Warning of the dangers of the alt left hate machine

Ask someone who voted for Trump anything 8^)

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Do you suck dicks?

Not shitposting. There are a lot of reasons people voted for Trump.

Despite this post being on the leftist forum, I do not do leftist things.

Why are you such a classcuck?

I need to earn money. Hillary's policies are a death sentence for anyone working outside of a university or other parasitic entity.

As a white person, I am naturally in danger of being killed by lefties, regardless of my income.

Most of the people on this board are white.
And you're thinking of liberals, not leftists.


Hillary is a Communist.

Somehow there is no security offered by that. I dunno, maybe they are self-hating white people who want to kill whites? I don't know why they want to kill whites. It's not a joke, they really do thirst for blood.

Let me summarize this thread early
ending a:
ending b:


You are confusing liberals with leftists.
What you fear will try to kill you.
Who you're talking to.

Is this the thread where we find out what Holla Forums is actually about? Cause I'm interested. I voted trump but only because Hillary hi-jacked the left and has driven it so far left that it's dammaging the nation at large.

I'd have preferred if Bernie won the DNC but from the leaks it's evident he was just a cog in the machineā€¦

What is Holla Forums's thoughts on this?

Did the 'progressive' movement fuck everything up and drive the party back to the stone age or is there a hope for leftists to become rational again as a whole and start a dialogue with the other side?

$0.02 has been deposited into your account. Thank you for Correcting The Record.

We disagree heavily on that. Hillary (and the establishment democratic party) does not help the working class people of America, none of her ideas are leftist in form. Idpol is a coating to distract from the core of third way democratic thinking which is porky at its usual - pay the workers less, reduce class consciousness, make people desperate for a living but not desperate enough to be willing to fight for something better.
In general, we are socialists, anarchists and communists. Some of us are okay with Bernie Sanders protectionist socdem policies, but they are a stopgap and an attempt to bandage the core inequalities of our system rather than replacing it with proper democracy.
Polite sage not for your comment, but because this thread as a whole is going to be shitty and I don't want it to be bumped up too high when it will likely lead to my prediction in

Hillary was an opportunist.

She would have taken any position to attain her goals and her loose political morals ended up being a major factor to why she lost.

He thinks class is determined by income.

Read Marx.

We're rad left thank you

Here is why I believe there is only one kind of left: Communist:
Those that dominate replace. Communists always win in such situations (see the protests of the past few days - useful idiot anarchists, and Communist murder/beat-downs dominate).

This is not an intellectual argument, except that it is based upon repeated testing in the real world.

However, the natural tendency is toward Communism, mass execution, state confiscation, and decay of innovation, edibles, and the pleasures of society. Yes, she was an opportunist, but that is the "driver's seat" of the mechanism which is leftism. There are no brakes on the Commie train.

You're right. Us communists have already won. Your toothbrush will be ours!

I fail to see the relevance of Marx. leftism has properties which may be measured scientifically. Observing that, I may speak with authority on its course, as one might any pathogen.

Trump won. You lost.

I can understand radical left if it's the true to form radical left. What we're seeing on the streets are misinformed useful idiots essentially shouting in the streets with pitchforks due to misinformation for MSM.

Do you guys generally agree with that or do you stand in defense of MSM as it stands? I can't really think of many rational people that do and anons tend to lean more towards the rational side.

the only time an economic policy can show up is the first time because after that you've seen everything it has to give that's why we still use merchantilism and never got anywhere further or created a more defined economic system whatever
fun fact: communism and socialism have nothing to do with big government no matter how much liberals and conservatives will tell you so

The protests right now are people who only now realize that there's something wrong because their guy didn't get in. They're about as class conscious as a pile of bricks, though that isn't to say that there aren't elements of proper leftism within small groups. The media plays its role to make money for itself and the people who pay it, there's nothing to be trusted about them. Most people here would agree that significant aspects of Trump's draw were related to economic desperation and material means (y'know, because we're communists and that's what we do) and it's very visible by the fact that the rust belt turned red for Trump.
We want quality jobs and economic opportunity for all people just as you do, we just differ heavily on the solution. If Trump turns out to be a protectionist who will bolster support for factory workers and rebuild the working class of America that used to be one of our strongest political assets, I will cheer, but I sincerely do not expect it from the man.

that's not a no.

I'm not interested in theories of construction, which you attempt to expound upon, but natural tendencies of construction, out of the ooze of leftism-Communism-liberalism, which is to all the things we know, Stalinism, Maoism, NK, Cambodia.

It is an evolution which results, and alternative ideas are like rare elements - existing only fleetingly as real things, so quickly their existence may only be indirectly observed.

It was.

Most of the issues of those states can be linked to the reality of all revolutionary states, it's just that since those are in modernity we have a much clearer look at them compared to the capitalist uprisings of centuries past. As it turns out, a centralized force to overthrow the previous powers that be does not an easy road to democracy make. However, despite this flaw in revolution it may once again be the required option.

Stop saging. I'm not reading anything someone so rude should post. If you haven't simple decency, then you prove yourself a leftist true: the slaughterer of millions, the heinous monster which lurks in the hearts of the millions of Democrats, who, being Hillary supporters, are, as is she, a predator and a pathological liar, and one who seeks to kill and to destroy, and torture mercilessly. There is no devious deed they do not thrill in.

Then it seems like we agree on the core ideas just not how to go about it is all.

You Holla Forums's are alright in my book.

Eventually we've got to have open discourse between both sides and move to a centrist point of view since this country is only ever going to get better on a give and take.

As it stands now Holla Forums is actively trying to subvert media to bolster alt-right influence but the one thing I worry about is just because you establish a new order of things that's just as easily corruptible as the far left had been in terms of 'liberals'.

I'm really tired of the political pendulum swinging hard one way and then another and the effect is has on our culture.

We've got to get off of this ride and wake people up from their slumber of ignorance. The way to go about that however is, at the end of the day, the thing that escapes everyone for now.


I made my reasoning for saging clear, it is not to insult you it is merely that I do not see this thread going well also please stop with talking like that nobody in the past century has spoken that way and it is not making hearing your argument any more palatable. This is an imageboard, talk like it.
In other news, you completely ignored what I said in order to say more things about how anyone who declares themselves leftist wants to murder all people who are not also okay with the Evil Communist Government ruling all. I'm saying you're going with ending B on the original post I made.

no, you never said you didn't suck dick you said "Despite this post being on the leftist forum, I do not do leftist things." And since sucking dick is in no way a political act you have neither confirmed nor denied that you do infact suck dick. So, im just going to assume your a closet homosexual who is insecure about their own sexuality.

Why can't you faggots stop owning yourselves on twitter? Seriously elevators, anime nazis, and woke dipshits are the only people who care about the "alt left"

It's only going to get worse before it gets better. The democrats are doubling down on the idea that the way to win the war is identity politics because they aren't willing to risk upsetting any neoconservatives (read: donors) with pro-labor policies and, even though Trump has definitely woken up some old guard labor people if he doesn't take advantage of that and empower them the class consciousness will fade once more.
It's a rough road ahead, regardless of what you believe. I appreciate you being cordial, and I too hope that both our genuine desire to see the working class made powerful once more can be realized within our lifetimes. Either that or automation will hit and Porky will kill us all, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

Do you live in a swing state? If your main objection is 'lol fuck Hitlary' (which is reasonable) why not just vote for Stein or Johnson or Goatse?


Sounds about right.

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What did he mean by this?

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Ah yes, the Poe's Law extension thread.

Saged again? Ignored again. For that which drives you in such a way primally is that which drives all the massacres of history.

Wow, you Communists really don't know shit about history!

I don't think you comprehend the concept of meaning.

You don't even know what communism is, much less any kind of historical "natural tendency" or what it would drive.

Clinton was one of the most right-wing candidates the Democrats have ever put out. She didn't hijack the left; the left almost entirely rejected her. Liberals liked her, but I can't think of anyone on the left who liked her.

you voted for someone who's turning out to be just another neocon, hope this helps


You don't know history.

It's amazing how the alt right has somehow managed to fully reclaim liberal smugness in a matter of a week or two since the election. That'll take you far, kid, just look at how liberals have done!

Agreed on the Identity politics. I don't know Holla Forums's opinion on this but I basically woke up to the shitstorm that had been brewing back in gamergate.

The absolute deluge of identity rhetoric being spewed is sickening. Once it started to hit mainstream news and entertainment that let us know just how deeply ingrained that mindset is and in my opinion it's one of the worst cancers on our society.

For some reason the people that speak it don't recognize that it's basic divide and conquer tactics. Put everyone in nice neat little boxes and then once they're nice and separated turn them on one another.

Best example was post election when they sperged out saying "FUCKING WHITE WOMEN REEEEEEEEEEEEE".

Sorry I spoke out of turn. I don't mean the left in how what seems to be the popular way to say it on the board, I mean the established left as another user put it.

I realize her politics aren't even close to what she preaches nor would her actions have been. It's just upsetting that someone to that degree if corruption managed to get the DNC to back her.


The best of two evils in other words user.


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Why did you think not voting for Hillary would trigger us? She's a warmongering neoliberal corporatist. We love Trump compared to her.

top lel

That's because you haven't read him.

I can't pay for your reading classes btw.




pls no hate

The DNC is run by a Communist billionaire, George Soros.

They may be, for bottom-feeders, such as ratchet whores.

Why do you think that would trigger us? I'm happy that you dumb amerlards elected Trump, because Hillary wanted ww3.

As i said before the election, if Hillary wins the world is fucked. If Trump wins only USA is fucked. So have fun.

Isn't it tho? If someone has a million dollars do you still consider him a proliteriat if he can literally become at least petit bourgeois with that money?

Don't encourage the sagers.

So how does it feel to have half of the population acknowledge that far from being anti establishment, you are just the establishment with a wall.

Mighty suspicious that there has never been a left wing candidate for US president and yet somehow socialism is politically correct don't ya thunk?

My fucking sides


We know, Soros is the BO.


I'm feeling pretty established right now.


you were always established

Nah. Stop trying to pander to the alt-right.


Wipe your mouth, and sit up straight.