Do you remember when gamers unironically believed this wold be the thing to kickstart and/or reignite the lack of...

Do you remember when gamers unironically believed this wold be the thing to kickstart and/or reignite the lack of creativity?

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Yea. There were some good projects, most were spindoctor shit though and only contribute to "games is gay business". So, your point?

It did for a bunch of titles (not gonna name em because you'll just call them all shit and we'll be back to square one), but it didn't for the vast majority of them.

Ultimately i think kickstarted was a massive learning experience.
The lesson here is that publishers do ruin, chop up, and rush games, but sometimes a strict publisher will get a game RELEASED.

If you remove publishers from the equation developers get too much free reign and do whatever the fuck they want, and often that's not a good thing, at all.

A reasonable, happy medium between developers and the publisher is what's required to make good games.


See, that's all he's gonna say the whole thread more or less.


But my GOTY 2016 was a kickstarted game.

Kickstarter is a scam as there's no real way for anyone to get a return on their investment when the owner inevitably gives up for some bullshit reason.

Everyone that supported something on kickstarter gets exactly ONE chance.

The first time you get scammed is a freebie, you were naieve and fell for the trap. If you get scammed a second time you're fucking retarded.

Kickstarter could be fixed if failing to deliver a finished product as promised in the original kickstart by the specified time was grounds for a class action lawsuit by all those who paid into it.

((((lawyers)))) would love that

FTL which gave the biggest push to kikestarting games and the kikes…
Divinity: Original Sin
Shadowrun Returns/etc
maybe some others I don't remember

So, your point?

Probably this.

For the most part it works for initiatives that imply a tangible object in return.

For vidya it's been a clusterfuck of failures and underdelivering piece of shit devs that does not compensate for the one or two good proposals that end up well for everyone. Not a good combination with the the platform's own fault by assuming good will from everyone pushing their projects there.


Grim Dawn?

You need to go back.

Wasn't Shadowrun Returns fucked at the start? I remember it causing a lot of complaints. Wasteland 2 is also pretty flawed.


You first.



I'm beginning to doubt if you even post on Holla Forums or if you're just here to stir shit.

Just takin the piss m7 I also wanted people to discuss the failures of kickstarter

tbh even now Returns is 'meh'. Dragonfall blew it out of the water; better gameplay, better mechanics and stuff with Hong Kong beating dragonfall with expanded/better gameplayer but (arguably) worse characters and a meh plot.

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Hm, also Shovel Knight
But kikestarter is shit anyway and is only useful in very rare cases, at least it's something for good devs, others I don't give a fuck about because sheeple will throw shekels at everyone who can summon enough hype

SR was fine iirc, it was kinda bland and had very tablet-like UI but the game wasn't bad and the other games only got better. Wasteland 2 is flawed but it's not a bad game either.


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Of course he would have a problem with the billionaire who attacked one of the various platforms that blindly shilled for projects hosted in KS.

As much as you would like to deny, Undertale

despite like two fucking delays