Mission 51 for MGSV will NEVER EVER happen

The publisher responded to fans on Twitter regarding the cut content, saying Mission 51 “is not complete” and that it was never meant to be an ending, that the ending of the game has “never been missing.” They also said The Phantom Pain is simply “a prequel game to Metal Gear (released 1987).”

Coming from this, Konami also stated the publisher has “no current plans to further develop” Mission 51.


It was shit all along then. Least the gameplay holds up minus the poor "open world" implementation

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Get what you deserve for expecting it so much. I could have and did tell you fucks nearly a year ago that the game is what we're getting.

Mission 51 itself is too complex for the current game. Too much goes on during the actual gameplay for it to be feasible.


yeah sure, you fucking konami kikes

Thanks Konami, so nice
I'm glad I pirated the game

You mean the directors/exclusive version?



Does anyone have a summary on WHY MGS:V story is shit?

Seems to me just another Wacky crazy hyjinks with boss and co

Oh, they will develop it further in a pachinko machine.

God, had I known this game didn't have an ending, I wouldn't have bought it. What a disgrace to Metal Gear.

Like holy fuck there's nothing you can do besides the missions, capturing people is pointless except for a few minor details and upgrades, the fucking stupid part of it all is that there's no easter eggs like there were in MGS3. THERE'S NOT EVEN A COHERENT STORY LIKE THERE WAS IN MGS3.

Did Kojima just forget how to write once he made MGS4? Like wow.

Because it's not done. The ending that was put into the game was one of the ending that was merely supposed to set up other things.

It just fails on explaining anything and wraps up too son.

Basically Skullface, the guy who blew up mother base and destroyed MSF, makes a paracite that reacts to languages people speak. Except this is all a ruse so that hey can sell nukes, while having his own metal gear (Sahelanthopist) that can fire nukes and murder everyone. Also acts as a nuke itself and can explode.

The only thing skullface actually accomplished was convincing big boss that Zero hated him and needed to be destroyed, while the two of them just had a falling out of opinion in regrades to Les Infants Terrible.

Then Liquid and Psycho Mantis steal Sahelanthropist and the game ends.

Mission 51 is about the island they went to, and how Venom reclaimed it. He also shoots Liquid and it ties in Venom going colour blind when hurt. Look pretty cool, but fuck it. Cut the ending.

TL:DR Skullface was a wacky character who seemed cool in GZ, but ended up being worse than the Hamburgler.

Basically the writing staff did this.

I liked this video in that regard.

This post is pretty decent too.

In short though, Zero, who was finally supposed to become the villain he is by MGS4 STILL isn't it.
Kojima tried to explain superpowers AGAIN, instead now it's parasites instead of nanomachines.
Skullface has too little screen time.
Part 2 as a whole.
It's unfinished.

Well no shit, user.


OP are you one of those paranoid tinfoil guys that really thought it was all a ruse and still happening?

And if not why would you want some other team to make a final act to a game that you know would never be good enough?

its not finished, great gameplay shitty story, its a mixed bag let it go son.

Nigger, what the fuck you talking 'bout? It was content on the CE version.

Take a knife, leave it on top of a fire for a dozen minutes, then shove it into some cold water.

Kojima does not know how to story.
MGS 1 through 3 was written by some guy named Fukushima, he quit after three, leaving Kojima to try and asspull a story that the fans would rearry rike by the time 4 came around, ditto peace walker HOT fucking COLDMAN, are you shitting me?
Same with GZ and Phantom Pain
Kojima is an exellent director, but the man can't write

Take a look at the writing credits for MGS1-3, then take a look at the writing credits to MGS4 onwards.

Notice who is missing.

Beat me to it.

Fukushima was cowritter, meaning Kojima did write previous games, but it's obvious Fuku probably rained in some of Kojimas dumber ideas. Once he left, Kojima had no one to tell him no.

That makes me worried on how Death Stranding will end up, especially since they showed their fancy splash screen but nothing on the actual gameplay.

That's like removing Outer Haven and "Snake had a hard life" from MGS4 but leaving in Big Boss's appearance and saying the ending has never missing.

reined in*

fuck you

Well no shit Mission 51 was never intended to be in the game, Konami. You pulled the plug on it.

The story would've still been a mess but at least it could've ended with some flair. I fully blame the japanese kikes for that bit. And for ruining MGO.



The subtitle of MGSV should've been: It's like pottery

Kojima is George Lucas during the prequel trilogy.
He was around yes men during the development of MGSV. I think he hit the video game equivalent of the writer's block, so he wasted a lot of time and Konami money.

Just because the retail game has tons of loose threads, and there's evidence of several cutscenes/story missions being removed from the game doesn't mean that the game is unfinished or the ending is missing.
Now shut up and buy MGSV HD and Metal Gear Survive while you wait for your pachinko.

Do you mean other than the bait-and-switch, or the pointless retconning?

He had 5 years user, and he still couldn't finish the game. It's the hack Kojima fault that you never got your shitty finished game.

and yet, the cult of Kojima keep saying he dindu nuffin' wrong.

Most AAA games take at least three years to complete. A game of that size, it wasn't unreasonable to expect a six year development cycle, and that's without Konami constantly sabotaging him and sending members of his team to work in the Pachinko mines


so much salt over a game that isn't even that bad

It's too good a game to be called a bad one.

Here's a tip:
If the poster ridicules criticism by typing "waah", he's either a shitposter or a shill.

There are people who actually believe this.

here's a tip, liking a game doesn't make you a shill and neither does pointing out someone making mountains out of molehills

Witcher 3 a game which shares a lot of similarities with MGS V and came out the same year. It took 3 and a half years to make, and It was actually finished.
Hell they started working on fox engine after MGS 4. So really they worked on the game for 7 years. If I was Konami, I would've told them to release what they got and fired Kojima too.

I agree.
People hating on Konami are not really justified.
Konami is a shitty company but they're not an endless money dispenser and also not unreasonable for wanting a game to sell.


no, Konami did lots of wrong, but Kojima did a lot of wrong as well, this is not a black and white situation.

The fact that they cut so much was shitty to begin with, but do they actually expect us to believe this horseshit story?

Didn't they downgrade the fuck out of Witcher 3 though?

At this point we don't even know.

Even if Kojima had managed to finish the game it still would have been a big 'Fuck you' bait-and-switch ending.

But what people don't seem to understand is that Konami didn't want to spend any money. They made a killing on a cheap as shit phone game around 2009 and after that, as far as they were concerned, the days where they put effort and money into things were long gone.


Jesus Christ do you know how long it is to make a game of this ambition ?

The problem isn't what it is, it's that it's not what it should have been. Nor what it could've been.

It's because they eventually eventually made less money after 2009. They eventually made a small spike up thanks to mobile shit in 2012. And since they stopped having any expectations of console games pulling their own weight, it's the reason Konami went batshit insane, along with a bunch of new higher ups.

Its no wonder why Kojima and Konami went separate ways, one wants to make whatever he wants while the other just wants quick money.

This is false and you know it. MGS V is a very expensive game. They were right to pull the plug when they did. Kojima was still too far from release so they put their feet in the sand and had them reach a deadline. Sucks for us who played the game and got hyped, but that is how business works. Kojima has no excuse I'm afraid.

As someone already said, Witcher 3 was a very similar game, made in roughly half the time and finished on time. Still has a lot of issues, but Kojima should be ashamed his AAA team and budget, with decades of combined experience were outdone by some slavs with about a decade total.

I remember they were using the MGS4 engine for MGS:Rising before they handed it over to Platinum and that was being developed for a while. So pretty sure user was wrong about that.

I'm no Jew, but for fuck's sake, if I was a CEO at Konami, I would look at the whole situation as a license to legally rob the goyim of all of their shekels.

Nice double dubs.
I thought it was still behind the Denuvo wall, but I'm glad to see I am wrong

Nigga, MGS4 cost about as much and was only on PS3 which was under-performing in terms of sales and was being beat by the 360 at the time. Besides, no one knows for sure what is going on behind the scenes, so saying Konami was in the right is a baseless assumption.

People were still waiting for that?
Enjoy, the game for what it was, that's all you're getting.

god dammit!

i just want to know how big boss met shotmaker!

That's because those higher-ups appear to be WAY to proud. After Kojima's alleged stunt of using his vice-president authority to create PT, they went full grudge, leading to him being completely isolated and having to deal with constant monitoring and awful working conditions.

Since MGS5 is mostly Kojima's creation, they would rather make another thing entirely like MGSurvive than take full advantage of the elephant in the room. It's likely that (to them) utilizing this chance to make ez shekelinos is an implicit acceptance that Kojima was right and they were wrong all along.

Regardless, Konami's administrative head is completely populated by absolute brain-dead idiots anyway.

Its a mystery how much MGS4 even costs. I've read articles saying it costed 70 million, but according to Wikipedia's development section

Is this more incompetence by video game journalists over the years? This guy is apparently the brains for writing MG, Kitamura was the guy behind Rockman/Mega Man. Could they not put the appropriate person in the spotlight so we know who to keep supporting? Or is this on the companies sending the wrong person to talk to the press?

It's not even one of the top ten most expensive games in terms of development costs and the finished product only cost about ten million more than MGS4 to make.

No they weren't. They were just lucky that they kept most of the news about their kikery suppressed because with an unfinished game they could have easily lost the whole investment.

They knew what Kojima was likely to spend and what he was likely to do. If they weren't committed to spending that much money, they should have pulled the plug early on rather than right in the middle of development.

Well, what other leads can we follow up on then? Looking at this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_video_games_to_develop, there are games that cost a shit ton more or almost as much as MGSV, and if the Fox engine is included in the budget, that's another thing we should take into account. On top of that, the game was made for 5 different platforms.

I don't even know anymore, there's so much conflicting information.

Perhaps they agreed to the cost but Kojima spent it all and was still half done?

It's a possibility. We'll never know what really went on there. Given all that we've seen, however, I'm personally inclined to believe MGSV was more Konami's fault than Kojima's.


Definitely the latter. Kojima did indeed create Metal Gear to begin with, and Fukushima didn't hop on board till MGS1. Fuku is probably a lot more press shy as well.

>yfw Konami will actually do this

they're doing a 'definitive edition' of MGSV.

…a 'definitive edition' of an unfinished game.

>punished turtle

What's the stat's on Sagara Souske?

I hope all the kojimafags stay pissed
can't wait to see their faces when kojima's new cinematic experience drops

How many fucking times do I have to tell you people this shit before you actually understand?

The game was fucked from the start because you have the big fucking inflated ego of a creator (Kojima) dicking around and apparently wanting all sorts of different fucking ideas during development of this game (the fucking game itself is evidence of this) and the ego of the Konami corporation as a whole who wants to swing their dick around and make sure people who work in Konami know that the people at the top are still the boss.

You want another red flag that Kojima is prime factor one in how fucked up MGSV came out? Just look at this living abortion that Konami is about to spit out called Metal Gear Survive.
You know what the fuck that is? That thing is the cobbling together of unused assets from the final version of MGSV. Shit, it could be even the first fucking draft of what the game was going to be.
Kojima himself said he wanted to make a zombie game while MGSV was being developed, everyone thought it was in reference to Silent Hills. There is already a Silent Hills reference in MGSV. It is very likely that he had meant to try to bridge the games together in some way. But that is beyond the point.

The point is, Kojima fucked it up. When all the evidence is laid out on the table you are shown the end results of a project that spun out of control because of direction shifts. You see a project with incomplete mechanics, incomplete plot points, and tons of "cut content" because that cut content likely existed as shit that was made during the development of an earlier version of the game.
The true "unfinished" part about MGSV is simply that they were unable to fill in the gaps for that "final" idea to be complete.

Kojima shit the bed on this one.

MGSV has a lot of other problems, but for anyone who wants to know why the story is so shit;

It's obvious in early concept art, interviews and even lingering dialog that Rhodesia's apartheid and Skull Face's nukes were once a bigger part of the whole and got softened during development.

I assume everything on a cassette in Chapter 2 was Kojima burning the canon as he walked away, explaining how The Patriots already exists and XOF is fully separate from Cipher. There really is no White Whale left for Snake to fight, making all of that Moby Dick bullshit in the prolog irrelevant.

The switcheroo ending doesn't bother me. The big obvious gaps in the story that were setup for expansions or sequels and then euthanized with end-game tapes, however, do. I don't blame Kojima for doing it - mind you, even if it hasn't gotten fucked beyond recognition it would have still sucked in a lot of ways - but at least now Konami has no choice but to do non-canon bullshit or just hit the Reboot button for good.

Shining Lights, Where The Bees Sleep and Lingua Franca show the potential this had to do some really cool shit with alinear storytelling. Too bad it just kinda… Stops doing that half way through the game. I assume Chapter 2 was always intended to be DLC (think more GZ sized expansions), but they fucked up by showing off footage of it in the trailers.

Konami was clearly shuttering console game development which means polishing Chapter 1 was skipped in favor of cramming Chapter 2 in as cleanly as possible. That's the only thing that makes any sense at this pointl, at least.

Kojima is a bad storyteller on his own, but even MGS4 and PW "work" with the gameplay in a way this doesn't. The end of PW sets up Outer Heaven and it feels like we know everything we need to for MG to start.

The worst part is I LIKE Venom. He was some poor bastard who had to live up to the legend and he actually became a better Boss than Vic ever was. Outer Heaven was a philanthropist organization and lied about its wetwork to stay competitive in a world that didn't want heroes.

Venom deserved a better story than The Phantom Pain.

An entire third of the game is missing you fucking triplenigger.
Stop stuffing your mouth with Konami's cock for one Goddamn second and realise the game was fucked.

It sets up Metal Gear Survive.


Death Stranding already looks more interesting than any of the MGSV trailers and I look forward to Norman Reedus becoming the new Snake.
Deal with it.

So, are you aware of how fucking autistic and braindead you sound? Bungie put a Destiny reference in Halo 3: ODST, but there's no connection of those two universes.

Either smarten up or kill yourself. Preferably the latter.


hahahaha what the fuck

Venom is the answer to a question nobody but super-spergs asked. "How can you fight Big Boss in MG and MG2!?"
Nobody really fucking cared. Its that plain and simple.

This actually might not be a bad idea. The story of Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid really kind of went off the rails and most of it is due to the person at the helm always trying to walk away from the game series and never really having any foresight into what the next game might possibly be. If you can get someone competent to do it, you can take all these elements of the entire story of the series and rework them with foresight and so you won't need tons of retcons and other shit forced in.
There's two ways you can do it with a reboot now too. You can take into account all these elements (like the idea of Venom as a phantom of Big Boss) or you can get rid of Venom all together. As far as I'm concerned, Venom's existence is probably the biggest splinter in a story line that has already had many other issues.

It seems you have reading comprehension issues and don't understand what Metal Gear Survive implicates about the development of MGS5.

Also, I can't be the only one that remembers that Kojima has been trying to get away from Metal Gear since Metal Gear Solid 2, right?

Permanently destroying Konami's image is not a waste of money

I hope nobody's planning to even pirate MGS…Metal Gear Survive
oh god, the acronym…

Hey remember how kojimbo wanted to make a game with grey fox fighting parasite zombies

that doesn't sound like Survive tho
Survive looks like FUSE on the Fox engine

It's a game with people fighting metal gear zombies with both high tech and low tech weapons

Miller WORKS for Cipher. Its literally all an act he puts on for venom.

Part of the way the story is written is that there is no proof Huey sold out MSF. Huey could well be telling the truth about every single thing that happened, except strangelove's death.

Well if they dont include ninjas it's gonna be absolutely worthless

yeah that doesn't sound like a cyborg ninja game.

Wonder if Kojima even has an opinion.


idk, when did he say that thing about the zombie game? maybe it was back when they wanted to make a game like Guy Savage.

user you know they're going to have his outfit, and katanas

No I mean if he has any thoughts about MGSurvive

Anyway, more with this reboot concept.
First, you reboot and you start at where the series chronologically starts.
So you start at Big Boss' missions in the Jungle. Pretty much everything here can be kept as is. MGS3 is pretty tight and self-contained in its story. While it brings the elements of the previous games in, they don't play a huge heavy role. Its pre "Patriots" and post "Philosophers" and the idea behind this huge fortune existing from some defunct shadow organization is the perfect pretense for the starting point of everything.

Next, you merge Peace Walker and Portable Ops. I didn't play much of portable ops but I remember it brought up the idea that Big Boss somehow got a piece of the philosopher's legacy or was at least framed for it in some way…
Either way, Peace Walker and Portable Ops merger would be pretty safe as you continue along and what you need to end on is Big Boss securing a large chunk (maybe up to half) of the Philosopher's Legacy which he will use to help fund his continuing operations and growth of his PMC group. This will be used as the fuel and a big reason as to why Cipher/Zero wants Big Boss taken out.

Now you merge Ground Zeroes and MGS5 (no real reason to have them as separate games, they really aren't anyway). Here you have to make a decision as to if you want to keep Venom or not. If you want Venom gone then you merge MG1 and MG2. If you keep Venom then you keep MG1 and MG2 separate. You also shift the times a bit.
So if you don't keep Venom then the events that happen after Ground Zeroes (MB destroyed) take place on Outer Heaven (placing Outer Heaven's existence before SS's mission intrude) which would be the rebuilt form of MB (that DD became). If you keep Venom then you keep the events pretty much the same but you change the nature of MG1 and MG2.

MGS5's storyline will thus be along the lines of Ground Zeroes being a result of Cipher directing his newly created XOF to destroy Big Boss (to get the philosopher's legacy) and MGS5 events are a result of XOF (skullface) going rogue after having stolen the philosopher's legacy for himself instead of returning it to Cipher/Zero. The idea behind this is a sort of alliance between DD and Cipher/Zero to take down the rogue Skullface who is going to do his nuclear bomb proliferation plan and is creating super soldiers with parasites. You can do this while keeping Venom or just keeping Big Boss. However, this would help easily explain why Big Boss would ultimately be able to come back to the U.S. to train Solid Snake.

So if you kept Venom then you retool MG1 to be a case of Big Boss sending Solid Snake into Outer Heaven to get rid of Venom Snake. The idea being that Venom Snake decided he was the real Big Boss and served to be a threat to BB's plans. Also, if/when Snake kills off Venom and reports back on it, BB can be long gone since Venom's death can be an easy way for him to fake his own so he can continue with his plans for Zanzibar Land. On top of that, you can put forth the idea that Venom and Miller was starting to work more and more for Cipher and Zero to the point of becoming a replacement for the (now destroyed) XOF.
MG2 is pretty much the same then.
If you didn't keep Venom as an idea in MGS5 then you merge MG1 and MG2. No need for both really.

In either case, there is still very good reason for Miller to break away from Big Boss.
Keeping Venom means Miller ultimately feels betrayed by BB so he sticks with Venom and maybe buys into the idea that BB is probably more to blame for what happened to Mother Base than Cipher. On top of that, you can keep the idea that BB had more of the Philsopher's Legacy than he let on and was using that to rebuild while Miller struggled to build up Diamond Dogs with the help of Venom.
If you don't keep Venom it can be a simple idea that Miller just finds that Big Boss has gone off the deep end with his ideas of perpetual war and using child soldiers.

Continuing on.

MGS1 then goes on as planned except you get rid of FOXDIE and Liquid survives in the end.

MGS2 can then go ahead and remove Solidus. The patriots are already something established in this new canon so he's not needed to expose them. Raiden can then be completely untied from the rest of the cast can just be that new blood that is being subjected to the Solid Snake Simulation and the Societal Selection thing. If you kept Venom then the SSS can be a result of the patriots seeing how successful creating a Big Boss phantom was and wanting to do something similar to mold a phantom Solid Snake. If you didn't keep Venom then it can just be as before, a method of ultimate training (that ultimately back fires). Either way, things can continue on and Raiden's ending can be the defeat of the Aresenal Gear and all those Metal Gears (no rooftop sword fight).
If Raiden MUST be tied to someone from the previous games and thus MUST have a final fight then it should be Ocelot. You can keep the same child soldier story. It makes far more sense for someone like Ocelot to be running the child soldier thing in Africa than it does for Solidus. And remember, Solidus doesn't exist in this new timeline. Personally, I don't think Raiden should have any ties, his storyline should be one of an outsider completely. You can also drop the child soldier thing entirely if he's untied and thus making the SSS a complete success in training but unsuccessful for the patriots because as it turns out the events like SS suffered are more of a reason to NOT follow orders and break away from governments (much like SS does after MGS1).

MGS4 can thus be changed up in many ways. First of all, dial the tech back and get rid of the idea of cyborg ninja shit. you can also have duel and intertwining storylines. Solid Snake chasing Liquid and Raiden chasing Ocelot (Raiden having joined up with SS at the end of MGS2). Both will merge at many different points and thus Solid Snake can have his proper final battle with Liquid Snake instead of Ocelot LARPing.
There really isn't a reason to have Big Boss brought back just to die 10 minutes later.

never again, konami
never fucking again

I can't wait to see them doing the damage control for free for his new "cinematic experience".


Konami spent too much money on Kojima. They gave him carte blanche, he produced the 2 new Castlevania that were met with mixed reviews. He wanted his own game engine so they gave him money to build the Fox engine.
Year after year, MGSV became really expensive to make. I wouldn't be surprised if Metal Gear: Survive was one of the modes that were in development for MGSV at the time.


That was fucking retarded

I thought they said at the end that BB build OH off the radar while you were fucking around building DD.


hahahahahahhahhahah oh wow

Is there a reason to believe this? The game just ends with all these plot points hanging, but in particular a child just steal a giant mech and nothing comes of it, I guess, not even a "well maybe one day we'll stop him."

He produced one, just the first one, which was praised highly (in the press)

The Fox Engine was not only to Kojima's benefit but Konami as a whole, as it's something that would be used in more than just MGSV

MGSV not being the game everyone wanted it to be had less to do with Kojima and more to do with Konami.

No matter how you look at it, it's strange to want to fire your best director, and one of the most highly praised ones in the industry at that, and not just from fellows at Konami, but from people at Square Enix and Platinum.

If you think he's wasted too much money on MGSV, then you'd think the normal reaction would just be to tell Kojima to find a stopping point and finish the game and let him finish it that way, rather than do everything they did.


Facebook is that way >>>/facebook/

They were also the ones who made him make 4 sequels to MGS because they were profitable. I believe whenever a new game was to be released Kojima said it'd be the last one.

Swimsuit best uniform.

Big Boss starts planning for Zanzibar and founds Foxhound, a new XOF, while Venom continues on making DD/OH, and is aware that the Patriots will eventually bite him in the ass. They eventually do and Big Boss makes it look like he was killed at OH to focus on Zanzibar, which is initially assumed to be a mercenary rebellion in a rural part of Asia.

If anything, it doesn't change the continuity all that much, because it somewhat reaches the same conclusion. But it's pretty fucking silly remembering Ocelot and Liquid talking about rebuilding Outer Heaven rather than the more successful Zanzibar Land and the one made by the real Big Boss.

Then you're a shitposter, idiot.

In other news, the sky is blue.

There is almost no story. It was hailed as the last game in the series that would tie all the games together and it did fuck all.

Having almost all dialogues on audio tapes was a nice way to deal with budget and technical limitations of a PSP game. It has no fucking place in a home console/PC release.

Kojima was given free reign over the story and it ended up in utter disaster. You will see the BIG plot twist coming in the first 10 minutes of the game also prepare for subtle as fuck metaphors. You are AHAB and you LOST a LIMB get on the WHALING ship to get SkullFaceDick. Did you get that clever Moby Dick reference, it's a book about REVENGE.

The plot twist itself is retarded and fucking pointless. It's basically the same shit he did in MGS2 "Herp derp you the player are the real successor and it's your story, something something … SO DEEP". Only now you have no other writer to put some cool conspiracy theories and plot twists to hide Kojimbo high school tier fanfics.

Characters are fucking ass.

Codetalker - crypt keeper looking fucker that's boring as fuck.

Quiet a sniper that can't shut the fuck up and constantly gives her position away by humming all the time.

Also prepare for previous games lore raping and retcons. Remember how mysterious Cobra Unit was with their abilities LOL it was all midichlorians… I mean parasites. Psycho Mantis sure got fucking nerfed and retconed. Volgin lives… as a fucking mute animated corpse that uses fire instead of electricity for some fucking reason now. Also he can pin point the exact location of Big Boss from thousand of miles away only to be fooled by a body double when he gets there cause FUCKING PLOT HOLES.

MGS series always had outrageous animu tier plot devices but parasites are just fucking retarded.

it was obviously the switch to an open world format that fucked up the game

he spread his resources too thin and the game went unfinished as a result. he was cursed by his own hubris.

survive is just a mgs-themed left 4 dead clone built on the same engine as and reusing assets from mgsv so they can make more money off their initial investment in that game

what's sad is all the anons here falling for corporate bullshit just because they hate MGS or something.

if you're an idiot

She's humming into the mic dude, she's not humming loud enough for the enemy soldiers to hear her

I could hear just fine during her boss battle.

The publisher doesn't know shit about the game, are you joking? The only person who knows what the ending to MGSV is, is Kojima himself.

I guarantee that only 30% of this game is actually present in the final product.

pic of me because id did not by the stupid meme game

haha i am better than you!

He barely had anything to do with those, he was basically there for some security. The sum total of his contribution to Lords of Shadow was telling them to redesign Gabriel's face and supervising the Japanese localisation, including getting some of the Metal Gear Solid voice actors to do the voice work.

cdpr realised it was cheaper to make one version of the game than it was to optimise for very platform.

I know this is petty but I get really pissed off when you have Ocelot who has mastered several languages but constantly says X.O.F. instead of Zoff. I would have thought the team who did the dialogue would have some mastery of the English language.


Konami didn't want to go full Star Citizen and dump a hundred million on the game. Can't blame them.

Kojiima was given a budget and a deadline. Just like everyone else.

OK I'll bite.

Name me one timeless classic that took 5 years to make.

The open world of MGS5 isn't even that impressive.

Oh look more sand and rocks! So much empty space!

Not impressed.

saving this for future use

MGSV isn't even close to being an open world game. Simple decade old sand box games are more open world than MGSV ever will be.