Will it ever stop being a pile of shit?

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What don't you like about it, OP?

but we have a general here
doesn't that mean it's pretty good?



I don't get your sperging. Most of this was patched out weeks ago.



This is now a Unreal Tournament 4 thread


We did have undertale generals too. Take that for what you will

I haven't even played Overmeme but I'm sure it's better than that unfinished trash

Best part about owning Overwatch isn't the buyer's remorse, it's sharing the buyer's remorse on Holla Forums

You're embarassing, reddit.


Question: is Splatoon now the worst game ever because of map glitches the game had on multiple maps like this?

free is free, chump

You can tell that the painstaking years of work and millions of dollars wasn't in vain, just look at it

I mean, who would have imagined that players would CROUCH?

Why are you continuing to prove that you're from reddit?

so, all your issues from the game are with roadhog? I'd say ~95% of his hitbox bullshit are gone now, I'd bet a few of those videos were from the beta

Hope there aren't any professional esports players here, they'll get triggered by how perfect this Competitive E-Sports quality $60 game is

Most of his videos are from the beta, actually.

just ID filter and the thread disappears xD

It's not even $60, you retard.

Of course, such perfect hitboxes don't come free, there's bound to be minor bugs that don't affect the gameplay at all

Of course, there are some haters that bring up these things called 'facts' but it's real to me damn it, and the game is perfect and working as intended.

Prove they're facts.

Retarded user keeps falseflagging with the posts of types of glitches that can be found in literally almost any game. The game is still complete trash regardless.

is this the first instance of the Anti-shill?
Someone paid to shit on a game?
This is hysterical, why would you save ALL THESE VIDEOS about a game you hate? Do you have autism?
Are you Gabe?

I'm also glad Blizzard gave us a free hero as a patch in this $60 dollar game, I hope we have the privilege to buy an expansion in the future.

See you next thread kids, save you pocket money.

Not only glitches that can be found in most games, but glitches that have been for the most part found.


Most of these are from the beta and have been patched, but let's not let little things like facts and that's literally what betas are for get in the way of op's shitposting.

Is it even OP? OP's ID and (10)'s is different.

In just 33-11 posts, we went through 'it's a beta'(that was in development for years), 'it just released'(that was in development for years and has been out for testing for what, almost a year now?) and 'they'll patch it'(good luck, they brought back the fucked up hitboxes).

Someone cry 'so what, it's fun' so we can complete all four.

I think you might be fucking retarded, OP, go back to your other IP and keep spamming out of date videos.

You have to admit, it's fucking hilarious watching the retards who bought this shit repeating exactly what OP says.

Except nobody said any of those things you fucking mongoloid.

just filter him
lets just go back to overwatch general

What heros has everyone been playing? I've been trying to get better at offense heros like Pharah and Tracer

Actually it's more hilarious seeing people like OP and you claiming anything like that is happening.

What made you think this was an actual Overwatch thread to begin with?

Oops almost forgot

Playing certain characters simply gives you more or less MMR, as every competitive esports is known to do

I'll really leave you kids now


Lack of reading comprehension apparently.

Hope you're paid to be this triggered kid, because it's just sad

Splatoon wasnt marketted as pro mlg competitive game

The 'Overwatch' in the subject?


And yet it has official sanctioned tournaments.

It's not a bad idea, a good support can't carry a team, while a good offense hero player or even tank can consistently win games.


So does smash bros.

Trash is free, but I'd still rather eat a good steak

I don't understand why people would want a game like this to be competitive. I have it because all 3 of my other roommates were playing it and wanted me to join in. It's fun as a party type game to play with friends, the classes all have goofy gimmicks and weapons, but it's like competitive Battlefield. There's too much going on to take any kind of competition seriously.


Most people don't, blizzard and their drones are shilling the game as a competitive esports however

Do you have proof of this claim?

That fucking mouth

I cant believe some anons are so autistic they start a thread on a game they hate just to shit post. Thais next level shit.

Well patches are rolling out so they'll eventually get fixed

Here, this is for you

You really need to quit trying to fit in so hard, reddit.

Right so I ended up playing a decent amount of Overwatch on console because I don't have to pay any money that way. The last FPS I really played was TF2, before all the bullshit items came out. UT 2004 before that was and still is my ideal FPS.

First off, I hate FPS games with a controller, though Overwatch seems to be inconsistently designed with being physically handicapped in mind, sort of.

From what I've played it seems, they took all the flexibility of the nine TF2 classes and threw that shit fucking out in favor of MORE UNIQUE CHARACTERS with less pliability than fossilized shit. The balance seems shoehorn you into changing characters constantly instead of being able to adapt to situations on the fly. Unlimited ammo is fucking stupid and teaches people to constantly be running in a straight line at the enemy.

I don't know if it was patched, but some skills would just randomly be broken, like getting hooked through walls and dumb shit like that. Then there's that fucking sentry turret with infinite range, instant turn speed and probably infinite ammo. It's much harder to hit shit around corners accurately and quickly with a fucking controller, but also the game is bullshit in not even accounting for aim disabilities with them sentries.

The weird focus on skins and shit is kind of annoying too. I miss team colors and not having to depend on floating name tags to know I'm looking at an enemy. Not to mention that TF2 and UT2004 offered so much choice when it came to serverside mods/options/maps etc. Overwatch seems pretty fucking locked down.

Also, it might just be me, but why is every fucking character constantly screaming in Overwatch? Are they feeling emotionally distraught over being in such a shit game?

These were random criticisms I had of it when I played, in no particular order of importance because I haven't played the game in a while. Maybe I'm just dumb but it really seems like a bad version of Team Fortress 2, which I also haven't played in a long time. I can't fathom why its so popular. Maybe I would like it more if I played on PC, but that's not likely to ever happen. Or maybe I'm just getting older and becoming one of those faggots that shits on everything new.

Pic unrelated.

I want reddit to leave

So you didn't play the game?

I can't tell you the exact amount of hours I played it without reinstalling and that'll take a while I'm not willing to give. I don't claim to be a fucking Overwatch autist so I can't tell you all of the ins and outs of things. My estimate would be a little more than forty hours which is more than enough to feel that not many classes have great or even decent flexibility.

Would you rather believe I'm making shit up or can you tell me why I'm wrong?

If I wanted to bait, I could have used far less words to do so, nigga.


Overwatchfag on suicide watch


For starters many of the 9 TF2 classes aren't flexible at all (at what fucking time has an attacking Engineer ever been good? Or a Scout on defense?), so that claim is invalid. That being said each character in Overwatch does a different role oriented towards attacking, defending, tanking, and supporting, but can sometimes do more than that. One can attack pretty effectively as a Junkrat rather than using him on defense, and some of the offense heroes are good as defenders, like Reaper especially when he's able to ult and take out any attackers on a point. There is flexibility in each of the characters, and 40 hours isn't enough to learn all of it.

How? Ammo is unlimited but you still have magazine counts. You can't just run at the enemy, or else you'll end up reloading and die in the middle of it.


how much blizzard pay you ?

I thought that ms paint comic was suppose to be strawman argument and exaggeration but in this case, its actually real.

Who are you quoting?

Is it just me or does the dude in the second webm look stretched out?

Are you serious? Is a forward base with a teleporter, dispenser and sentry gun not useful suddenly? Lets not forget the dope-ass shotgun and fast fire rate pistol when people are distracted with your buildings. Right, teleporters and sentries are two separate characters in this FAST PACED TEAM SHOOTER!!!!!

Isn't being able to outmaneuver the opposing team useful for communicating and flanking in your own base? How about being able to quickly search for spies or assassinating dumb enemy team loners?

Maybe ammo I'm willing to concede. I just feel like limited ammo added another layer of strategy and positioning as well as dictating how/when to engage but maybe simpler is more fun.

The lack of modes really irks me as well. Is there a CTF mode yet?

pic unrelated.

I'm not quoting, I'm pointing out your behavior

I can't name one time an attacking engine was useful in all the time I've played TF2.

Three, actually, and how does this make it less fast paced? Overwatch easily plays faster than TF2. Every character moves and shoots faster than any TF2 character, I rarely ever stand still in Overwatch compared to TF2.

No, and that's honestly a bad thing. I would love one. Problem is a lot of the characters have amazing mobility that would break CTF so easily.

But you didn't point out behavior. You just made a baseless claim and never presented an actual argument.

Meanwhile Mini-sentries, Widowmaker and even the rescue ranger makes aggressive engineering viable.
Mad Milk, Wrap Assassin, Even the FoN can be used defensively It boils down to understanding your situation and what you can do at that moment. Even having Scouts B-Line for Medics as a defensive measure is a good thing.

When the game started, I'd give you that point about them being rigid, however, many of the classes are so fluid in roles it's ridiculous. Soldiers can now be frontline and backline, Pyros now can be supporting by helping engineers and other backline classes or can be aggressive. Even Medics can be a decent Improv for Snipers by using the Crusaders Crossbow effectively.

now i'm a (2)
so how much blizz gives you?

Which one?

Now see you bring up a good point: TF2's classes and flexibility in them come from their loadouts. That I agree with. However like I said, Overwatch's characters are flexible in different situations too.

All of them.

such baseless claim

made a mistake last post

tell us how much blizz pay you

my only disagreement

I want to marry Tracer.

have you even played tf2?
engineer is easily one of the best offensive classes with the gunslinger, and scout is one of the best defensive classes in the game.


Also has anyone calcuated yet, when this countdown will be finished, this ARG is going on way too long now.

Or a talking gorilla

I heard from another user in a previous thread that someone on the forums had done a regression graph and found out the percentage would reach 100% around october, so people are assuming a halloween update


Welp, i just hope they will release the new map, before the new competitive season starts. The only thing that seems to hold the patch back right now are the constant balance changes. Tthe map on the other hand looks quite finished to me.


Explain. As far as I can tell the console version also costs money so you're currently giving really shitty reasoning for judging a shooter by the fucking console version.

In other words it's actually fucking balanced. Don't tell me you actually thought TF2's "we designed soldier to always be comfortable in every situation" bullshit is good balancing. OW has more variety in it's meta at release than TF2 has ever had for nearly a decade.

I guess it taught you that because you're an idiot. Ammo drops so often in shooters that most of the time people don't give a shit about conservation to begin with.

Blizzard actually gave turrets a console-exclusive nerf because they acknowledged they were harder to deal with. In any case they are about as easy to deal with in OW as sentries are to deal with in TF2. Only difference is there is a less dependence on firing projectiles around corners to deal with them.

When you think about it, it´s pretty telling, that nearly every shitposter in these threads is also an avid TF2 shill at the same time.

Way to take a single sentence out of context. Beyond that, this is literally the only Blizzard game I have ever owned, and I have a huge amount of problems with it (mainly slow movement and lack of verticality to accommodate controllers). I would never play this game on my own, only with a group of friends.

Nigga the classes that are viable outside of their intended roles are viable because they're fucking broken.
Every character only has a single weapon, which is fucking dumb, and they all have infinite ammo. The only reason I can see for omitting secondary weapons is chasing the esports dragon, which as we know is never a good path to take.

In shitty shooters, yeah. In shooters like UT they give you relatively low ammo caps that force you to use different weapons for different situations (i.e. running out of rockets and switching to the shotgun).

I think TF2 is shitty.

dude i hate popular video games lmao

t. neo Holla Forums

I'm pretty tired of seeing Genji and Hanzo in every match. There's always at least one of them on my team, and sometimes you get both at once.

The heroes themselves aren't that bad, maybe a little weeaboo and attracts underage faggots, but they seem to be used in quick play by people who want to get kills more than they want to play the objective.

Winning doesn't really matter to either the genji or the hanzo player because they know they can get play of the game even if they lose as long as they kill four people when they ult.

Well, the good news is, that probably a lot of shitters will quit playing Genji when the patch finally hits live servers, the bad news is, that we´ll get a fuck ton of new Hanzo players instead. Although i don´t know how viable he really is right now on the test server. They seem to constantly nerf and buff his arrow hitbox and at some point in time, the projectile even changed it´s size while in flight. It´s fucking confusing.

i hate shit game

t. Holla Forums

That´s very oversimplified. For example Bastion is mainly a defense heroe. But in combination with a Reinhardt and a Mercy he can actually do quite well on Payload attack maps. Does that mean, the whole class is broken?
You seem to forget, that in Overwatch the various abilites mainly take the spot of a second weapon. For example Reinhardt has his firestrike, Lucio has his push back, Dad 76 has his rockets. Instead of just giving every character a pistol, you have a rechargable cooldown weapon so to speak.
Tell me if i´m wrong, but is UT actually a class based shooter? I´ve never played a game of this series before, so i really don´t know. But if it isn´t, you can´t really compare it to Overwatch at all. In UT you have to switch to different weapons to adapt to different situations. In Overwatch you have your heroes, with different primary weapons and second abilities.

No fucking wonder you know no better and play this shit game.

I have played a shitton of Quake and Xonotic a few years ago. Does that elevate me to the club of cool people in your retarded elitist hipster eyes, yet?

I think it's a joke about British teeth. That's the only explanation I have as Widowmaker looks fine.

Ban all Overwatch threads and Overwatch posters tbh familia

Spending 60 dollaridoos on a blizzard cashhop shekelgrab scam should be enough for a bannable offense on Holla Forums



My fucking god. Please go back to reddit or something.

Haha wow, it's like I'm really in a League of Legends thread circa 2011.

That's an unfair assessment. The secondary attacks aren't a replacement for an actual secondary weapon at all.

A secondary weapon should be a viable tool across all scenarios in the event that your primary is inappropriate or out of ammo.

In Overwatch the secondary attacks are weak, and have cooldowns. It's not like a Rein can say "Lemme use firestrike to do some useful shit real quick." it's literally a tool for scaring off some enemy. It's not a flexible tool for any situation.

Look at Tracer and Genji. Both are meant to be what? Scout equivalents? Flankers that distract and cause some mayhem.

Both can literally murder an entire team in the right hands. In TF2 a Scout out on his own for a long period of time is pretty much dead. He's weak as fuck and rightly so. He's mean to be a forward force on a push, not a force in and of himself.

Tracer and Genji are both broken as fuck in this regard, being forces in and of themselves. I mean for fucks sake, Tracer can literally rewind her health. She can stay up as as supposedly squishy flanker for way longer than is sensible.

Not if you keep using commas wrong you underaged faggot.

What he said

Only thing good about Overwatch is some of the character designs and the lewds.

Thinking about playing Verdun as well after hearing about how awful BF1 is.

I can already tell there are the same two people in this thread that buttblast themselves all over every single overwatch thread

the Brazilians too poor for a 40 dollar game that were in the first cyclical thread?

Zika is god's way of cutting that populace down.

The only reason this got popular was because of all the rule 34 and the "ebin maymays" like that one of the bitch eating doritos or something.

No, everything blizzard has released after diablo II has been utter trash, but of course the masses will keep eating it up because they don't know any better.

i came in here hoping someone would do what you're doing, and you did not disappoint

do you still accept internets as currency? you can have all of mine

Whats the point of making these threads of a game you hate? People who've bought the game will not be persuaded away from it from blatant shit posting. Its almost like you're getting paid to shit on this game so that other FPS games that are coming out will get enough sales (lawbreakers, BF1, the new COD, etc.) Its pretty annoying and your just making a general for overwatch players anyway that will just filter you and discuss the game.


This is pretty tame for a 1 month ban, people sure are sensitive these days.

Well that's pretty degenerate tbqh fam should stick to calling trannies mentally ill and calling faggots niggers if you don't want to be banned on bnet forums.

It's the best they can do to sate their autism. The second prize so to speak.

They tried to get discussion to stop in "their" board but since that failed, they are going for the next best thing still within their reach:
Post an OP shitting on the game because there can only be a single thread about the game at any time and this way, everyone has to acknowledge their opinion exists every time they open the thread.

If this sounds like the most pathetic and desperate attempt at attention whoring from someone talking about a game he doesn't like and doesn't play but definitely has a very strong opinion you should absolutely hear… That's because that's exactly what it is.

Wake up, faggots. Nobody cares about rocketjumping. Nobody cares about bunnyhoping. Nobody cares about "classic old school shooters". Nobody cares about any of those things or the myriad of things that belong in your beloved classics. You can shitpost all you want, you're still not making Quake any more popular, your Doom general is still gonna have the very same wads and guides posted every iteraction and Xonotic will never have more than 20 players. Deal with it.

You can make whatever excuses you want. That the playerbase is now more casual, that millenials are now the majority and companies bow to them.
Fact is, the majority of players doesn't find any of those things fun, and that's the actual problem.
If they though it was fun to autism it up with trillions of APM to move a bit faster, all those games would be insanely popular, but they aren't.

You can make whatever excuses you want to justify the existence of those mechanics that are nothing more than bugs and exploits.
Strafe running is lack of normalized vectors and Wall running is an even shittier example of it.
If your game is too slow without those tricks, an increased base move speed would do the trick, and trimming is nothing but the poor man's grappling hook.
If you stopped defending that shit and instead asked for actual fun movement mechanics, we'd get jetpacks, actual high move_speed, grapling hooks, skates and tons of other crazy shit, but instead we don't because you're happy to get CTS with your wrist.

Playing against equally skilled players means you're still moving at the same speed he is, relatively speaking. It doesn't give you any advantage over him. It's meaningless. Only time "muh skill ceiling" matters is when talking about pros vs noobs, in which case congratulations. Pubstomping has done nothing but discourage people from wasting their time playing your favorite game. Those mechanics raise the skill ceiling but at the same time, they also raise the skill floor in whatever server you join in and new players will feel like shit playing against you. That's all those mechanics do in the long run: ostracize new players. Source: current "old school" shooters population.

Shitpost all you want about Overwatch. Shitpost all you want about any new shooter out there. Quake is not gonna get new players, Tribes is still dead and Xonotic\Warsow will still have 15-20 players only. Enjoy your shitpost, knowing you hurt this bad inside makes me happier everytime you post again. :^)

Thanks for the laugh anons.



Pharah has "Concussive Blast", an ability where she shoots a rocket from her arm that does no damage but repels enemies away from the point of contact. Whenever she is out of ammo and needs people to move away from her, or when someone is near a cliff, that ability can is more viable than her rockets.
Seems to fit your description.

Mei has two firing modes on her gun, the second one being an icicle infamous for the large amount of damage it causes and the lethal combination with freezing someone first for easy headshots.
Torbjorn also has a gun with two firing modes, the second one being a shotgun blast at short range that causes more damage than the primary but isn't viable for anything other than very short range. He also has a melee weapon.
Roadhog has a shotgun that fires in two different ways depending on oponents distance too.

There are many characters that have several secondary attacks that aren't even abilities, all very strong on their own provided you know when to use them, like Genji's ninja stars, thrown 3 at the same time in arc for good damage but only up close.

He actually can do that very well since he doesn't need to change weapons to do it, he always has Firestrike provided it's out of cooldown at any time to use. It also does 100 points of damage, about half health of most characters. Compare that with his melee swings that only do 75 and it's actually stronger.
And considering it's a projectile that goes through barriers? Much more versatile than his main gun.

Yes and no. They have somewhat similar objectives but very different aproaches to it.
Tracer can go in and out very easily with Blink and Recall. She can juke and faint the oponent very easily. Her guns are also absolute shit at any distance greater than 10 meters. She's supposed to get as close as possible, as fast as possible, magdump and then leave safely.

Genji instead has two "stances". He uses his mobility to reach some vantage point at medium distance, then begins to harass the enemy with his shurikens from afar. Once he notices someone low on life and only then does he go in for the kill. His shurikens do more damage if he fires them in spread (alt-fire) and his Swift Strike resets on kills, so he can harass from afar, Swift Strike his target, finish the kill, Swift Strike back out.

Both at going after healers first and Defense Heroes second but they aproach and are countered in different manners. Tracer, you want someone to ruin her movement as much as possible, (McCree, Mei or Roadhog) while Genji has the same counters but you can also engage him from a distance and negate his peel damage to prevent him from going in.

The Scout is one of the 4 classes considered valid for competitive play. He outperforms both the Spy and the Sniper as a "picker" and is more versatile than either of those. You go tell that he's "weak as fuck" to any Scout main and they'll laugh at you and tell you to gitgud.
So you don't play Scout at all, I see. He's good at drawing attention and then running away taking some people with him away from a fight, or using his mobility to reach the backs of other people and 2 shotting them. If you're attacking from the front with Scout, you're a bad Scout and your opinion is invalid as fuck.

Experience has taught me than whenever someone says "X is broken" it's because they just lost against a good player using X and they have yet to try X on their own.
Pick either of those characters and go for a few matches just to see how "broken" they actually are.
With a long cooldown associated with it. Oh and when you get to play against the actual good players? They predict where you are gonna appear when you Recall based on where you were before and aim a blast at you right after you appear, negating the health you get back.
She's also squishy as fuck and her damage is trash beyond 10 meters. Just try her for a while and you'll see why it's actually balanced.

The anal devastation in this thread is delicious.
Keep it coming, I haven't seen meltdowns like this in a while

Tracer is pretty balanced though she does sort of need a counter. There's a reason Genji is getting nerfed across the board though. Even with all of what they are doing to him on PTR he's still pretty strong.

Now that's some Blizzdroning.

I dunno. Tracer's that dive and do damage but get no kills kinda fuck their team if you have a healer nearby that feeds his Ulti from her damage.
She does get her Alahu Ackbat very fast, though but that still needs a good oportunity to not be a waste.

Her Recall is quite possibly her best skill (even more than Blink) but it has a cooldown of 12 seconds. It's like Meicicle, after she uses it, she's very vulnerable. And do keep in mind that, beyond 10 meters, Soldier actually out-damages Tracer for instance.

I want to be a hanzo or genji shitter every once in a while too, but Mercy's ult is too good to not have on call.

i got banned for an off color joke, deemed "racial hatred".
i didnt say i hated anyone. even though i kinda do. think they can tell?

well, if its really a problem someone else should make the thread. if its the same op from the last 3 threads he does play it, he just has some problems with it and has a mischievous sense of humor.

ive never had this problem, if we dont have a healer ill go soldier and someone will get the message and switch, hopefully the shitter who picked symmetra

Fuck you. Symetra's really helpfull on the first point in Defense and even in the last one.

I feel the same about Symetra on most maps in Defense. Everytime I respawn and have to walk back to the point, I just think "man, a teleporter now would be so amazing…"
I feel forced to play her all the time for that, which really doesn't help me since it physically hurts me everytime I hear one of my turrets breaking down.

helpful yeah but reliable?
but what does she do when the shit hits the fan and the enemy team all blows their ults in order? affix bayonets? she will get obliterated before she can do 90 damage. maybe if we werent limited to 6 players per team there would be room for someone with such a niche.

She heavily slows their advance if she was smart about Ult placement. And she'll charge the other team from the side with her gun, charge it to lvl3 and murder all the Supports so her team can wipe them easily.

Oh, and her teleporter. Hanzo kills 2, RIP tire kills 3 and the Roadhog got the 6th? Doesn't matter, they'll respawn and show up nearby the point immdiatly after. One Ulti negating all others is pretty nice and even easier to use than Rez that takes longer to charge up and needs everyone dying together to be usefull.


there too much "if" involved with symmetra.
theres times the 25 hit point shield saved me and i rather like it but whatever, another gun bringing the enemy down faster and i may not have needed the health.

Nah it's pretty dope, actually.
I play both Overwatch and the new UT.


Nowhere in his post did he say or imply that.
Go shitpost somewhere else or are you going to keep repeating "Holla Forums is one person" implying?

WC3 was alright.

So having a scout move in before a push to cause mayhem and do exactly what you said is wrong?

Nah, you're just misrepresenting my shit so you can continue to defend shitty balance by Blizzard.

Bruv I play Tracer pretty regularly. She's fucking easy mode. Same as Mcree. The only squishy I don't get too salty about is Genji, because being a good Genji actually requires some effort.

If you blow your load too early with reflect, you're suddenly a lot weaker. There's timing and thought involved in playing Genji.

Being a good Tracer = Fuck up, rewind and try again..in a game with unlimited ammo. Fuck up and have no rewind? It's OK cos you can just span secondary and be gone from the fight in a split second.

There's no consequence to being a bad Tracer.

Like I say. Easy fuckin mode.


effort != skill

nice reddit spacing bud

Jesus christ how autistic can you be.

It wasn't worth it at $40 you faggots.

You have noone but yourself to blame.

You could always go to your dedicated subreddit and be spared of the bullying you know. It's alright we wont judge you.

Very. Now go back.

Is Blizzard ever going back to making singleplayer games? I'm kind of interested in some of the characters from Overwatch but the open beta didn't tickle my fancy.

are you the same user that always makes this post?

Nah cunt, you go back.

Heh nice try kid everyone knows that 4chan was at its apex in 2013 and everyone here is the epic old-fag.

Considering how god they've become at scamming normalfags with cash shops in casual multyplayer games i highly doubt it.

It's just more profitable.

… Have you fucking seen TF2 hitboxes? They're literally 2 feet out from the character model.

man blizzard are retards.


How do I git gud with Hanzo?

Spam arrows, use your location arrow often. Treat your scatter arrow like a grenade and fire at your opponents' feet. But most importantly you pick a different character because snipers stay off the point and thus are ultimately useless for most situations.

The only problem i have with Symmetra is how unreliable her ult is. If the enemty team is retarded she alone basically wins the match, but if the enemy flankers know at least a bit what they´re doing, than her teleporter is completely pointless. Maybe she needs a very slight buff to her turrets, so she can defend her teleporter a bit better. Make the turrets recharge faster or something like that.

I play Tracer a lot, that´s why i can say that you´re talking bullshit. Either you don´t play Tracer at all, or you had the luck to play against retarded enemies every time you chose her. If you get caught out in the open as Tracer, and you have no rewind or blink anymore you´re fucking dead. Every stray bullet will kill you, because she´s made out of glass. Also, if you only scratch enemies and don´t kill them as Tracer, the only thing you´re doing is feeding the enemy support ults. And getting actually kills as Tracer is not that easy to pull of, because a single moment of concentrated fire on her, will bring her down immediately and she does only damage close up. As Genji you get at least an escape option every elimination you make, but if you´re out of blinks and rewind as Tracer you´re basically fucked.

We know this, comparing yourself to shit still makes you shit.

They're adding classes.
So no.

You'll be surprised how often faggots on these threads try to insist on a double standard that lets them mock OW for things that TF2 was worse at.

Claiming that TF2 never tried to be a competitive shooter (it's been pandering to the comp crowd for years) seems to be the favorite among these people. I wonder if they'll eventually realise it makes them look stupid for giving enough of a shit about e-sports to begin with.

says where?

I thought it was common knowledge. Was everybody wrong?

Dark Souls is the perfect example of an edgy game to tumblr now? Why am I not surprised?

They have heros, but I haven't heard anything about classes being added. Where'd you read it?

They added one heroe called Ana, and she was a great addition to the game. Don´t know what your problem is.

fucking kill yourself

Kill yourself first.

Nigga I'm just confused as to why someone who hates the game is making a thread for a game he hates, to which people who like the game will just filter him, and just discuss the game. Im all for discusing the games numerous flaws, but dont fucking show flaws from the PTR server like some idiot.

It's called bait, son.
Overwatch is still hot garbage though and you should not incentivise it by buying this shit you goy

Overmemed is still nothing more than BattleDead with Blizzard on the box, and that's really about it

It's still equally as shitty as the other and nothing but blizzard fans will eat it up as if it's GOTY material, the only thing good that came out of Overmemed is the lewds

Oh shit I didn't use the specific term used in the game that's just a common feature in video games renamed for marketing terms.
Better an hero or pray to the blizzard gods

Open a book, my friend.

Or you could just admit you went full retard instead of trying to control damage.

To be honest, it looks fun. I don't care if it's buggy, or if the hitboxes are fucked, it just looks like a good time.

Thank you 2b4302, you make Holla Forums worth visiting

It's strictly 5/10 until they fix some things.

If you're on console you can try the game for free before buying it.

so which champion is your favorite onii-fam?

I get that you're trying to fit in but you're laying it on a bit thick there.

The hitboxes aren´t even fucked. It´s just autistic shitposting about some minor flaws.

The hitboxes are pretty fucked, though. At least the headboxes are a little bigger than they appear and even bigger if you're using a hitscan weapon. A few things have weird areas, like reinhardt's hammer or roadhog's hook, too.

Shills getting BFTO'd

That's right goys, hitboxes are perfectly fine, just ignore inconvenient facts like

Those are some truthful trips, my dude.

I think you´re confusing hitscan with projectile weapons. Hitscan weapon hitoxes almost match exactly the ingame character model, while projectile hitboxes are slightly larger. But they´re not fucked up at all. The only thing questionable right now is maybe roadhogs hook. Reinhardt makes damage in a 180 degree coin, which also matches his animation.

Nice confirmation bias.

I love OW purely because of how it triggers people, reminds me of gamergate in a way, just mention the name or start a thread about it and bam, mass triggering of anons as they all run over each other to see who can yell the loudest that they to hate a game that they don't own and never will because mommy and daddy won't buy it for them.

Nope. Unless the scoped version of ana's shot isn't hitscan and hanzo's arrow is. Not counting the PTR stuff right now because that seems to be a lot of "maybe" things.

Training dummies have incredible lazy hitboxes, and are not comparable at all to actual ingame character model hitboxes. You would know that if you actually played that game.

This was meant to replay to

I'm just assuming that you mean to respond to me.
Yeah I don't really have anyone that I can drag into a testing match to test properly and I can't spawn dummy heros.

I tested the hitboxes on custom match with Dad 76 on an enemy bastion. I can delve into the settings deeper if you want to try for yourself. But the result of my testing was that the hitbox on the side have no leniency at all, and the head hitbox was maybe 2 to 4% larger than the ingame model. It´s pretty much negligible. Projecle hitboxes on the other hand are a whole other story for balancing reasons.

Wow you blend right in motherfucker.

Go shill somewhere else.

I'd give you gold but I'm a bernout

I just wish theyd keep their fucking tumblr memes off this board

I really don't get the overwatch hate, though.

It´s pretty simple. Imageboards are hipster central generally, and there is nothing more popular for a hipster than shitting on something popular without any reason at all. Just get used to it.

It's the tumblr community and the massive influx of shills around release that turned my disinterest in the game into distaste for it. I played through all the beta periods and it felt like a casualized tf2, I didn't like the moba mechanics at all, but it wasn't until I saw the posts near release time calling it an arena shooter and comparing it to quake that I felt the dull sadness and disgust kick in


That's why there were so many generals of Dark Souls with nearly no shitpost, right? Come the fuck on.
It's not about "y-you hate it 'cuz its popular!", it's more about how shit the fucking game is and how you fucking shills have been spamming to death threads down our throat about this shit game daily.

When you get fucking exposed to something that you are neutral to it a million times you end up hating it.

Imagine that you don't care about dogs yet every fucking time you go outside there's someone rubbing their dogs on your face while the dog defecates and piss on you. Everytime you go into the internet you only see dogs and everyone else is talking about fucking dogs. I fucking bet you'll start hating dogs you retard.

Every thread until it catches on.

So it's not the game itself, and just the fanbase?
So wouldn't it make sense to just filter "overwatch" then? I mean I wasn't too keen on those "haydee" threads but I just hid them and moved on. I mean what sort of sperg feels the need to take time to shitpost threads?

If you weren´t an underage retard you would have realized by now that you can filter threads you don´t like. Yeah, i know! Shocking! And as you can clearly see by looking at the OP, the once who are "spamming" overwatch threads are actually the shitposters.

ebig ;D

Genji doesn´t bother me that much, because firing at a deflecing Genji is retarded on itself. But Roadhogs hook is just so much bullshit, it had to be fixed a long time ago.

There's only ever a single general up that you can easily ignore. That hardly counts as "spamming".
Oh and you might want to read the OP from the last 5 threads because it's not even the shills doing it, it's the shitposters for the sake of shitposting. Ironic.

And this would be a nice point where it not for the fact you willingly chose to visit this thread and be exposed.
I've not seen much Overwatch posted in any other thread (since everyone knows the reaction they'd get, yay free speech) with the exeption of threads made about how much they dislike an element here.
You make as much sense as someone eating something he dislikes just for the sake of complaining about it. If you don't want to "be exposed" to Overwatch, stop visiting Overwatch threads.

More like:
Imagine you don't like dogs but every day you visit the kennel just to state how much you hate dogs.
Sounds pretty autistic to me.

More like "imagine you dont like dogs and someone erects a kennel next to where you usually hang out and talk about videogames and then 'dog lovers' start lambasting you and the people you talk to with their favorite epic dog memes and jerking each other off to furry shit"

Try to keep your analogies accurate, dipshit

It's been caught

is too bad the reflection maps don't work in those renders.

i m just waiting for a proffesionnal porn movie.

i want to see a young (and petite?) british pornstar playing tracer and get fucked by a roadhog

It's a big town, you can keep walking the street and visit other places you actually like.
And you can even build a place you like as well.

Why don't you go start a thread about a videogame you do like and stay there instead of visiting the threads about the games you don't like?

That's how it would go and you know it.


And to think we had to troll on fanforums to get delusional replies like these. Now we can have it right here on Holla Forums.

no, if you check blizzard history:

everything that blizzard release after they was bough by activision (2008) was shit

WoW BC barely avoided it because it was already designed and lunched before it so no time for activision to fuck it up… wotlk and the rest however …

wotlk brough all the thing we hate in modern wow in case you forgot

I've never seen Overwatch in any light other than a rule 34 factory.

No. Plebbitor newfags like you guys have to be bullied into submission or else anons think shit taste and the financialsupport for shekelgrabbing cashshop games is acceptable here.

Here's my advise: Make a fucking /overwatch/ containment board and fuck off there.

It's mainly because Blizzard had rightfully earned themselves a shitty reputation and this is the first time in over a decade that they have made a game anyone on Holla Forums gives a shit about.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot with an example which proves the opposite point, if you think no one here has talked shit about Dark Souls you are delusional. And trust me you get "exposed" to the souls series round here far more than you do to Overwatch.

People who complain about deflect are DSP-tier.

The worst thing about driving so many hate here is that these threads do not even have the amount of cancer that is characteristic of more active generals on Holla Forums. I mean, people here STILL talk about the actual game, the epic memes are for the most part on point with the game, and I have never seen anons here trying to shill the fuck out of the "esports" angle that seems to be a common criticism of it.

We could reach splatoon thread levels of comfiness if not for the fact that some people have a hateboner with Blizzard because of their past practices, or don't like that others play this game instead of TF2 or whatever outdated arena shooter they would rather shill on Holla Forums.
If it's the latter at least they could try a bit harder to sell the idea instead of thinking that shitposting will magically make everyone to drop this game and follow them.

Right, that's why we have a Fallout 4 general and a Battlefield 1 general.

They are thinking that their easily filterable shitposts will drive anyone from this board. Just shows how delusional their autism really is.

Overwatch has the most kikish shop and lootcrate system to date and you're unironically defending and supporting it you dense nigger.

They are not complaining about the deflect itself. They complain about the visualization of the deflect range, which doesn´t match at all.


I just can't wait for the angry overkids to leave

But that shouldn't matter because you shouldn't be trying to fire at him in the first place.

That´s exactly what i said a few posts above. I just wanted to clarify what the problem is here for some people.


The scout has an insanely versatile toolset that can be used to protect teammates from others scouts, ambush teams that are trying to push in and win 1v1s on his terms. All of which are great defensively and offensively.

What are you going to say now? A demoman on offense is nonviable or something?

The engineer has two of the best primaries, and the Widowmaker is probably the strongest shotgun upgrade. Then there's the mini-sentries.

You say it as if there was someone holding you at gunpoint to make you pay actual cash for those boxes. if people have that perception that's a problem with the player, not the system.

Just filter the thread and move on.

*best secondaries

There's a few instances where you can not be shooting at him and still have it fuck you over. I once killed myself with a junkrat mine because I tried to throw it straight down at my feet when a genji was about two or three feet away and even though there was a good foot between the mine and the reflect visual it still counted as getting reflected so it dealt full damage to me when I detonated it.

There is some kind of effect layer, but it glows in the dark so it looks weird if all the parts of the suit are not about as evenly lit. The overall shininess (without the effect layer) can also be increased, compare with pic #3.

Also visit the XPS thread in /vp/ and drop a request if you're interested in some autistic model posing.

Spiderman thread meme is a dead one but your sentiments are corrects

We're already on Holla Forums, faggot.

That probably happened because you don´t throw the mine in a straight line at your feet, but it makes some weird curve.


Make a >>>/overmeme/ board you retard.

You seem upset.

Nah, this is butt blasted

Its the shitposters that make these threads lol, its the people that hate the game that ruin the discussion of the game. If people simply hid them and ignored them this thread would be like any other discussion of a game. And I'm talking about valid discussion and counterpoints to why its shit, not shitposting about test patches on the fucking test branch like increasing the hit box for Hanzo, and doing some weird ass shit to Roadhogs pull. The game has a couple problems with it, but its things that can be discussed, and even find a work around for.

You could be discussing games you enjoy right now



wew never mind. Now that is some salt.

butt blast of higher order doesn't make yours go away

Don't worry lad. I understood you perfectly.
But denial won't make your tears disappear.

It's called a containment board.
I'm sure there's a subreddit to explain this terminology for you.


Well I'm not so sure since they clearly didn't explain the concept to you clearly enough. Head back to Holla Forums with your memes.


Congratulations user, you can read. Good job.

I need to find the models I guess.

Because i´m bored as fuck, i just start wildly speculating about Sombra:
>Teenage girl. Maybe even daughterfu of Reaper. He knows her and they have the same nationality

Did i miss something?

And you can post tired memes all day in defense of a crap game, good job

Dang, I had hope for you. It looks like you can read but evidently you're still retarded. Here's a mental exercise you can try to work on that problem.
Show me where exactly I defended this game.

Ain't that everyone in this thread?

This, its the new Undertale.
Full of Tumblrites, obnoxious weeaboo waifufags and spastic meme spouting Redditards.

Just like TF2, except TF2 was actually good once.

Oh newfriends, when will they learn?

I'm not sure about where you are, but shitposting picked up around 3pm here and school is starting up soon. Surely it's pure coincidence.

I'm assuming it's Alejandra from the Dorado-based short. Each cinematic has shown off a multiple of two heros so far except for that one. And with all the shit going on in Dorado or being somehow linked to there it'd make since.
It's all tin-foil-tier right now but that's my take on it. Alejandra wanted to be a hero, became batman without the tragic backstory or money, fought the local gangs and gained a reputation. The powerplant was built and caused a lot more shady shit to happen in the city, so she decided to fuck their shit up. Something happened where she got tied up with Talon, and is now following reaper in the same way a teen is pressured into a gang.

Or something. I'm less sober than I should be for this.

Never have I seen a game that was more of a black hole.
If you like the game you're a fag
If you care enough about the game to hate it you're a fag
All the characters are shit
All the memes are shit
All the waifus are shit
All the porn is shit
There's absolutely nothing to be gained by acknowledging this game's existence.

Even the rare TF2-threads we get are usually okay because the TF2-anons who still play it know very well that the game is shit and spend most of the thread bitching about it.

Go back to Reddit already, this game so shit even normalfags agree.
Just like the ASSFAGGOTS you play

Your post was so autistic it made ur bro delete his in shame, maybe u should follow his example but instead just delete ur lyfe lol


fuck off shills

I mean come on, you aren't even trying now.

Don't be such a cuck that you beg me to leave, faggot.

These fucking forums

I dunno. It´s a very widespread theory, but in the movie she was seen as someone who aspires to be a heroe. So how does she end up fighting for Talon? I guess it would make for an interesting backstory if Blizzard actually goes down this path. But on the other hand, they hinted in the short movie that she had to do some sort of "choice". Maybe she made the bad choice, who knows.

Going to game forums is the quickest way to get cancer. People might complain about normalfags here but it gets way worse.

In the part of the ARG where ana's medical records were shown, she implied that she had been learning about the heros' histories. If all she had to go by was her mom's stories and her one encounter with 76, it'd be a pretty good setup for a disillusioned teen to get all angsty. She finds out about the black-ops, reaper, winston's origin, and the super soldier stuff and that'd be enough for most people. Also tolbjorn's created weapons that are still being used to fuck shit up, and mccree used to be part of a gang. Really, for all their heroics, most of the OG Overwatch are pretty messed up.

Go back to Reddit, they like people who pretend to be retarded on how ironic it is.

Eat shit kike

Kill yourself you timesink nigger better yet, go back to WoW.

Go back to Reddit you underaged cunt

Goddamn this game cant get anymore cancerous

How new are you?


How can you type when you clearly can't read? Here's a reply for your troubles.


>He doesnt know about >>>/facebook/ , >>>/furry/ and Holla Forums
Wew lad, not even kemonofags want that furfag shit in their board.

Thats used for bait posts you goddamn retard.
Go back to cuckchan already, half you Overniggers dont know shit about this board

You make good points, although i´m pretty sure Reaper is the father of Sombra, or at least some sort of father figure. But then again, we´ve never seen Alejandra´s father either.

Yeah, probably. You know what they say about kids without father figures, after all.

Go back nigger

Now this is trying too hard
Tell me more about your alt right memes you get from /r/kotakuinaction you parasite.

Then i'll take your bait: how is it an ASSFAGGOTS?

Do you even know what "ASSFAGGOTS" stands for or are you one of those memeslinging redditfags who only comes to imageboards to be an edgy contrarian with no penalty to yourself?

Meanwhile, your thread has gone from shitting on OW to shitting on you and discussing OW lore. Ya'll niggas pathetic.

It also would reeinforce the whole family connection theme that is going on in the Overwatch cast:
Ana and Phara
Hanzo and Genji
The other consistent theme is "master and student" like:
Genji and Zenyatta
McCree and Reaper
Tracer and my dick


>>He doesnt know about >>>/facebook/ , >>>/furry/ and Holla Forums
Those aren't containment boards.

You seem to think containment boards are just boards with subjects you don't like. First off that's wrong: containment boards are CONTAINMENT. It's in the name. They're the only place on the website that the board topic can be discussed without fear of being banned. Secondly: 8ch is wholly incompatible with the notion of "containment boards" for two reasons. Reason number one: there are no global rules enforcing that X topic can be only discussed on Y board and X topic being on Z board is a bannable offense. Cuckchan had that rule with MLP and any MLP content outside of Holla Forums and /mlp/, and the term containment board came from that whole ruleset. Reason two: anybody can make a board, meaning there could be multiple boards about one subject, or a board about one subject and a board about a sub-subject of that subject. The fact that anybody can make a board on 8ch means nothing is actually ever "contained", meaning containment boards don't exist here, and to actually attempt to say there are shows how much of a newfag from cuckchan you are.

Let's be honest: without Winston, Tracer would be screwed. So we can probably count Tracer as the student Winston's master.

god i hope its a loli

she could be something of a free agent, trained by and most often employed by talon. maybe due to blackmail.
could be why theyre playing this arg thing where she leaves clues. wants to be captured (and have her family protected by) overwatch.

Probably not. A teen like D.Va is our best bet if it really is Alejandra. Some time has passed between Heros and the "present".

This could also be it. The second skull had a bunch of "MOM" in the middle part for some reason. Maybe something happened to her family.

I told him to go back to ASSFAGGOTS that he plays along with the CRAPCUNTS called Overwatch.
Right here
Kill yourselves you retarded niggers

Damn, check out the ego on this guy

Its a containmment board in the sense that the topics/content discussed/posted are demonized in other boards and the fact that making your own thread doesnt necessarily mean it will populated.

There are containmment boards here you dumb nigger, just like 4cucks can come here and post whenver they want doesnt necessarily mean they will if not forced/leaned to do it.

Yeah. But I don't play any ASSFAGGOTS and the only game I've been confirmed to play is Overwatch. and CRAPCUNTS still has ASSFAGGOTS in it. So how are the characters ASSFAGGOTS characters? Stop slinging buzzwords around and just explain your stance.

How old is that first image?
Quake: Champions would fit in pretty nicely.

she was very young in the video, although i dont know if there was ever an indication as to when it took place

I'd say at least a couple of years. No power plant yet.

Was there a constant stream of class based shooters that no one cared about or did companies get together and say 'hey lets release class based shooters together'

I saw it before overwatch was released

But it's got waifus and catchphrases, OP! Who cares that it plays worse than games released before most if its playerbase were born?



Damn, check out the defeatism on this cuck.

I like how two shitposters leave, then two more just happen to show up. Pure coincidence.


You guys remenber on her Short, when she was forced to beat an Omnic? And how she clearly hated the idea?
Well, maybe she likes Omnics, she wants to defend them. She sees them as being persecuted by society and is now trying to do her best to help them.

This would explain the whole hacking, the amomentincrime omnic thing and even possibly her connections to Talon.
I mean, Overwatch was pretty much "We blow Omincs Inc". What if Talon is controlled by an Omnium that wants to help Omnics? Maybe even have them rule over humanity? Maybe Sombra\Alessandra wants to defend Omnics from those horrible Overwatch faggots that keep killing them for no reason at all.

I dunno, maybe Blizzard is gonna pull a stunt here where Overwatch is seen as the heroes all the time except, actually, they are genociding the Omnics for personal benefit, and Talon is the "resistance" movement.

That could also be a hint as to why she's a hacker. She's probably a teenager by now and is not as strong as other characters, so she must use subterfuge to get shit done. Oh my, we may actually have a loli hacker added to the game…


Is this dumb nigger seriously implying games ever released without bugs?

You have played games before, right?


Talon assassinated a popular omnic civil rights leader, so your theory is kinda moot.

this shit is hilarious to hear from shitposters

I like the amount of (1)s all coming out of the woodwork to shitpost.
You know, it's almost like someone keeps switching IPs to shitpost about the game and avoid being filtered or pretend it's actually a lot of people that agree with him or dodge the spam rules. Or, you know, not look incredibly pathetic, going (46) again…
Of course, thats just a conspiracy theory…

Just stop giving him the time of day, how is anyone still taking seriously someone forcing his lame meme about CRAPCUNTS when that's an incredibly generic term that doesn't describe anything and could just as easily be applied to Street Fighter or Magic the Gathering.

You fucking autist. Of course games have always had bugs (good ones less so). The point is when games were buggy pieces of shit, we didn't apologise for them.

No they didn't. They made a martyr.
Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette and Zenyatta is making the mother of all omelettes here, Jack and both removing the Omnic that would prevent your war from starting as well as giving everyone else a reason to fight by killing a single person?
That's a master plan.

Yeah, its a vast conspiracy to shitpost about this giant fucking mess of a release.

oh shit nigga

the patch (1.3) is live!

You have to stop now user, put your military grade autism on the floor and nobody gets hurt.

But then we still have the problem that Talon is made out of extremist former overwatch members. Why is it exactly these guys trying to help the omnics rule the world?


Zenyatta and Mercy are behind everything.

And they are working with Ana and Lucio

The healer heroes, the ones you've depended on the most to win games are actually the main villains of the story.

Well all I need for proof is to get a reply from >>10581671. Even another whiny bout about containment boards or crying about his made-up (and totally not self-screencaped) buzzwords.

I know I'm not the best socially, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you do when you want to show off a game to someone.


Welp, it's been fun calling autists retards but I'm going to be gone for a bit playing vidya.

Finally, the autistic retards can stop stammering their 'b-b-b-b-but it's just ptr' shit

Wonder what those pathetic downies will come up as an excuse next.


That's been there for like, five days or something.

youll think of something

I don't get it, what has it been downloading in the background this whole time?

That was the point.

Judging the game by changes in the ptr is retarded because that was shit that was in testing and would be subject to changes like being reduced by 30%.

Because shitposters come here to make fun of you and then they fuck off to play vidya.
You are the only sad fucks that stay here.

I take a break from Diablo just to chill and the catalog is always filled with this kind of shit.

I will never stop being amanzed how retarded you kids are


why is your friend acting like an 8 year old? did you go over to an 8 year old girls house user?

If she´s actually almost one gb fat i´m not interested in her anymore. :^)

Then you're judging the game by the live server, not the ptr dumbass.

>the new and old rotating out is pure coincidence I swear!

What the fuck have you been seeing for the past weeks you idiot?


You seem awfully emotionally invested in this for >(2)

You're right user, everyone shitting on the game is actually a reptilian being afraid of what an awesome game overwatch is

PTR is for testing what will be applied to live servers. Changes in the PTR are always subject to change. They increased hanzos arrow hitbox in the PTR, but then reverted it, and then nerfed the size of the hitbox in time for the live patch.

I'm sorry, the quality of Holla Forums would drastically improve if instead of Overwatch threads we had more LOL threads.

Because my shift only started a few minutes ago :^)

bump test



Idiots bitching about changes that weren't even in the live game? And ultimately never made it into the live game since it was reduced before going live?

I'll enjoy knowing that you can't respond to me or else you'll reveal you never actually used the filter.

Why are these drones so obsessed with hanzo's (still fucked) arrow's hitboxes when it's been shown time and again that all hitboxes are fucked?

Do they think they're fooling anyone with this?


nigger we are on page 4

Have to wait for the thread start falling off the catalog before making a new one, newfriend.

Seems you're more invested than I am, champ.

It's at bumplimit.

You got to stop hanging out with autists.

Doesn't matter newfag




See all those threads below this one, it would be a shame if someone bumped them.

yeah, so this thread is ded.

its sort of dead but people can still post in it

He is in his second year of college.

He is fun to play couch co-op with. I don't really have many friends so I can't ditch him unless he becomes too insufferable.

Yeah, you two were made for each other

Well Fug

I only come to these threads for the porn and so far this one is disappointing. c'mon guys

the porn's shit you're a faggot
haven't you been reading the thread?

We only know about Reaper and Widow, though.
Remenber that Overwatch was all about exterminating Omnics. Then a splinter group from within tries to put a stop to it (Blackwatch) and reassembles as Talon. Could be they got tired of killing robots, could be they obey the orders of a very powerfull Omnium that wants to take over the world.

You need better friends.
Had a few like that guy, when I stopped talking with them, I never noticed losing anything good or important.
You are correct about the Soldier being the default standard guy, but "you need the right character at this level" sounds like something you'd hear from a Competitive Super Mario player.

Sshh, let the thread hit page 15 before making a new one.
Or don't. Wanna bet some shitposter is gonna do it for us, entirely free, as long as he gets to put outdated information in the OP to shittalk about the game?

Stop playing the new map you fucks.

Everyone is playing ranked, lol

I never read anything about overwatch exterminating omnics. Granted I haven't actually read all that much but I would have assumed it was exactly the opposite. Overwatch would have wanted to stop the war and Blackwatch would have wanted to stop the war FOREVER.

Overwatch was an organization made to answer the Omnic crysis and I'm sure that involved killing a fair amount of Omnics till peace could be established.

Blackwatch was the Spec Ops arm of Overwatch, the side that dealt with all the shady shit.
Perhaps they discovered something they weren't supposed to.
Perhaps they kept getting the dirty work and got tired of it.
Perhaps they found an Omnium that proposed a solution to end the war in a better way.

Talon may even be something different. Some powerfull AI in a coffin got tired of seeing Omnics killed left and right so it's assembling a team and readying for war against Overwatch and all those that would threaten their kind.

As long as we're just guessing, Talon could be starting and escalating a war in order to force the elimination of all omnics and therefore prevent a future war against an even stronger omnic threat.


the chokepoints on this new map are something else

if only there were some loli who could hack the choke points away and control the meta forever

they sure are taking their time

A cute.

Whats your most hated map?
Mines China, its awful design and limited used spaces make it even wose. Not to mention once someone gets the point, good luck getting it.

Hanamura, getting into point A just isn't fun or interesting. It's always just a slugfest at the gate and it's too hard to get any significant force through the window if the defenders are set up intelligently.

overall probably hanamura, but there are parts of other maps i despise. i never have fun on the first point of route 66 no matter which team im on.
there are parts of hanamura you almost never see anyone use, on defense you just patrol around the castle and respond to or call out threats. most of the action takes place in a ptsd inducing choke point or a snipers kill zone.
i never used to play tracer but ive picked her tomboy ass up lately just so i can try to make use out of these parts of the maps that only seem to exist as places to lose heat when youre defending as a high mobility character. otherwise you just kind of sit there with your thumb up your ass.

my absolute least favorite though is illios ruins, fuck that map. there is no room for creativity its just a big mosh pit like hanamura castle but worse. the other two maps in illios are pretty awesome though, i dont really mind going there if we will go to the other 2 maps.
china tower is pretty ass except for that one map where the point is in that very tall room, i think that one is called command center? that is a cool setup for king of the hell

i wish people understood the importance of getting someone past the gate to take pressure off. even if it means throwing 3 through the window and 2 of them dying. you just need to gain a little ground, some kind of extra leverage

Season 2 is live, new map is live, nerfs and buffs are live, damage report?

Silver 1899 after all placement and my first loss.

i just played a bunch of the weekly brawl to get used to the new map then did one losing match of comp before my buddies went offline. kinda wish there was a playlist like quickplay that followed comp rules because i don't want to solo in comp

BTW, if you want to have better chances you may want to pair up with 2-3 people at most, having a few randoms in both teams can be easier than going against a whole team, specially since the 50/50 is still in full effect when you play comp.

i try to only play comp when i have some buddies online, but that's not often so i just solo que in quickplay to work on my aim and what not

I can help you from time to time, right now I am a little busy but you can add me, I think I can help you on your placement matches even when I am already placed.

Wow, thanks Mark, nice free speech, did you buy the 60 dollar version you goddamned retard?

What a brave hero…

maybe you should read the rules

2 ranked so far lost both with leavers
fucking get fucked

Being low tier is hard, why do many people keep choosing Hanzo in comp?

reminder if you pick
mei, junkrat, hanzo, widow, torb and ESPECIALLY bastion in compedative you should kill yourself
also dont trust no fuckers on Symetra either because there is VERY few times where she will be good especially after the first point on payload maps

3 losses one draw one win here, most of those losses had at least two players who refused to swap from Torb and Bastion on attack.


Interestingly enough, Mei is getting better in comp.

Anyone wants to team up right now? I am tired of losing because nobody seems to get past a pair of tanks.

id say give it a couple days before you dive in to it unless you want to put up with a whole lot of crap like that. the shitters will lose rank or just get bored.

It's only bad because nobody understands what Defense heroes are supposed to be.
You're not going after the kills like Offense heroes, you're supposed to stall and put the other team in difficult situations where they make mistakes. You're supposed to wait for the kills to come to you, not the other way around.

Mei is all about stalling every fucking thing. If she goes chasing people for that k/d ratio, she's a bad Mei. You're supposed to be near your teammates\point and if anyone dives, you freeze the fucker. You're a deterrant that forces them to solve you first before going in.

Junkrat can do some sick shit but he shines whenever you can spam your grenades near chokepoints when the enemy team masses together. He's about peeling everyone, breaking formations and forcing them to rush him, not about stickyspamming.

Hanzo is all about taking Genji dick up his ass, fuck that faggot similar to Bastion. Both have to constantly relocate and take people by surprise. If you keep camping the same spot, you're gonna be killed easily and contribute nothing. You're supposed to make people wary of going in willy nilly, not get them sick kills. Just see what Hanzo's Ulti does: area negation, not pentakills like retards think.

Widow is great at taking key targets. She's an enemy that can't be handled immidiatly since she's far but still takes attention to her. She can pick targets easily and get the Supports or any stragglers, as well as take care of peelers that try their shit from long range.

Torb is the best example here. You're not supposed to pop a turret and have it go on kill streaks. Your turret is supposed to split your enemies attention between you and both. If at anytime you and your turret aren't firing at the same time at the same target, you fucked up.

All defense heroes are not about killing. They are about presenting a problem the other team has to solve in order to pass. You keep presenting the same problem, they will overcome it. You drop the problem and try the direct route, you'll get fucked. You keep switching the problem, putting it somewhere different, they'll waste time, make bad decisions and wind up death.
This shit shouldn't be hard to understand.

mei doesnt do a very good job stalling except in the rare cases her ice wall can actually block an entire path off. the threat of dying before getting anything accomplished is what controls enemies. she sounds great on paper but shes kind of easy to play around. i dont think they actually want a character like her being all that capable in this game because the only thing that makes her tolerable to play against is that she kind of sucks. i dont know how anyone could scoff at junkrat, or widowmaker though. their method of defense doesnt feel gimped.

I need to do placements. Anyone decent want to group up? I was 68 last season as support main, still plan to play support.

Mei has 250HP, more 50 than most heroes, and her Meicicle skill is far more reliable and powerfull for healing than Biotic Field, Reaper's passive or Tracer's Recall.
Smart Meis stick to atriction combat, where they win by default.

Her Icewall can also be used in creative ways. For instance, putting it in the middle of the enemy team, leading to an easy 6v3 x2. Or to block escape routes, most Tracers don't mind going near Mei because they count on their Blink to escape. Put a wall and watch them slam it and immidiatly panic.

This might sound weird, but I think Mei has a much larger skill ceiling than people give her credit for. But instead of technical skill, it requires very creative uses to make her worth it. This is why she's "easy to play around", because she's played like a slow Tracer. But put in the right hands, she's even more scary than Genji.

id like her if she had more range on her frost thrower or less of a delay on icicle.
it can keep her alive through some hilarious shit but she cant do anything while its going on its almost as much of a breather for the enemy as herself.

Just FYI, a Meicicle counts as valid cover against enemy ults such as D.Va's self destruct and McCree's deadeye. Just hope she doesn't unfreeze before the damage. Icewall is obviously preferable although the enemy could shoot it down.

thats interesting. i have used it to attempt to give allies cover from normal weapons and to protect turrets. i suppose it functions as a barrier as far as game mechanic logic?

mechanically it probably functions like her icewall (no line of sight meaning no McCree lock), except with infinite health.

Mei fucking tears shit up on Nepal, this is unreal.

i thought allies can shoot through meicicle though


I'm back to being horribly disappointed by competitive. The shitters that infest gold and platinum are unreal.

I'd play it if it was like 20 bucks.



This time with less shitpost. :^)

Neither was Overwatch