Are there any games like Sicario?

are there any games like Sicario?

Dude just admit it, it's you from that Holla Forums thread about spiderman. It's me who recommended it.

Again I can't tell you about games but watch No Country For Old Men and Cartel Land and other Denis Villeneuve films. Pretty similar, guud staff.

Arma 3.

It is… I've watched this damn movie five times now. It's making me want to play some sort of hardcore shooter

also I'll have to give those a watch.


you'd like this movie then…
it's the only one I've ever seen where the main characters are constantly being put in their place by people who have been at it longer than they have and not being painted as assholes or in the wrong.

oh, and on top of that the chick acts exactly how you'd expect a woman in a combat role to act.

Yeah, I saw it. I thought that it was alright.

Far Cry 2

that has been on the backlog for a while. I'll go ahead and start the download now.

the movie's official description is stronk womyn bait
it's actually a good flick.

You mean a game where you dont see any action?

Plenty of walking simulator out there for you my friend

More like really good fucking action.


oh yeah, black screens with muzzle flashes, awesome action my friend

Not enough explosions and lens flares Michael Bay?

Ah, that's not true.
Is the border scene black screen with muzzle flash to you?

Thinking about going for Insurgency as well seeing as it's on sale. It seems like it could have the same feel but in a multiplayer form.

If you want to play Insurgency for its Sicaro feels, you may as well go all the way and play Project Reality.

Not saying that Insurgency is bad, but it's definitely is more arcade than PR.


Far Cry 2 is the only good answer
Closest fps to making you feel like a mercenary

Mercenaries PoD did it better

babies that never watched a single young Jackie Chan movie and think jewwwood can do action

Any Telltale game in the last four years
Until Dawn
Beyond Two souls
all of them are also movies

Sicario is actually good though

A battlefield 2 mod huh?

Is the online community still alive.

You're a goofball.

You accused me of being that Holla Forumsack in the last 4 AM thread when I said I was watchan Sicario.
It's just a good movie that people like, mang.

The thing that surprised me about Sicario is that the stronk womyn got in totally over her head and readily admitted it.

That the CIA spooks and private contractors working with them do things very differently than the FBI, and that they were basically using her just to make their activities technically "legal".

Call Of Duty MOdern Warfare

There seems to be alot of people memeing Sicario into a movie about a stronk female lead being not so stronk, but it's more than that. It's about personifying domestic investigators, the FBI, through a very clueless and non-operator woman and showing the spooks being frustrated with how they handle things, and then drawn into problems when having to deal with how they handle things.

She really didn't strike me like that apart from the scene where she wanted the D from Chad because feelings.
She lead a SWAT team, yes, but being a police matter, it's a lot more careful and orderly than the cowboy operator Chads with their pseudo-military plate carrier vests and whatever those bandana-neckerchief-wraparound-things-with-persian-rug-patterns are called.

I guess I was all prepared to roll my eyes at a stronk woman role or go full Holla Forums and venture into legit soggyknees territory, but Blunt's character seemed like a pretty believable "decent FBI agent thrown into the mix with a bunch of lunatics" story.

Breddy gud/10.

Normally 2-3 full or nearly full 64 player PvP servers and a couple active 32 player coop servers. There's a thread up now where some guys are getting organized. Note that a mic is an absolute necessity and you will probably get kicked from any squad you join without one.

*100 player PvP servers. I just checked and it looks like less of them are active than when I used to play, but you can definitely find a decently filled server still.


I only say that she was meant to make the FBI look bad rather than current year stronk female leads is because the director who made Sicario is pretty far from the people who see it like that.

I was convinced you made that up until I googled it, kek


monster hunter 3u multiplayer