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God clinton supporters are immature. Can you imagine how they would react if you made a game about mowing down hillary supporters?

I like how everyone seems to be making these political games or updates when everyone knows once the election is over they will be completely pointless and old hat.


its just to make money on controversy, by the time people are elected nobody will really pay attention anymore

The fact this game exists isnt really a problem, but the way its been presented and how its implication/inference is so fucking on the nose its impossible to take seriously. Not least itll age like milk.

Its the equivalent of drawing a crude caricature with stink lines and captioning it Mr Poopyhead.

Do we know the dev is pro-Clinton? A lot of people hate both, although we sure know which is the easier to pick on.



"Lizards from Outer Space"

Is this dev fucking retarded?

I'm aware. I can understand doing it with updates and shit, but making whole games about it makes no sense to me. Like those games that base themselves off of memes, but making even less sense.

Yet if this was replaced with Clinton supporters /polv/ would be all over it
Your next line will be "cuck", "shill", "JIDF" or ">>>Holla Forums"


Yeah, people like things they like and hate things they don't like. News at 11

what should we add to the tags?



I'd hate it on a "it's political so inevitably shit" but I'd guarantee polybelltakshotgun would have 90 articles up about it.


is this some kind of bait for attention/harassment? no one gives a shit about this. the forum contains 21 posts.
also whats with the releasedate?


Honestly, I was planning on starting some Trump-centric clickbait for SJWs to bite and give me shekels.

I don't even know where to start.



we need to shut it down.


Yep. And Brexit didn't happen due to the polls saying so.

Then why did it happen champ.

Day of the Shillaries when?


I was being sarcastic

So when are the burger elections? I want to know when I get to laugh at whoever loses

Literally not an argument


But it is. I implied that polls can't always predict an outcome and used Brexit as an example.

*when clitnon loses

I can't wait for Trump to lose, just so I can see Holla Forums cry rivers for months.

implied by that was the fact that polls tend to portray by virtue of their violation of expectation a set of circumstances which are both preferable and rationally implausible but not beyond doubt.

Had Brexit not happened because of the polls, then Brexit must have happened because of the polls. Your sarcasm is found wanting.

Why wait for what will never come, weakling?

That'd be nice I guess. It'd be way more fun mocking the smug sons of bitches that are Clinton anons

Left wing media over samples Democrats when doing polling. Left wing companies own the vote counting machines and software, which is all private source, and has been shown again and again to be able to cause vote fraud. Step 1. Create the illusion that Hillary has so much support. Meanwhile Trump always gets fucking massive crowds, and Hillary doesn't. The DNC had to pay people to sit in because Sanders supported walked out. Step 2. Rig the election. With the illusion of massive public support, fraud is harder to tell.

Fact is legal Hispanic residents love Trump even if they will not say so publicly.

Fact is black people who actually want black people to do better love Trump, because leftist policy has been and only continues to destroy black people.

The DNC top leadership got caught red handed being corrupt as fuck, they robbed the nomination from Sanders. Media bias is constant. Look no further than how media treated GamerGate. What more do you need to know they will do what they can to make it seem like Hillary is a sure win while constantly defaming Trump? You have been lied to.

How horrible to just laugh at all the americans.

There are no clitnon anons, though.

I mean for fucks sake Kikebart when out to prove that the polls are all lying by doing their own, and they got btfo.

Oh I'll be getting my rivers of tears no matter what. Either the lefty cucks will cry for months or the circle jerk at Holla Forums will. This election is a win-win for me.

I'm not even that invested in this meme election, but I hope Trump wins so he can come up with some horseshit excuse about why

libcucks can't even think of witty insults

Of course nobody wants this but the shit? Shouldn't this crap be released or is it so shit it doesn't wanna come out?


I figured as much

how can these people fail so hard? every attempt at mockery is such a massive failure. i'd laugh if i wasn't cringing.

but if I can't get a gun how am I going to shoot them?

alternatively: use both hands. Gotta have control



Somewhat reminds me of related

this to be quite honest
goys will never learn


christ is this a clinton propaganda vid or a shitposting Holla Forums vid because I got triggered


>Mexico's president actually suggested a second wall by Guatemala's border

The Don is coming friends. And what a beautiful Don it will be

I suddenly start to like Trump.
Compared to Hitler he looks like a serious businessman, you can make deals with.

It's great to see that the Jews are no longer gaining any sympathy for "muh holocaust."

Guess it's time for Auschwitz Rising: Revengance to garner up sympathy again.

But this time it's real.


Then Holla Forums proved they were doing that to soil Trump, and went on to prove the polls were dicked anyway.
Have you read the news on Obama's internet policy, as of late? You might not get your "rivers of tears" like you wish for, unless you live in America yourself, in which case you'll get a river of blood.

If he still is with her by election day, then you know what will happen to him, and what he'll do.

Do you think they'll still he paid from here to the twentieth of January?

He thinks she's awful and should be in prison, he just says "Well, we HAVE to vote Democrat because what, you're going to vote Republican?"

Which is even worse in my opinion.

Well, it would be effective at the thin skinned and/or stupid people that are probably it's target audience

I don't think Holla Forums would or could be able to make something as elaborate. Maybe I'm wrong about it

Wew lad, if you didn't care you wouldn't be posting. Just admit it bothered you

Well he IS a businessman

Well, all things can be overdone

Wasn't aware of that, that's hilarious

Nobody in their right mind would pay people more than a few dollars for shitposting here. They'll probably get paid, just a meaningless amount.

please they make shitposting oc like this all the time

You just know if someone made a game making fun of Hillary the person that made this would be throwing a shitfit on twitter for days.

Then I congratulate them. It looks pretty fucking rad

I can already read the inflection in his voice. Stop the transformation, user, before you have a balding shrieking wreck in your household by election day.

Five cents per shitpost.

The Greatest Story Never Told was amazing btw

These are games that can be shit out from paper to finished product in about 30 days, user. They exist solely as meaningless cash grabs, and likely will never even have their most basic bugs patched, let alone some kind of continued support or give-a-fuck.

I wouldn't be surprised if the devs that made these games used pseudonyms like Allen Smithee, and did it 100% for the paycheck and nothing else.

Roald Dahl was fucking delusional to believe that


ugly is ugly, it doesn't dictate if a person is a good or a bad person but it shouldn't be sugar coated or played out like its anything else but some unfortunate genetics at work

Look up sanpaku and stress-related balding, wrinkles, etc.

Marxism sucks your souls out.

And how would you do that? By not shooting anyone?


i highly regret doing this because apparently i have it

good people can still suffer from stress


He's not entirely wrong. Of course, how we live our lives will have an effect on our physical appearance (stress, etc), but they aren't as heavy as they are portrayed there. Thinking only good things won't make an ugly dyke lovely, while thinking only bad things won't make a beautiful lass ugly. This of course does not count any self harming things that could be done with negative thoughts as a reason

A lot of people that are ugly on the outside tend to also be ugly on the inside as well. Pic related

No, you fucking animu retard. If you'd knew who pic related was, then you would've understood the context behind the post. It's that I don't care about the post, it's that I don't care about how they're trying to make Trump out to be Hitler.

Kek its what I was thinking.

It's not that*

some one who is ugly on the inside and does not realize they are ugly on the outside are probably the ugliest of all

although i believe "good thoughts" won't help on become less ugly, those thoughts might lead to superior diet and exercise so maybe i am giving ol' Roald too much shit

Indeed, I had considered that too. But I had to guess your actual intention in that post, and I decided to go with the most literal interpretation. I see I guessed wrong

If she only thought good things, she wouldn't be a dyke.

I cannot wait to laugh at Holla Forums after seeing Trump lose. I will shitpost gladly about it for weeks.

Either way your country is already fucked, there's no way of fixing it.

Fair enough, my mistake. Replace dyke with woman

You know what that means, user.
Yet bad thoughts bring more stress.

Ugly dykes don't have good thoughts.

i'm convinced we lost the chance to fix it before many of us were even born

Already, you step back on absolutes. Maybe it's time to admit there's no stumping the trump, user?

Have to agree with that. I have a feeling we are at the end of this country's time period. Hopefully whatever comes next is better.

The motto is "Make America Great Again". It ended before you were even born, alright. It must start again.

there's a fucked up part of me that just wants some insano war to happen revolution 2.0 shit, i'd probably try to fight but i have no training and i'm not very good at running yet

luckily years of media make people sympathize with rebels so maybe they'd get backed by the french again and reset the place

wishful thinking, realistically it won't happen and if it did i'd step on a landmine and die


The results might end up being contested after all the rigging attempts by candidates so you may end up having to wait before laughing. Considering the fact that he is going up against Clinton, it will probably go the same way the Austrian elections did, where one city had 598% voter participation due to how desperate the autists rigging it there were.


damn that's one of the best uses of MAGA i've seen in awhile

It's okay, some of us make mistakes and have shit taste in animu pics.

Reminder that Trump is in the process of getting stumped. Clinton is fucking terrible, but you all really need to stop acting like Sanders supporters with all this reality ignoring.

Either way, either option, Clinton or Trump, both of them won't do a shit for your country.
Your country is already fucked, it cannot be fixed.

Regardless of the outcome in the election, you won't get your wet dreams even if your beloved idol gets elected and I will fucking laugh if he doesn't get elected and if he doesn't do what you thought he would.

That is why I'm saying that, because it's this way in all the fucking countries. Mine had a chance, surprisingly, the dead started voting, literally. Dead people, voting, people who didnt have the hability to speak or read voted, all of them for the same party. Corruption is not going to go away regardless of the country.
The only way of fixing all of this problems would be another fucking big problem, and we all know how it ends up.

Except America isn't as small as Austria is, and it is not as weak either. Night and day, user.

Guess we are even then

It's the literal usage of it, user. The whole point is that the country sucks, and needs reform.

last i heard clinton was only up by 2 in the polls

you'll see a serious paradigm shift when the debates start. it also helps that trump-san is playing the game and getting more people on his side day by day. all the idiots on tv are going "he started too late". fuck no, he started at the perfect time, now that it's absolutely down to the two of them.

oh and ps, bernie sanders didn't even get 10% of the nation in votes lmao. can't stump, won't stump.

like how they went full retard over Block Lives Matter?

Feel the Johnson. Am I right, fellow nihilist?

ITT: Correct the Record trying to correcting the record

Take ur delusions to pol, thanks.

ITT: Alt-right tards get triggered by a shitty steam greenlight game rather than making a game to contrast.

The first part of the page makes no sense, but when you put it in contrast with the second part, it is actually not that crazy. Basically, he is saying that it doesn't matter how ugly you are: if you manage to keep a smile at all times, you will be beautiful.

With Trump you at least have the possibility of him not being a cunt, with Clinton it is absolutely guaranteed.

Except Austria didn't have shit like in the US where someone like Clinton ended up being way disproportionately represented in the votes in every single place where there was electronic voting.


Dude's 60 years old at this point, he's not going to be changing his mind.

Nobody cared about the DNC. Neither did Trump. The fact we've statistically seen more republicans registered this electoral cycle than in any other, and that the ratings pulled in for the debates with Trump alone have been anything but underwhelming writes it all in the stars. Already, there are talks of paper ballots and voter policing being argued by the man himself, and we know how things get for the establishment when things don't go his way.


socjus has evolved from vns to flash games
only a matter of time before they produce something good

Do we need to nuke your kind yet again?

Enjoy him while you still can, user. Dark times approach.

Jews fear the Samurai.

I believe it.

I really shudder to think of what will happen to nipland if the 2020 limpics goes live. It'd be the breaking point.


This is what it looks like when someone brings up an uncomfortable fact.

This is what it looks like when a Clinton Shill thinks they can make easy shekels in Holla Forums

What was that? I couldn't hear you over your comfy blankets.

Wake up. We are not immune from civil war in the (((current year))).

Expect to see a mass normalfag exodus to that country, both slightly before and after the 2020 Olympics. At which point the nips would of have preferred that the US had nuked 'em 1000 times more during WW2.

Ehh, maybe they will be, after all, Hillary is funded by the same people who make the voting machines, and has most likely rigged the election to get herself the democratic nomination.
But I don't want to insinuate such a thing, nah, I'd rather not "die mysteriously."

There will be nothing mysterious about your suicide, user. In fact it won't even be investigated.

wall simulator 2017 is better


Actually most of the polls showed that Brexit would happen.


hm, everything i ever saw showed stay edging out, and all the britfags i know on fagbook were all voting stay, in fact the only part of brexit i ever saw was trump and nigel farage

And the Samurai fears the master race.

This takes me back when there were flash games about bush, osama and other figures in website like newgrounds and such.

Enjoy the Samson Option, goy.

ah, reminds me of the good ol days of flash animation

how about you play as clinton
your weapon is your snuke
suck rebuplicans and trump supporters into it to feed it to your snuke.
final boss is trump
he is unbeatable



Exactly. Trump and Hillary are bad options. A moderate like Johnson is who most people should vote for, but won't.

What's with all these pretzel ass developers? Who makes a game fueled by salt?

The shitshow started with Marx, user. Don't be a stupid goy.

having "good thoughts" can also lead to having good demeanor that can make people not mind looking at your ugly puss.

i agree fellow 4channer xd he knoes how to spend thirty thousand on low quality memees

It's like someone gave a child a vague description of the system requirements and had them type them out.





Ha! You forgot my secret move!

Back to >>>/4chan/

Sound Yes!



I'm almost certain I've pulled an SB16 out of a few computers in recent years even.


What else would it mean user?




Go back to your subreddit.


Fuck right the hell back off to reddit. Don't care if it's bait, out.

Shit man, Ebolaworld was the go to source to make fun of low-caste whites while feeling smug and intelligent. And as soon as Bush left office Sam T pussied out and didn't continue the series.


Too bad A3D got patent trolled into oblivion by Creative, who probably threw the patent it in the shredder as soon as they got it.

All over it? What, you mean enough to buy shovelware from the front page of steam? Change the name, the joke isn't better. Besides, no mans sky represents the most heavily marketed and hyped indie garbage of recent times and most of "/polv/" pirated it at best. That chip on your shoulder is making you talk fucking nonsense.

You see, there's a balance to the Jew-Burger-Samurai game. It's like rock-paper-scissors:

The Jew tricks and scams the Burger.
The Burger shoots and bombs the Samurai.
The Samurai cleaves and terrifies the Jew.

That actually sounds sensible

No matter what happens, there's always hope for those who seek it.


The game is obviously someone's first unity project.

I'd bet every cent I have that the "enlightened" liberal dev who's making it stole all of his scripts from forums and doesn't have any idea how to actually program.

So it's not really surprising that he doesn't know how to figure out basic system requirements

Apple wins again!

Have you ever considered that hope wasn't in Pandora's box by accident?

I still can't get over that code in that pic.



He somehow mixed up an if else with a loop it seems, and then used else -> indent > if(which although valid in some languages, is still fucking retarded)
I don't get it

Goddamn, why would anyone in the crosshairs of relatively technologically adept people post something that embarrassing?

>>>Holla Forums

What kills me is that it sucks even as pseudo code.

I want to fuck that person

I honestly don't even know what it's supposed to do

not when IT nowadays means html5 and javascript+gorillion libraries for it to make it look like a normal language

It seems to be intended as a automatic blocking tool for anyone who is a gamergater, and also anyone posting a negative tweet.

What polls? At worst everyone I've seen shows him within the margin of error and gaining every revision.

Of course the DNC leak revealed Hillary has paid people to shill on message boards

Nice try, faggot. Johnson is very likely controlled opposition, he has been shilled time and time again by most mainstream media itself as a good third candidate which should raise some flags. So should the fact that Ron Paul refuses to endorse him despite not favouring Trump either, and this is ignoring the fact that Johnson stated on camera that he has absolutely no clue what the NAP even means.



Which Gentoo is this?


Also Gary fucking spending 30.000 USD on memes makes me question his economic ability. He's also no moderate, he's extreme in his economics and extreme in his social policy.

The one with the three-dimensional card

Very tolerant

Isn't burning your national flag illegal in some places?

I'll give Johnson credit for apparently putting up better numbers than Hillary or Trump among millenials.


This is so fucking ass backwards.

Seconded, fuck retards who cannot understand what a dialogue is.

It's just so they'd get money out of the controversy.
Same thing happened with Hatred and you're all getting played like a damn fiddle.


I'm not American, I hate America because they've done nothing but destroying my countries and all my neighbours.
I hope Hillary wins so we can finally have a WW3 and balkanized, manageable, USA.
That said I have a lot of respect for Trump and Americans really don't deserve him.
inb4 muh gunz muh tyranny. Because that helped a lot against 8 years of Obama facefucking the constitution

You know what I really hate about Holla Forums? Not many make threads for the games that deserve it, and if they do they barely get replies. I don't know why these threads even get replies, it's all fake "outrage" or it devolves into political commentary. I'm not complaining about that, I'm complaining about how there's not much of an alternative to that and how everyone sells this narritive that there's nothing but shit coming out in the industry. Where's the threads giving N++ the praise it deserves? Who's giving Valley praise/shit for having great movement mechanics/starting off as a walking simulator? Who's showing playism that games like Ace of Seafood and Momodora are great and they should keep publishing them in the west? Where's my /m/fags talking back and forth shit about Assault Suit Leynos and having discussion about why Valken is so great and if the Leynos remake is as good as Cybernator?

Is this the guy that made the game about Muslim throwing Milo off the roof?

What country?

Every country on Earth?

Have you tried making those threads?

I'm asking what country is he from.


Cry more sandnigger


Is this what Americans feel like whenever they watch RT?

Isn't the Jewish population in Ireland fucking ridiculously tiny?
Like, 0.04% or something?

There are about 2,000 Jews in the entirety of Ireland.



Need I to remind you?

Only a "game developer" could be this bad at code.

Ah yes,
Microsoft Sam.

I can listen to this all day!

Yes, I imagine elections would be quite a foreign concept to a Russian, considering the victor is already chosen at the beginning.

back to /leftycuck/ with your shit memes


Rammstein have like four good songs.

Oh yes, please tell me how Obama was 100% democratically elected in 2012 :^)

Back to Ireland with you mick.

jew mod when?



Whatever you say O'Riley.

Reminder that they "voted" for both Bush and Obama twice.

You can just join some of the groups there and kill Americans.

Back with you.

They're just zogbots, you need to get the ones pulling the strings, not the (retarded) pawns.

Wasn't it the British who brought the Irish over to the US in the first place?

Please, just don't try to think for yourself. You've been trained from a very young age to regurgitate the jokes they taught you on the Daily Show so stick to that.

what side are you on btw.

Pretty sure the Irish fled out off desperation.

No, I mean back when the Brits were still slaving the Irish they brought over fucktons of them.


I got banned from half-Holla Forums for posting that second image. That was riiiight before Burgers and Fries. From what people say on full-/k/, I'm glad I never went back, or I'd be depressed by how far it's fallen since.

The side that's behind 7 proxies. That or an FBI agitator.

Sometimes they do you a favor by banning you.


Romney was a Mormon.

Wew, Americans would rather have a kenyan muslim in the "white" house than a Mormon.
I'll never understand their undying hate against those people.

Why does that second image reverse-search back to MLP?

That phrase says a lot about yourself.

Shitty or not, there has to be more of these out there, and at least one of them has to have the balls to be able to show her getting a bloody lip, missing teeth, black eye, and broken nose.

Yes. In fact every day I try and keep a stealthfag thread up by bumping it but every day it goes down to p15 by the time I check on it.

Punch X politician games are pretty much the default though, there are very few politicians that don't have one dedicated to them.

The potato famine didn't happen but it should have

Or maybe it's about me hating on the USA.
I don't hate the USA, it was just a horrible mistake and a testimony of Man's madness.
Everything will be fine once Israel doesn't have its guard dog anymore.

Let's put the thread back on tracks. HA

Everything will be fine once the jews are dead. Get it right, D&C.

Hopefully you will stop once you are dead.

This seems unlikely, tbf. There is far more to lose from attacking leftists than 'literally Hitler'.
Also, most game devs are massive cucks for the left.
I'd say you're a libertarian engaging in wishful thinking. You want to believe we live in an even remotely 'balanced' society. We don't. We live in a leftist nightmare. And this sort of shit is par for the course.

Don't you read the news, Jude?

Nothing stops this Train.

truly one of us.

to be fair the dev got it.
Holla Forums eats this shit up

You do know Vlady boy's endorsed Trump repeatedly. Right, Mr. "I'm Russian"?

Obongo was getting his ass kicked in the polls but he still won.

I've tapped to Big Dick Bitch before and I'd do it again.

Shit on the US all you want, faggot. We're still #1 and no amount of bitching will change that.


Spotted the newfag.


I would've done door to door canvassing for McAfee. The LP really dropped the ball by picking the most vanilla, least libertarian candidate.

what did he mean by this?

dude weed xd


Reminds me of those retards from Holla Forums who bought that shit "kill muslims" game on steam despite it being shit.

this is a good year

How's he going to feed his coke habit now?

Is Adam married to an illegal immigrant or a muslim terrorist?

Families wont be split up. He has to go back too.


The ad was made a while ago by some independent PAC not technically affiliated with Clinton. It's real but it never got on television. It didn't get much of anywhere since it sort of had the opposite of the intended effect in the same way vid related was made by some liberal numale shit trying to make trump look ridiculous.

Holla Forums just took it and glued a bunch of youtube commentary to it.


So does this mean that my Sound Blaster card with it's Yamaha YM3812 sound chip will work?



Everyone is talking about "Sound Card: Yes" but the real gold here is…

They're both incredible.

I hope someday for gulags filled with leftist subhumans, where they are rightfully forced to do useless labor to death while they are raped and mutilated at the will of their captors…. Imagine a fucking leftist numale having a mental breakdown coming to terms with its fate, eventually being reduced to a grunting basic animal sleeping in dirt and pissing on itself. Leftist cattle scum deserve the worst treatment that humans have to offer, leftists are sub-animal, they are below cockroaches and ant, they should be treated with no mercy or respect whatsoever.

The lack of self-awareness here is staggering.

I hope political games don't become a cancer…oh wait

I doubt it, most would likely just call you a useless faggot for playing video games.

lol reported


My cock can only get so erect, user.

does the 30 million illegals also take into account all the chinnks and africans and israelites

Hey russia. I'll trade you some brisket and sausage if you tell putin not to nuke texas if hillary dipshit declares war on you guys.

That's not the problem negro

"That was the joke" t. virgin