Just bought this, AMA

Just bought this, AMA

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libgen.io/search.php?req=bernie sanders

libgen.io/search.php?req=bernie sanders

What is the page texture like

why are you lying

upload pdf or die

im very far left but i thought the chapter where he calls for the "systematic and merciless extirpation of the bourgeoisie" was a little extreme. i know the word "extirpation" could be taken as metaphorical but the fact that he follows it up with a discussion of mass graves as a job-boosting infrastructural program seems to suggest otherwise. im a little scared of this man.

does he actually say this or are you subversionposting

no, for real, he estimates that the creation of mass grave could create 40,000 new jobs in 2017. very worrying coming from a congressman.

On a serious note, what's the farthest left thing he mentions? Anything more extreme than what he talked about in his campaign? Or is it just "millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages" part 5000?

I want pics


Does he criticise Clinton on anything?

Or is it just "she's the best hope we have, muh entryism"

sounds cool

Scan it and upload it

We should meme that this book is more radical than it is and scare the normies for keks.

this user's link just worked for me. I can try to convert the epub to pdf for Holla Forums, but I think it might be too big



there you go, it actually worked

Meme magic has been shown to work- making leftism palatable to normies has failed consistently.

Sanders confirmed for anarcho communist

Who knows?
Maybe some people will unironically believe it.

treat their employees with respect and dignity, while protecting the environment. Our goal must be to
use the exploding technology that we are experiencing to improve life for our people, not to increase
unemployment or invade our privacy."

fuck this guy

Fuck, that brings me back. Sounds very similar to my childhood except I grew up in suburbia right on the border to rural areas, hell, I've seen my part of the municipality go from semi-rural to suburban. Playing in the forests and fields, fishing for shore crabs and small fish at the shore. Making insane swings from rope and broken branches, plsying war in woods and tall grass, treehouses, eating fruit and berries from trees and bushes. Playing football and wrestling and what have you all day. Disagreements and even fights did occur, but almost only due to misunderstandings.

It's a shame this version seems to have been edited by Ben Garrison.

That's an union of egoists

Daily reminder that Bongo Sonders was working with/got bought out by Clinton, the polar opposite of everything he "stood for".

he's a politician who makes political calculations. if he didn't endorse her he wouldn't be in position now to help take over the party.

Bernie "Gas the Upper Class" Sanders finally revealing his power level

Technological innovation has been at a virtual stand-still for decades. The only thing that is getting better is the DRM.

My private circle of fellow friends will hear of this great jest.

No one can "take over" a bourgeois party by appealing to voters.

Do you actually believe that? Or is it just convenient to your narrative?



If he didn't endorse her the whole party would be blaming him for the lose and there wouldn't be much for him to accomplish.


Holla Forums would do it without a wince, and they're winning


Was this a willing transaction of money for goods :^) ?



Not to get morose, I wish I could say I had the same experience as a kid: when I was 6, the kids I hung with decided they never liked being "it" in our variant of tag, so they decided to offload it onto me and kept changing the rules to the game so that I'd always be "it," but kept it a secret that that's what they were doing. Or say that if you were on playground equipment you couldn't be tagged, and then once I was it everyone would just stay on indefinitely.

In general I learnt pretty early to treat people other than your parents as inherently untrustworthy, and every rule made by my peers and not someone higher up would be against my own interest. Basically started my political life as 14-year old lolbertarian because of it, and though I think I'm smarter now, I still have this psychological aversion to involving myself with others.