It's the year 2016 and you aren't excited for PERFECT WOMAN LIFE SIMULATOR which is exclusive for the ONE(TM)?

It's the year 2016 and you aren't excited for PERFECT WOMAN LIFE SIMULATOR which is exclusive for the ONE(TM)?

What are you? A shitlord?

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Forgot to post the url


didn't even bother with the rest of the video.

God damn this cuck propaganda is being pushed into everything. Not even a dumb fitness game is safe from these faggots.

why even bother posting this

They still make kinnect games?


Are you sure this isn't satire?

OP how did you even find this piece of shit?

That woman needs Moonman in her life.

I don't even know who this video is trolling anymore

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea at all? Both the shitty sim and kinnect ships have sailed long ago. It is an Xbone exclusive as well, which only limits the sales this game will even more.



That's so sexist


No fucking way this has to be fake.
There is no way these marxists are so unself aware.

Theres gotta be a mirror of it on the official xbox youtube channel if its real, I can't look myself cuz I'm on the phone and youtube isn't working for me.


Sometimes I feel a bit weird about some weeb games with extreme pandering (like that one on the vita in which you do Paizuri in order to appraise items), but I understand cultural diferencies and all. This fucking thing on the other hand makes me uncomfortable as fuck, and it's from "my" western culture. I wonder who the fuck is insane enough to develop, publish, or pay for this game.

Nuke San Francisco, now

Don't see it on there.
Video games were a mistake.

Leela's race moved out of the sewers?

I don't get it, what the fuck is this supposed to be? Who is it meant to appeal to? Are they just making it so they can write articles about it later?
Is it meant to be some kind of bait to pull out reactionaries and call them sexist?

It's all starting to make sense.

This is the west's version of the perfect woman. Hope you're happy cause I'm happy with my version of the perfect woman.


This game is destructive.

The Evil Patriarchy never enforced the "Perfect Woman" narrative. The Evil Patriarchy only wanted fuckable women, which can easily be achieved by the following:

1.) go on a fucking diet
2.) don't fucking nag

Perfect women were never needed. Because to the thirsty men of the Evil Patriarchy, even disabled 2D waifus are fuggable.

So I'm guessing this all "I'm so stressed because I have to be perfect" spiel was written by the progressives themselves.

And oh look, it's another one of those indie darling games with shitloads of logos and taxpayer-scammed institutes supporting what is probably shitloads of 'consultants' and just one chink coder.

Fuck this game.

This is what a deluded psychopath with dyed hair thinks society wants from her. At least your waifu will never betray you or make "games" like that


I'm pretty sure this "Perfect Woman" shit cropped up as a way to make people feel insecure and as a result buy more shit.

But somehow the only people I've ever met who bought in to the "Perfect Woman" narrative simultaneously and aggressively tout the "I'm perfect just the way I am" spiel. I refuse to believe it's a method of thinking that arises organically, because if it does we're all fucked.

oy gevalt be the perfect womyn and cuck your husband

fuck this thread but I love that fox.


i've resigned myself to the fact that i will never be able to tell the difference between satire and genuine feminist ideology.

This is what xbone has been reduced to. I never expected to feel pity for a console.

It's extremely delusional. Ask just about any woman and they'll tell you other women are their worst enemies. Especially in the workforce.


Even questionably bestiality part monster 2d waifus are fuggable.
Even eldritch abominations that look like prepubescent girls to the severely brain damaged are fuggable.
Even warships, planes, and guns personified in 2d waifu form are fuggable.

Honestly the bar is so fucking low it is actually impressive that they managed to fail. Be healthy, be nice. That's it.

You're dead right about this whole thing being a scam though.

unless they're feminists.

then they'll tell you that it's da patriarky that tricks other women into being their worst enemy.


No wonder Michael Obama endorsed this game

Fuck I'm bummed out now.

Why does the woman look like Bruce Jenner


It's definitely real because it has all that muzzie shit. Muslims are the thing that all the liberal turds have grabbed hold of SUPER hard. You should be happy when they do this kind of thing though. They think most normalfags are implicitly agreeing with them by not getting triggered when they actually haven't grasped wtf is taking place in front of them. But after some continued exposure they will get just as triggered as any of us. This education can not be unlearned.

I can't tell if this is pro feminist or a Tim and Eric skit that makes fun of feminism.

is that an edit?

that felt good
fake and straight, but good



what's the name of the webcomic

plebcomics. It's written on it


It's very difficult to get a government position has a protected problem-race in a decadent western society. That said there aren't many who can achieve a ten word sentence so maybe that's what they were getting at

I remember 'playing' this at a games exhibit in a museum here in Germany. It was about as good as it looks.
Also, the camera was fucked and didn't really register most poses. Matter of fact, most controllers were either set up wrong or didn't work. They also had that one game by Tale of Tales that flopped hard, I forgot the name.

I think my highlight was seeing a game that dealt with transgenderism, except the screen only showed a crash message with the OS running in the background.





Fuck off, viral marketer

This is why you homeschool yourself and your kids. Or take online courses.

I often wonder how George Carlin would react to everything thats happened after his death.

I swear to god the moment he died is when all this shit started hitting the fan.

That's quite true. In fact women evolved or adapted, I don't give a shit about your pseudoscience over thousands of years to bait alphas into fucking them so the lineage can be continued, which is an ancient form of gold digging - they don't have to do anything but to be able to attract horny men. Given how it's always women or at least feminine males themselves who are at the forefront of each and every (((fashion fad))) of the recent decades, it's not a stretch to say that the perfect womyn bullshit was made by them just so they can totally deconstruct it a few years down the road and blame cucks for it.

Germany is that cucked? Besides refugees I mean

Fuck he may have subscribed to all this bullshit.

That would've been heartbreaking.

If he wasn't dead, the current year would kill him, hands down.
I'm not even 30 and even I can't wrap my head around all this bullshit.

There's no way in hell.

Cool story bro.

Yes. Save us.
The rest of the museum was honestly cooler than the game thing they set up. There were maybe 2 decent games on the whole floor. I was just disappointed by how bad of a job they did. People who don't get what games are about are going to go there, check it out and leave even more confused.

Carlin was a feminist.

I wonder what feminists would wnat a perfect man simulator to be like? Would they want "sensitive" beta dude or big mchuge ripped muscles take charge dude

Underrated post.

so this is what happens when the west makes a waifu simulator

Both, a.k.a. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

I will never understand cuckolding. For both the cuckold and the "bull".


I know cuck sucks, but you /cuckquean/ is fucking amazing. It's reverse cucking but better done, it can even be positive. Don't ask me how it works.

bad bait


Does it feel good to be a fucking liar?
You no longer get to be a man. You are now an honorary kike.



Go advertise your shitty "controversial" game somewhere else.

I hope this was during his late crazy years

What a cuck.

I stopped there

The fucking board quality has really hit an all time low
How the fuck is this videogames? I really do hate you all some days, the vast majority of you are just a bunch of whiny faggots.

If Carlin was alive now he'd probably die out of the stupidity of others.

Ironic shilling is still shilling.


cuck cuck cuck anime cuck cuck fap cuck cuck cuck cuck faggots cuck cuck cuck sjw cuck cuck hitler cuck cuck cuck neet cuck cuck cuck

He's not wrong. You think today's twisted feminism came out of fucking nowhere?
Go the fuck outside for once.

You must not be from here.

Did anybody else notice it's shown to be a Xbone game but they show a Xbox 360 Kinect?

A (((videogame))) trailer has lies?


because it has been more than 3 years in development.
it really has

and it's an outdated trailer simply re-posted, so that's why

This fucking project stinks of Million Dollar Extreme.

No, I've likely been around since you hit fucking puberty. You don't have to believe it. What you believe clearly has no bearing on reality.
It's not healthy to sit in an echo chamber constantly, but again, I don't expect you to believe that, because you've allowed yourself to be twisted into a delusional fucking sociopath. You only hear what you want to hear. Such is the sign of a weak mind. Turn off your internet connection for a year and get a job, then come back and tell me how much of a fucking faggot you were now.

underrated post

what proof do you have this was reuploaded?
If you were going to shoot an ad, looks to be the creators acting and they don't bring the thing it's meant to be it's selling point.

Just make the next Hitler already, it's shamful that burgerland is beating you to it despite all your experience.

College degree really paid off I see!


you're making a lot of assumptions, mister

Okay leftypol, time to simmer down and go back to your containment board. Its nearly time for your nap.

Well, on the plus side, we have a massive surplus of humans as it is, so it's no loss. You could've been the next Hitler, but instead, this.

What a twist!
End your existence, queerbait.

If you think that feminism was ever not designed towards manhate then you are for sure a fuckhead.

Well, I think it was designed both for that and to keep the working class occupied with bullshit issues and to destroy any strong society that might challenge TPTB.

Wake me up

feminism in the 1800s was made because women were not on equal footing with men, they couldn't vote have jobs etc, today's feminism though, it's basically a terrorist group
it wasn't ALWAYS based on killing men, it only got that way in the 50s and 60s, with that crazy person who tried to kill andy warhol

Feminism has always been wrong because women in general have never nor ever will be capable of handling the same responsibilities men do. You may as well have let children get the vote.


Not really, it was initially the urbanised rich housewives that wanted more power than they already had without the effort men had to go through. Industrialization had made nations too prosperous and decadent so this kind of bullshit went trough.

Hitler was an import and Trump isn't nearly as radical as him. And even so, people would keep voting for Merkel anyway.

While feminists had valid reasons when the movement began, don't try to pretend the founders weren't crazy man haters and borderline terrorists.

Killing men was a side goal back then, now it's migrated to a main one
i think i misdid my post

Go away evil dogger.

Go away evil dogger

Go away evil dogger.

I honestly can't tell if this is real or not.

It's actually fucking real

Poe's Law has come full circle.

Sleep tight, evil dogger.

There is no fucking way this is real.

holy shit the girl who made this made another game too

tell me this is not the most degenerate thing you've ever fucking played

you literlly fucking have sex with kids in this game holy shit this is some seriously degenerate stuff


Her torso looks like a screaming face.

ara ara

I can't take it anymore
Reality is fucking fracturing

underrated post

Anime girls are overrated as a surrogate for lack of female presence, user.

It's better to become the girl instead. Try crossdressing and learn how to be like a traditional wife.

After that, maybe try learning the art of sucking men's penises. But don't do anal sex, because that's totally gay.



Why am I not surprised?

fuck off shill

why the fuck are they all cyclopses

attention ofc

vid related


Because you've witnessed several year where this shit slowly gained traction.

Going good.
Fuck off you disgusting piece of shit. You fucking faggots always ruin everything you touch. You will never even remotely resemble a girl. You will never be a girl. Kill yourself.

lets guess where 8ch servers are. hmmmm

i've been wanting to kill myself for a while now, thank you for giving me the courage to finnally do it.

This can't be true, right? I'm being trolled and fooled.

There is no anger, just confusion, never ending confusion and disgust. When we had a playstation we dreamed for 3d games and we were even impresed by ps2 games with the quality of rendered cutscenes, now this is the future of console gaming? flash games?



Don't kill yourself because of some retarded fucks. That's exactly what they want.

is small price to pay

Women on the internet told me when they meant when they said they wanted a sensitive man they wanted someone to cuddle after fucking them hard like beasts.

Basically a Conan the Barbarian that cuddles.

I have no reaction image to express my feelings because I have no idea what I'm feeling right now.

It's not anger nor sadness. I just feel like I'm ready some forbidden book in the Lovecraft Mythos and my mortal human 3 dimensional being can't get a grasp of what the shit is going on in here.

Is that comic based off of reality?

We need to start our own vidya terrorist cell.

Women speaking in public was a mistake

This is exactly the kinda shit i'd make if i wanted to shitpost about the other side or something.

I'm with you. We've passed through the period of history where I still dared to feel hope that technology would free us, and into the book of revelations. The internet does not make knowledge more accessible, it legitimizes madness.

I feel like Scrooge, forced to witness as a helpless observer the world I deserve for being a filthy sinning degenerate.

So, where's the nudity and taboo shit?

I don't get it. Are they mocking sjw's or are they so retarded and full of hubris that they think the general public are on board with mocking people for not celebrating their children being tranny freaks?


If you actually feel that way either kill yourself or do something about at. Resolve your christcuck sins.

Go away evil dogger.

Lead by example moishe.

It's all going according to keikaku

Like you shitposting on Holla Forums?

Not a reply shit stirring CTR.

Kill yourself.

I'm guessing they're all cyclops' because the perfect woman and the perfect people are half-sighted.

Excellent reply libtard cuck.

Souls fags BTFO, true difficulty is here boys.


Take a hike back to your containment site libreautist.


Good to see you libreautists truly have no self awareness.

How's your dead website doing?

How's it feel to know this reply chain has a higher PPH than your two containment sites combined?

Maybe you can post your thread on freechan or librechan now about how ebin your trolling session was and get a dozen replies.

You were replying so fast, though, lad. This isn't freechan, you don't get to come back in a week and reply.


You don't need to be a retarded, apathetic schizoid either. Soros definitely doesn't give a shit.

Are you defneding Holla Forums?
Doesn't seem like it.

Back to the /logcabin/, faggot.

literally this tbh

It's not enough, only the Russians can save us now.


Russian of report here, will happy to nuke degenerator if give drink fyorst.

Druid has become underused in recent years.

It's still very much pure, though.

but that's a good thing

It's a great meme, but I'm worried it'll outright die at this rate like so many memes before it.

I think as long as video games exist it'll exist as well. We're more likely to die with it.

Holla Forums is an deflection butthurt nat soc larpers use when someone says something they disagree with.
Explain how a board with less then 500 active members manages to have a presence over the entirety of the board at all times and is behind every post you don't like.


Explain how a small Semitic tribe from the Levant survives millennium of people getting sick of their shit and trying to off them before failing, being destroyed and that certain tribe somehow clawing its way back into seats of power again
you call it paranoia I call it a cautionary outlook


500 members is a good fifth the size of Holla Forums, dumbass

So how does any of that have anything to do with questioning how a board with a minuscule population is behind every post you personally disagree with.

Considering that there is another small tribe from the same general area who managed to spread their shit through the sword (and also shekels) to the point of being the second largest religion in the world, then there is indeed worth in being cautious about the sandnigs and shekelnigs

step aside, kiddo. Nothing perosnell, but let a REAL gentleman do his work

nah its kurosawas last screenplay
they're making a movie and a game and releasing them both at the same time

small populations of fanatics can move mountains

i hate semites tbh
all semites
they spoil the fun everytime tbh

Yeah I agree, however if that Holla Forums had the power to do anything they would of done it already, not just circlejerk making their cringey OC.

I'm rusty on my meme history, why is it a 'good' meme?


They have the power to shitpost on other boards and they do, we all know how annoying one autistic tripfag can be


Can't wait for the rope

Who ruggarela?

Bullshit, this isn't a video game, this ad looks like a parody to raize awareness about feminism to young women

For so long has my country pissed away money to get women and girls into science and engineering.

I remember being 5 and watching commercials back in the 90s to get girls into science.

Fast forward to CURRENT YEAR, and women are still basically only getting into typically woman industries like social services, nursing, teaching and whoring for FREE.

Is that Suwako's hat in the 2nd pic?

It's almost as if someone who becomes "fully developed" brain-wise at 16 doesn't have mental abilities to compare with a person who matures fully well into their 20s. It's almost as if women have a lower threshold of "highest tier" intelligence.

To make the allegory clear: it takes less water to fill a small cup.

The small cup of water will not be able to water a real plant, though.


The message would be fine, but they had to shove a black child to pander to coal burners who ended up single mother and get a beta man to raise the woman's child.

Yes girls, do fuck around with niggers, don't be sad if they leave you after you shit one of their spawns! There will always be a nu-male to pay for your mistakes!

One time, they encourage women, the other time, they infantilize them.

controlled opposition cucks: never once

lel, if you play this, you automatically increase the chances of that happening.

Why is it always red heads that coalburn?
I've noticed this a lot, its always fucking redheads.


For fuck's sake, I have a redhead fetish.

Libtard christcuck detected.

so only big cups of water are enough to water big plants? are you saying that we should all just be gay?

I'm not sure they always do, its that they are pale so they get picked for the porn. Those (((porn producers))) need the most contrast.


You and my brother, pisses me off because red heads are usually fucking crazy, insecure and likely to get fat in their later years.

Fuckin' really?

Wasn't there some other stuff about women not going into sciences if there is more freedom? Something about them not really giving a shit about the motivations with those, almost like they think differently?

Because for some reason people don't point out the contradictions. Same with a lot of the other stuff going on.

Because as much as you might try to convince women that jobs like Engineer and Software Developer are hip and fun, their brain is generally wired to want to be helping people. They don't fucking care about mathematics and sciences, because they get the feefees from helping an autistic retard learn to get a job like a normal human.

Its because people keep telling gingers they don't have a soul and aren't worth shit, so they go for whatever is willing to fuck. And leave it black people to be willing to fuck anything.

I know this feeling too well.

Go to your containment website.

I'm saying you're a fucking retard.

There is a swedish documentary called Brainwashed but in Sweden.

Its a well known Swedish comedian doing a documentary on how pointless Sweden department of gender equality is.

Its really great, he even talks with Jane Goodall, it was so popular Sweden actually defunded the gender equality branch.
So when you watch it, bask in the knowledge the fucking cunt in charge is fired.

But yes, nations like the middle east for example have a huge number of women going into science and engineering.
Not because they want to but because they NEED to in order to make decent income to get out of the shithole.

In civilized countries women have no such pressure so they end up doing what they want.

Butthurt ginger detected.

Gingers=/=red heads
Red heads despite being degenerate are still people.

Is this ironic? If so how many levels of irony is this on?
This is some evil universe MDE shit

I thought I was the only one who got this feeling from it

Can someone explain the political agenda behind this trailer/game? Maybe I'm retarded but I'm not sure what it's trying to say. The end especially threw me off.

This is death incarnate

Go away evil dogger. and die

standardizing degenerate behavior for one

Nice try. I'm just a ginger lover. Blue eyed/brown hair master race

Can't you tame them with dick and some pimp hand discipline?


The fuck am I seeing here?

cancer metastasizing in a atrophy laden environment

The death of western civilization

Fuck you faggot, you don't have my hair and eye color.

It has to be ironic. It's working on so many levels.
surely this is suggesting that she's fucking her friends brothers as they have the same traits, even eye colours.

I think maybe she's just an legitimately sex-crazed insane pedophile lunatic.

Communist, globalist kike cancer.

I didn't think of why they were doing it, but that makes sense.

Why does it always turn out that they are pedophiles?


I'm done.

i kek'ed heartily that it's a fucking XBone Kinect game. What's the intersection of people who would play this with people who bought a Bone on release? The dev and his wife's son?

What the hell

it was norway and they didnt defund only moved their branch into more secret shit

Go away evil dogger.

This is either Poe's Law cranked to 11, or the largest display of a complete lack of self-awareness to date.

But, user, don't you remember the CON artist leaks? "I think our greatest strength is our self awareness."

Nigga stop.

People mature at different rates, but if you take even the slightest look around or at yourself you would know what you said is a load of crock.
Don't tell me your ego is that big.

The first part is true. What do you have as an evidence for the second?

The perfect woman has one eye? I guess depth perception is misogynist.

This has to be some kind of culture jamming shit here, it ticks too many points to not be making fun while profiting off of morons.

He is talking about the development of the brain you nerd, people can still be sperglords with fully developed brains

I'm not entirely convinced this is real despite all evidence, it's too good at mocking itself without actually showing any awareness of it, it almost feels like weirdly-high-quality Holla Forums OC or a lost and un-PC tim and eric sketch. I mean, I know it's real, but I'm finding it hard to believe something this unironically-stupid both exists and shows exactly why it's terrible without knowingly doing so.

On the bright side, with insane shit like this happening faster and more often by the minute, global society collapsing entirely into a tangled heap of chaos and lawlessness when the infrastructure can't take any more stupidity looks to be a guaranteed event now.

i don't get it, is it a roundabout way of saying 'HAVING AN IDEAL LIFE IS HARD AS A WOMAN ;_;" or something?

i'm not even sure it's real since the ESRB rating in the start used a different font than ERSB usually does

those norway feminists were on visit to our feminists (since they fund them) and told them this
our local feminist leader is flaunting this fact to haters

Don't forget the two white parents with a nig child.


Oh really? I didn't know reading about other countries on an iPad using Starbucks WiFi was cultured.

can confirm, this is how they think

Pushing trans… wait what? Was this a TERF game?

top shekel m80
now western lower class will also wear hijab

wait, are they supremacists now too. Honestly I think when your entire ideology is based on platitudes and word salad you stop being able to form coherent arguments that even you understand

well it wouldn't be the first time that award went to a man

They hate all women who can recognize actual depth in others

This makes monoeyes sad and angry.


But seriously, what the fuck is up with this girls' head?

but wait

Are cyclops the most bulliable monster girls? Nothing else comes to mind.

try alps.



Is this basically implying that being a 'conservative' woman (as in, with normal views rather than batshit 'progressive' ones) is easy mode in life? Is that what they're trying to say?

I can live with that, seriously.

Woah woah woah there bub, you mean to tell me that I need to have 2 kids and a HUSBAND to be the perfect woman?! IT'S 2016!

servers can be replaced, san fran trash stays dead

Technically it is easy mode since it's the right way for them to live life. They get an entire support network that isn't degenerate as fuck.

Well, actually using your brain for critical thought rather than disregarding the ten-thousand correct warning signals any decently-functional one gives when pursuing "progressive" ideals does make life much easier, in the sense that you're not doing a 1 INT run like many people.

Can I get a wew lad?

Go away evil Dogger

I've been trying to keep it alive by posting it subtly whenever I can. Just like Baneposting.

Is this supposed to be a parody?

>you choose not to be perfect


Please post more cyclops, I need eye bleach right away

but she will never love you

>you will never marry a Zaku

I'd say lizard girls if they didn't like it.
Birds are next best girls, and therefore next best bully material.

Oh yeah, I didn't realize christcuck was an Holla Forums D&C meme. I'm not apologizing for calling you a libtard christian though.

I swear to god, I would hug her and tell her everything's gonna be okay and buy us both pretzels

Go away evil dogger.



Technically it did.

So that's why she was smiling! I saw this before, and didnt get why she was smiling in the end panel, but now it makes perfect sense.

Well that was difficult to masturbate to.

Oh, how 'bout that.

There is no universe in which this isn't a joke.


look at her eyes

More macabre than the pretzel but what can you do?

that's fatist.


Damn, that game is hard. I got caught every time.

Oh fuck I remember this.

The company that made this tore it down since even blue pilled fucks noticed how fucking scary that was.

Wow, I never knew the "it spent 5 seconds in ms paint" motif would come on
I archived their site, they literally have a pic of Anita at Ted (which is funny because she was at tedx, not ted, anyone can speak at tedx, look at Sam hyde's speech)


I've got some awoo, is that good enough?



It was made by rich women who wanted the same class privileges that their rich husbands had. The idea that poor people, men and women alike, could become something other than labourers had to wait a few decades.

For context this was released in Britain, thanks to Brexit they may have avoided their fate.

aaaaand counter-propaganda

Is there a video I could watch of that webm ?
I'm mobileposting

What would you call this, aside from dystopian?
Countering cancer with best harpy

Nah they deleted it because people weren't quite as indoctrinated as they thought and there was a brief outrage before it was memory holed quite thoroughly.


Apparently Che was the only guy left who wanted to marry me. 🙍 Gonna have to try again and see if I can bag the kid.

There are already countries like the UK where most homes are powered by things like wind turbines, electric cars are becoming a thing globally and fossil fuels are inefficient anyway.
This entire video is a non-issue.

I kind of had to let the Librarian catch me with the Pizza guy on purpose but whatever.

i want to die now

Ughhh. I can't stand when people simultaneously try to give life advice, but try to do so in the lowest common denominator, socially acceptable way. If you've gone through high school or college, then you know what I mean.

How this game measures a perfect life is a really good example. "Being successful is, uhhh, like doing math or some shit. You get a degree, and then you have family with someone (doesn't matter who), and then you become a foreign minister." These sort of people never talk about specific goals or why you in particular would want to accomplish them, they only talk in terms of titles. Why? Because then the advice would have to be specific to a single person, taking into account their goals, and that takes effort.

Sage for tangential reply.

is this suppose to be a positive image of the future?

When I first watched this video with the sound off I couldn't possibly see it as anything but a hilarious parody. But after hearing the voiceover I'm not sure what to think anymore.



Go away evil dogger.

i dont know why but i felt a bit of my sanity being drained whe i saw the eyes on the first pic

Posting more cute monoeyes

I'll show you a cute monoeye.

I was expecting a super close up of a penis.

I'm getting mixed messages here.

This should be good or bad?

Also I guess in the future the best production you can make is a really shitty flash cartoon.

It's bad if you are a man that wants control over his life.
Good if you are a weak cuckold that wants no responsabilities in yuppie's world.

Go away evil dogger.

Do you have schizophrenia?
Do you realize we have IDs?

type sage in the mail field