Mfw all you do is kill some guys and then run to the next puzzle


i too judge games by the first 30 minutes


What do you expect, it's a game made for people that cant play games.

Is there a name for this kind of game? I don't mean action adventurer, I mean these games that allow casual audiences to play cinematic stories cleverly disguised as video games so they can think they've taken part in 'video games'. Quick time events, low-effort shooting combat where you have regenerating health, cover fucking everywhere and easy shooting and no real gameplay depth. It's the Skyrim of Linear games.

You are doing it wrong man.

Streamlined, casualized, cinematic.

dude I can watch a movie while intermittently tapping "x" on my ps4 controller whenever I feel like it…I shouldn't have to pay $50 for the privilege

ps4 has totally failed to capitalize on the huge multiplayer potential of the console…I'm all set playing sword wielding NEETs in between wistful bouts of masturbation



7th gen was a mistake

The fact that it requires you to be PS+ to play online, and that they recently increaced the PS+ subscription price doesn't help either.

who cares about the story in games when the game play is far better

Of course it does. Could have still taken that title by getting a 1/10.

I mean, where is a simple, fun co-op like left4dead? I guess overwatch was okay…but I think the business model of the big game developers is going away from replayability. Now they just want our 60 bucks for a quick fix…and then they hope to get us to make the same mistake three months later

Ive missed a ton of stuff in the past that Im getting to know now, why the fuck would I buy a machine with no games to play one of the many inferior versions of Dark Souls?

Im playing Ghotic right now, shits fun as fuck.


user, go to sleep

Kill yourself


user no. I've had a blast doing chalices with a bro in bloodborne, and as far as local coop goes, there's a shitload of stupid 4-player local coop games, and if you are PS+ chances are you get a bunch of them for free, most of them suck though. I've really had a lot of fun with local coop in Rocket League, Hell Divers, all of the Trine games (3 kinda sucked but oh well) and a lot of other games, last week we played that shitty tetris towers. And it's definetly easier than hooking a lot of controlers to you PC, at least for me, since my PC is in my room and my PS4 is in my living room, with a couch and a big TV, and the fact that I have to plug the DS4s with a wired conection on my PC.


Having fun with a PC doesn't mean you can't have fun with a console user.

Why all the hate though, Sony fans assure me it's a worthwhile series, I haven't heard a single reason as to why it's worthwhile but it's apparently worthwhile.

Kill yourself.

isnt dark souls like, uh, an inferior version of tomb raider?


What fucking video games do you play where you can't judge it based on the first 30 minutes?

Uncharted is amazingly mediocre, it's not terrible but it's just not fun at all, it doesn't do anything new and what it does it doesn't do it anything better than older games and it's filled to the brim with QTEs, but for many casuals that just don't know any better, this is excelent 10/10 just because it isn't fundemantally broken and it has pretty graphics.

wow this guy a HARDCORE GAMER watch out guys he can game you so bad your gamesmanship will get all gamed up and gamey damn sorry bro dont game me down

I'm still confused because people here swear by it, maybe it's a mad as fuck bait I don't understand


i dunno but that guy is a faggot

Enjoy your 3 worthwhile builds and dissapointing lore
I have more possibilities for fun with a Caddilac than with a Cadillac ELR than with a Volkswagen Bettle

I wasnt the one off by one fam

No, its the inferior version of Kings Field

Back to the Overwatch general with you Reddit

They are really nothing special at all, but if you are really instered you can probably pick up the Nathan Drake Collection (1 through 3) for really cheap, but as somebody that had played them all I wouldn't really recommend it. Also, the Drake Collection removed the local coop misions, which were fun as fuck with a bro

I wasn't the one who was surprised at sequential digits in a specially designated id.

I don't play with trash, I dispose of it.

It's the very definition of a bland shooter. Like at least 2 had fun characters and looked beautiful for a PS3 title but it just isn't fun to play at all compared to other games that came out around the same time last gen. Granted the multiplayer for 2 was fun but it has to be dead now. There's seriously nothing worth playing in that came compared to contemporary TPS'.

Old console games are fun as fuck, it's just a shame that there are less and less great console games now, especially ones that don't get eventually ported to PC now

>caring about builds at all, not just using what you find most fun and just going with it, and winning anyways because you are good
You know, sometimes when people say git gud they really mean it, you don't have to always use the absolute, most broken build there is to win, you can always just you know, win because you were a better player. This is specially true for Bloodborne where you can pretty much roll out with anything.

I think you meant

This is an incredibly stupid analogy, a car will get you to point A to point B whatever the case, a PC cannot play console exclusive games unless emulation exists, and even then it's never the same thing.

Stop being so autistic about people liking different stuff than you user.

Its 10/10 user, buy a PS4 and the whole collection for it.

How fucking new are you?

You dont masturbate in the junkyard?
What do you do there?

games works best when it gives you a decent sized arena to climb / grapple, and enemies to dispose of, there was just too much fluff that was not that part. needed more meat and potatoes.

the rest is just buissy work to do while the narrative moves forward which wasnt even interesting this time because there was no supernatural element. the flashbacks sucked.

I feel like we do get more ports now, I mean it might take a lot of time but even Dragon's Dogma came out after years of people asking for it. I do agree that the overall quality in general is worse, so really there are less games I would like to be ported, and the ones I would either doesn't get ported or take waaaay too long Or in case of the xbone, are windows 10 exclusive

No, really, explain to us why the story in Uncharted 4 is any good and worth playing the game for? It's bog standard and actually shits itself towards the end by having the villain fuck off without providing either a satisfying boss fight, or her own comeuppance because the devs realized that having Nate kill a stronk black womyn would be offensive. Thus shitting on the story and the gameplay.

Most of the game's grander setpieces are literal press X to continue cutscenes, with the player's skill not being taken into account whatsoever, platforming that can be done with one hand.

You get into the ocassional gunfight that's kind of fun, but again, nothing special.

Uncharted 4 is the epitome of everything wrong with the Cinematic experience direction for development.

They're gonna port Win 10 exclusives to Steam, absolutely nobody cares for #Win10fam, look at Quantum Break or that Remedy game.

I agree though, we get a ton of ports. And because of that it makes me less tempted to get a PS4 or Xbone when their "exclusive" is probably going to get brought over. And I sure as fuck am not buying a new Nintendo console with how much they shat the bed.

why did the last of us work?

basically the same game

I can't recall any QTE's or press X to continue moments in uncharted 4. And story is a retarded reason only PC gamers use when it comes to playing a game.

Destiny awaits
But Knack faints
Still one game
For the PS4

Emulating Viewtful Joe right now, shits tight

Enjoy your streamlined piece of shit

My analogy fits well, get a fucking brain

Open the Door
Get on the Floor
Still no Games
For the PS4

quantum break is that remedy game. it flopped so hard on win10 store its coming to steam.

I hope you are right

I bought my PS4 for Bloodborne since I'm a huge souls fan and don't regret it, and of course multiplats are always better when played on PC, a console still has it uses for a game like me that loves to get together with friends and play local coop games or fighting games.

Speaking of Caddies
Dead Rising soon son

Man you really are retarded

i put uncharted 4 and last of us in the same boat, the meat and potatoes was good in the middle of the game after they already introduced most mechanics and weapons and they gave you space to move around, choose your approach, and enemies to deal with. story progression in these parts were fast and control being taken away was more brief.

the story while good for a game was just ok overall, and often got in the way of gameplay / pacing.

local co-op games are unicorns these days, when your friends are over what do you play?

Not gonna mention the two fights with Queen Nigress where no matter what you do she counters all your attacks and beats you up? Complete with a segment where you have to mash triangle to break from her grasp but it doesn't matter how fast or how well you do it? Nor is it avoidable?

Oh, good, you're just a faggot baiting. Well I'll keep going anyway, just because.

The gameplay isn't bad, but it's nothing to write home about, and the story gets in the way far too often to make the game worth playing for it.

TLoU could've been entertaining if the emphasis was placed less on slow walking segments and shitty ladder puzzles so characters could talk without the player interrupting them, and more on surviving in a hardcore post apocalyptic environment. Sadly, ND thinks they're the gods of storytelling.

Aint happening, Remedy cut ties with Microshit and Nordic Games is publishing that piece of shit.

Jesus Christ
What a lost chance

Great argument my friend

SFV and Call of Duty
Bet he doesnt even own EDF 4.1



mostly stuff that came for free from PS+, Rocket League, Helldivers, Broforce, the Trine trilogy, Abyss Oddysey, Gauntlet, Magicka 2, Chariot, Guacamelee, Spelunky, probably more but I can't remember right now. And then there's fighting games which I don't think I need to name, and other local pvp games like Amplitude or that one tetris they gave out last week, which you now, are much more fun when you play it with a friend in the same room than online.

Sounds reasonable

i would take that any time of the day, instead of a women that raids tombs and manage to kill an army of men by herself


im ok with this

when you learn how she's an extremely high skilled mercenary captain who is in peak physical condition (and a nigger) it makes sense that she can kick the ass of two aging, untrained treasure hunters

Im sure you are Druckmann

Kill yourself.

A 120 pound women couldn't kick the ass of 2 decent sized grown men no matter how good she was at fighting.

Fuckin hell. Time flies by.

Nate is basically responsible for who knows how much genocides in 3 games, how is this acceptable Naughty Dog employee?

drake and sam get outskilled by someone who knows how to fight better

It isn't. It's only 3 years old.

The PS3 on the other hand is 10 years old soon, and the 360 will turn 11 this year. It's got support for this long.


Doesn't matter how good she is at fighting, the only way a girl could take down 2 men would be if she landed a perfect kick to their balls, otherwise shes getting mobbed and overpowered.

and raped

I think the best review of this game was done in a series of videos by Joseph Anderson. He goes over pretty much every aspect of the game.

Basically, it has the best story in the series, the most refined mechanics in the series, is visually beautiful, and boring as hell for anyone who wants interesting gameplay. The way he sums it up is that it's a game for people who want to play games, but don't play a lot of games and thus leaving us with the biggest mystery of the century as to how this game gets good scores from video game reviewers.

Wow, you only see that series of 4 digits in that order every 1000 posts.


Its because they dont play games, thats why they like it so much. And these people are in charge of reviewing games.

they barely get to fight her 2 on 1, so it's reasonable that someone in better shape and more skilled than they are would win.

You're talking like men and women are the same. That scene is about as realistic as Chris Redfield punching the boulder in RE5.


I fucking hate this game, especially that sequence when Nate stops his brother (who didn't exist until U4) from killing the stronk woman who was payed to kill them and kept beating up Nate and even threw him out of the window in a previous chapter.

Duckmann managed to destroy the Uncharted franchise with its shitty story, dumb characters (invincible and untouchable Stronk Woman™), weird decisions (Nate has a brother who didn't exist until now, Sully is a random background character, Chloe is non-existant), awful generic music (not hiring Greg Edmonson was a huge mistake) and disgusting ending.

tfw Naughty Dog went from Crash Bandicoot to "muh cinematic experience".

They went from Jak to cinematic experience you fucking nigger

The whole game is like this, same for 3. Sony games shitty movies not games.

I can't even be arsed to watch it on youtube. That's how little I care about this shit show of a 'narrative'.

I can attest that

You know what really pissed me off? She isn't the main villain and she doesn't get anything that comes to her. By the end of the game she just turns on her employer and fucks off.

Top tier writing

Reddit please. Skip the general, and go back so as to remove the temptation of shitting up this board. Though to be fair, overwatch is such a casualized babby game I doubt playing it on consoles would be much of a detriment.

I couldn't find a high resolution picture of the main menu.

I'm sure Uncharted 4 is a pretty mediocre game user but your reasoning is thoroughly lacking

Correction, they went from Crash, to Jak, to Edgy Jak Auto to cinematic experience.

Aren't the first 30 minutes even worse than this, because they don't even have gameplay?

One is a competitive skill based game with many variables, while the other is literally point and click to kill with no difficulty at all.

Are you 12?
Do you think these games are played for the same reason?
You also just "pointed out" what I was trying to point out.
The argumentation is fucking retarded because it applies to a ton of games and isn't an indicator of how good it is or not.

I actually pointed out why you are exactly wrong to give that meme reply "but you do this in all games!" considering it is not true at all. And no, there is no "different reasons" to play a video game. It is suppose to always be a competition, even if against an AI, and your goal is to to win as hard as you can. Go fuck yourself if you are going to give me some post-modernism crap.

That's just not true user.
There is far more to agame than just "There needs to be a challenge.".
I promise you that even Uncharted 4 is "challenging" or "difficult" on its hardest difficulty.
There are games which are barely challenging and still great.

The fact that you have to pew pew some baddies is not a proper complaint to have.

3 actually had more gameplay.

Old Naughty Dog and New Naughty Dog is pretty much all different people, the only kept the name, just like nobody that's truly from Id software worked on the new Doom.

I can emulate the older consoles except Xbox and with a controller I don't actually need any console ever again. Except maybe the N64. I'm not wasting money on a console that only has one game worth playing. The Playstation 1 has over a couple thousand titles and hundreds of recommended games to play while the PS4? Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3? I'm looking through their exclusives list and nothing is really blowing my socks off or really giving me any desire to go out and buy it.

n64, saturn, ps2, xbox, and everything since. You get new consoles to play new games you can't play elsewhere. Gravity Rush 2, ni-oh, and yakuza 0 and 6 are major upcoming titles for the PS4.

do people really need to play these games to figure this out? i know most gamers are brain dead nowadays but this is some next level kind of retardness

I emluate a lot too but, it's not the same, a lot of my favorite PS1 games doesn't emulate that well and the N64 is still far from being perfect. PSP and PS2 works quite well however for some reason
Also with
I didn't meant you have to have a current gen console, But that the 12-year old "us vs them" mentality of reddit tier PC gamers is just well, stupid. You can get a PS3 for dirt cheap today and still have a blast.

Xbox and N64 (maybe the N64 but I don't care about minor graphical glitches), The PS2 emulation is coming along swimmingly since like the PS1 they understand it's inner workings the xbox is pretty much trial and error and is going the same route the N64 did. The Saturn is also fine if you take the time to figure out SSf and read moon.

And if it's only a tiny fraction then it's not worth it and I'll live not playing it ever. I'm not forking out money for a PS4, also Yakuza 0 is both a PS3 and PS4 title. And none of the shit you listed except two is anything I want to play.

N64 is never going to be perfect, the same will be true for the Xbox. The PS2's biggest hurdle for emulating is how intensive it is for the CPU and the GPU depending on the game so you need a decent rig to cover two bottlenecks.

I just find it amusing how I often have an easier time emulating modern consoles than older ones.

And that's okay, but you do understand that some people might actually want to play those games, right?


Shove it up your ass you pretentious faggot, I'm only speaking for myself.

I like how awkwardy the white girl is smilying, she doesn't want to be there and that she's trying to ignore a foul odor

In any case, that one other guy said that consoles had no use at all, I said they did.

Did you think I needed a hint or something?
His fucking name gives it out

Consoles are expensive paperweights user

It wasn't like that back in the PS2 era. You could buy it and be reasonably sure it was going to have an awesome library.

PS3 and PS4 are just an embarrassment, especially the PS4, since it won't even get the grace period the PS3 enjoyed in its twilight years.

Same deal with the TLOU; walking section, retard proof puzzle section, set piece, fight brain dead humans or "not" zombies, repeat.

Sonygger please.

The PS4's only claim to fame is two shitty Dark Souls wannabes.

It's a shit game but the only thing shittier is this thread

where is your face?

You must be new to RPGs, builds exist to make your characters feel different.

I've made a lot of builds in DaS1 and anytime I make a coop build I make sure to deliberately gimp them so that they aren't overpowered when helping people (usually its the weapon upgrades, just because you CAN have a +15 chaos weapon for your level 11 coop build doesn't mean you should).

no, it's actually because they are both cogs in an elaborate capitalist machine whereby a small minority of large corporations suck you dry of your miserably earned money.


Ok now that's just fucking terrible.

You must be new to RPGs

And there's still only one game for it.

Yeah, PS4 needs a new, good exclusive.
Like a demon's souls remake

I'd welcome it. Bloodborne had a pretty steep $460 price tag. Almost worth it, though.

Why hasn't the industry crashed yet?


dwarf fortress

muh competitive gayman

Is it worth jumping into DF blind or should I spend hours preparing with online guides/youtube vids?

it can be daunting, id say look up a beginners guide or at least some tips about a first embark.

play it raw then try the millions of overhaul mods

uncharted 4 was so fucking bad it actually makes me somewhat angry i even played it. its the most padded piece of reviewer bait shit i've ever seen. i enjoyed uncharted 1-3 enough to give this game a shot and all it did is take the worst aspects of TLOU and uncharted and mash them fucking together

how do even normalfags like this shit? a large majority of the game is just listening to people fucking talk, and the story is so inconsequential that all those conversations don't mean fucking anything.

and there are no supernatural elements like the previous games making it the ultimate piece of shit

I've seen threads on this game.
Can enemies kill you?
Is the level design good?
Is there weapon diversity?
How is the story and story telling?

the levels i've been presented in the two demos are okay to pretty good
katana, dual katana, axe, spear, bow, matchlock gun, "hand cannon" (its just a super powerful slower matchlock), each melee weapon has 3 stances you can switch on the fly and unlockable moves
to soon to make that calll

The stances sound interesting.
Maybe just for once I don't have to be pessimistic for an upcoming game.

if you have a nogamesbox4 you can try the demo which is active for a few more days

you can still try the free beta (it ends on tuesday)

I'll give it a try.
Right now my daily vidya sessions have been bloodborne on the pisspour or some pvp shooter on pc.


It's trash. Slow and clunky trash honey.

but muh childhood

Dark Souls 1 is isn't even that good bro. Dark souls 3 is proof of that in retrospect. It's just as unfinished as all of froms games because their a hack company.

That would be the only way someone could stomach playing them.

What are some puzzle/action games that i actually have to stop to think? Something like this or zelda but both good and hard

they're all 6/10 but 2 is the best because it has the best gameplay

On another note people often praise open world because of the freedom it gives. But i still don't understand why anyone needs freedom in a fucking video game. A game which has open world because muh freedumbs is objectively worse than the same game played from a menu like a call of duty campaign




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