4 AM

Losing control?

Do you have any video games you like to play when tired or sick?

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amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=kitkat japan&rh=i:aps,k:kitkat japan

Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)

You are all going to die some day and all your shitposts will be forgotten.
There is no afterlife and you are wasting your extremely short time in the universe.

Morning everyone

Still sick and feeling like crap. In better news the last of my Ritsu figs finally arrived. Got 10 now!

Also got a cute chibi avatar that walks around the screen and does cute stuff when I click her or pick her up, its the best!

GIMP or Paint.net? Any tutorial I should watch for them?

I agree but is that image also supposed to make me sad? Because it has the opposite effect

Ay yo who drinking tonight?
I have a huge supply of vodka thanks to work giving me some as a going away present

For those of you who don't sell on Amazon, they basically tell you WHERE in the country to ship your stuff. The problem here is it's automated, & no one box can exceed 50 pounds. I ended up only shipping 40 things, & now I have to start the whole process over with the other 210 things I have because they didn't split up my order.

TLDR: Even when I'm a neet having amazon sell my shit for me I'm working too hard.

I never get around to playing videogames because I'm too busy dealing with the horrible materialisation of ennui and can only play them for maybe 45 minutes and then just come here and do nothing.

I'll have you know I'm enjoying myself, and realistically that's all that matters.


In car on way home w fat chick. Based on when it happens adorn other games, when will DQVII and SMT4A be leaked?

Just pirate Photoshop CS6 already freetard

If you want an actual answer, just get GIMP and Krita and keep both because one has limitations the other one fills


kek sees all


At least I'll die doing what I love

Thats so nice, they know you so well!

Hope you guys are ready for a possible newfag influx.

The GBA Golden Sun games are a pretty nice sick day (week?) thing to play, given they don't require a lot of thought for combat.

already happened

Cure for anything

Lemon Juice
Ginger Root
Cayenne Pepper
Raw Honey

Blend it all into a drink & drink as much as you can. I've literally never been sick more than a day by drinking this drink. Now if it only had a name.

Also this movie is breddy gud.

Are there games where you play as a cop or something in modern northern mexico?

Just a reminder Ciri is best girl

Puzzle games and JRPGs mostly. Maybe an F1 game if I'm feeling up to it. 70 something laps zooming around a track will kill a good ninety minutes and I never once felt the length until after it was over.

What program are you using for that? Is it like Shimegi or Shimoogle or something similar to that?

I might break out the sake. I could use a sleep aid

What game will I play today?

0 Monster Girl Quest
1 Skyrim Modded
2 Custom Maid 3D 2
3 Kamidori Alchely Meister
4 Galaxy Angel
5 Artificial Academy 2
6 Sengoku Rance
7 Liru
8 Teaching Feeling
9 First reply's request
Dubs I'll watch Boku no Pico.

Why's that?

Morning folks, hope you're having a good one.
No game no life was fun, wicked city and ninja scroll should be ready for me by the time I'm done work always accepting more shit to watch

Animal Crossing. Or Diablo II

is that image supposed to anger me?

Gonna take some when I feel better and when I can find my phone.

From? And why?

Got a pic of all the cute figs?
And is the chibi avatar of ritsu because it should be

How do you have enough things to even ship off to amazon though?

sai is nice

One big bottle of vodka and one mini skull onePlus the one I brought for my going away drinks
So it is nice.

The best cure is pure alcohol so it burns any sickness to death.

I haven't tried sake, can you find them in normal bottle stores?

Suspension of disbelief, why

Are you referring to the latest news articles covering 8/pol/ from Cracked and satellite sites?

You usually can. Look for the tall green bottles that get super narrow at the neck. It's decent enough and dirt cheap

But her finger's not on the trigger. You'd see it poking out the other side if it was

I rip off local thrift stores & hoard as much as I can for fall & then ship it all away for christmas when it sells for the highest. Amazon takes a huge chunk for selling it & doing customer service, but it's offset by their insanely high prices & the christmas season price bump.

But then you have a hangover.

What's wrong?

what, why?

I don't have any of that and I have no money and my car broke down.

I'll remember it for next time though.

I think its similar to shimeji but when I tried to use the shimeji tool for another k-on one it wouldn't work. It is its own little exe.

Shes adorable. She gets in my way a lot and laughs when I pick her up. The best!

Pics soon. Of course its Ritsu! And I'm really craving some wine. I think it'd make me not feel so sick.

>Author had apparently come to do research before writing, but doesn’t get that pictures on an image board are just images and not profile pics or avatars (I wonder if maybe he came to a 4 AM thread on his first time here; if so, I blame ritsu and the rest of the avatar squad).
I’m just saying it wouldn’t shock me if newfags start coming here due to that, and all the other attention Holla Forums's been getting lately.

ay guys
any other shit taste faggots playing Legion right now?

You better get it. I got sick once & was so low on energy I couldn't leave the house. If I didn't have it all on hand I could have been in bed for a week.

I love this picture. I really do. If you know a girl who can actually solder, marry her.

I've seen plenty of japanese beer but no sake, will have a look for it tomorrow then.

Thats a smart plan, xmass shoppers are the dumbest things ever, even worse is going into a store near xmass.

not if you keep drinking fam.

Thats good, and wines should be fine, barely 10% alco in that not like anything under 10% is alcoholic.


Holla Forums isn't entirely to blame for this though, the article also mentioned GamerGate


At least the latter looks fairly decent.

I hope telling them to fuck off to Reddit will work.

So where's the "purge"?

I wish, I'm bored out of my mind when I should be sleeping in prep for an interview.

No, I'm sick of what they do to warriors and WoD was the final straw.

I'd be so damn happy.

I'm already slowly getting better at least. Have a feeling when I wake up tomorrow it'll just be gone.

Wine is the best booze tbh

Cheap sweet reds yum!

Of course they mentioned GoyimGate. They will never let that boogeyman down, even if it's been dead for two years.

I hope the firebombing happens soon, I can't take dealing with these retards any longer.

I was gonna say, be careful with shimeji. Those things will multiply and totally cover your desktop like fucking tribbles

It can be sort of difficult to find. I've never seen it at Wal-Mart but strangely enough Bashas carries it.
You might just have to go to an Asian grocery store or a dedicated liquor store

At this point, it's your fault


it's the day the mod team decide to try to ban people they don't like base upon a shitposting out cry of faggoty levels

Have you not seen the CON leaks and the stuff from Gawker? They were far more effective than anyone ever gave them credit for

The trick is too ship so much stuff off to them that you don't mind selling things slowly at a higher price. I'm down to something like 300 things at their warehouse & it's really stressing me out that I only make like a sale a day with them. september is the worst sales month until january so it's slow, but I gotta get as much stuff over to them as possible before their warehouses fill up.

Protip: if you want to treat yourself to something, september is the last month before prices raise again.

My friend got one of his waifu and hes having that problem. Mine is just the single one luckily.

Its always the little things on your bdays as you get older that make them the best.

I want to spider fag to kill himself.

GamerGate kind of got revived after Gawkers Bankruptcy and them admitting GamerGame had a lot to do with it. After that it became relevant in the news again and news sites started picking it back up

Why isn't there a filter to hide images based on hashes?
I just don't like the spider images that you post since they have random wrinkly dicks on them.

I have 4 different guys who are interested in me and send messages regularly, and finally having fun in games again
Sometimes it looks up for a while
Too bad Pokemon Sun/Moons gonna be casual shit later, that's gonna be a bummer

I slept for fucking 14 hours on my birthday. Not sure how I feel about it.
still waiting for my best friend to say something to me ;-;


Yeah, I mean, I certainly think it's hilarious that they thought some guy posting a generic Hitler pic had that as an actual longstanding avatar or something, and the way Holla Forums's reacting as if they're on a hard right NatSoc forum is entertaining, but it's still likely to get some people coming over this way.

Honestly, I think there might be a concerted effort going on to flood 8ch with newfags to the point oldfags and actual anons get drowned out and leave, or something. I mean, why else would you toss 8ch into a Time Magazine cover story?

those brot vids were lovely

hey there

chicken tendies are bad and you should feel bad

I can post real spiders if you'd like

got a archive of the article?
i want to see this shit for myself


Happy birthday user. If you were here I would spend a day doing cool birthday stuff with you, but since I'm not, here's a picture of a some shitty food instead.

That's actually superior in every way. Dicks are gay, but regular speedors are good.

The only thing that happened on my bday this year was getting a box of cereal. I'd get too depressed thinking about it otherwise.

What games you having fun in?

I like real spiders.

failed my geometry exam few days ago
yesterday i passed my practical exam on dicreet mathematics
today i think i passed the theoretical part too
and on friday i've got 2 algebra exams, from 9 am to 6 pm
fucking kill me already

That was yesterday though.

Nothing ever happens on mine. I just wish I would get a gift one of these years.

Invite that girl from class you like over to help you study.
I heard it's the best way to get a girl to fall in love with you.

Oldfag is extremely relative considering Holla Forums's age, but I think it's just (((them))) trying to kill GG. Besides, if you hated dealing with newfags, you'd probably have left by now anyway.

You mis spelt vodka-chan fam

I normally go to dedicated liqour shops, but I might true the classier places then

as long as vodka doesn't increase in price I will be fine fam.
I don't use amazon anyway since shipping to my country is terrible

Odd-numbered gens are always the better ones in my opinion. My only current concern is whether you can turn off the rotomdex. At least they couldn't possibly fuck up online since they'll never touch singles I hope

Implyinh i ever had control

So I'm looking to buy this sexy beast. It's a Combination DVD Player/Laserdisc/CD player made right before DVD killed laserdisc.

It's over 40 pounds & costs over $200. Worth it?

but most of the girls actually passed their exams
this is the ones where we try to fix our grades if we failed the first ones
only dumb men are here :^)
and a couple of girls that i just don't like

Sorry about the geometry one, what you gonna do about it?

And hope you have some adderall for that last one

Your folks never got you anything for your bday?

Dunno man. Why not just buy a dvd/vhs player instead?

How much is it compared to a standard LD player and DVD player? Shit, why not a LD player and a BD player? What about a DVD/VHS player and a LD player

What's the point when your computer can play 2 out of 3 of those things?

My advice would be to get a real authentic old Laserdisc player from the 80s or even 70s if you can for the novelty of it

What up my nigs. What's going on tonight?

First day back in college for me. Not really enjoying it so far but at least there are cute girls in my classes.

The Forest, it's fun to go into peoples servers and build stairways to heaven, then go underground and group lynch mutants and get scared together

because he can beat robbers to death with it my man

only NEETs allowed

Billiard ball in a sock will well for that my friend.

You ever bought a box of wine before? Its comfy as fug. Nothing like spraying a nozzle of booze straight into your mouth once you are most the way through it and take the bag out.

If you've got a decent laserdisc collection sure.

What'd you do in school?

Dorms or still with folks?

Beggars can't be choosers. If you're in the situation.

Not outside the "lets all go out for a nice dinner" thing. Sure Texas cattle co is nice to have, but I would like some kind of memorable gift of some sort or fucking something I need at the time.
It doesn't even take that long to look into what I like and search around for something remotely interesting for me. I'm a very material person from what I've already posted before in previous threads, it's not hard to make me grin.

That's really weird then. Have you tried asking if they carry it?

Tomorrow's my long day since I have a third class to go to. I really should sleep but I guess I've lost control

Sup Plank.

Audible rees, mate.

Also just listening to music whilst waiting for college to roll around myself. Death awaits.

what gave you the impression that i was desperate for pussy?
i'm too busy trying to keep control of my life because of exams


If you mean the cracked article, here's a Holla Forums thread, archive is in the OP.
>>>Holla Forums7304925

Afraid I don't have the Time article if that's what you mean.

A trickle of them is manageable, provided there enough people still around to tell others to lurk moar. Having the boards being swarmed by them isn't.

Been on imageboards since at least 2006 or so. Not real inclined to go elsewhere at this point. I'd like to maybe try my own hand at making an imageboard sometime, but I'm not sure I'd want to deal with the potential of having the law coming down on me over what people post, the way jewt used to deal with in court.

How many are rainbow haired cases of apostemitism, or however it's spelled?

What do I pick?

I think you misspelt water.
I was laughing while typing that.

I already ordered a Super VHS machine & need a laserdisc player. Don't have a laserdisc player, & even though I have like 10 things that play DVDs, I like the convenience of it.

I just think it's neat.

It was basted in Gatorade.

Why don't you run an instance of Infinity Next my good friend?


Have you ever tried asking for gifts?

Don't forget the gravy in the spray bottle.

G'morning plank

same as usual

thank you user.

Decline, she's used goods

That was short lived. What do I do now?

Close the VN and don't boot it up again.

i never had control, i dont even have control in lucid dreams. that means i cant even imagine myself with control, right?

Is there NG+?

use your hand as usual

Play Rance.

So you enjoy college?

Have fun not talking to them

It's the only mmo I can stand at this point. Looks like it isn't as shit as WoD, so there's reason to play. At least for a little bit.

Ah, understandable. I play death knights and druids so I'm reasonably happy.

I can't stop listening to this song, I feel fucking pumped.

Still with folks. I'm still in community college. I have to apply for transfer to a california state by tomorrow night. Being lazy on that though. There's also this girl I saw in my class that I've known since elementary. I didn't really talk to her in high school. Maybe I should strike a conversation.

How long is the class? I should sleep too but I just took a short nap.

Ayy. Just holding out for now. You?

Good luck my friend. There was this one really cute asian girl in my music class. The rest are just okay I suppose. I never end up talking to any of them anyway, I'm way too shy.

Not too many really. I've seen a couple.

shitposters shitposting again?

I don't know. I mean, a part of me just wants a good, working chan that doesn't have to deal with some of the issues Holla Forums's had to in the past (I still remember how for months shit barely worked). But I'm not real sure I've got that good of management skills to be able to actually moderate, or whatever. Plus, I suppose that as long as Holla Forums (and in another manner, halfchan) don't do anything to necessitate a migration elsewhere, there'd be very little reason for anyone to crosspost on another chan.

I don't know, maybe I'll toy with making one for if that day ever comes or something.

Anyone got a better quality version of this?

I feel like ordering something to eat off amazon. Can anyone recommend some Gourmet Popato Chips or something? I want to taste something new.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Holla Forums shit the bed once due to the same stu pickles picture being used constantly as the OP?

Nigger what?

you could just go out and buy something
it would be faster and cheaper

Just saying, if you're looking to a girl at the moment.

they have little delivery droids
make an eating schedule and plan your purchases according to average flight time

did i miss some meta thread?

You american? Try ordering Canadian ketchup chips or all-dressed.

I remember back during WotLK that as one of my mains. Guild thought I played well enough that they had me advise other people on how to play the class half decently (given you don't have as many levels to learn it as the original eight or nine classes).

Have you tried cropping the actual image and reverse searching?

I know some people here found a glitch in Inifinity next a while back and spammed it so full of images they crashed it for the night, or something.

You can order things like snacks off Amazon. One day soon I will be able to order a Pizza off Amazon at 3AM, but not today.

Not today.

Hell no, it's not a gift if you ask for it. Unless the person sending it is Santa.

That was never proven.

A couple hours. I'll have plenty of time to grab a cup of coffee between the two if I need it.
I'm probably going to get my shit slapped by the quiz though. My grasp on how to use a planisphere is tenuous at best

Doing my day to day grind.

You better get on that transfer thing. Don't want to fuck up your plans.

Go for it! That ended up working really well for me when something similar happened to me at college.

Well if they don't know you'd prefer to get gifts over dinner they will never do it!

We will see the day user, don't worry.

it's so blurry idk if that would work

Too bad most imabeboards will end up like 7chan where they're stuck in the "the interwebz is srs bznz" shit from ages ago, 16chan where the software is shit and nobody wants to host it, 1chan where the topics are so limited that it dies out because nobody cares enough, or like 4chan where the userbase and management is so fucked anyone with brains wouldn't want to touch it.

It's fucking great. I haven't ordered any food off of it because I don't have a debit card because I don't have a bank account because I see and have so little money there's no reason to open one.

Then I'll keep having a low opinion of them for not trying to get a good gift. I always try to get people that are close to me fun stuff on their birthday and on christmas. I try to know what they like and get them stuff that I think they'll like. Guess I'm the only one that does this.

Yeah. Did nothing much all day. Added locations to that map for our game, did some ideas guy stuff, made hash browns, played that AoT game.
Pretty lazy day. Fucking bright though. Jesus. Wish I had more arrows but I don't want to goy up and get a paypal account to use amazon so eh.
I don't like playing vidya when I'm sick and I'm always tired so either all of them or none of them.

You mean the Holla Forums extreme accounts?
Top kek.

Just do like I do then and buy amazon giftcards when you get cash so you can buy shit.

Get some weird flavored jap kitkats

When I had money and 3dpd gfs and wasn't so much a shut in I was like that. I'd buy a giant bag and fill it to the top with a couple of dozen gifts of my ex's favorite kind of stuff.

If I didn't get that one amazon box packed I would be right there with you. I wish I didn't need to do anything. I need to just sit down & Play my PS2 soon.

Do the japs make lots of flavors?
I thought I remembered hearing kitkats came in 60 flavors or something in asia.

Related to your picture, if anyone wants my collection of redanons you can have em. I never used them for anything other than avatarfagging, which I haven't done for over 5 months.

I thought those were not a thing yet. Do they have them in canada?

They're fun again, I think. Unholy summons crazy amounts of ghouls during combat, and generally have a fun rotation. That's what I always played anyways.

Soon brother.

what flavor?

amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=kitkat japan&rh=i:aps,k:kitkat japan

Red is that you? I thought you fucked off forever.

My dad brought back a bunch of green tea kitkats whenever he'd come back from Japan. They're fucking great

I mean I did but I'm back because I've lost control and am waiting for impending suicide or something.

Really I'm just bored, saw the thread, and said fuck it.

Dump them somewhere, I have far too few. Tell smokes to go through the fucking bad end already.

Why live?

you might as well ask about gourmet easy mac.
well, ive taken a liking to kettle cooked potato chips.

I took everyone's suggestion. I burned my hard drive that had Teaching feeling on and now playing Rance. Went through the intro sequence and now we're here.
What's my next action?

Are the avatarfags gone? Can I finally participate without needing to compete with a circlejerk?

Oooh yeah. Not even sure what most of these are tbh

And I don't think this is even half of them.

Sweet potato!

I fucking love those, I always got a bunch here for when I want something sweet.

Sort of

Preferably a place like older halfchan would be ideal: Oldfags stick around and weed out people that clearly don't belong (as well as help the ones that stick around adapt via "lurk moar"), the site stays out of the news/real world (and thus the userbase doesn't grow into cancer from outsiders, and reddit, tumblr, and the rest of the trash aren't welcomed in to shit stuff up unchecked. Unfortunately, those days are pretty much gone (part of why I keep an old screencaps folder).

And yeah, you want to see on a small scale what happens to the other alternative chans? Look at the drop off in activity on the boards outside the top 20 or so here.

Well I suppose it's nice to know they didn't shit the bed on keeping at least one class/spec fun, for all the dumbing down I hear they've done.

Shitsu evolved into a tripfag instead.

probably not? did it really get that bad? last time i posted in one of these i never felt particularly ignored

Holy shit. Uh, invade the western clans first.

Its just shitposting.

Take over the country.

We have tripfags now DUDE

I think a lot of the problem with all of the dead boards is that the actual migration here was mainly made up of Holla Forums and Holla Forums users who gave a shit about GG, where boards like /tg/ are only here because of really shit moderation and didn't give a fuck about GG

Yeah I'll get it done tomorrow. I gotta drop by college tomorrow and get some help with finishing my application.

I'll try my best to strike up a conversation. I'm a little too shy though it's really hard for me to work up the courage to do it.

I wish you good luck on the quiz. Hopefully you do okay.

Yeah my grind is going to start soon.

Maybe some Lost Planet 2 will put you to sleep.

You never needed to be part of a circlejerk. I don't understand where this thinking comes from. Just post nigger.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the game so far, it's just a question of how long until blizz shits the bed.


Worst case scenario she just ignores you after anyway.

Maybe if you don't try hard enough.

True, but there's also the issue of niche vs broad. Unfortunately for some people that want to talk about more of specific topic, there's not much warrant to create a board for it, to the point even some otherwise legacy boards like /vr/ here have fallen sharply into decline, as I suppose their posters have gone back to Holla Forums for the sake of having actual discussion.

I'm really glad I've managed to avoid having a job for so long.

More like gaining control, honestly. Registered for a couple of classes today and my leg is almost fully recovered thanks to physical therapy. Feels pretty good, man.
I like to sink hundreds of hours into games which usually don't warrant that kind of playtime if it happens to click with my autism. These days it's Tetris, specifically Heboris UE, and JJBA Heritage for the Future. In the past, it was Cave Story, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Kingdom Hearts II and Ninja Gaiden. I like to fall back on these games as a kind of catharsis.

They're all still here but some of them evolved (mutated?) into tripfags.
Everything is exactly the same except now Lime prowls the thread and bans people he doesn't like or if they use smug anime reaction images.
You could have always participated, anyway. Trip/avatarfags or no.

I go for a single moderately priced gift. I don't break the bank, but find that good single appeal for that instance.

I'll probably be fine. I'm watching a couple videos now to get a better idea of how to use the tool

What makes it worse is that the threads on Holla Forums where people are making OC tend to get shit on because "not vidya". The problem with /vr/ is that the guy also runs shit on endchan and completely fucked off from actually doing anything on either site. I still don't see the reason webm threads have to be on Holla Forums

Yeah, I don't think she'll ignore me though. She's pretty nice. I remember I went trick r treating 6th grade and I ended up at her house which is just a few blocks away from my house surprisingly. She seemed pleasantly surprised to see me back then.

There was no competing, you just join in the posting. The circlejerking happens either way- it's just talking about yourself and other people commenting on it.
Social interaction maybe

How do you sink hundreds of hours into punch out?

Reported for being mean to the mods.

I wouldn't say so much over quality, they'd usually be a few decently priced things in there. I'd spend about 300$ on her each year. Plus about 150$ on my imouto and maybe 50$ on my best buds at the time.

Halloweens coming up soon m8

Maybe you should go back to her house!

Here's a link to my collection, put it in the picture because fuck imgur tracking where you got it from.


I don't want to leech off society. That's actively anti-christian.

I'm not. I need a job, and I've been getting really lazy. I stopped going to the gym also, even though I tell myself every day "today I will go".

Wasn't jesus a hippie socialist leech himself?

oh, i dont know if youre a fan of cooking but you can make rice krispies treats with any cereal really, fruit loops, fruity pebbles, cookie crisp.

Shit thread.

he cant have been that much of a leech if he would dupe your food for you.
maybe something like that friend who will invite you to play something, cheat and give you a bunch of hacked items and wonder why you arent having fun any more

Reminder >>>/webm/ >>>/wx/ and >>>/vx/ exist.

I feel like this gets worse if you're getting neet bux. Just do pushups and squats in your room when you get out of bed.


Thanks bae~

I've already accepted that I'll never get anywhere and decided to not bother wasting the effort of trying anything

Well I think just talking to her will be fine. She's pretty tall so I don't think dating is gonna happen, me being the manlet that I am. Will still be cool to talk about old times though.

Too bad it's "vidya" because the first post has a video game webm.

nice quads you fag

now post more Megumin

Very Nice.

Skin-tight suits are truely a wondrous gift.
I want more spats.

Ha maybe.

You should practice hitting on her then. If you can get the nerves to make your moves on a giant girl then girls your height and lower will be no problem!

Pretty sure most of my megumin collection is from this thread though

Lead by example friend

No, he paid his taxes. Also lewd megu content is not allowed. Please refrain from posting more.

No, I have a gym subscription, I should use it. I just need motivation. It's just hard because SOME FUCKING NIGGER STOLE MY BIKE LONG AGO SO I CAN'T GET THERE QUICK

Well that's not positive thinking user. Why couldn't you?

now uncunt yourself and get to posting

playing it whenever i had free time, really. waiting for an appointment or a friend? whip out the 3DS. that sort of thing. always practicing. of course, after around 5 months of constantly playing a year or two ago i put it down and now i'm probably trash at it. i remember i put around 410 hours into cave story just playing it over and over again and speedrunning hell. 360 of those were in the 3DS version, and i wiped it for homebrew,

Why bother working hard when others can do it?

Why not jog there? Give yourself a warmup on the way

Theres literally nothing lewd about a girl going to the beach in a swimsuit.

How do you beat soda popinski?

Yeah, I check /vr/ every so often, and they still had a fucking brownpill thread up since no one's bothered to remove it.

Unfortunately there's a real "Holla Forums or bust" mentality for where to discuss video games here. I don't think any of the other vidya boards get much traffic, and some that have in the past have since been killed due to being made a boogeyman for Holla Forums's own issues.

It still hurts.

It's not fair to the others.

Rather I walk there, then warm up by actually working out. It's just a matter of forcing myself out of the house.

Then it's merely a warning. I would like to post more megu but I think Lime hates me and would probably b& me for it.

Yeah I guess I could try that. I'll let you know how it goes when I go back to class on thursday. Hopefully I can try to get a seat near her.


I got quite a bit of them, but I don't wanna get banned for posting too much porn again.

That's the secret. Motivation is a bitch that leaves you on a whim.

Try the strategy in this video if you're really stumped: youtube.com/watch?v=UIHyurw_Hn0

It's been so long since I've played that I can't remember it clearly aside from just being very careful and abusing the fast dodge (going to the side then coming back quickly by pressing the opposite direction before the animation completes).

ayyo back in the day I had da chiken pox n a nigga played earfbound lyk wut fam lyk crazy monica shit was tight eating soup n having a wacky adventure w/ some niggas n we still tight as hell fam balee dat

how ya'll doin tonight nyckas this kid is killin me. ya boi gettin to ole for dis shit nao monica.

Same tbh

Whats your schedule like?

Oh never knew about the fast dodge thing, that'll probably help a lot!

And I never use guides! I only allow myself to ask people who played the game.

The way I see it, there's sadly a downward spiral of posters on some of the smaller boards, in that once people start to decide there's not enough people to discuss shit with, they leave, and the issue becomes self perpetuating until the board is fucking dead and everyone's back at the more broad boards instead.

As for /vr/, I suppose there's an argument to be had for whether the board even needed to exist, even back on halfchan. And there's certainly the occasional threads for discussing older systems here on Holla Forums (there's an NES one up right now). But then you get people bitching about having the same threads for the same older systems again and again, and I even see some people say the same for why Holla Forums no longer has threads for certain games that on the whole Holla Forums loves (IE: "no point to making Ghost Trick threads when it's been five or six years since it came out now).

Some of the games I've been playing recently I'd love to have more discussion on, but the series they're from have been dead for years and years, so barring sudden news about them (PSN rerelease or interviews), there's no warrant toward starting a thread that will likely only garner ten posts before just stagnating in the catalog for the next day or two.

Too bad the boards will never get traffic. I don't understand why moot even made /vr/, the board barely got any traffic to begin with.

Have a little compassion for your neighbour, user. It's the Christfag way.


Here's to hoping today is not like this past month. I need a haircut as well.

Though swat had you trapped inside your house.

Do you really got a baby now?

Being nice wont get me where I need to be.

Where do you intend to be?


Tuesdays and thursdays from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. I have a lot of downtime between classes though.

Schedule is good because it gives me the other days to work the security guard job and get some funds. I hope they call me back soon, I just need the background check to be cleared.

Mods are fags, but one more won't hurt since 3 is the limit.

feelin dat pep fam

yea nycka lil exodus monica

15th times' the charm tho, moms kinda a ho tho but she put it down tho nycka fo'real

hentai jussa meme ryt?

Post the other ones.

Hey friend I rember you from that Holla Forums thread about spoderman and jews involvment.

I need to get a haircut too. The jewfro is getting out of control
But that'd be $20 less I have to buy toy robots

If you're without Christ, you are already dead.

I don't approve of the lewd. Neither does my cat.

Nice! Hopefully you don't end up too tired from night shift or something.

You got 15 kids?

Thats all I got fam


u don't follow me on twitter ris?

You better pet that little turd burglar

I don't need a kike when I have memes.

I'm not sure either, and since then I've seen anons remark it wasn't a good idea to begin with since /vr/ topiced threads on Holla Forums were generally high quality beforehand.

A part of me wishes maybe /vg/ here was more active, as there was a general some years back on halfchan that I frequented (until the spoiler campaigns some posters went on for upcoming western releases got to be too much). It was nice being able to discuss stuff with other anons at any time of day or night. Someone tried to make a board here to serve the purpose of that thread, but there's no warrant to take a niche subgenre and make an entire board for it; part of why the general worked was that everyone just came to the same thread to discuss it.

Now I'm stuck just trying to get meagre discussion where suitable.

Her finger isn't on the trigger, it's around thd trigger guard. Some mallninjas that think fast shooting is more important that not shooting you or your team do that.

What's Holla Forums's favorite N64 game?

Jesus christ. This is why America will never be white again.

Put that cat on a diet, its unhealthy.

i'd abuse da fuq out that coon monica balee dat fasho monica

wut gaem fam

also since u don't know what da context of the shot da situation is trigger discipline might not be suitable at all fam


you welcome monica

Pokémon Snap


Maybe f zero.

Never was huge on n64 though.

Wish yall had went to Liberia, you coulda been kangz un shiiiieet


I'm still kind of sad that a lot of generals here die because of how people stop giving a shit about the game because they either play too much and get burnt out, or quit because of how shit the developers are at handling the game. Tera and Planetside 2 mainly but the Halo Online threads seem to have suffered the same fate. I don't want to touch the Gary's Mod threads because of all the shit they require you to download.

He's a weird asshole.

My hair grows faster than womens jealousy.

Your memes lead to death. You said it yourself. You know what Jesus brings you to?

I'm not the only one who thinks so it seems. He's not as fat as he looks because he is quite fluffy, but he is definitely unhealthy.

blast corps

Well I do, and I think lewd things are great.
Succubus are the best since they're so up front and innocent about it

Get the rest fam.


If I moved that cat would he die

Jesus doesn't offer everlasting tendies.

First of all, stop speaking like a nigger you tripfag. Second, the poster isn't from that scene where they cross the border.
Third, the finger belongs on the side of the gun, not on the trigger guatd, not on the slide.

This is real taste right here. Such a fucking great game.

Does Holla Forums drink Coffee? I want to get off it, but I hear earl grey tea (which is my alternative) is usually poisoned with fluoride.

Would hot chocolate be a better way to start the day?

I do but only in mornings when I have work or an interview

cliffy no


Hes definitely obese, fluff or no fluff. Keeping cats a healthy weight is easy, just measure how much food you are puttin in his bowl.

I have no energy to collect pics that aren't Ritsu.

I quit coffee for soda and energy drinks. Probably why I got a kidney stone again.

I don't know I never had an N64 and have only played a few games through the VC. At least a daycare I was at when I was young had a few games. Maybe Pokemon Snap or Paper Mario.

If you mean the general, it was a subgenre discussion of both older and newer shit at the time. Mostly because fucking Ruggarel and some other shitposters ruined Holla Forums's ability to discuss a lot of them through spam threads (though a few could escape that treatment and get good discussion), hence the demand for a general on /vg/ instead for actual discussion.

If you mean the games themselves I've been wanting more discussion of, Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts. Pretty much have had to take discussion on them in PS1 and PS2 threads, as general JRPG threads are rather rare here, as neither warrants specific threads at this point without some actual news on them.

With the general I was in back in the day, there was always reason for discussion, since as a subgenre one, people were playing and discussing both older and newer stuff, as well as upcoming releases.

Unfortunately sometime in, I want to say 2013 or so, some moonspeaking import anons decided they'd had it up to here with the west getting games we didn't deserve in English, and went on spoiler sprees to remove reason for people to play upcoming western releases, hence why I left. Though in retrospect, with the state of the localization industry, maybe the shitposters were onto something.

They're also demons, and one should purge the demons whenever they are encountered. Don't fall for their trickery.

It would be extremely rude____

Are you sure?

Coffee a shit, tea superior drinking option.

das a good one 2 monica

man I miss qadaffi monica oh liberia, aww hell naw nycka dat was ole fashion yes massuh racism as a mug monica. gawd nigga de lawd ain't gon like u sayin dat shit fam white niggas bringin out da wors partsa niggas fam

u jus gotta finda way out dem memes fam or have been born outside of dem memes to see 4 wut they is tho monica

don't tell my niggas that lol

i bus my gat a lot i neva new dat tho fam you sound how my cellmate sounded after i'd turn him out tho monica booty blasted fo'real fo'real monica

yea I cain't quit dat brown dragon neitha monica earl grey shouldn't have fluoride in the tea itself, it'd be in da water which gon b in whateva u make less u got a sprang or sumn in da cut u know. n e way monica hot chocolate's got sugar n shit so idk normally dat shit kinda mess w/ me if i start eatin on da sugar too early but i'm blak so a nigga got dem #sugarproblems

You taking that citric acid like I prescribed?

I need to sleep but by tomorrow I expect you to have made that fluffy weirdo purr at least once
On a related note, goodnight

Sometimes but I always make too much and have to drink it all and it makes me jittery as fuck


Boss tier coffee, coming through.

Most of it was them just being anally pained, but they were right. Too bad they were dumb enough to think shit localization was better than no localization.

Where did he say that we get tendies?

They are nice and I will feed the semon deamons however I like.

ayyo do 1 w/ da cripple polnareff tho fam dat shit b tight monica

dat summa dat cuban shit monica?


So that's what this old song is named after.

Sorry fam, white makes right.

Nah but I did put some lemon juice stuff in a drink earlier.

Night peko!

So how is the happening DMX, have you been having those collaborations

I knew something was off about that stand.
A TV that big and wide would have been some horrible rear projection monster back then.

happening? watchu mean fammo

Oh, you were another former /jrpgg/ poster from back then? Glad to know I'm not the only one here. I left after the spoiler campaigns for Xillia 2 and Hearts R. I can only imagine what they did when TitS SC got confirmed for a for sure western release, given what a NEVEREVER that game was considered prior.

Too bad >>>/jrpg/ here is dead, but again, I'm not sure the topic needed an entire board.

Aren't you a born again Christian, x?

I don't feed him, unfortunately. I warn my parents but they don't heed my advice. Also stop drinking energy drinks.

Goodnight. I will try to do so.

I didn't say he did. I merely would like to know how much you know.

You're as good as pic related.

If you're putting minute maid or that fake ass lemon juice that comes in a green plastic bottle in your drinks & still thinking that's real lemon I will stop talking to you forever. You're beyond help at that point.

hell yea but i'll still slang pies out the bando fam u already kno what it is monica ain't no thang fam plz monica balee dat nycka peace


Fluoride calcifies in your pineal glad to the point where it'll have as much as your teeth. Hitler used it to pacify the Jews for a reason.

I was usually too busy on /vp/ to go to much other boards.

I know all I need to know.

Well tell your folks a weeaboo on the internet told them to stop that.

And yeah yeah. I only got 1 more for after I get done with this cold them I'm off the junk.

Nah squeezed lemon. I'm from the south, I can ask for lemon sweet tea whenever.

But I just need some DMT to flush it out, right Mr. Rogan?

Don't really follow Bazerk.

It's in the water supply if you're a burger, so you'll have to keep flushing it out or buy one of my filters.

That's Griffith. He's the guy who did nothing wrong.

Thank god.

Quite a bit. Hope you have some tyedye ready

Oh. Kind of miss the drawthreads they had there.

I want to cuck Griffith's armour.

M-me too.

You should try learning more, you'd be amazed at some things.

The first thing I wound use to describe you wouldnt be a weeb. :^)

Your loss, it's a great manga.

The board was generally pretty comfy. I remember it being a haven for tripfags when it first started out because they kept getting banned from eveywhere else.

Make your own teas by skinning fruit and drying the skins in the oven at ~60C for a while.
Just don't do what that one guy did and make tea out of random herbs in the garden.

Well to be fair the nogs aren't good at technical details so they probably forgot what CRT TVs are

Has your music been doing good


But knowing too much is a bad thing.

What happened to him?

Aww it'd be friend wouldn't it?

I saved it 3 days ago. Don't remember where though.

He tried to play the original deus ex but lost feeling in his legs or something and couldn't reach the mouse.

Even more impressive.

He was a hero.

YOOOO monica A. Jones up in heyuh?!?!

what up family

nah jus summa dat DMX monica c'mon buy my albums nigga retail plz nigga i'm broke fam plz it's for da keedz fam


i think i remember dat shit fam

was it durin sleazin season?

Pity level: zero

Oh I am laffin

Read the filename.


Honestly, the min things I bothered with /vp/ for back in the day were the drawthreads and the wifi generals. Overall the board was really just a containment board, but it did have a purpose beyond that at times, and some of the artists were pretty good.

Might as well post a few things I'd requested in those thread, since it's not like I ever get a chance to post them anyhow.

These were done over five years ago now.

Also, I like the other Alacrity Daemon image some user made with the Gondolas in it.

What does that do

nigga lookin lyk scholmo 2 fam i know it ain't perfect monica


All I know is that they Showderp is so shit that Zarel was chimp

What a shame.

I really liked the board-tan designs, even if they were just clear copies of the protagonists of the games.

Off to sleep. Until next time. Try reaching out to God!

That's what Kek wants you to believe. Don't trust him, he's primordial chaos.

I really was going to be a fag and say that, but now I instead I'll go with loser. You ruined it!

I want to play more D&D because my character is very much like Griffith in his way of thinking and his goals. Furthermore, he's actually a max level wizard that has had his powers sealed away as well as imprisoned in a body of worms. Currently he wishes to champion a princess' cause in order to secure her position as a monarch (and possibly marry her) to grow in renown and political power. Next session I plan to start a mercenary band with my party, with myself as leader. Only my DM has read Berserk, and he has hinted that there may be something similar to the behelit ritual to break the enchantment that seals away my powers in the future.

It took 6 hours and 44 minutes to download the 55gb torrent of Eva. Please kill me.

What are you, a pleb?

Looks like it's a plant that can get you high but also kill you

how much eva is there? I only watched the original run.

Night reggie!
Come home soon.

Who was zarel again?

Huh? I never bothered to pay much attention to that, though I don't think I frequented it much after 2012 or so.

Most I know of those games is the time the fullderp here blew the fuck out out of halfderp in a match and only after the fact did they realize they'd fought /vp/.

/wfg/ was the shit. Those guys helped me out so much back in the day.

He's the owner of showdown, an online battle sim

The files are really bloated for 1080p episodes. They look really good though.

Kek is Chaos not in the way you think but in that he's the Lightbringer and a way of change
You ever wonder why Tzeneesh is a Chaos God even though he's the god of Change, same shit but the change Kek brings is light

Datura flowers and thorns, when brewed into tea, make a person hallucinate vividly. For about 18 hours. Not colorful fractals or fluid patterns, either, but just plain stuff that isn't there, like some horrible wide-awake fever dream.
people commonly report having conversations with people-sized spidersin their living roomsas well as smoking phantom cigarettes
On the list of things that could make a person wander out into traffic, it's about at the top.

One of the most pro-drug informational sites out there refuses to even give out dosage recommendations, something they'll freely give out if you're searching for meth or oxycontin. That should give you some idea how horrible it is.


After playing a game a while back, that burning city just brings to mind a quote said over a city in the game burning. Only time you ever hear one of the minor characters in it speak, too.

Same. Still thankful to someone there that made it possible for me to do a nostalgia runthrough of HG by trading me a Chikorita and Cyndaquil egg a few hours before the DS wifi was completely shut down.

I'm now imagining Wolfspider wanting to rape me why I'm drinking tea but because he's pathetic he fails

You lack vision.

Why aren't you posting the quote?

I'll never understand why people do this. There are much safer deliriants.
People who do nutmeg are pretty stupid too

I'm never coming back, sorry.

Zarel is a gay spic who made showdown

Also one of my favourites is pic related

oh boy, I forgot all about that

I even knew a guy in high school who fell for the jenkem meme. I still insist that was made up by some bored troll at that Florida sheriff's department, it's just too hilarious

Also, if you were starting a new Diablo 1 character, which class would you pick and why? There are no wrong answers here except "rogue"

Personal favorite of mine was when a specs kyogre hit with sheer cold 6 consecutive times
You get to see some crazy shit there

Best I've seen like that is when I got a Fissure kill with a Boom Boom

Remember when some faggots met 4/v/ and beat them?

Needed to double check the quote
Just something about the Alacrity Demon standing in that Holla Forums town as it fries.

I never paid much attention to Showderp or Fullderp, really. Except for .

Is the game worth looking out for?

I think every time that happens I just miss it

Don't worry, I either forgot or missed a bunch of shit that happened here and on cuckchan before everyone moved over.

I've yet to see fullderp lose to showderp actually.

Warrior. Magic is for squares

I remember that too

Because we're the superior imageboard.

If you like PS2 era JRPGs, then yeah, I'd say Shadow Hearts is worth looking into. Nice mix of alternate history earth and dark/low fantasy setting, which you don't see much. Shame the game's a tad expensive and hard to find, even after apparently having been reprinted somewhere around 2004 (I'd say).

Honestly, I'd thought I'd bad ended myself there, but it turned out to just be the halfway point.

I once wanted to go and take over the halfderp so I could challenge the fulldepr and laugh at halfderp and then I realised I maybe shit but I'm not halfderp shit so there is no need



Monica is his Wife

Born too early to explore the earth, born too late to explore the galaxy, born just in time to resurrect an ancient chaos god through shitposting and become a meme psycher for the imperium of man.

I'll just modchip my PS2.

But if you did, you could shitpost about how it was all a ruse and even when there's a win, it's actually cripplechan doing it again.

I mean, it's not .hack or Rule of Rose tier expensive by a long shot, but it's still a good $40-50. Still, if you're just going to play it from a hard drive with a PS2 or something, you shouldn't have an issue.

If you wind up liking it, the game has a direct sequel to its bad end in the form of Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

I'm going to end up forgetting about it because I end up trying to get a fuckload of Genesis games to play through.

Also, here's these WIP images if you're wanting more general information on the series.

or alternatively the second american civil war when hillary rigs the ballot.

Either way, something's going to happen. Ideally though if they're forced to rig for her, I've seen speculation it would be an Austria-tier situation (or wherever it was recently in Europe that got rigged against), where there's clearly more votes in the count than there are actual eligible voters in the nation, to the point everyone can see something fishy happened.

Still, Trump needs to get in, and hopefully he will. Would be nice if the libs self deport to Canada or something like some of them claim they would.

Fucking hell, I meant to hit spoiler image instead of do not bump. Wish they had one to the left and one to the right at the bottom of the replay box, instead of right above and below each other.

why not mexico?;^)


>dreamt about masturbating to circular saws last night
I'm going to make it, right faggots?

We got enough of those faggots here, please no

I'm not sure they're progressive enough and desperate enough to want to get away from the golden one to want to move to cartel-land just yet.

nutmeg hard to get down tho n mostly not worf it dis datura shit got a nycka piqued tho

nah monica tashera was my wife ya'll r monicas


What operation?

Do yourself the favor and tell whoever's on staff that you don't want to tell them how to do their job, but that they need to make sure to monitor your anathesia.

Oh right she left you Are you a cuck

Sedation, not general anaesthesia.

You'll be fine.

Oh. Well, still, what you having done?

Puling wisdom teeth.

I had that done a year or two back. Some chocolate pudding helps with dealing with just how bloody everything tastes for a while afterward.

Weren't you complaining in the threads around that time about how shit it was?

Fuck, I just come in here every couple months if I wake up really early and can't go back to sleep for whatever reason.

There were avatarfags were here a year ago. Virtually all of them left and were replaced though.

It's time for me to clock out.
Gonna go hit up gamestop for the new Project Diva game since I realized I was paying $2 less to wait a week to get it.
See you later.

This happened almost a year ago
Let that sink in

bye buddy


I'm making slow progress on conquering the west.

What's worse is that it's not used as the reason to nuke the threads.

He actually did it the madman

So do you get a different ending if you leave the Swastica alone

I genuinally wonder if Huey ever done it and it wasn't a masterful shitpost this whole fucking time

We'll never know. I hope it was just top tier shitposting.

I have no idea. They declared war on me so I'm just retaliating in kind.

Knowing Huey you can't rule out either, in a way this is like a Strodingers Cat sort of thing, in which as long as we don't know weather the shower was shat or a ruseit it can be considered both shat on and also a ruse


But what if this was his goal all along? What if he pretended to not pretend to do it to mess with everyone?

My Keyboard is shit

Dubs confirm

It's too late to feel anything but fear.

Tough decision here.

Nah I'm beyond fear, what ever this shit is let it come as long as we can stop the current order

Touch the boob. Do it now.

The next order will be worse.

Not if it's a White Ethnostate

Thanks our decision the nation that sent the envoy declared war on me.

Woah man, it's 2016, we don't need to go crazy now.

Year of the Fire Monkey will be followed by year of the Fire Cock
Are you excited

I'm excited for the day that all white males are purged.

If by White Males you mean Jews all fine by my

Reported to the JIDF and the ADL. Enjoy your ban.

They're now the Jew Internet Destructing Force and the Adolf DidNuffinWrong League



he then injected me with steroids

I'd have to get other kinda spiders then since all mine are WolfSpiders and that's not really a theme as such

but I'm honestly suprised I didn't get banned with that new loose rule, is what I would say if I didn't just get banned just now but the post that was banned was the one telling it how it is with the mod team, stay fucking salty you half baked pussy maggots

you're a fucking retard if you thought you had to in the first place, honestly any cunt who feels like they have to be special and have all their fucking posts read other wise it's a circle jerk hug box is the bloody reason in the first place why proper circle jerk hug boxs happen

just get a life changing medical problem like me

Shoo shoo pedo Holla Forums

it was also a weird yellow and green clear colour

It's all the bad parts flowing out of you. Do not be afraid.

the jumping spiders scare me most

I still feel the needle, in both knees since I had me other one do awhile ago with the same issue

Become one with the needle.

I may as well at this point, I've had so many for blood taken that you could stick 30 in me arm and it wouldn't be a problem

that is scary man it's a big needle right that's more like hose?

You should have taken your vitamins and said your prayers


well I had ultra sound on me knee so the doctor knew more what he was doing with it so he took it on the side which is a hell of alot better then what happened with me other knee that went in through the front of it with a very large needle

I take lots of vitamin me every day and pray to nothing for good measure too

How about this?

Should have done it more.

that poor train, so brave, so pure

I'm as upset as you are.

holy shit it took me forever to realize that was a bear.

ouch do they have it like propped up for there or do you just lay there and they come down on it?

dude that's a bear

Speaking of bears, I have this attack that left no survivors.

lets get even then

I was sitting up for this one and the last one with the much bigger needle was just me sitting down

We can solve that by you taking off your pants and bending over.

doctor told me to rest up for today so I will take off me cloths and bend back into my chair


I think that racoon is rabid..

is there more coming too is that why hes telling you rest or just general advice?

It's as rabid as your sex life. Not at all.

I think he was into me though

just general advice and being good at his job I suppose, think he was a turk though which is kinda surprising actually

this shit is pretty comfy

He was just trying to make it easy for you.

who bastard is this?

I know but it's weird since I'm more used to people being a cunt to me

That's what you get for shitposting a little too hard irl.

possibly although I don't really talk much irl, I'm not the shy type, just care not to talk

Low Tier God. SF streamer known for rage quitting, ranting, racism against blacks a lot of typically bad stuff but he makes it entertaining somehow because he's such a wreck mentally.

It's either a complete act or he's completely bought in to his own BS it's hard to tell. But he doesn't handle trash talk well and whenever anyone in the FGC has actually called him out he's gotten put in his place and he's going through a Brendan Fraser phase at this point.

Like Picasso

oh I so that's why he was familiar, I saw him talk shit and get wreked by someone far better then him, is everyone in the fucking fightan community like this shit? where they're "big men" in their groups but are bloody trash irl

Maybe you should offer to hold tea sharing parties.

I would honestly like that if there was vidya involved

Maybe someday your country will evolve into the typical American state and you'll share hamburgers.

oh you want my meaty Angus burgers eh? well maybe if you're a good boy

We can share tips on how to cook them and the best seasoning for different types of meat. Although, yours will be objectively inferior.

fuck I'd happily let you be superior to me in cooking if you were cooking for me, I'm not going to lie I'm no chief

Only if you switch to the Imperial system and drive on the right side of the road.

I'll see you on the field of battle at noon

I think with the top players and probably older guys there's a sense of respect amongst that prevents a lot of it, also now a days there's sponsors and streams to take into consideration.
Any local I've been to though there's a lot of blustering and immaturity that takes away from the fun as while I like the competitive aspect I realize it's just a hobby and I'm not winning anything of any note should I even come close.

LTG got beat by Viscant in a pretty embarrassing money match for him (even though it wasn't his money) because it looked like he gave up and Viscant never took Street Fighter IV very seriously as he's more of a Marvel guy.

LTG got banned from Twitch awhile back now for instance. He talked shit about a tranny and made a lot of homophobic comments but I'm not sure if that was why they ultimately took him down. He's doing it for cash if you watched the whole vid he's begging for subs and thanking people for donating cause he got his hours cut or some shit.

I can't wait.

almost but not worse then dsp tier shit, got it

which noon you'll have to guess but if you don't turn up I win so get it right

I'll let you decide, because I'll win. Especially when you can't even purchase spoons without an ID

he is called the black dsp

although he's surprisingly never been swatted. but I'm guessing if he were BLM wouldn't even care.

well you can't even purchase fun, so I win life, you nerdlord

no doubt

But I have the freedom to purchase spoons without an ID.

well you have the freedom to be a fag too and you're sure taking that liberty

It's ok to be upset about how we declared independence and are more relevant than you are. You at least tried something in WW2 until we came in and saved all of you.

look where that got you though, a mess of a country that's shitting up everything around it