Meeting people from the internet

hey anons. have you ever met or visited someone you get to know from playing video games?

i recently visited my clan leader in germany. she was a normal actually a normal human being and not some autistic faggot.

just want to see if anyone else have done this

sorry for my grammar mistakes.
english isnt my 1st language

meeting video game friends irl is the most autistic thing in existence
wow you met them so now you can talk about video game sin person

not really. we just went out and had a few drinks

I'm too honest with people I know online to ever meet them offline.
You can never truly be yourself around people offline unless you're a fucking normalfag with a personality as deep as a kiddy pool.

How hard did you guts fuck?

*Guys fuck

Or maybe you're just an autistic fuck who can't properly express yourself.

I met my first girlfriend on a devil may cry forum.

I guess if it's a Clanmeeting or shit like that for MMOfags it's slightly less awkward because it's people you already know from Teamspeak and you have at least one interest in common.


we didnt, i mentioned it as a joke so i dont come across as a perv, she laughed at the joke and didnt say anything to back

we've known each other since 2005

You have a very high opinon of yourself and your personality. Maybe you are the boring one.

did you shagged her?

I try not to be around people long enough that they might want to meet me outside whatever game we might play.
So, no, I haven't.

Its alright user, theres always next time.

also we got to know each other over BF2


She wants the D, user. Anytime a woman awkwardly laughs at your dumbass jokes before changing the subject or failing to respond, it means that she's wet for your meat scabbard. I should know, I'm a doctor.

No I just don't trust people offline to not stab me in the back with things I've said to them in confidence the moment our relationship goes sour.


I just had a talk with my my coworker the other day about Don't Starve and how shit No Man's Sky is out of the blue. Maybe if you talk about things that interest you, you'll find out others have the same interests as you.


Who the fuck talks like that?
Go outside you useless faggot and get your own opinons you useless faggot

I can spot the people who don't go outside much.

I work with a few thousand people, and this type of dumb shit is all the majority of them talk about. Also Pokemon Go, vaping, and women bitching about their poor life choices and being broke, yet making 130% of what I make, while they also collect welfare.

I've met people I knew on the internet. It was alright, but it was at an art convention in Canada, not a hangout hosted at someone's house or something. Not going to happen again, though, as everyone in that crowd has either gone into IT or into the ground, or is approaching 40.

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Go to your containment website libreautist.


How's that dead website doing kiddo?

t..thanks guys


do you even know what librechan is? What the fuck does it have to do with librals? Are you legit retarded?

I did, it was awkward as fuck and a waste of a thousand dollars.

I went to the 2015 international. Waste of fucking money.

You base your opinons on others as if you are still in highschool

What a fucking crock of shit, didn't your mother teach you not to lie?


and you missed the trips, your life is just a series of fuckups.

A girl I met through FFXIV is actually flying across the country on Sunday to come stay here for a week.

Did you come here just to brag? Faggot

I assume you've seen this person, I hope you didn't just take their word.

You gonna come crying to us when she inevitably turns out to be a catfish, user?

Expect a tranny or worse.

Does your mom know you're poo-poo-posting on hate-chan? Do you seriously believe that it is impossible for others' experiences to differ from your own?

please tell me that youve seen a pic of her first

It was that fear that drove me to start talking her on the phone and got me into this mess in the first place. She's definitely real. I just have no idea how we'll work out in person.


tried it last year during the Holla Forums birthday, no one here wanted to come. I'm thinking of asking Ron of getting a panel together of him, Jim, the globals and some board owners who want to participate. I was thinking of doing AnimeUSA since this is a Japanese Image Board, and that it aligns with Holla Forums's birthday perfectly.

What a terrible idea.

That sounds horrible, nobody that actually belongs here would want anything to do with that.

She's also a pokemon, isn't she.

You aren't even trying anymore are you Mark?

caranon was right
you are shit

alright, just confirming.

Trying what? :^)

also should I ask Ron to change my capcode to Board Goblin

Make it Thread Gremlin and we're golden

To at least contain your faggotry of course. I mean, we can all see the shithole this place is becoming, you might as well not even be here


I have. Not really the type of girl I normally go for, but she's cute. I guess she used to be overweight, which I couldn't tell from the pictures, so that could be a little concerning for the future though.

I will user. I will.

Thankfully, she doesn't play that shit and neither do I. She got me playing ZoE:The Fist of Mars where I discovered the awesomeness of Bolozof though. I really need to try the other ZoE games.


Bad Mark, sucking that much dick isn't healthy for you. I mean look at what you're babbling on about.
You might want to stay faithful to lime's micropenis if you don't want to fall down further down the hole

Clearly jim's is the micropenis hes sworn to now.

I do feel bad about her being 3D, but our relationship reminded me of my one true love and it went too far to turn back. No one has ever traveled a thousand miles to see me, so it does make me feel like it's a chance I should take.
She doesn't follow videogames really though. I think she just knows about niche stuff from her brother and buys things she sees on Steam.

So, how much time should I give you till you come back crying or become a submissive nu-male?

I have never been so mad right now, every character you type makes me want to puke. This post is the ultimate type of sin one can commit, Do you even know how many months I put into reading image boards? Have you ever considered the consequences of making such a shitty post? I bet you still want to fuck 3DPD and watch shitty 3DPD shows like Games of Thrones and Basketball. I have never ever seen something as horrible as your post. You fucking prick, your post is one of the worst I've ever seen, it makes me sick knowing I share the same image board with people like yourself. If I ever find you, I will trap you in a cage, and make you read your post over and over until it is lodged into your brain like it is my own. People like you are a burden on image boards and I need to kill myself. even if it means leaving my friends and family behind. You're such a waste of space on this goddamn earth. People who want to make posts as shitty as yours are the same people who are killing humanity. I hope you realize you are one of those people. Why don't you go back to fucking halfchan and talk about that Triforce tattoo you got of Zeldo giving her packaged meat to Shadow the Hedgehog? I have your post stuck in my head now, it is a disgusting sight, it's almost as bad as the one fucker who posted that Overwatch twerking video with a poorly drawn Tracer showing her poorly drawn white spandex of an ass. Why am I here? Just to suffer? Why did you have to post something so terribly shit that it's lodged in my brain forever? You fucking cancerous fuck, I hope you realize what a burden you are on the world. you want a family? you want a slutty wife and a reproduce a slutty loli for you to sexually abuse when that old 3DPD piece of shit is out of the house? All you did was give me brain damage, you dishonor me. I will bully you to the ends of the earth. You fuck'd up kiddo.

Is this some kind of autism challenge you're doing, user?

This is the most likely scenario.

user, get a hold of yourself. This isn't the fucking movies, and 9/10 your relationship conquest will only end in failure. You might get some good shit, hugs, kisses and full frontal along the way, but for the most part you're in for a wild ride and this is just the beginning.

Some dudes find love first try, but for most people it's a constant battle of trial and error.

And here's a quote for you to remember - 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.' Never think to yourself 'She's the one!' unless you fucking *KNOW* it to be true. Trust me, I've been there, and been as soppy and fuckerific as you are, and it got me nothing but *JACK-SHIT.*

So, if she fucks you over - Chin up, and don't let it get you down. Don't let that shit rule your life though user.

If you let her get down on you then crack on, take it while it lasts, JUST USE A FUCKING CONDOM!

And if it all works out it very nearly might then good luck, but always remember - the higher you feel, the further the fall. And there will be one.. Just life mate.

But if it all goes tits up, then you best be ready for it because it's probably gonna happen again, and again, and again, until you find lasting happiness with someone the way you seem to want to.

To summarise:
You're about to find out most women are pretty insane when it comes to feelings

Sound good? Great! Hope she enjoys her flight!

She said she feels uncomfortable that I hangout here, so I have to cry on neogaf from now on.
You underestimate me user

I just wanted an in-game girlfriend. I wasn't ever even gonna ask if she was really a girl as long as nothing weird came up.

Thanks user, I've had soul crushing long term relationship failures before, so I'm not going into this totally oblivious, but I've never had a long distance one either. Starting it from a video game seems even more crazy too.
I figure if nothing else I'll be getting a once in a lifetime experience out of this though (not that all aren't but..) and trying something so different that it's not Far Cry expecting different results from the same thing insane. That allure of a girlfriend who plays vidya and watches anime makes me really wanna try it though too. (Apparently we're gonna hang out in the hotel room a lot and play emulators and watch anime and Star Trek and stuff or fuck a lot and try too). It should be a good time. There's really no way to avoid being hurt if things don't turn out right, but I'm definitely not cuck material.

Good stuff. One of my old mates from school met someone through a videogame, and even though they live in seperate countries, they've been dating for years. He's actually moved over there to live with her actually, so it is all possible.

Just be ready for anything is what I'm saying.

Wow, that's awesome. What game?
I, kind of, wonder if long term relationships work better for people who play games. At least that way you have a time demanding hobby that you can do together. As of right now we just play XIV and emulators while talking on the phone, but I kinda wanna build a PC that can play new stuff, so we can play other things.
This is all pretty intense though.

what a faggot suck I hope to cancer the next chair you sit in squeaks and everyone thinks you farted.