Hello Holla Forums just copped a ps4 after about 3 years of drug addiction. Last uncharted i played was 2...

Hello Holla Forums just copped a ps4 after about 3 years of drug addiction. Last uncharted i played was 2. What are some musts for the ps4?

oh boy, someone hitting the needles again pretty soon


There's really nothing good. Get maybe bloodborne and killzone.

It was pills cause im not impoverished

Nioh beta demo is worth checking out.

sell it and just pirate games in you PC


bloodborne, uncharted 4, gravity rush hd, odin sphere, gal gun. look forward to gravity rush 2, yakuza 0 and yakuza 6, ni-oh (give the beta a try now before it's gone!)

enjoy, you have only only system with games on it.


Estival Versus

Import the Yakuza games, 0 will come over next year but they're solid beat em ups. Hope you have a walkthrough though if you cant read moon

Why were you too much of a pussy to blast heroin and play video games at the same time, OP?

A gun so you can kill yourself, degenerate

what about Vita and 3DS?

what is there on 3ds that isn't monster hunter or pokemon

the vita is good tho

If you're gonna get a 3DS I recommend going and modding it for free games. As for the Vita I enjoyed some of the games I played on it like Killzone Mercs but unless you're a weeb I can't recommend it to everyone over a modded PSP

psp and ps vita are systems for people who like game play.


not uncharted 4, anything you enjoyed about 2 is gone from 4

4 does away with the extremely linear design and improves on a lot of the same ideas, and easily features the best segments in any uncharted game yet. The only weak part is the writing.

is this post a joke? the games shit. a solid chunk of the game is stuck walking and talking or climbing and talking, and the climbing segments are less threatening than ever because they only exist to hold the mountains of shitty exposition that amount to nothing

the game is padded to shit, the entire jeep section is trash that exists just to waste your fucking time, the gunfights aren't fun in the slightest if you play on anything above normal mode because the hitscan enemies pigeonhole you into basic third person shooter antics instead of getting to use the crazy shit like swinging on ropes and jumping and climbing allover the arena (granted this issue was still somewhat present in harder difficulties in previous uncharted games)

and its not even that that makes it hard, just tedious. the big hidden city you find should have been fucking awesome but it wasn't, there are no supernatural elements like the previous games so they don't actually have a 'mix up' at any point in the game to keep the player even slightly on their toes

the only set piece is chasing the truck, which i''m pretty sure you're invincible during the part where you rope the back of it, and then its just a rehash of the convoy from uncharted 2

i really enjoyed uncharted 1-3 despite their casual nature but 4 is a fucking abortion

I'm not sure what you're talking about. The climbing sections are far more open, far better integrated into combat, and the rope swinging in the middle of combat is a tremendous addition to the game. There is a lot of walkie talkie segments, sure, but the game play between them is just great. Stealth is far better integrated into the game, the AI is more dynamic encouraging you to sneak around, and drake is far more flexible than he's ever been with the rope hook and the climbing knife, things that add both a much needed layer of challenge and variety to previously stale climbing segments which were only given variety in how they either integrated puzzles or in whichever segment the platforms you're hanging from will predictably break away.

By Jeep section do you mean the open world exploration where you check out abandoned ruins, navigate to enemy bases? It was tremendous and I'd need to see some way in which it wastes your time. There's plenty on the side to see and do, but never really any point in which it's just forcing you to do stupid bullshit.

The entire game seemed to take a slower, more realistic approach after uncharted 3 already toned things down, most supernatural elements were gone by then.

You are also completely wrong about the enemies being hitscan (you can watch as there's a clear period of time between when a shot is fired and when it impacts), being invincible while roping the back of the truck (did you even play the same game as me?) and it being a rehash of uncharted 2. They've been doing convoy segments since the first game, and it became a series staple in 2. 4 was the biggest leap and the most fascinating integration of technology and game play yet, with full control over what you drive, and even being able to back track to the city if you choose. It's pretty great.

Really, I think the only way you can enjoy uncharted 1-3 more is if you like less interactivity in games. That, and uncharted 4 actually had a good final boss and an intimidating antagonist.

Drug addiction

Bloodborne op…. and if you feel like waiting dragon quest 11.

Is this the daily fuck sony thread? The drug use angle is a nice touch OP.