France: Balistic SJWs Attack Leftist Library

Mille-Babords is a non-sectarian leftist multimedia library and community center in Marseille, France. They regularly organize public meetings and debates, where people of various tendencies are invited to confront their sometimes wildly opposing viewpoints.

There has been growing concern among some on the radical left with a particularly reactionary strain of post-colonialism that is increasingly popular among the politicized French youth, which detractors dubbed "racialism" (as in: it's thinly-veiled, repurposed racism). The closest thing that exists in the US would be the likes of Nation of Islam, complete with the occasional bouts of sexist, segregationist, anti-gay or antisemitic bile — though, granted, their backwardness is not always as obvious as that of black supremacists.

So, there have been a series of meetings among leftist circles regarding these issues as of late. On October 28, a meeting titled "Jusqu'ici tout va bien…" (in a nod to Mathieu Kassovitz's famous 1995 social drama film La Haine) was to be held at Mille-Babords.

Its main theme was "race" and how, in recent years, this concept had seen increased use by leftist groups (who would have dismissed it with disgust a decade ago) to the detriment of class struggle and actual socialist anti-racism, and to the benefit of the both the status quo and the far-right. Of course, people who did not agree with that premise were free to participate and voice their opinion.

Just before the actual meeting could start however, a group of people showering leaflets and chanting slogans such as "we're not letting this happen", "our race exists" and "check your muh privileges" burst in and tried to disrupt the event. When they realized that didn't really work all that well and Mille-Babords organizers didn't exactly care all that much, they started sperging out.

They physically assaulted people, spayed tear gas and stinky bombs, flipped tables over, sacked the library and finally left after they broke a window. In short, they tried to violently suppress the debate — which pathetically didn't even work, as the meeting went on as scheduled. The following day, the disruptors who described themselves as "mainly women, lesbians and transgenders" mailed a statement (including an actual idpol lexicon attached) blaming the whole thing on Mille-Babords which they disparaged as "white cis male neo-colonialists".

Funnily enough, the Mille-Babords people noticed the attackers were divided into two crowds: the people of color did all the work in that they carried out the actual raid while white people humbly and patiently waited outside. Make of that what you will. Maybe that's what this newfangled "progressive stack" thing is about?

It's actually the second time such a thing happened. Discordia, an anarchist library in Paris, suffered a similar attack a few months before during which all of their windows were smashed by people who accused them of being "racists".

Reminder: cops or fascists didn't do this. SJWs did.


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At least SJW showed their true colors
Now we just need to see how the proper left responds, hopefully by being more populist

Yeah humanity is doomed what else is new?
Capitalism is collapsing (falling profit rates and automation devastating employment and demand) and so is the environment (mass desertification happening before our eyes and acidification of the ocean)
And the left is dead. Racialism killed it. Unemployment could be 90% and we'd still be fighting over race. Fuck.

Not even once comrade. "Race warriors" and "Social Justice" warriors are two sides of the same coin, they are not real leftists but a petty bourgeois COINTELPROL operation to create a new and retarded postmodernist liberal shitfest.

Is there any hope?

Any chance of a revolution happening anywhere relevant is laughable. The far right is increasingly strident. The environment is already probably fucked beyond repair. The bourgeoisie have nukes and chemical weapons.

the left is dead, it has 0 revolutionary potential

I'm not surprised, but I am disgusted.

Please tell me some of them got their heads kicked in. If they're not willing to go to the police, at least recruit some voluntary muscle so this can't happen again.


Let's hope Front National is going to shoot all of them :)

remember reactonary garbage is just as cancerous


I think you meant Mélenchon.

this. they should find out where these fucks frequent and congregate, beat them up, and smash their shit. none of this forgive and forget bullshit

unsurprising for a number of reasons

particularly I have white friends that support/ed BLM and were told "if you want to come and support us, that's fine, but keep your mouths shut and follow orders"

i am mad right now

Leftist infighting, color me surprised

i am boiling right now

i wonder who could benefit most from this

really activates some synapses

This is what you get when liberals become militant fundamentalists. And some people here wanted us to endorse post-election protests…

What a time to be alive.

top KEK

They didn't actually stop the meeting.


*gets shot by the french army*

Everything was a mistake.

Look at the comments both on reddit and on deviantart.

Damn they were worse than I expected.



France is doomed. Let's face it, France always has been very racist. Even i experienced racism as a tourist there and i'm european caucasian.
The only thing that will come out of that, is they leaving EU

it doesn't seem like leftist infighting and sectarianism would fit your conspiracy
shouldn't we be in lockstep to the call of our jewish overlords?

at least he admited that he ain't no revolutionary

You sure that racism isn't the normal French (especially Parisian) sullenness?

This is what the Sanderists-Steinists will have to deal with in the future.

They will basically do the job Trump is supposed to do. Suppressing opposition.

what anime

Hum…didn't there was a name for that. I think i'm becoming one. People disappoint me so much that i'm losing faith in humanism

The Invisible Committee's slick theory will free, first France then the world. Believe it.

at least try to blend a bit more Holla Forums. this is disappointing.

Wasn't in Paris. Was in Marseille. It was at the train station. Since i was using very poor french to buy a ticket, the desk clerk looked at me with such disdain, it was very uncomfortable. I then said to her that i was a tourist and not an immigrant.

i'm confused.
so SJW sent minorities to disrupt an anti-racist meeting ?

Well, you're losing now, and most of you are goyim underlings, so you're just brainless idiots. They can afford to have you squabbling to give the appearance of division

Can you show us your tits again?

that may be surprising but there are verry few real racist in France.
however there are a shitload of xenophobic people.

you can be black, yellow or brown, if you have a French name, dress, act and talk like a French you should be ok.

somone posted tits on Holla Forums ?!

Marseille is like 45% muslim

Basically, yes. Ethnic minorities from an obscure queer activist group sacked the meeting place of anti-racist leftists because brocialism and white males.

So now we're not the all-powerful Kikespiracy anymore, we're actually losing? What is it that suddenly tipped the scales in favor of the formerly oppressed Aryan warriors?

Not matter what you may think or believe, I will always love you Satanposter.


That word and "manarchist" make me want to reeeee


Bring back Robespierre tbh.

Don't do that fam. Lifestylism is one of the most laughable leftist positions and is almost exclusively made up of trust fund kids dumpster diving.

This. We need more cement.

So here's a story I already share here, but why not type it again.


pic related

and some bonus material she willingly published in a women's magazine

Cause that is what socialism is all about. Hurting people physically if they in political protest hurt your property

This didn't happen, right? Where?


Why don't you use the Freud flag any more Ginjeet?

What did she mean by this?

I find this very easy to believe, which makes me very suspicious, like maybe it was crafted specifically to appeal to my ideological biases. Do you have any evidence? Like a link to the "woman beating scandal" story?

Last time I posted it it took me 20 minutes to find an article that isn't even in English, so believe what you want.


Not a great start (at least it ain't corsica)
Re ouch

"the proletariat will unite across ethnic and racial lines in one big international revolution any day now"


He was probably black

that's reddit for you

and then they wonder why rwds will happen.

but that makes you just as bad as them ;^)

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not really, i just happen to have a life and a job, i can't shitpost 24/7
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Firs time I ever read Reddit I'm confused and disgusted by it.

This is fucking golden.

Forgot my special snowflake flag.

Feminism, not even once


Christ, these people. Disintegration of public values, of manners, where you can be as obscene, say and do whatever, as you want, is vile and way too fashionable to ever be considered what is truly, eternally worth fighting for in culture. Yea, we should be critical as a legacy of the left, but we also should be able to fully and shamelessly rehabilitate this certain dogmatism. Look, let's take rape, as an example, like doing it to woman or man or whatever, you know. I wouldn't like to live in a society where you have to argue all the time against rape.

Zizek, is that you?

Yes. Didn't you know?

well I don't want to live in a society where we have retards watching mlp

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As someone who actually thinks Feminist critiques and theory is largely completely legit (Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity etc), It's hasn't gotten past me how hostile IdPol in general is becoming towards any discussion of class issues and often heavily project their own offense onto things that simply are not there.

For example, on a Feminist board I was banned for critiquing how Hillary Clinton was running her campaign, how it had very little "narrative" that spoke out to ordinary people and that the campaign itself was largely just based around Clinton's identity, a bad move since she was such a disliked politician.

Somehow everyone projected on that post how I was a "Trump Supporter" and started just making up bullshit that wasn't even in my fucking post to project onto me as a user and bully me. Literally, the most upvoted post after me said "So what you are saying is *Insert a bunch of bullshit that has literally nothing to do with what I said*" and even to that, I replied, clarified what I had meant in my first post (it was fucking obvious anyway) and even that post was fucking attacked to oblivion with projected bullshit.

All they wanted was a boogyman to attack and I was that boogyman because I dare not support a corporatist, center-right warmonger.

But the thing now, even POST election they're now attacking Bernie for talking about class issues. Fucking why?

I have two theories: They think discussion on class will only relate to the white rural working class, abandoning further justice for women and minorities.

Two: They just hate the idea that white people also benefit from class and that those poor white trash they shit on constantly, are also victims of Classism. It's just classic Oppression Olympics shit. People can't complain about things if someone is more oppressed or worse off than them.

Honestly, probably a little from column A a little from Column B.


Every. Time.

The modern day, 'trendy' feminism makes it very hard to support feminists in their endeavors - definitely. Remember that not all feminists, gender and race justice people are theory illiterate dogmatists – even if it often feels that way.

Look no further than this board, where there is at least one anarcho-feminist poster who tries their best to make quality posts… but is often overshadowed by other feminist posters who rarely move beyond reductionist understanding.

Since when is socialism about turning the other cheek to intimidation and vandalism? Allegedly, people were physically assaulted too, not just property.

Just like with socialists and anarchists, the ones worthy of the name are in the minority.

He didnt even mentioned atirner

not user, but was probably meant for

I'm not surprised at all. All these labels and flags are today mostly just a way to personalize your "image" and shit like that. A fashion accessory basically.