Minetest - The Devs Did Nothing Wrong Edition

Minetest is a libre Minecraft clone written in C++, with a mod API that runs lua-based mods. Mods are completely server-based and you download the required data automatically when connecting.


If you choose to download the portable version, there is not even a need to install it. Just unzip it and execute minetest.exe inside minetest/bin.

We have our own faction-based server now! Griefed to hell and back as you would expect from a Holla Forums server, but we are holding up quite well despite all the burning forests and stone wastelands.


We've got people making their own mods for this game as we speak. Old OP is working on some mob models, Shamoanjac's making a more advanced faction system, and Nosrick is making a Master of Magic mod. Reimu was working on a chemistry mod but has been slacking, rip.

admin please set send block range to 4

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When is something a hugbox? Can something not be a """"hugbox""""?

nice game

you're a pretty big lake

This is why minetest needs better cavegen. The algorithm needs to be smarter about where it adds lava so that it actually fills caves in a liquid-like way.

I know at least one way to do this, but it requires a very different approach to cavegen.


freedom as in free beer

Is that nigger still on the server


Plus it's not written in Java

Nah, as in literal free.

Is the server fucked?


I had the problem of the game just not loading any more chunks, then connection timed out. Who knows

I can't connect either.


So, no word about what's up with the server?

Yo admin, in case you didn't manage to read it before serber crashed:

I am going to sleep now. We will see again in two days. Take care everyone.

Anyone have a link to the cool dimension mods for Minetest?




and I was just getting into it.
the reign of CIA will live on!

I told you to back your shit up fam



fuck me it's all gone


i think it caverealms


So, everything is lost?

this sounds like something from Straylight Productions. am I right?

Fuck. Are we doing another server?

Not Alexander Brandon, Andrew Saga. I've been waiting for the FS to remount for 12 minutes.

Temporary server running on my computer, don't fuck it up.

No no, I totally understand FOSS. I'm making my own game which will eventually be FOSS upon release. What I'm asking is if you had the time to make a complex computer game, why the hell wouldn't you make something better than Minecraft? Or, at least fix its inherent flaws; like not using marching blocks for soft terrain, having volumetric water, and adding actually interesting world content.

some random nerds on the Mineytesta forum have made Minetest forks (ex. Freeminer, Voxelands), but they always just die off after 8 or so months

Okay. What is it called?

It uses the same info.


and it's ded
rip big guys

maskettas will banepost again in the promised land of serbia tbh


At least we get a map reset now.


What if we have a map reset every month or so, if there's a new mod that requires map generation?

Terrible idea, especially if we aren't able to carry over our items.

Ok, what if admin moves spawn to an ungenerated area when installing mods that require map generation?

That's a better idea, however that too could become a problem for hermits who build 15k away from spawn to avoid danger who now would have spawn right close to them in some circumstances (since the map is only 64000x64000).

RIght, okay. I guess the least offensive solution then would be to just make people walk far for newly-generated stuff, or wait for catastrophic crashes like this one.


I'm still getting connection errors, what do?

well there's your problem

-32,000 to 32,000 on the x, y and z axis.

yes, 64k across x,y, and z axis.

You're late, the plane crashed again.

I noticed. So what was everyone else doing? I saw some people running around doing traditional mining shit.

Admin's computer exploded, basically. Server is actually ded.

Wait. I'm just downloading this now does the single player work relatively?
I'm more for exploring and battling assholes than building things.

mobs aren't that great

If you played on the server there were plenty of assholes to battle though

I meant more along the lines of

I found something that will help you fix the server, Admin

Basically, with a few faggots trying to ruin it for others.

Someone told me who was flooding my mail with cobble, so I was going to return the favor

I was exploring some neat areas I had noticed before but never gone into.

Well server is down either way the little I played of actual Minecraft I always broke the game and somehow found new ways to do so, Minecraft is too bare bones for me.

Living the paranoid hermit life, being a newfag, mining, trying to figure out what to do with the shit I've mined.

My only real autism project is the mine itself, I've built paths out of the cobble like a dorf instead of throwing it all out.

you have to be doing this ironically

Install this mod, it will complement the server's userbase


Jihad when?


Yo MoM dev, I installed your mod on single player and for some reason it doesn't show up in the crafting list. Does it have conflicting issues with other mods?



Why is the server taking so long to come back on?

Systemd, major system instability, fucking 3rd world country-tier internet connection, and possibly one really salty faggot trying to DDOS it.

Is there a Github or somesuch for the MoM mod?

Threadly reminder that there is absolutely no point in building anything in this game with the rules that the admin has set up.

so why should we ever build anything? in a game where building anything is a tedious task, and destroying everything is a simple one, why should we dedicate so much autism to building up a base that will be gone when we log back in? do you feel it yet? the feeling of being totally burned out to a crisp and sick of doing such a meaningless and miserable chore that isn't even fun and brings you absolutely no enjoyement?

seriously, just save yourself the tedium and find a more entertaining server or a different game to play entirely. no, not minecraft. fuck that shit.

I would have more fun if this server was dedicated to recreating a mod inspired by Ace of Spades, because that would be instant action and straight to the fun, without building aimlessly for it to all be destroyed. I would be more motivated to build a bunker for the purposes of attacking or defending in an AOS mod, but I'm not motivated in the least to build an elaborate base with farms and locked chests full of precious mineral ores I must guard that is destroyed anyways, fucking constantly; all while struggling to control my hunger bar so that I dont starve. I don't care about griefing or whether or not it's against the rules, this isn't about that.

What if you had to kill the owner of a claim before you can break blocks instead?

It's called building far from spawn/building high in the sky or underground.

The owner could play under two accounts, one being the leader of the faction that rarely/never logs on, and the second account being an officer rank in the same faction with almost identical permissions as the first account.

Why build anything when it'll just fall apart eventually? Why eat food when you're just going to get hungry later? Why get out of bed, maintain your health, or bother doing anything productive with your life when you'll eventually die and deteriorate into a worthless pile of bones?

Good point. How about kill points then? Kill a number of players in the faction, get some timed block breaking rights.

That's the system already in place.
Everything you kill a member of a faction their respective faction power lowers, once it drops below 0 you can claim their territory. This is on a timed basis as faction power slowly regenerates.

So it's not "death banner" nonsense, as >10575330 claimed? Sounds like the system's okay, assuming faction power also lowers if nobody logs in.

It's both currently.

Toss out death banners. Every block must be paid for in blood. And if faction power drops to like -100 or something you should be able to steal his claim.

Death-only power loss means players just make a big fortress and never get out of it, and never get killed.

Death banners were disabled at the time the server crashed, though I got the impression that it was temporary until some issues were worked out.

What's the problem?

You could then just claim the whole map without ever fearing getting fucked.

Nah, just make it one 64x64x64 claim per person per faction.

Multiple accounts

For fuck's sake. Fine, make it so each claim has to be renewed every day by the claim owner touching the flag. Or allow only one or two accounts per IP and keep a proxy blacklist. Or both.

Finding the right balance between hugbox and Detroit is annoying.

You could probably set a cap on how many factions can be made so people don't take over with one faction per member. Either that, or set up premade factions with limited member slots.

e v e r y t i m e

I'm getting Shadowrun vibes now. Ten corporate factions and the factionless fags living on the fringe, doing odd jobs for whoever hires them, always worried about some jackass finding their stash and taking it all.

To be honest, pre-made factions which create a distinction between pleb newfags and oldfags is kind of my wet dream, but I know 90% of the people here don't want them.
Maybe for another server.
A 2000 nodes radius circle marks the fertile faction lands, in which plebs cannot build, and then, after that circle, deserts and dangerous wastelands. Plebs are sent to an almost certain deaths outside for the sake of the factions. The best of them are allowed in. Hell, maybe the faction ring could be even smaller. With pre-made high walls.

Guys, guys, guys.

Why do we even NEED griefing? What's the fucking POINT?! Minetest is this giant universe of building possibilities but you fuckers want to turn it into a PvP of screaming 12-year-olds hiding in dirt houses trying to kill each other. Just like Minecraft. Congratulations…?

Why don't you just… oh, I dunno, FUCKING COLLABORATE ON SOMETHING?!

what do you want a hugbox???? lele xDDDDD

I know this is bait, but…

No. I want a giant, monstrous, the-power-of-Autism-compels-you! something that I don't have the time, energy, or practical skill to construct on my own. Like a city, or a castle… or a city surrounding a castle with houses and all sorts of medieval shit like blacksmiths and farmers and lumberjacks all living together and working together with a functioning economy and nobody blows shit up because then the guards will come get you and throw you into the mines where you have to collect ore by hand to earn money to pay to fix the shit you broke.

You can collaborate, just do it far from spawn, high up in the sky or deep underground.
I built a base only around 30-40 minutes from spawn on ground level and not once did it get touched.

What's the point in playing multiplayer if you're going to play alone?

You don't have to, I certainly didn't.
You can easily draw incentives for people to make the relatively short trip.

There are 15,015,625 parcels per map, it would take 750,781 power banners and over 110 years to generate the power to claim all of them.


Who the fuck is this guy


Apparently what FUNK looks like IRL
He's been posting that ugly mug ever since he went on his original griefing rampage


What did people think of the mapgen on that map?

Basically I have some ideas for a different mapgen algorithm and I want to know what things I should try to improve upon.

I'm trying to write a new mapgen myself, but that shit is almost undocumented, the existing documentation is outdated to an unknown extent, and what I haven't managed to generate shit even by copypasting existing mapgens.

I had written one myself, but I'm not sure if my old code will still be compatible with recent engine changes.

Will our quest ever be completed?

link so that I can see how it is done?


The caves are quite cool.

Also, try these too. They take a different approach to overworld and cave generation:


Both require the util mod to be enabled. Cavegen won't work at the same time as overworld.

Oh, I was referring to a C++ mapgen, not a Lua one.

Why the hell does the admin never back up the map?

Oh, then yeah, I don't really know how that would work. Doesn't the source code on github work?

Yes, but I don't know why mine doesn't work.


This is the power of linux and free software, user.

How big is your drive? If it has got to reindex everything I'm not surprised it's taking a long time.

I canceled it, the drives 1TB, and now the partition is actually fucked.

I don't blame you. It was probably fucked anyway.

Have you got enough money to buy a new HDD?

You forgot 2 more freedoms

Do you know why the FS shit the bed?

Can anybody spoonfeed me how the fuck to make uranium cells? The github tutorial is poorly explained and autistic about how shit would apply in real life.

Uranium starts at .7% refined and you need to get it up to 3.5% to use as fuel. Every time you centrifuge the uranium, it converts two dust of one refinement level into one that is .1% higher and another that is .2% lower. The point of the RL sperging in the tutorial is to explain why the in-game process is so hard, and to suggest that you make a fuckton of centrifuges connected by filter tubes in order to do it faster because of this repeated cascade effect.

one that is .1% higher and another that is .1% lower

Sorry, that's what I meant. Don't know why I put a 2.

was the server able to be saved or no?

New server's just a fuck around server with no mods and no old information.
Old server's supposed to be back up at midnight east burgerland time.






serb is up















hahaha dank epic memes bro XDDDDD

old meme map is back now with 100% added cancer

They're talking about us in >>>/lv/1962

he a good boy
he dindu nuffin

You've actually found the rarest material ever.


Connection time out ?

Here are the screenshots of my geothermal system. 5 geothermal generators running at 100%.

A nuclear reactor requires a 7x7x7 structure and generates 100k EU/s for 1 week.

I think a 3x3 column of geothermal generators (4 in each layer, plus 4 liquid and 1 wire) would actually be more portable.

Also a nuclear reactor definitely isn't portable because it runs for a week and can't be shut down until it has finished.

Well it can, you just have to deal with the Corium before it spreads. What I'd do is get a bucket of the stuff and use it as a trap for invaders.

Do we have good skins yet?

Corium seems better suited as an offensive weapon to use against enemy structures.

Does anyone know of a way to change my spawn point so that if I die I don't have to walk fucking miles back to my base?

/f create faction_name/f setspawn

Ah, that works, thanks.


Are hydro or geothermal generators better?

fuggin memecons


There's a Minetest PR that will make forceloads easier to control, so I was thinking of writing a mod that gives player forceloaders that run on some kind of forceload fuel.

To prevent taking too big of a toll on the server, I was thinking of having the forceload cost increase proportionally to the number of forceloaders. Putting fuel in (mods will be register items as potential forceload fuel, and the mod itself might register some rare node like cancer cats as fuel) would increase the fuel points on the forceloader. Periodically, fuel points will be subtracted from each forceloader, and the loader will go dormant if it runs out. The amount subtracted will grow with the number of active forceloaders.

Does anyone see anything abusable with this system?

Geothermal give 300 EU/s. Hydro give 120 EU/s. Also, using my design geothermal generators can be packed in a much more compact arrangement.

I like that idea a lot.

My only concern is that a malicious player could hide 100 chunkloaders somewhere and basically make them unusable for everyone. To counter this, make them only count towards the cost if they have at least 1 unit of fuel in. Once that fuel gets used up, they stop counting and the cost goes down.

Also, make sure there's a server-configurable limit above which the cost is basically infinite.

Oh, and please give us some kind of tool or command which tells us the boundaries of the mapblock we're currently inside. That would make it much easier to choose where to place quarries and stuff.

Minefactory Reloaded has a similar system with it's chunkloaders.

Also, if you want to merge stuff to a fork the server will run, look at github.com/agrecascino/minetest

How are the actual mechanics of power banners?

How quickly do they generate power? How much power do I need to claim an area? Do the chunks containing them need to be loaded for them to work?

Place them wherever, they'll increase your maximum power by 10.
As long as any person in the faction is connected, 0.125 power is generated every minute.
0.5 power per parcel.

Constructing an airship.

Where do mods downloaded for servers get saved?

They don't.


The only thing that gets downloaded is the media (sounds, textures and models). And even that isn't saved, since you have to re-download it every time.

Ok, so how can I build myself a giant fucking Dreadnought?

Only counting active loaders was the idea, it doesn't make sense to count inactive ones since they aren't contributing to lag. This "attack" also did occur to me.

I didn't know the name, but I do remember this idea from a Minecraft mod on a tekkit server I played when tekki modpack was still used.

The PR in question already has one approval, so I just need to get another core dev to look at it before it gets merged in the main repo.



There's some zinc under the spawn.

I'm coming for you niggers.

Where the fuck is this? It's beautiful.

Deep. Keep digging down and you'll find it. It might help to have your mini-map set to show caves, because when you get close it appears as a giant blob of bright green.

Also, I found this. A giant fucking dungeon. I ran out of torches exploring it.

A libre Minecraft not written in fucking java interests me but are there any good texture packs so I can stop burning my eyes with this fucking awful programmer art?

Numerous, just check the minetest website, they link to several.

Any chance to add this mod?

So I decided to check for myself which is better.
github.com/minetest-technic/technic/blob/master/technic/machines/LV/water_mill.lua eu_supply = 30 * water_nodes github.com/minetest-technic/technic/blob/master/technic/machines/LV/geothermal.lua if water_nodes == 1 and lava_nodes == 1 then production_level = 25; eu_supply = 50 endif water_nodes == 2 and lava_nodes == 1 then production_level = 50; eu_supply = 100 endif water_nodes == 1 and lava_nodes == 2 then production_level = 75; eu_supply = 200 endif water_nodes == 2 and lava_nodes == 2 then production_level = 100; eu_supply = 300 end Theoretically, geothermal should be better, but because lava next to water even in the corners will turn to stone, this means only 1 lava and 1 water block can be next to a geothermal generator. This means on our server a geothermal generator will create 50 EU and a hydro generator will create 30 EU and 120 EU at max capacity. There might be a mod to allow lava to be in the diagonal block next to water, but in the current game it can't happen.


Is there a way to change the games language? I have my computer set to Japanese locale and I don't want to change it.

That's some pretty silly design :3

Well I'm retarded, apparently it counts water and lava blocks below it diagonally as well


that's how the game works, I'm not even insulting you. the game is just that bad.

had the same issue, changed my locale to get it working, can't find a language setting or even a proper options menu

Edit minetest.conf if you can't find the in-game settings menu

You can save on lava and cabling by making a 3x3 pillar with lava/water on the corners, geothermal generators on the sides, and cable running down the middle.

Is there a way to build an automatic ore processing system which isn't liable to overflow and drop things on the ground?

There's no way to detect if an inventory is full, right?

That was the plan. I just wanted to start from the wall so it's easier to build.

We really need some kind of chunkloaders. It's going to take 9 hours for this quarry to finish.

Actually I misunderstood what you meant. I just like this way because it looks more open.

how do I protect my base from being fucked with by people?

Join or create a faction, then build power banners and claim land. There is only a single way to bypass this, right now considered an unfixable exploit, but admin should be happy to help you recover from such an attack.

It's annoying that land claims are vertical columns extending all the way from deep underground to far above the surface. It'd be nice if my claim on my underground base didn't prevent people from claiming the surface above it.

I can think of a fixable exploit but I haven't told anyone yet

Obscurity is not security.

There are quite a few ways to move/break/place blocks, and I'd be surprised if every single one was handled by the factions mod. I'm just working on the assumption that if someone knows where my base is they can destroy it.

Is it possible to change the texture of the item that the player is holding?

admin, I told you about a node duping bug, and how to fix it. If it's not fixed in a couple days I'll disclose it here. I've posted hints in the thread already and there are probably people already using it.

does this mean losing frames?

I just gave a fix to admin that doesn't require removing frames. I haven't tested it but there shouldn't be any danger of crashing.

duping bug is fixed

serb's dead?




So has anybody joined a non pvp survival server they would recommend? As long as I can call people a faggot in it I shouldn't really mind it.

Most of the time, it's not the Faction mod's fault, but other mods' lack of use of is_protected.

dead server

i was gonna play but the server doesnt work RIP

Sorry, I accidentally ran 'shutdown now' on the server, and fell asleep trying to bring it back up.

Good point. I forgot that there is a default API for protection.

Downloading as we speak
Is there something I need to keep in mind other than the rules stated in the OP?

Don't build close to spawn or your shit will get fucked up.

The rules aren't enforced too strictly. Talking about anime is okay in moderation.

Don't build your first base within ~2 km of spawn.

Build underground - it's safer and the surface is for plebs.

Get rubber tree saplings from near spawn - they don't spawn elsewhere.

Torches burn you. Put them in the crafting grid to turn them into candles which are safe to walk over.

I downloaded it and everything is in japanese. How do i fix this?

language = en

Also, be aware that shift ladders exist. If you have a column of alternating blocks and air space, you can climb up it by holding shift and jumping. To go down just release shift and fall. Don't forget to stop before you hit the ground.


Stop setting your locale to Jap and just get a locale emulator, jeez.
Somebody tell those fucking Japs to switch to Unicode already, it's CURRENT YEAR after all.

locale on ganoo/fredom is an environment variable

I wrote a small patch to make the protection depth limit more obvious.

In factions.lua, replace
local faction = factions.get_faction_at(player:getpos())
local playerPos = player:getpos()local faction = factions.get_faction_at(playerPos)

text = (faction and faction.name) or "Wilderness",
text = ((playerPos.y < factions.protection_max_depth) and "Below " or "") .. ((faction and faction.name) or "Wilderness"),

What is the max depth for factions protection?


its more like -1024

It's more like -512

Oh lol, that's absurdly shallow.
I might as well not have any protection in that case.



Frame ships are a thing and I have built one.

They can move anything, you can even strap technic machines onto them.

Currently attempting to build a mining vessel with quarry machines.

Take screens fam

The underside isn't finished yet, that will be the area where the quarry array will be held.

This is the helm of the ship, six frame motors each with a switch to control all directional movements. shit takes a while to move, but it moves.


What the dicks, why did it dig UP?
How do I tell it to NOT do that?

Fixed the damage, realize I might have to place the quarries facing outwards to prevent harm to the shuttle.

And here's to prove that it actually works.

Nice work. What do you use to power the quarries? HV solar?

Yep I made about sixty arrayed solars before I started working on this thing.

How fast can it mine? How do you place/set up the quarries to not mine out the ship?

I haven't really messed with moving the quarries yet. I'm thinking of placing them facing outside of the ship, so that even if they do mine up, no damage will be done

Well the easiest way to move them to a safe position would be to just make them 3 blocks under. Not sure if they'd be able to move outside of the frame, but you can test that. I assumed there would be blocks it wouldn't mine (like sorting tubes and power) but the only block explicitly listed as un-mineable seems to be air. (Unless I'm forgetting something again.)

got the memeship working and mining

Very nice.
Still no chunkloaders though, so it can't be fully automated.

I've also built a museum and shop for the memeship.

Got some high-level items for sale, even a couple nuclear reactors I made before I realized I couldn't put them onboard.

Absolutely memetical.

Some gud deals bud, thanks. Might wanna claim the ship tho fucking niggers might take shit

Any chance of a mod list in the OP?
Curious to know what mods are being used.

They could tear it apart even with a claim.

I give no shits anymore

You can do the /mods command in-game to see a mod list

pls patch

--- factions.lua.orig 2016-09-10 01:05:00 +0000+++ factions.lua 2016-09-10 01:05:00 +0000@@ -736,14 +736,15 @@ local playerslist = minetest.get_connected_players() for i in pairs(playerslist) do local player = playerslist[i]- local faction = factions.get_faction_at(player:getpos())+ local playerPos = player:getpos()+ local faction = factions.get_faction_at(playerPos) player:hud_remove("factionLand") player:hud_add({ hud_elem_type = "text", name = "factionLand", number = 0xFFFFFF, position = {x=0.1, y = .98},- text = (faction and faction.name) or "Wilderness",+ text = ((playerPos.y < factions.protection_max_depth) and "Below " or "") .. ((faction and faction.name) or "Wilderness"), scale = {x=1, y=1}, alignment = {x=0, y=0}, })--- nodes.lua.orig 2016-09-10 01:05:00 +0000+++ nodes.lua 2016-09-10 01:05:00 +0000@@ -24,6 +24,17 @@ return player_faction and (parcel_faction.name == player_faction.name) end +function factions.chest_set_infotext(pos)+ local meta = minetest.get_meta(pos)+ local parcel_faction = factions.get_faction_at(pos)+ + if parcel_faction then+ meta:set_string("infotext", "Faction Chest (owned by " .. parcel_faction.name .. ")")+ else+ meta:set_string("infotext", "Unowned Faction Chest")+ end+end+ minetest.register_node("factions:chest", { tiles = {"factions_chest_top.png", "factions_chest_top.png", "factions_chest_side.png", "factions_chest_side.png",@@ -33,6 +44,7 @@ paramtype2 = "facedir", on_construct = function(pos) minetest.get_meta(pos):get_inventory():set_size("main", 8*4)+ factions.chest_set_infotext(pos) end, allow_metadata_inventory_move = function(pos, from_list, from_index, to_list, to_index, count, player) if factions.can_use_chest(pos, player:get_player_name()) then@@ -59,8 +71,17 @@ if factions.can_use_chest(pos, clicker:get_player_name()) then minetest.show_formspec(clicker:get_player_name(), "factions:chest", factions.get_chest_formspec(pos)) end+ + factions.chest_set_infotext(pos) return itemstack- end+ end,+ can_dig = function(pos,player)+ local meta = minetest.get_meta(pos);+ local inv = meta:get_inventory()+ + factions.chest_set_infotext(pos)+ return inv:is_empty("main") and factions.can_use_chest(pos, player:get_player_name())+ end, }) minetest.register_craft({

Yeah this.

It works!

Frames are glitchy as fuck. It just left behind a bunch of its frames, and now they seem to have disappeared. The machine still works fine, oddly.

Also, amusingly, getting carried by a frame depletes your satiation far faster than walking an equivalent distance.

In fact, it's not just being carried by a frame which causes it. It seems that simply being near a moving frame causes hunger.

Made a new mining vessel, it's built for effeciency, and only goes forwards and backwards.

He was low energy, so I had to add more solars

Have fun with your 0.48 3 blocks per second mining speed.

I could add more to speed it up, but I really can't be assed

Well you could, but the material cost of the 5 HV solars needed to power each quarry is something you'll never be able to recoup with the quarry. You won't even be able to dig deep enough with it to get gold.

It's much cheaper to build a tunnel bore which uses node breakers to do the quarrying, and it has the advantage of working anywhere.

The only downside is that frames are really, really broken if you move them frequently.

Huh, I never heard of this item before.


Also, you should be aware that you can run pipes through frames.

The front of my tunnel bore is basically just a wall of node breakers with frames behind them. Conductive tubes run through the frames to both activate and retrieve items from the node breakers.

To automatically activate the break/move cycle, use a blinky plant. I tried with a microprocessor but it kept overheating.

I'm interested to see if you have the same issues with frames glitching and disintegrating.

Blinky plants work, but they are slow. Detector toobes are much, much better for the task.

I'll have to try those, but even at the speed I can drive it with a blinky plant it glitches out every few steps. I dread to think what would happen if I drove it any faster.

Shit, my first attempt at hooking up mesecons to frames got loose. AND IT'S SPEWING CHERNOBYLITE FUCK WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA

and it just went off in some random direction, because I set it to do that using logic.

Fuck. I-I think it might be heading near spawn?

Why did you think that was a good idea?
What were you even hoping to achieve with chernobylite on a frame machine?

Oh well, at least this should lead to some interesting chaos at spawn.

This, pretty much.


Also, It's heading "near" spawn, since I'm out about -800, 600

so I just hope you guys arent in its straight path

any chance to add this?

Fire everywhere? Yup, just another day on the server.

Is there an addon for maps? All the ones I can find are for mapgen.

Yo admin, did you think about installing an IRC server in your machine and the IRC mod ( forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=3905 )? That way we could login into the IRC and chat with people without necessarily playing, which could work well for mod development.

I think the IRC mod also allows joining to non-local servers, but if we could get a better server than Rizon, that would be great.

Literally shitposting.

Who the fuck made this? An 8 years old? A coprophile?

I was thinking of making a similar mod involving diapers.

I don't know man, that'd really raise the odds of the server going to shit.

Doesn't have to be an IRC server on his machine, he should just get a channel on Rizon or something.

Didn't see that you mentioned Rizon. I don't see why a local server would be much better. If it's not Rizon it could be Freenode, though.

Factions dropping left and right.

Frame bores don't work.

The first design doesn't work because running pipes inside frames causes them to glitch when they move and can cause server crashes.

The second design I just built involves a much more complex mesecons system to make the bore shuffle from side to side, avoiding the need to run pipes through frames. That doesn't work because the mesecons logic gates overheat and break.

Basically frames are too unstable to use. There are designs which should work, but don't.



Let's face it, it's dead.

Server appears to be segfaulting when loading the map, RIP.

Is there a way to delete chunks without running the game?

If so try deleting the chunks to the west [-X] of: -3600, -1274, 842
An 80x80x80 cube around that should definitely destroy any of the frame machine I had built.

Just wanted to let you big guys know that it's been a pleasure playing with you, and you're free to come by anytime and get some stuff.

Assuming the server hasn't crashed, that is.

Actually, you should probably destroy all the way out to -3700, just to be sure.

Can you just destroy all frame blocks?


Copy map_meta.txt, map.sqlite, and world.mt to a new directory and change the gameid in world.mt to minimal. If it doesn't load after that, it's probably fucked.

and it's back.

good job admins

The factions are either back or still there. Your faction might have automatically disbanded if you weren't on for a long time.

Actually, the factions are back on. They weren't earlier. Admin is still trying to recover inventories.

Some people are using super glow glass to light their crops, there's a PR in the works that will make this not work anymore: github.com/minetest/minetest/pull/4519

Say goodbye to your basements.

Now, if only sunlight actually propagated down deep vertical shafts. I could just dig a 1km deep hole and build a farm at the bottom of it.

Is there some sort of artificial light that will power solar panels?

Why can't I connect to the server? is it down again?