Capitalism has finally won

It's all over. Capitalism has won.


fucking bastards

nobody cares tankie

I gotta say, it's kinda impressive that they got up there.

How is that against communism?

Patrick is a proletariat that fights the bourgeois system.


spongebob transcends politics though


I can't be mad about this. This is too fucking funny. Nicely done, vandals.

Why should we be mad? This is funny AF

lol time for another round of 'shit that Holla Forumsyps think triggers us but it doesn't'

tankies BTFO

Nice try porky revisionist scum.

I'm a communist and I find it hilarious. If you mistake symbolism for religious symbols, you kind of miss the point of communism.


I think we should start using Patrick as a symbol now because of this, let's just meme him all over and get Breitbart to declare him a "Marxist Symbol", it'll be amazing.

I ain't even mad.

could be onto something here

Something something dubs
Something something Kek has spoken
Something something DEUS VULT

Let's tone it down a notch, shall we?

This is dishonorable to all those who died. Their children should be ashamed of themselves. No pride whatsoever.

i like this idea


And no one consider it just a spontaneous act made by young fellas who wanted to reappropriate the urban space and symbols of the spectacle for themselves and have some fun ? Just muh vandalism, or muh potential recuperable work of art ?

most people are too busy trying to put food on the table and pay their bills to really give much a shit about some stupid public performance

wtf are you talking about? this is Holla Forums irl. I bet it was Voina who did it. lol!

Patrick is obviously the best situationist in the book

This is an art piece that makes us aware of how communism has been replaced by infantile worship of brands.

Pissy Liberals; deserve shot.



you just bumped a thread you wanted to sage
lol wp



No he didn't.