Gamer Fuel thread

Whatcha drinkin'?
Whatcha eatin'?
Whatcha cookin'?

I'm currently letting a loaf of molasses bread rise while my rye bread bakes. My drink of choice today is Jagermeister

Boiling water.

coffee, black, no sugar
nothing at the moment, I just had some condensed soup from a can
I wish I could make a nice cheeseburger with a side of wedge fries right about now.


not jizz, that I'm sure

I'm not eating or drinking anything because i just took a massive shit and my anus still burns.

Actually scratch that, because of this thread i'm going to get myself a slice of yoghurt pie and some water.

Budweiser, Chili Cheese Fritos, and homemade pizza in that order (substituting beer for water in the flour, of course)



Whatcha drinkin'?
Whatcha eatin'?
Nothing at the moment
Whatcha cookin'?
That's for women


whey shake

What the fuck? are there 15 autists bumping each day into the front page a thread in which they state that they like water?

maple syrup
beanies weanies
cooking is for girls


Carne Asada

Why the fuck is this question before eating? Who does that?

Shit thread.

Cheap energy drinks
Sandwich with sausage and whatever i found in the fridge
There's a pie in the oven that i should probably take out right about now

Maybe you're eating an hors d'oeuvre while your main course is in the oven, hmmmm? Wouldn't you think so, fam?

I'll be eating your COCK, user!~

No teeth, fam, and you better not have a gag reflex.

The hell are beanies weanies?

beans and hot dogs

Enjoy diabetes you fat faggot.

Longshoremen here, besides video games, my life is pointless.

Was this place always this gay? I mean openly. I swear it didn't used to be this way.


Oh. Looks tasty, throw in some fresh bread

Spotted the faggot.

Holla Forums is only marginally more flamboyant now than, say, three years ago.

Whatcha drinkin'?
Green tea
Whatcha eatin'?
Just oredered some slant eyed gook food. General Tso's so will be eating that very shortly.
Whatcha cookin'?
Jack shit since Im hungry and lazy right now.

By the way, does milk really go well with ramen? Never tried it, and I'm out of noodles right now.

Milk Tea
Potstickers and Noodles
Jewden in the oven