How it fucks games attached for quick recap.

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You mirin', goy?


France demands end to trade talks with US amid rising US-EU tensions.


what does this mean explain in a way even a huezilla can understand please

Ttip isn't outright kill, as the european commission is officially the one making the negociations, but they can't exactly carry on as if nothing happened when france says no to the TTIP. Germany might be the country calling the shots, but france is still pretty central to the EU, especially now that the UK is out.

England here, you're welcome mates


/ ! \ REMINDER / ! \
There are only 30 DAYS LEFT until Obama gives control of the internet to the United Nations.

The domain will probably be shutdown before January 2017 for "hate speech" and "cyber bullying".

We need to start discussing how to adapt to this as it is clear that the United States government supports full sanitization of speech on the web.

although this doesn't mean England isn't out of this trade deal just so yet but we'll decide that for ourselves

hwo does some one just "hand over" the fucking internet, why isn't there a popular vote among people for this god damn shit

why can't the earth just fucking end

what happened to those people summoning the meteor? they should go back to it

Doesn't this imply that Obama currently has control over the internet? When did that happen?

when idiots don't understand how the internet works I suppose

DNS was controlled within america and some how all news outlets claim obama can just hand it over even though it seemingly has nothing to do with him

Thank you based britton god save the queen

hang on i have a mp4 for this

The meteor missed last Saturday. It was discovered a few hours before its closest approach.
It was 34 metres across, travelling about 10 km/s, and passed a fifth of the earth-moon distance away.



How does that work? Do you have more links?


I must have missed something. Can you explain?

Have you been living under a rock?

Here this is Fox News.
If I link you to any alternative media you aren't going to believe it.

meme magicians trying to end this gay earth

a 34 meter wide object traveling at godfuck knows how many miles per hour aint so weak when it hits something

Alt media would probably be better TBH.


There is a silver lining to internet censorship though.

It actually is, especially when you factor in a lot of it will get vaporized or micro fragmented during atmospheric entry. You need something kilometers big.

It's nearly twice the size of the one that hit Chelyabinsk, which means around 8 times the mass.
Assuming similar impact speeds, that's a 4 megaton impact.

Remember that Chelyabinsk was actually quite serious. 1500 injured, and tens of millions in damage, and it was both a fairly shallow entry and missed the actual city.

I'm trying to aim it at Washington to hit NoA, DC is on the other side of the map.

at least we will be finally be free from this hell, go outside, find a cute girl, marry and have 3 children

Still a far cry from what people wanted from the memetor.

Yeah, it's only going to get worse.

If the domain gets shut down then we will simply have to get to the site by IP. This will mean that fags will be able to DDoS the site more effectively but at least we will still be able to get here. Post yfw Holla Forums truly becomes a secret club

It all makes sense now. (((They))) intend to shut this place down under the pretense that it is a breeding ground for terrorists and create a moral panic around this place.

Of course, I mean by now they are bound to have figured out how chans operate after being shit on for years by the exact same group of people 24/7, they are just playing on people's lack of knowledge on the site because to them anything they can't control must be destroyed.

I need something cleared here, isn't the UN in debt with the USA? Is it enugh to make them their bitch somehow? Just thinking.

Search engine gave me the following link.
I remember that a newspaper in Deus Ex also had shit about "paying debts on time" to the UN in the UNATCO headquarters. I am guessing this is why it was added to the game.

You're still sharing that shitty article, LGBT groups can't have the .gay domain boo hoo (even though the UN is actually likely to give it to them).

Listen the reason why this is bad is because the UN can and will push and put pressure on ICANN to change their policies for assigning domain names. The reason why is because the way IPs and domain names works right now it's not really convenient to just blanket firewall at a whim and all sorts of legal clusterfuck. Part of this is trying to force ICANN to make very arbitrary standards that all sites must adhere to, to even be allowed to have a domain name like for example being a safe space and if it's not a safe space then you either cough up a monthly fee or your domain name get's banned and removed. Or change domain to be assigned to groups that aren't safe spaces thus categorizing all of them in a handy easy to blanket ban .abc and safe place domain names are .def and certified VIP platinum premium paid for .ghi domain names with all the special privileges.

I was thinking that the head of the US state could "influence", if not outright control the UN to their desire if the UN happened to owe large sums of money.
That would give a second opportunity to Obama (and Clinton/Trump, depending on who'll win the election) to "indirectly" control the Internet if he can't do it through the TPP/TTIP.
But I'm just wearing a tinfoil hat and pulling shit out of nowhere here.

That is not really tinfoil, it is absolutely certain that handing it to the UN is going to be used in order to circumvent the US Constitution because it is too damn convenient of an opportunity to just throw away. They may end up being too retarded to notice the implications of the UN taking control but I wouldn't rely on it.

And they said Brexit was a bad thing for Europe.

ya no thanks

He may make cancerous videos, but as a person he's fine. Go to his twitter profile and look at his follows.

ICANN can also reclaim ips.
Its the ROOT of the internet.

I don't understand how people don't understand Jews are terrible.

We are constantly told how great they are, but you only ever see them stabbing you in the back.

Maybe Autism is evolution's response to countering jewing.


The internet going to the UN is a good thing, they won't do anything to a site like this.

They won't, just as they don't right now, but it's still shitty because the internet belongs to America and we shouldn't hand it over to the """"global community"""".

fox being fear mongers again.

It literally outlines said proposal properly, and finalizing what we've been setting up for the last 18 years.

Basically, it's not really anything to worry about. If anything, Fox should be praising it, since it's more privitising DNS services. Also, the information they're talking about is nearly 3 months old.
So if anything, they're drumming up something minor.
Mountain out of a molehill.

Aren't there alternatives to ICANN?

In other words, stop getting you're tittes twisted.

I've been hearing that basically the UN is making the US relinquish control of the internet, or ICANN, thus making it so individual governments can now regulate their respective Internets. Yay. I don't look forward to the next authoritarian that gets elected where I am.

Yeah, everyone is apparently hearing that isn't funny how we hear something being done with the internet and then some hears that we losing it or their doing this to it or were going to lose all control blah blah…

It's almost like wear deliberately being told information to cause fear and panic vasts amounts of stupid shit.

I mean really the Icann thing, is all pretty much in the the thing I just linked, basicly the way I see it it's going to tighten the wall for dns services.

That's really privatising the dns we have now. more or less just seems more or less stupid to freak out about.



They are the gate keepers of all names and numbers at the top level.


Hey don't die yet we need more news.

Google creeping fascism. Of course the shit thats happening is going to be scary.

Not that this all really going to matter in a month, with Obama handing over the internet to the U.N.


From the Holla Forums's ICANN thread


But, there are some good news right now.
In the news story that I posted in
From the article;

While this is good, but we still need to contact every congressman and these people in pic and link related ( ) to let them know what Obama is going to do the internet.


If outside the atmosphere it's not a meteor, but a meteoroid.

lel. There are people who will defend anything.