG I can ever get into is Din's Curse.

Are there any ARPGs with more elaborate melee combat system in them? I'm looking for some combination of Diablo-style games and Musou elements, like combos and excessive amounts of enemies on screen.
I played games like Amalur, Warframe and of course Souls series, but nothing is quite what I want.
Does such thing exist?

Revenant has an unbelievably in-depth combat system. It's old but I still think about it all the time.

It's kind of bland, no new skills yet except some balance changes, the essence league itself is sort of boring, but I haven't actually gotten to the expansion contet, ie maps, so I don't know for sure.

send them a picture of your serial number, box of the game and penis for a free code

Also, here's the fight against the new boss in PoE.

There's spoilers in there, in case anyone actually gives a shit about poe lore.

The same thing happened to me the first time I played. I picked Warfare as my first mastery, didn't even get to level 8 before I got bored of just hitting everything.
A couple of days later I gave the game another shot. I picked Dream this time, and holy shit the difference in playstyle is massive. A basic skill that makes every 4th hit explode? Turning invisible and sending 3 dudes flying in one hit? The fun I had skyrocketed because of that shit. I'm glad I stuck with the game, because I realized that it's all about fucking things up as much as possible.

If you want a fun build, try elementalist (earth+storm). You're squishy as fuck but your spells easily send dudes flying and you've got a couple of good summons to watch your back. The core dweller in particular is a mighty rock to hide behind. Literally.

Alright, so I bought the game today and have gotten into it. I'm currently using the Spirit mastery with no secondary yet, what are some recommended abilities to rip out of this tree? I already see it is weak against undead types since they lack any life to take advantage of.

Please don't call non-DRM-locked modding "the old-fashioned way". You wouldn't call releasing a game without Denuvo "the old-fashioned way" of releasing a game.

Pets dont deal damage in the late game or beyond normal.
Shrapnel arrow(or whatever its name) also reaches it's peak by the end of normal and doesn't progress anymore. But it was still best AoE DPS build.
Not sure if any of that was changed in anniversary.

I also hated how they nerfed fire/spirit trident attack(into negatives). Maybe it was a bit OP but they really overreacted.

If skills are powerful people complain its boring. If skills are shit people complain about kiting and potion spam. I prefer former. But the 'problem' is genre itself. You can't make it all that fun no matter what. D2 kinda broke it by introducing that autistic gem-collecting everyone had to copy.

I believe its Lost Arc or something, But I havent played it. Not sure if its in beta or whatever those koreans doing with it.

If you're going full mage Ternion attack is your bread and butter. It's triple shot, plus AoE when you get Arcane lore. Lich king is a beast, get it and max it if you can spare the points.

If you're building a hybrid, I don't think I can help. Defense is a good fallback in any case, you get craploads of health from it so you become less squishy. I've been trying to make a warfare + spirit character but I'm just not satisfied with how it's coming out. I think I'll start over and try again.

Victor Vran is a little more deep than your regular ARPG, I think. But only a little, dunno if you can make sick combos and stuff.

Spirit is good with another magic. Like storm or fire. Storm has longer cooldowns/strong nukes and fire more consistent DPS +great golem summon.
Don't max lich's abilities as it has shit AI and uses them in most moronic way. Better spend points on your own skills.

I played Titan Quest back when it came out, got up to a quarter of act 2 then gave up on it because of how boring and repetitive it was, I've always felt like I was moving at a snail pace in it, it didn't help the fact that it looked so bland too. Those that find some kind of enjoyment on that game must be real troopers then, because it's as stimulating and fun as watching grass grow.

Does xmax mod still work with the new version?
It makes the game faster, harder and better

Wow. I don't feel bad at all for skipping Grim Yawn now. That's absolutely pathetic.

Yeah it sure does.

I will have to buy it I'm afraid. Already spent hundreds of hours in it before but here we go again

Victor vran is decent but its just a ARPG with a dodge roll

I'm building a hybrid character that has average-slow attack speed but high damage with massive health and energy pools. I think I'll try it out with storm and see how that goes.

And by introducing the resist stacking everyone had to copy or go full retard with, like TQ with its 8 resists or so.
And by introducing resist penalties in higher difficulties so you have to stack even more of them.

To anyone wondering how slow this game is:

play with xmax mod if you can handle it, speeds the game up by a lot.

or just go play LoL since it is faster and aimed at underage kids like yourself

I have 8 hours clocked an am on Act 3, without turning game speed up. pick a faster build would be my advice

There's no need to be angry, user. I'm happy that you're married to a game that is mindnumbingly boring during the first several hours.

I'm going Defense + Warfare. Any way to make it faster? How should I skill it to speed things up?
Or should I respec out of defense?

You picked the slowest possible setup, that's pretty impressive.
Also you see that flag?
That flag is warfare's best ability hands down, Max flag, Flag is Love.

Well I guess I'll drop defense for dream, then.
Thanks TGdefiler

You can keep defense, it'll be fine.
But you need to pick up flag and the more damaging abilities from warfare.
Basically what I'm saying is.
Drop all but 1 point in onslaught, it's pretty bad.

oh right let me talk about why Onslaught is so bad, onslaught is % damage only. You're not doing much so 100% additional doesn't equate to a lot compared to other attack oriented options.

Oh boy.
This explains a lot.
A Crate employee talking about designing Titan Quest.

Jesus christ, so they actually fought to make Titan Quest as distinguished as it was. Once again, the higher ups fuck up the game for no good reason.


Hold up, I bought the game but haven't played yet.

Did they remove features or anything?

The removed a few bugs, but other than that it's the same snoozefest.
If you believe the fans, the game picks up on speed after x amount of time, and x amount of time is guaranteed to be longer than 2 hours.
You should have pirated it first to see if you're one of those who actually enjoy this game.



Just THQ my shit up fam

Anyone know a "fun" build? Doesn't have to be OP or challenging just viscerally enjoyable to play. ARPGs have a tendency to slide into item grinds, may as well do cool shit while doing it.


Bow only Brigand or Haruspex (hunter + rogue / dream)

Well, that would make optional bosses much harder in higher difficulties. Titan form is very good against them.

It depends much on your stats and items then. With lots of points in strength and a purple weapon even onslaught pulls its weight.

Titan Quest is shit though.

Went through all difficulties with Brigand without much interference. Tried caster but spells are boring as fuck.

Grim Dawn is the better game, still has a lot of issues taken over from TQ.


not really, it can pull it's weight sure, but it never really gets to the "wow this is good DPS" area like Brigand does

Spear Warden

You attack slower but thats what all that armour is for.
Focus on just the spear skills in Hunter everything else in Defender

Top kek, d2 is slow as fuck until you get most of your skills at around level 40. By then you are already 80% through the game.
I think dota2 is better suited for you adhd kids lmao

Playing this for the first time and I'm trying a Spellbreaker (warfare+spirit), how shit will this build be?

Higher-ups and test groups are the cancer killing vidya.

Not awful, but not great.

Deathchill aura is normally not amazing on a caster since it's so short ranged but since you're melee it's perfect. Get ravages of time as well since it decreases enemy damage resistance. Life Leech is meh, but it becomes good once you get Necrosis on the Deathchill aura tree since that decreases resistance to life leeching attacks.

In any case you sholud be focusing on the Warfare tree. Banner is amazing, max the fuck out of it. Get one point in battle rage, ignore the skills directly above it. All the other skills are useful, see what works for you.

well, im got a character with necro and nature and bulding up my minion army.

also some codes

373624 "Armament of Gaul" set
437626 "Armament of Germania" set
925678 "Garb of the Great Merchant" set
12345 "Girl Skin"
123456 "Girl Skin"²
123 "Male and Female Skin"
274267 "Shinobi Shozoku" set

373624 - "Armament of Gaul" set
437626 - "Armament of Germania" set
925678 - "Garb of the Great Merchant" set
274267 - "Shinobi Shozoku" set

You have to be over Lvl 30 to use these codes below (Only for non-steam versions)

96958644 - Achilles' Spear
13333786 - Anendjib's Spear
63466346 - Ares' Wrath
53253253 - Armor of the Immortal Guard
12472353 - Fury of the Three Amazons
15662674 - Herod's Reach
85376494 - Horsemaster's Pike
14441522 - Monk's Spade
25356154 - Penetrating Spear of Ko k'Bi
53262633 - Raptor

What do?

Do those codes make the sets drop instantly or allow them to be dropped?

Suits? I think the problem might be burgers.


Have you ever gotten rekt real hard in the hidden passage?

I can't stand boring grind shit that uses random drops and XP instead of actual decent gameplay. It is why I hate MMOs.

Is Titan Quest worth playing for me?

The fact that you have to ask shows you're not very smart.

I want to like it, I do. But it's so boring…


Gee I fucking wonder user.

Hey guys, GOG download where?

qt doggy

I don't mind a game that has those elements if it still has good gameplay.
That is why I am asking stupid.
Does the game have good gameplay or is it just grinding like most MMOs?

The very fast setting helps a lot with the early slog.

Why even open the thread then? That is like me going into the fighting games thread and complaining to everyone that I don't like fighting games.
I don't care if you like/dislike ARPGs but your behavior makes no sense.

But if they find it boring and don't like it then that means the game is objectively boring and bad and all these people who like it for some reason must be mentally ill. How will they ever know they are insane if a champion doesn't come point out their insanity and save them?


Man, you guys are so smart and original.
Man, the power of (1) truly is with you.
I'm afraid you're wrong, though, since I love Grim Dawn and I love Diablo II but I don't like Titan Quest because it's slow and sluggish. Guess that means I hate the genre, if only I had known before.

Stop taking someone not liking your favorite game personal, you thin-skinned niggerfaggots.

Literally the only good parts are how it uses four mythologies and NG+ having slightly different plot.





The Valley of Kings in this game is a big for someone with a primary mastery in Spirit, too many undead enemies for this shit to work well.


I thought I was the only one that took water nymph screenshots, she's a qt

Way to shit on my young and impressionable memories tbh




Any mod to make the game less shit yet?


Go ahead and take a look.

That would have reduced the feeling that you were just some schmuck ascending to godhood through sheer amount of murder, and feel more like you were an actual hero fighting for the gods.



I don't see the problem?

This is truly the worst change, I have had that armor carry me through half of the game

Fucking how? I've played soulvizier and I quit after getting to Egypt because it made the game so hard for me it was tedious.

The only way I could survive was to bring 50 potions with me and chug them every time the cool down is over. I also do this in the base game after the first few hours. Am I doing something wrong here?

Found your problem, melee was underpowered and the only solution was a billion healing potions

There was a reason the only mod I installed was the one that let you carry a shit ton of potion in one slot.

Can I play multiplayer with my retail installation yet or have those kikes not released the patch to non-steam/gog users?

i dont know, i havent use them yet

in gog.com/

Good to see a man of culture in this thread.

that happened with me once, but with the cat people

well fuck, i set that shit to 4 speakers, in my toaster laptop

I completed Torchlight 2 twice, it's just so damn fun. I want to finish it again.

Heh, looks like some items got nerfed but there are buffs too.

Noooo, not Distortion Wave! That skill made the early game go by fast, that's good!

titan quest pop goes the ed

Do DoT like poison and life leech stack with each other? maybe I built wrong but poison seems to just get worse and worse.

do i have to pass the game first to unlock the codes?

I'm fairly sure the 123, 12345 and 123456 codes are from a mod. If you wan't lewd skins use the Allskins mod. It's already on Steam Workshop.

I would have been more than happy if they had simply fixed all the performance issues and not touched the gameplay.

Odds are if you ask politely and provide proof that you bought the retail copy, they might give you a key.

It's amazing what being humble and polite to people will get you in life.

3 feet under?

I didn't say "Be a grovelling little shit", but when you're asking a favor of someone, you should be polite and humble.


Worth a try, just be honest and polite, not sleezy and asskissing.
I got my copy of the Crimsonland remake that way and all I did was send them a photo of a "300 games in 1" cd I'd bought in Russia (10tons never even knew these existed, but Crimsonland was on there).

We have a PoE guild exactly?

you wanna run that by me one more time?

nymph pussy

it never will be.

you can trust me. just dont depend on me

THQ Nordic is Austrian. They're from the land of Uncle Adolf and Schwartzenegger.

you fucking manwhore, explain yourself right now. are you talking about the sequel or is there something new that I need to know about guild 2? That game is fucking great, too bad it's broken as fuck.

well thats confusing but alright.

Nothing much, really. Nordic just fixed some bugs a year or two ago and I licensed some music from a German folk band to play in taverns sometimes.


Fuck. For some reason I still have hope for Guild 2, I dunno why when there's Guild 3 coming out. Hope it won't be absolute trash.

What is with all these ADHD faggots in this thread?

To be fair, it -was- multiple patches. You can't really expect whole new expansions for such an old game, even if it wouldn't be unprecedented. All we really can do is hope for the sequel.

THQ Nordic buying Anno from Jewbisoft when?

The Austrian office is just a subsidiary of the Swedish owned company
Even jewpedia tells that in the History section
Even the original site tells that THQ Nordic is a child-company
Plus the owner is Lars Wingefors

Excerpt from link wingefors.se/background/
"This dedicated interest in combination with a nose for business proved laden with potenial and was the catalyst for Wingefors’s later venture into the world of computer games, and indeed, the wider group of businesses owned by Wingefors today."

The rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to go


I know that feel.

its supposed to come out end of the year, but it was also supposed to come out at the end of last year, so expect more delays.
i have hope for it though. its a new studio but with the same lead designer, so heres to hoping htat it wont be simplified to apeal to modern audiences.
one thing that is certain is that hte netcode issues that ruined the guild 1&2 will be gone since they are using a new engine.

Is it possible to a fist only run? What masteries would be the best for that?

The Sylvan Nymph is cute too. The cute way she skips along and her cute noises are cute.

My friend has around 350 dps with storm and earth auras

I forgot to mention around level 30

Wouldn't the spirit aura with %-based reduction to health be also good for that? And life drain and death ward could both be handy.


First time playing, I haven't hit a roadblock like this, how am I supposed to beat level 15 with all this shit flying at me and the big titted monsters running away? I didn't bother with magic, I went pure warrior even though I knew magic would be great.

Hide behind the corner, wait until the first bitch shows up following you, whack her until she dies. Repeat when necessary. Tedious but effective.

That's what I've done to get past parts, but they instantly run away. And the spellcasters are all bunched up, and it's hard to get them.

It's actually literally impossible, I don't see a way out of this. I just got shit on by it's procedural dungeon.

I really want to finish this before I play Diablo 2.

get more resists, in hell they throw absolutely everything at you hence only supermaxing fire is not enough

at least try to have everything above 50%


Managed to get this at the cost of armor class and neat armor sprite.

I wanted more diplomatic options.

Do we have a guild yet?

Yes, it's probably already abandoned though

Where did everything go so wrong?
18 hours in and I've been fighting Megalesios for something like 10 minutes, nearly ran out of potions, only got him to about 80% health and two of his statues are still alive thanks to the fucking limos. Teleported out of the dungeon and accidentally closed the game so I get to go through the entire fucking labyrinth again!

What am I doing wrong, I didn't spread the skill points out like I usually do.

He is a difficult boss. Statues in general have very high life. There are some really hard hitting ones in egypt later on.
I also never played a warden so I'm not sure how they do in general.

I found this build for warden. Maybe it will give you some insight.

That leaves me with a lot of health regen and no damage.
I'm pretty sure I need a more DPS focused build for this guy

nigga please. also take the rend armor upgrade and you can one shot like 3 dudes at once. also defence + storm makes you a paladin.


From the ashes then?

Just beat Diablo, moving onto Diablo 2 but need help. I downloaded Diablo 2 form the share thread with Plug y and multi res patch, not gonna use plug y, I feel the big stash is cheating for a first playthrough.
But how do I fullscreen and maintain the aspect ratio?
What's more fun, paladin, or barbarian?

fucking knew that kike was a faggot.

He's using a bow with defense, I don't quite get what his plan is.