Game has multiple endings

How come no game does this?

The only game I can think of that does this is Drakengard. The first ending leads to Drakengard 2, and the fifth and final ending leads to Nier


First one that came to mind, yeah.

Doos Ecks HuRr?

It's literally thre only example and what OP based his ebin redtext story off of

I was actually thinking inFamous 2, but that works.




We had this thread before.

We had this board before.

MGSV and SHEnmue?

No Man's Sky?

MGSV has no climax.


That would take actual care and effort and the industry currently is caught in a lowest common denominator race to the bottom.

why almost no game does that? why do we always have to play the "hero"?

or ending.

Interestingly with the Shadow Hearts series, the continuity of the first three games (Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant) take place after the bad endings of their predecessors. What's neat though is that both of Shadow Hearts' endings are actually canon, due to the way Covenant works out. A quote from a recurring character in the series during FtNW states that he had never witnessed the Emigre ritual himself prior (“Surprisingly, they were nearing success. Never before had anyone successfully performed the Ceremony of Emigre…As a magician, and as a scientist, I couldn’t resist my desire to see the moment of its completion.”) hence why he was where he was on that day (in Covenant, the ritual simultaneously succeeds and fails, sadly). Ergo, the ritual during the events of Covenant in the timeline FtNW is on never happened, because it never had to happen in the first place, thus FtNW does not take place after the events of Covenant the way the player experiences it, but an alternate version where some unfortunate circumstances wind up avoided (the seal at Apoina Tower still breaks though).

Spiritual successor to Ghost Trick when?

Pretty sure Soul Nomad allows for that, at least on a second playthrough.

the one i know of is Soul Nomad and that's it.

Isn't that what the Legend of Zelda games do with the new official nintendo-approved timeline?

Ocarina of Time, the branching point of the timeline in question, really only has one ending (unless you count Game Overs but then every fucking game has a branching timeline in that case), so I don't think it's a good example.



The thing with the Zelda timeline is that the split timeline worked, but only for the games directly connected to it. Stuff like the Capcom games (Four Swords, FSA, Minish Cap) and the early games (LoZ, Zelda II, Link's Awakening, ALttP) could have worked as their own standalone continuties. Unfortunately Nintendo apparently thought it would be a good idea to try to force them all into the same split timeline, albeit as a triple split with the third split being off the idea that Link dies in OoT without being Ganondorf.

I would assume there's some leeriness of letting the player be that much of an unrepentantly vile dickhead/villain, to the point that it doesn't happen much in most games, and in ones with choices you're given the choice between "Good" and "Asshole, but still good."

I certainly wouldn't expect it to happen much in [CURRENT YEAR] either, given how with Bravely Second NoA or Square-Enix or whoever didn't think westerners could handle the initial routes all having some amount of failure (with the idea that the characters learn from their experiences and can go back later and find a better outcome) to them, as that might have hurt people's feelings.

I always took that to mean a theoretical third route where Link puts the Master Sword back, disappears (time travel bs/"resting"), and is never heard from again in that timeline

Beating Ganondorf, I mean.

You guys will never guess the game

Name that series, Holla Forums

Everyone seem to love DMC4, but I always thought that it was pretty bad and a big step down compared to DMC3 except for style switching, that was later modded in.
But then Donte showed up.

Underrated post.

MGSV has an ending. There's just no high point of interest or build up, it just ends.

Street Fighter

Paper Mario, assuming you mean the crossover with Mario and Luigi by that third bit?


Ratchet and Clank

I SURE did

I've seen plenty of liking for A Crack in Time from anons, so I find that doubtful.

Will there ever be a sonic game as good as this ever again?

more like a snore in time


Zero Escape

>Third game has the ending the second game takes place as in a bad ending, the motive for some characters is for that ending not to happen. The true ending is that the events of the game never happened due to time travel bullshit. As well one of the bad endings made the main antagonist be born.
>Also you flirted with your daughter in the second game

To be fair, even that's only like 1/3rd of a good game. The Tails and Eggman levels are boring, and the Knuckles/Rouge segments suck fat dick.

Pumpkin Hill is the fucking shit though.


Cheeki Breeki - Shadowed by Rubles

It was impossible to get any of the other wishgranter endings unless you gunned for them

That's fair, nostalgia is a type of amnesia after all



No I meant that wasn't the game I had in mind.

Deus Ex MD?

I honestly hope the new Paper Mario bombs. It was bad enough with their horrible translations for niche games and not even bothering giving shit like Fatal Frame 5 a physical release with the Wii U's disgraceful 8-32gb harddrive, but their E3s were the worst, it's enough of a fuck you to make me not want to buy a new Nintendo console or game ever.

I'm still fucking anal about Fed Farce, SMT x FE, Amiibo Parade, and Chibi Robo being made into a platformer.




But, Hitler, Max Payne 3 is a fan fic!

Is it NiER, then? Of which one of the endings only exists in novel format?


Silent Hill 2?


Can I get a hint?

I don't think any hint will help you, but I will give one.




Yeah I give up. Donkey Kong is the only thing that hint is making me think of, and that's fucked me up beyond repair.

Well like I said, nobody will ever guess it.

So you should just tell us. Then you'll forever solidify how correct you are because nobody guessed it.

How badly do you want to know?

None of us are going to send you nudes, faggot.

Corpse party do that. Sort of.

Now this is enraging. I seriously hate innecesary sequels and sequels in general, like No More Heroes 2.

I bet you liked the Werehog parts in unleashed. Also, the OST saves both Mecha and Treasure hunting stages.

You can play again, tho, there's a PC port, and it's pretty good.

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The only thing I'd really been interested in with the Wii U was XCX, and NoA and 8-4 killed all desire for that.

No real desire for a 3DS at this point either.

minus the sequel part, you just described most light novels and "galge"


But seriously would any of you ever even think about the game ever again if I just gave it away that easily?

We might fucking play it and have actual fucking opinions of it to talk about.

Wont know until you spill the fucking bananas.

So, Drakengard and NieR?
How about
>only the first one is good
Why is there only one game that does this?

Because it would be extremly expensive and most players wouldn't see all the content anyway. Imagine if they made ME4 and had to make a version where all the reapers are dead, a version where shepard controls the reapers as the galaxy peace keepers and a version where all life is a mix betwen robots and organics.

I am personally a big fan of edging. So how about another hint.

Violent Road to Death

I'd say in a way, any more-or-less direct sequel (or prequel, for that matter) to a game that wraps up nicely can be considered unnecessary. That said, whether said sequel is still actually good or not depends on the game (whether it further nuances gameplay instead of dumbing shit down, respects the past game and what fans enjoyed about it, etc).

It's called spin-offs, so yeah, it's possible. Players will explore the content eventually, and if not, piracy exists.

Here, is not recent, but you never said anything about it. It better be good.

I was joking about the dick pic friend.

You should have been more clear about that.

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If it weren't for "bananas" I would say Shadow of Memories/Destiny.


Donkey Kong Country 2?

Another hint



Also in this game the main god is a frog.

This is best path of journey in rpg

Iter Vehemens ad Necem/IVAN. That was a really obscure one, I never would've guessed it. Had to search the hint.

Command and Conquer does this in Red Alert. Allies win > Red Alert 2, Soviets win > Command and Conquer.

Yep Valpurus really gave it away though.

Command and Conquer does this



Money. Next question.

Now this would be a good game. It obviously implies either that the game continually produces new goals for the player to accomplish, or that the player can set an infinite number of goals for themselves.
KSP is one example. In concept it is one of the few "perfect" games, since you can always just add more shit to you space station, or drive a rover up that mountain. The only limitation is the size of the solar system, which can be increased with mods and even vanilla offers more than a couple of thousand hours playtime.
The only flaw is the shit devs using a shit engine and "releasing" a shit game as a result.

You mean the joke ending. The official (canon) ending is the Batter ending.

Nah, Second Son is obviously after the "Cole becomes the Beast and starts a war ending"
It just so happens that Seattle is far enough away from New Marias that the government has decided to use propaganda to convince the public there is no war. That's why conduits are now mainstream and being studied by the government. They need every advantage they get if they want to defeat Cole.

Zeke got snuck out of New Marias by the CIA and lies to Deslin so he doesn't go try to join up with Cole's army.

That sounds like space ape talk to me, son.

Wait wut, there's multiple endings in SoC?

Technically there's 7, you join C-Conscious, you destroy C-Conscious, and the 5 Wishgranter endings which fuck you up in different ways depending on what criteria you meet. It's just that the other 4 wishgranter endings are hard as fuck to get since everyone is always rich by that point so Strelok's wish is always "I want to be rich"

Guess the game


Also, Fallout would nearly work if 3 and NV switched places


because that's too much fucking work

Why would it be too much work? You're basically making two games by reusing nearly the same assets for both.

The only difference would be the writing and VA, and those two are much, much cheaper than getting the gameplay off the ground and placing the assets in the game.

I'm actually surprised no one has actually though of doing something like this.

it's the steins:gate game

What about a game with an optional evil route and a good rood with a sequel where you have to beat the bad guy again, except you lose all your powers then near the end it's revealed you were never really playing the hero from the first game after the good ending, you're playing some other schmuck after the bad ending of the first game.

first sequels; they make 2 games and it takes almost twice as long as the first game did, second sequels; they make 4 games and so on

oh and you still have to pay for all the games

You must not have read the thread because the NieR/Drakengard games do exactly this.




For what purpose?

Also off the top of my head Darkness 2, XIII and Beyond good & evil all suffer from this.

The problem with KSP is that once you've maxed out the tech tree, it never gets any easier to do shit. I suppose they wanted to stick with "realistic" space technology, but that's pretty shit when it takes literal hours to do an orbital transfer to an outer planet because there's no warp drive and you still have to build everything at the KSC and launch it into space like a pleb because there's no orbital factories or space elevators. And yeah, yeah, there's mods for all that kinda stuff, I'm sure, but it's a clusterfuck trying to find the right ones and too many mods makes the game run like garbage anyway.

fucking disgaea, man


le dark souls meme?

This is the best possible ending. Especially if the area is large and has a specific aesthetic to it. It rarely happens, in fact, I can't remember when it has ever happened.

Furi has that before the ending / potential final boss.

Just like your virgin ass.

I think SOMA does this.

You'd be wrong